6 reasons the Jasper Chukka will be your new favorite shoe.

The ins and outs of a shoe that’s about to change the game in sustainable footwear.

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What’s in a shoe? It depends on who you ask. The modern sneaker is made mostly from cheap, carbon-intensive synthetic materials. They may feel good underfoot, but did you know that those synthetic foams and textiles are derived from fossil fuels? 

When you ask us, the answer is altogether different. At SOLE we’re all about making the most comfortable, highest quality products with the lowest impact on the planet. Here are six materials we use to create the Jasper Chukka, and all the ways they’ll rock your world.

A midsole made using wine corks 

You’ve never seen (or felt) a midsole quite like this. That smooth-caramel-looking chunk of comfort isn’t just eye-catching, it’s made from a totally revolutionary material. ReCORK™ Recycled Cork is unlike anything that’s been achieved with cork before. 

Through our cork recycling program ReCORK, we created a light, cushioning, flexible, durable alternative to petroleum-based foams. And the best part? It’s made using wine corks collected from kitchens and businesses around North America. 

the recork midsole made from recycled wine corks

The ReCORK Recycled Cork midsole.

Laces made from water bottles

Laces. Possibly the last thing you think about when choosing a shoe. That’s because most shoelaces aren’t like the Jasper Chukka’s. These laces are around 5% elastane, giving them just the right amount of stretch to pull your chukkas on and off with ease. We’re talking about slip-on convenience with a snug secure fit.

And the other 95%? That’s made up of recycled PET from plastic water bottles. Rather in your shoes than in the ocean, right!? 

A cozy Merino wool upper

There’s a reason Merino is the textile of choice for outdoor and winter sports enthusiasts around the world. Actually there are MANY reasons. To start with, it’s oh-so-cozy and retains warmth even if it gets wet. It’s also breathable and wicks moisture away from the skin, meaning it’s great for going without socks. Worried that’ll lead to a smelly situation? Merino is naturally antimicrobial; a nightmare for odor-causing bacteria trying to grow, a dream for you trying to live life stink-free. 

Our Merino is all sourced from Responsible Wool Standard certified farms, guaranteeing that the sheep live happy, healthy lives free from cruelty. That means no archaic practices like mulesing!

merino wool shoes with recycled pet laces

The highest quality Merino knit upper, with recycled PET stretch laces.

Up-cycled Bison fur 

Snow up to your eyeballs? Freezing wind howling around you? Spend all day and all night outside, all winter? There’s a good chance you’re a buffalo, and a better chance you’re quite warm and comfy in your furry coat. Bison fur shares all the anti-microbial, breathable, temperature regulating, moisture wicking warmth of Merino. It’s the perfect complement to our wool upper. Because why not double down on cozy?

United by Blue’s BisonShield up-cycles bison fur that would otherwise go to waste as a bi-product of the ranching industry. This incredible material will feature in limited early productions of the Jasper Chukka.

Sugarcane foam footbeds

Yup, the same tall, thick grass species that sugar is made from. Sugarcane sucks huge quantities of CO2 from the atmosphere as it grows. The foams in most shoes are made using fossil fuels, releasing huge quantities of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. See where we’re going with this? 

I’m Green™ Bio-Based Sugarcane EVA replaces fossil fuels with renewable, carbon-trapping sugarcane. The result is a comfy foam footbed (in our signature supportive shape, of course) that’s carbon negative! 

Outsoles made from the sap of rubber trees

Wait, rubber comes from trees? Not always. Just like fossil fuel foams, most rubbers are made from petrochemicals. But energy-intensive crude oil isn’t the only option. Rubber can also be made using the latex sap of carbon trapping rubber trees. These trees are harvested sustainably over twenty years or more.

We chose natural rubber for the Jasper Chukka’s outsole as the obvious finishing touch for a shoe designed to be sustainable and low impact in every aspect from tongue to tread.

The Jasper Chukka shows that sustainability and a reduced impact on the planet can go hand-in-hand with incredible comfort. In fact, nature provides all we need to reduce our reliance on carbon-intensive synthetic materials. Preorder your pair of the limited edition Jasper Chukkas today, and discover their comfort for yourself!