The SOLE Give Back Program: a new way of caring for people and planet.

SOLE has changed the way we give charitable donations, to a more well-rounded approach.

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Making a positive difference to people's lives has always been central to what we do at SOLE. When Mike Baker started developing the first SOLE footbed, he did so to help people live active lives without the limits of foot pain. As SOLE has a grown as a business we've been able to take a portion of the money our customers spend on our products, and pay it forward to worthy causes doing important social and environmental work. We're proud members of 1% For The Planet, giving 1% of our income toward the crucial goal of protecting our environment. We’ve also run long-standing direct donations programs with proceeds from our Performance Footbeds going to charities like Protect our Winters and Big City Mountaineers. We firmly believe that businesses have an obligation to the planet and communities they operate in, and we’ll continue to give back for as long as people buy our products. That’s not going to change, but what is changing is how we’re going to be organizing our charitable programs. In early 2019 SOLE launched our GIVE BACK program, a new, more inclusive way for us to manage the process.

With the new structure we’ll have more flexibility, and be able to give to a broader range of more diverse, equally valuable causes.

Moving forward, instead of specific products being linked to specific charities, all proceeds to be donated will be grouped together in one central GIVE BACK pot. From there funds will be allocated to various organizations under the four categories of Planet Conservation, People/Community Impact, Wildlife Preservation and Sustainable Innovation/R&D.

Starting in 2020, existing charity partners can submit an application for funding of specific projects or endeavours. The SOLE impact team works closely with our aligned charity partners to identify project opportunities and determine when and where these dollars can have a lasting and direct impact. We will also open up this program to new charity initiatives that fall into one of the four categories above. Once a project has been selected and agreement signed, accumulated GIVE BACK dollars are handed over to the charity partner.

We’ve made this move to allow for more diversity in the way we allocate charitable funds. With the new structure we’ll have more flexibility, and be able to give to a broader range of more diverse, equally valuable causes. It’s important to note that this does not mean we’ll be abandoning the organizations that we’ve worked with so closely for so long. It just means that we can spread the SOLE love a little more. The first major result of this shift is the exciting announcement that since January 2019 SOLE has been a contributing member of The Conservation Alliance. As we grow as a company we look forward to continuing to engage with organizations working for the betterment of our planet and communities. Here’s to many more years, and many more dollars coming from our customers, through us, to people who use them to make a meaningful positive impact.