Amazing impact

I had no idea how big of an impact a good insole could have. I used it in my ski boots. Before, I thought my ski boots were not big enough, but that's because my insoles were very old and my arches would collapse and my feet would take up all the space. With these insoles, now it turns out my ski boots are actually too big!

Awesome Product!!

I have been wearing this product for a month now and they are awesome! I recommend this product to everyone who have feet problems and are looking for better support for their feet.

Great insoles!

I've been wearing SOLE insoles for about 4 years. They helped me heal my plantar fasciitis, and now I have them in every pair of shoes I wear. My sandals are from SOLE too.

Love them

I have been using this product for over 15 years. I went for a bicycle fit and I realized that my feet were hurting when I cycled. Apparently my arches are very high since I was a dancer and I needed support. I've never looked back Now I'm in a new pair of shoes and I had to order a new pair of supports. I'm so glad I have them, it really helps

Saved my feet

I have had orthotics made for me, I found them so uncomfortable and my foot slid around on them. These SOLEs saved my from so much pain. My feet and knees have never felt better. Not only that but they fit in most shoes so easily because they aren't big and bulky. I don't leave home without them now and will use them forever. Highly recommend!!

best for running shoes

The Active This is a great upgrade to your running shoes. Should you need just a little more support this moldable insole is a great add on. Swap you stock insole for this and get on your merry way. A twinge of Plantar Fasciitis then this is the band aid with mercurochrome. No trimming necessary and you will know it's there but in a good way.

Love the Active Thin Soles, too.

I have been wearing SOLE Softec Utlra since I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis about 10 years ago. Some shoes they don't work well because the insert is thick and the shoe is too tight. These are the same arch and heel cup support with thinner cushioning so they fit into shoes that my Softec Ultra do not. I love them! My Merrill MOABs and I are very happy.

Best Orthotics

I have Rheumatoid arthritis and plantar fasciitis. These footbed have kept me in my feet! My first pair were purchased in 1995. I have purchased many since in all thicknesses. After having custom orthotics made twice and neither being satisfactory, a cobbler recommended these. What a relief. I own many pair in two sizes and thicknesses for use in different styles of shoes And highly recommend for anyone with foot or joint issues!

Lasting comfort

I have a pair of custom made orthotics but I prefer the Active Thins due to the more comfortable fit. I actually have two pairs of these because I got tired of swapping them in and out of my various shoes. A real bargain that you will appreciate if you are on your feet all day long.

Best investment I've made

I work on my feet 8-10 hr shifts running around in retail. These insoles are fantastic, I have tried other brands but it hasn't ever done anything for me. I got these and instantly felt supported and don't have burning feet anymore after work. Well worth the money and I'll be grabbing a bunch more now for every pair of my shoes. I'm a SOLE lover for life! PS. After having a baby these have helped my back from slouching and holding baby. No more pain!

Good option for off size shoes

SOLE! has helped fix my back and knee problems . I do like how they can extend my day by taking away my pains. I work on my feet and it doesn't stop when I get home. I like the thin option for boots and fancy shoes I use as well. It can make that half size difference in shoes.

Fits great, helps fatigue

Fits great in my dress shoes. Definitely helps the pain and fatigue of standing all day. Would buy again!

Active Thin solution

I started using the thicker insoles when my Podiatrist recommended your product to me after having bunion surgery. I ordered Active Thin when I needed an insole for a pair of boots that there wasn't enough room for the thicker insole. The Active Thin were a perfect solution for my problem. Thank you.

Good product

I used to wear orthotics made by professionals and they cost me hundreds of dollars. Since my podiatrist recommended these, I haven't had any problems with my feet and they last a long time. I'm so glad SOLE is making these. I have been wearing these for three years.

Great product for cycling shoes.

This is the second pair of thin soles I have purchased. I have nephropathy in my feet. I.e. painful for me to walk a lot. I used the first pair in my cycle shoes. They work great allowing me to ride much longer distances. The sole really spreads the load across the whole foot and removes the pressure points of the cleat on the peddle. I have moved the old ones to my boots and put the new ones in my new cycle shoes. Excellent product. I prefer them to my expensive custom orthodics.

Love My Soles

I love my SOLE active and active medium soles. I have problems with my achilles tendon and these have given me much needed support for my foot rolling alignment issues. I use the SOLE medium for my bulky sneakers and the SOLE thins for my narrower ones. No regrets and you should give them a try...

Works as advertised

It is comfortable and fits my needs, the packaging is eco-friendly as can be made. The product is easy to use and a definite improvement. This is the second or third time I've used Sole, it is comfortable, lasts long enough for the shoe, and as an added bonus is packaged very eco-friendly.

Insole Review

Love, love, love your insoles. I have been wearing them in my footwear for almost 20 years and cannot live without them. I didn't realize that my insoles were wearing down until one day I started having pain in my left foot. I went to see a foot specialist who recognized the issue. I came home and placed an order for 3 pair. My feet and I are happy again, thank you for creating such an amazing product.

So far so good

I am active runner who has been dealing with plantar fasciitis in the last year, and I was searching for a good footbed that would support my foot. Its been 2 months now of regular use and the fit seems great. I use the insoles in my running shoes and in my regular shoes with no problem. Of course, these won't fully cure your plantar fasciitis by themselves! I am doing daily stretches and exercises, but they are a great tool to have in your toolbox. ;) In these last 2 months I also tried the medium version but found out they dont fit in most of my shoes. These ones are thinner but still very confortable.

Life changing

My first purchase was while I hiked the Appalachian Trail. I learned my instep was 2 sizes larger than the shoes I wore. I was able to pop these guys into my hikers and they easily molded to my feet as I hiked on. They gave so much more support than I've ever had. I've been loyal to SOLE since. All of my shoes and boots have a SOLE insole. My feet are happy and so am I! Lovelovelove

I recommend this brand

The first pair of SOLES I had were flip sandals and the support they had were great. I got the Active Thin insoles now that I fit inside running shoes I wear on walks. It would have been nice if they had 'cut along the lines' markers for half sizes on their insoles since I have some 9.5 size footwear and they only have full-size footbeds. It would make fitting when cutting it by myself easier. Overall, If you spend a lot of time on your feet, I recommend this brand.

Healthy Solution

I have been using SOLE inserts for many years and recommend them to anyone I know or meet who is having foot or knee issues. I purchased the thins for a new pair of low hikers that do not have the room for a midweight. The reason I call these a healthy solution as I have a knee that used to give me a lot of pain when I was hiking, jogging or walking. A friend recommended trying the SOLE insert, problem solved. Since that first pair of inserts, I now use the SOLE insert in all my footwear and also find the SOLE sandals equally effective.


Have been using insoles for several years and never found a pair this comfortable right off the bat. The price is unbeatable. Been using them for a month now and loving it.

Plan to buy more!

I've had custom orthotics that I can't wear because they weren't fitted right. When I heard about SOLE I bought 3 pair, the Active Thin and two Active Medium. I baked them in the oven and they are absolutely outstanding! The instructions were easy to follow and they provide all the support I need, even with my dress shoes.. I'm planning on buying many more.


I wear these insoles and bought some for my daughter as she probates in her shoes. They have changed her life! I put them in her runners as well as her cleats for soccer and her knee pain etc has completely stopped. Love these!!


Post boot from my plantar fasciitis issue, these inserts allowed me to resume my outdoor activities with no pain. I now use SOLE inserts in all my footwear.

As expected

For more than a decade, I have been using SOLE footbeds in all my footwear. My aged feet were suffering from insufficient arch support. I had tried various other footbeds, including expensive custom orthotics, with minimal improvement. I read an article where a university compared the results of custom orthotics versus off-the-shelf SOLE brand inserts. I found my size (men 11) at Mark's (when it was WorkWearHouse). Eventually, I bought SOLE inserts for all my shoes and boots. I had been buying 'Thick' but they weren't suitable for my dress shoes, so I ordered and tried a 'Thin.' It was a good solution. I've just recently ordered and received a two pair of 'Active Thin,' for a couple of other shoe pairs. I prefer to assign a set of SOLEs to each pair of shoes, believing that moulding goes both ways - top and bottom; and I prefer not to be swapping footbeds when I change shoes. In time, like everything, they will breakdown, though it is sometimes difficult to feel a change. I have also recently ordered some 'Medium' footbeds to replace those that I retire.

I can walk again!

I need a footbed in most shoes to be able to walk due to a hip problem. The SOLE Active Thin footbed is the perfect addition to my shoes providing enough support for miles of pain free walking. Can't be without them!

Great insole

These insoles are great. I frequently get leg cramps with footwear that doesn't have good arch support. These relieve all of that discomfort and feel like walking on air.

Great insole

These insoles are great. I frequently get leg cramps with footwear that doesn't have good arch support. These relieve all of that discomfort and feel like walking on air.


I have successfully used SOLE footbeds for many years. Initially for hiking and backpacking, they saved my knees from the constant impact of long descents while carrying heavy packs. After contracting plantar fasciitis from running in shoes with poor insoles, I started wearing SOLE footbeds in all of my shoes including my everyday business dress shoes, running, tennis and softball shoes. I firmly believe that SOLE footbeds not only allowed me to "play thru" and continue to enjoy the activities I love, but also helped significantly with the recovery from plantars.

Like a new pair of shoes!

I have a pair of shoes that I wear often. They are low-profile and as such came with a thin insert. Too thin, the toe-bed kept folding over after a time and they would slide around. I decided to try these and went camping and hiking. My feet were so comfortable and these are sturdy as well.

Heel pain gone away!

Walked into an outdoor hiking and camping store with my son-in law and I found these little gems. I was experiencing heel pain for some time and knew it was likely my new shoes. Popped these heat-mouldable babies in and felt better right away. A few weeks later, the pain was all gone. Of course I tried all the other insoles one finds at the drug store and none did the job. I've worn these everyday for a year and I'll happily buy another pair of these fantastic insoles when they finally wear out. Wonderful product for sport and everyday walking.


Thin Sport Footbeds solved my foot pain and I didn't need to get orthotics. I don't even notice them in my sneakers and it's the first time ever my arches feel fully supported.

Best for what I do

I had Plantar Fasciitis. I am a fly fisher, golfer, hunter, hiker, etc. These thin orthotics are the best. Forget any other brand. I have tried them all and most don't work well. I use the Sport in my golf shoes , walking loafers, etc. I use the thicker Red or black in my wading boots for walking streams. Just buy them.

I love them

These insoles have made it into cycling shoes, skates, ski boots and safety work boots. Thoroughly amazed that a user-tuned product could be so perfect.


I bought these for work they really do hold up well they ended up being a little firm for me when I wore thick socks they felt much better. I decided to purchase the thicker more cousin type this time. I am pleased with how well the product held up. The more I wore the first pair the more comfortable they got.

A great sole

My husband and I were traveling fromMaine to Florida and somewhere during the trip, I lost one of my insoles. As soon as we landed inFlorida we set out to find a new pair. At a running store, we came across Sole and they are the best over the counter insoles I have ever had. I have suffered with flat feet since a child and have had a few bouts of plantar fasciitis. These are an excellent product and I will be purchasing a pair for my golf shoes, and two more pairs for my other sneakers.

Best Insoles Ever!

I have been suffering from Plantar fasciitis for over a year now. Went to podiatrist and he put me in another brand of insoles. I had little to no improvement. He told me the next step was custom inserts and that my insurance would not cover the $450 cost. I found these moldable inserts after reading several great reviews. I can actually feel the support on the arch of my foot! I FINALLY am pain free. I have told 2 different people on my tennis team and they went out and bought them. They told me yesterday that both of them can already feel relief. Thank you so much for making a wonderful product. I thought I would never feel relief!!


I got into running longer and longer distances a little over a year ago. As I was still newer to running and didn't have a ton of injury-prevention techniques, I had a bit of trouble with my Achilles and plantar fascia on runs over 20 miles, particularly on trails. After tossing in and molding the Softec Response inserts, I realized that my feet needed a little more breathing room as they began to swell in later miles. Once I transitioned to these I found myself feeling much fresher toward the end of a 25-30+ mile run. I can also confidently say that after my first 50 mile race, my feet felt totally fine. Two thumbs way up for these! I'll be running in these for a long time.

Another Derby Girl Review!

I bought two pair after I'd worn holes through the soles of my skates. These are awesome! It didn't take long to break them in (I didn't do the heat mold, just wore them). They are true to size, I didn't even have to cut them to my boot. My feet feel better, and I my feet are no longer sliding around in my skate boot. I've noticed that my knee pain is significantly improved as well, which I contribute to the better support. Thanks Sole, and thank you for being a supporter of Sacred City Derby Girls!

Perfect for my Derby Skates

I play roller derby and skate on a size 4.5 Riedell boot. The women's size 7 fits perfect in my boot with just a tiny bit of trimming along the toes to fit width. (I wear a 6.5 normal shoe) I've had a lot of arch problems with my right pushing foot and these have been a big help in easing the pain.

Feet Savers!

I bought two pairs of these Sport Slim Soles two years ago for my hockey skates and downhill ski boots. They made a huge difference in the comfort of my skates. I have plantar fasciitis and flat feet, and my skates feel like slippers now! My ski boots felt like they were crushing my foot downwards. Now I feel like I have some arch support, and my feet sit more neutral in the boot. I will be buying more pairs for my walking/running shoes and motorcycle boots. Thanks for making such a great product!


Suffered with plantar fasciitis for several years, got so bad I couldn't walk. Finally went for PT and other treatments with the possiblity of surgery if pain did not improve. Purchased $500 orthotics, but still suffered some discomfort, with tightness in the heel/foot every morning and intermittent discomfort/pain while up. Recently, I started to get severe pain in both feet again, somedays it hurt so bad it was difficult walking, and this was with my custom orthotics. I was ready to go back to the doctor and PT, when I remembered I had bought these SOLE soles just before I got my orthotics so I never really used them. I put the SOLES in my work boots and within three days my pain was almost completely gone. A month or so later, I am 100% pain free in both feet and absolutely no pain/stiffness/tightness in the morning. I have to believe these SOLES gave me this relief. I would recommend these to anyone suffering from any kind of foot problem. I will be buying a couple more pairs to put in my other shoes...Thank You SOLE!

Great! But one further improvement

I've got four pairs of these and they work great for my flat feet. I've got $300+ custom foot beds and they are just as good. But like others have reviewed it would be nice if they could make a narrower pair. The thins are great and works in more of my shoes & sneakers, but not all due to the width of them. Come on Sole get them in the design and production stages, pretty sure you'll sell them. BTW their socks are great too!!! thanks again

great for all running

I use these in my high volume newton shoes. My current pair have about 600 miles on them (used in two pairs of shoes) and held up perfectly through a half marathon training cycle and a marathon training cycle. I don't think I'll ever use another pair of insoles.

Ready to RUN

A bone spur on my left foot can cause me a lot of pain when I run too much( about 20 miles per week outdoors)- However I went to my Dr. and he recommended this product. Ironically I ran a 10k race 2 days after my purchase and I have to tell I'm impressed. I should have road tested them prior to the race but I figured what the heck do I have to loose other than the race. The uphill route was not an issue and my legs felt great even 2 days later no pain. This was a great purchase! Cheers Gerald

Good for tight-fitting lightweight shoes

These thin soles are great for lightweight, low volume shoes like my Nike Skylons. They don't take up too much space, yet provide great support for my plantar fascitis.


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