Saved my snowboard boots

Had foot pain when wearing my snowboard boots. Replaced the old liners with these and the pain is gone! Super comfortable, I can't recommend them enough!

Very happy!

I broke my foot 6 months ago (Lisfranc mid foot multiple bone and ligament injury) and the recovery has been brutal. I tried many therapies, but the constant aches and pains have not yet gone away. The SOLEs made such a big difference for me, I no longer wake up with stiffness in my mid arch and toes, it helped tremendously! Very very happy I found these, thank you!

Joe Byrnes

I am a cyclist and I have been having knee and metatarsal joint pain for over a year. When walking my left foot tends to land on outside edge first and then collapses towards inside. This puts a lot of stress on my left knee and met joint especially when I am on the bike. I read about cycling shoe insoles and SOLE was highly recommended. I decided to try and ordered a pair of Active Thins with Met Pad. What a difference they made in a week. I wear them in my cycling shoes and metatarsal pain has decreased a great deal. My knee also tracks straight as opposed to making an elliptic travel during up and down strokes. Met Pad in my case helped a lot. Despite my left leg being the stronger one I was only able to push 32% on the bike. It's almost at 50% right now. I guess my foot was all over the place. I ordered a medium ones for my walking shoes and they work great also. It has been only 10 days but the difference is big. Custom molding them is very easy, great soles at very affordable price. I highly recommend this product.

Perfect for tighter footwear

I ordered these for my casual boots and shoes. I have really high arches and these insoles increase the comfort of my Iron Rangers, Thursday Boots and Vans. If I had a pair of Chuck Taylors I might be able to wear them now. I may need a couple more pairs of these so I don't have to switch them out all the time.

Fantastic support in my bike shoes

I was recommended by my bike fitter to put these in my biking shoes. I'm happy I spent the money. My feet feel fantastic after a big ride and I feel like I'm putting out more power because my feet don't get sore, I'm not holding back.

These Boots Were Made for Walking!

I have a pair of beautiful boots I love to wear, but my back hurts after a while when I have to walk much in them. I ordered the Thin insoles with a met pad to support my high arches and presto! My boots are now perfect for walking in comfort and style. Thank you!

Relief from pain

I was already feeling metatarsal soreness which would be relieved with a taping technique I used. I was considering orthotics since taping my feet regularly was starting to irritate my skin. Then with winter boots and a cross country ski day, I further irritated my left foot and was feeling sharp pain at my first metatarsal head. I ordered the Active Thin with Met Pad and instantly could walk without the pain. This is helping me walk more normally again. Customer service was AMAZING when I had an issue with the medium thickness pair I ordered. Definitely recommend this product! The shaping of the orthotic in the oven was actually very easy to do also. Happy customer here!

Wow - my feet feel great!

I have flat feet, which cramp and ache when doing things like skating and skiing. I used these inside my xcski boots and cannot believe the difference. My feet no longer hurt / ache across the bottom, and when I take off my boots my feet are just ... there. Gone is the intense throbbing followed by deep aching that would continue sometimes an hour or more. These insoles have removed sore feet from my excuse pile!

Greet insole for cycling

I use these for cycling and they've turned a once so-so pair of shoes into very comfortable shoes that i can use on 3+ hour rides. I used to get pain on the outside side of my foot after a few hours but this insole has helped get rid of it. Plus my higher archer know feel nice and supported.

Cycling Shoes and Ski Boots

I have these in my road cycling shoes and they've eliminated any discomfort and keep my feet feeling good on century+ length rides. My 11 year old son complained of foot pain in his ski boots so we inserted a pair and he's commented on the comfort ever since. The Met Pad is particularly important for me and not something I've been able to find in any other option. Great products I will continue to buy well into the future.

Thank Heavens for these insoles!

Oh I'm so happy to have found these insoles! I've struggled with plantar fasciitis pain for the last year or so. I've tried wearing a walking boot 24/7, wearing a variety of different night splints, and have tried a couple of different insoles, and these have made the most difference! I love that the SOLE Active Thin w/Met Pad fit into more of my shoes than the other insoles (the size 8 pad fits perfectly in all my size 8 and 8.5 shoes), and after wearing them for a little more than a week, my foot pain is GREATLY REDUCED! While I can't speak to the longevity/long term use of these insoles, I'm optimistic and I've planned on order a couple more sets so I don't have to take them in and out of different pairs of shoes.

Morton’s Neuroma Reflief

I've been trying different insoles from different companies for over a year trying to find one that worked. This one does! It fits in my runners perfectly without filing them up with too much padding on the bottom. The metatarsal pad and arch support really improve the discomfort of the neuroma. I've been exercising in them for 2-3 weeks and I've noticed a huge improvement in my foot pain lessening. Easy to break in.

SOLE Thin with Met Pad

I've struggled with plantar fasciitis for several years. My custom orthotics have just about worn out and I wasn't enthused about spending $800 to have them replaced. Having worn SOLE products for a while in other shoes, I thought the thin SOLE with Met Pad might be just what I was looking for. They are great. Plenty of support, unlike other brands, very comfortable and my feet don't ache after hiking or playing tennis. I highly recommend these.

Joint pain went from a 7 to a 1

I've had lower extremity joint pain for years (I'm only 19), including patellofemoral syndrome and foot supination. Putting these in my work shoes has changed the game for me, truly: I noticed an immediate difference and my pain has subsided in the two months that I've been wearing the inserts. I chose to let the inserts mold to my feet over a few days and they worked perfectly. They give the shoe more of a firm footbed, which I like. 100% would recommend and would buy again.

Best insole...

SOLE was the best insole I had ever used, and that was before I knew they offered insoles with met pads. They've taken the best, and made it even better!

Life changing

After living with pain in my tendons and Morton's Neuroma, I have finally been able to get back to normal walking and activity! These met pad insoles have given me my life back!


I purchased these for cross country and downhill skiing, as I have flat feet and suffer arch pain. Since the first time I wore these I have not suffered from arch pain or cramping. Bonus is that my feet are less tired; I no longer have pain radiating from my heels and under the ball of my foot after skiing. Absolutely transformative experience


I absolutely love these. I have feet and back issues. And these met pads have made life so much easier.

Great Service

I just recently purchased the Med Pad orthotics. Followed the instructions but they didn't mold properly and was able to get a hold of customer service right away. I was not expecting to get a free replacement. Very thankful as I had my old pair stolen and needed to get some new ones. Highly recommend any SOLE product. Great customer service.

Game Changer

I was recently diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my left knee. I was taking daily walks outside for exercise but it caused pain. I had trouble getting up curbs and stairs, etc. I bought these and the first time I wore them I felt the difference immediately! Walking is no longer an issue, nor are stairs. I thought I was headed for more PT, injectors, or possibly surgery with the way it felt prior to wearing these. THANK YOU!!!

Outstanding orthotics

This is truly an excellent orthotic for Morton's Neuroma pain. I've tried many different brands, but SOLE's are the best yet. I have a number of the Active Thin with Met Pads, but also tried the Medium and Thick orthotics - all work great depending not he type of shoe and how much room you have to work with. The thicker pads are a bit more comfortable, but the thin is actually really very supportive and has enabled me to wear dress boots with a heal without numbness or pain. I highly recommend these orthotics, and SOLE has fantastic customer service if you are in any way not satisfied.

Great product

I was having plantar fasciitis pain from bike riding. I have been using them for 2 months. These have certainly helped, but not completely cured me, but much of the pain is gone. That said, my shoes are much more comfortable and supportive. The insoles were easy to heat and use, and fit perfectly. I bought a second pair if they wear out. Wonderful product.


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