Saved my feet!

I normally don't write reviews but I thought it was necessary because these soles saved my feet! I bought these inserts for my peloton brand spin shoes that frankly are really thin really junky spin shoes. My large flat feet (M14) made it so after a ride my feet were hurting on the balls and heel of my feet to the point where I needed to ice daily. These inserts moulded to my feet and gave me the arch support I need to fit comfortably in the shoes and spin nearly pain free! Thanks sole! Highly recommend!

Work boots and cleats

I wear the mediums in all my athletic shoes except my softball cleats in those I switched to the thins and get a better fit . This has made them more comfortable to wear. I have also put a pair of the thins in a pair of my work boots for the same reason.

just great

These are great and recently kept my feet happy on a 3-day, 42-mile hike. I have a pair in my work boots, too. Comfortable, supportive and form-fitting. Plus, I dig how SOLE operates

Nice fit :)

Nice insole. I've been using it now for nearly a month, and found it a better match for my arch in my cycling shoes. The insole fit great with just a bit of trimming. Really like the added width to match the larger toe box. Happy with these!


OMG! Finally relief for my aching flat feet. Recommended to me by a physical therapist after a bout of plantar fasciitis that was excruciating. The therapist who also suffers from flat feet recommended them because he has them in every pair of his shoes for his flat feet. You can bet they will be in all of mine. I cannot thank you enough for this product. I just adore them.


I have 2 pairs of these and I switch them back and forth, depending what footwear I am wearing at the time. I love them and without them I have so much pain in my back and hips. I wish I could afford to buy a pair for all my footwear.

Excellent fit for my hockey skates!

I love my SOLE footbeds! I struggle with plantar fasciitis and so wearing my hockey skates has been a hard thing for me - to the point that I've gone winters without skating...until I put these footbeds into my skates. Total difference. Instead of needing to get my skates off after 5 minutes, I get to play and skate for hours without pain. SO GOOD!

Great insole

Use this with my Hoka Arahi 2 10.5 EE. So glad SOLE now has a wide option. The thin footbed doesn't make my shoes too tight and I have a few pairs for other shoes as well. Great product!


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