Mom loves them

Got two more pairs for Mom for Christmas, at her request! She's wearing orthopaedic footwear all the time to alleviate osteoarthritis, these are comfier than running shoes while at home, and she even takes them on vacation where she's walking a ton.

Krystie Ticknor

Love these sandals!

I've been wearing SOLE sandals for nearly a decade, and they work great for my feet that typically need custom orthotics. It's so nice to have functional sandals to wear in the warm summer months! I own 5 different pairs, and love them all. I recommend these to all my family and friends!

Marny V Minarsch

I'm a SOLE girl!!!

Love these sandals.!!!!...starting with the Sport Flips about 10 years ago, I couldn't do summer without my SOLE's!!! Wear them every day, and I live in Florida, so that's a lot of Summer days.....They last for years!! Easy to wash, Colors are beautiful.....The PERFECT sandal!!! I know, cause I tried a few other look a likes....they didn't hold a candle to my SOLE's Once a "SOLE" girl.....always a "SOLE" girl!!!


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