Love these

Been wearing these for about 6 years or so. Could never wear flip flops due to plantar fasciitis, These worked great! So comfortable and supportive, my feet don't hurt in them at all. I have even become accustomed to the toe pieces! I hope you never stop making these.

The best flips I've ever had!

I wish I had found this great Canadian company sooner. Terrific customer service and great products. These are by far the most comfortable flip-flops that I've ever had.

Make the switch and love the cork!

Love the feel and comfort! I wore the sport flips for years but just tried the cork flips. I am so glad I made the switch, both are great but for me the feel of the cork is very comfortable!

Comfortable and stable footwear

I have been wearing SOLE cork flip flops for two months, They are very comfortable and help with foot pain after a long workday. The materials a tough and take a bit of a break in period but once they are broken in I want to wear them 24/7. Great summer shoe , even around the house anytime

When Cork Met Concrete

I spend up to 6 hours a day coaching high school swimming, walking on concrete and I have been doing that for the past 45 years. During this career, I have tried multiple types of sandals and flip flops and spent up to 100 dollars a pair trying to reduce stress on my legs and back. I purchased them from sporting goods companies and some of the expensive department stores. I happened to buy this pair at a shop in Ft. Meyers, Fl that were made of cork. I have some pretty nice sandals in my closet that I have not worn since because of the superior comfort level I have when I wear my SOLE flipflops.

Cork flip

This cork flip is very comfortable! I have been wearing the sport flip and wanted to try the cork flip and am so happy I took the experiment for comparison. Both are fantastic! The cork flip is a little softer on the sole of my feet and moulds faster.

Ecological footprint

I have never had such comfortable sandals With soles molding to my feet. They follow me everywhere. Travelling, during winter time, when I come home after work, all summer! I have a collection of them In different colors. The best ever!

Miracle Sandals for Metatarsal

I live in these sandals. I have a metatarsal issue and have never found a sandal that doesn't hurt my feet. I can't recommend these enough. Absolutely brilliant. I have been using SOLEs for 5 years now. The new cork sandal takes a little time to break-in but once it is, it is amazing.

excellent products

Hi all. Over the last 2 years I have purchased the men's Cork Flips. I have a size 12 ladies foot so very hard to find a sassy functional flip flop. My prayers answered. I will continue to purchase these through out my years. I had one pair where the cork bed split. I emailed SOLE and they sent me a replacement pair no questions asked. That is customer service. I work in Healthcare and am very aware that you have to look after your feet. I tell everyone I know about this company. Cheers to an excellent product.


I never got used to flip-flops before but these are wonderful. The sole of cork and the format that adapts to your feet makes them super comfortable to wear all day!!!

Outstanding !!

I own four pairs of these flip-flops. These are simply the best slippers I have ever worn. They conform perfectly to my feet - shape, support, comfort level are all luxurious. If I ever find myself walking barefoot around the house, I actually miss the Cork Flips and put them on. The service at SOLE is excellent. Highly recommended!

Since 2007

As a female I have large feet so nice shoes that fit are hard to find, but I have always loved flip flops. That was until I developed planters fasciitis. One of my team mates recommended Sole, I was a bit taken back by the price at first, but WOW, they were worth every penny! I have had so many pairs now that I have lost count. The first few pairs wore out after a couple of years of hard wearing, which just gave me an opportunity to buy more. I own the winter boots, shoes, sport flips, cork flips (my favorite), slides, and the new navigator. Other then when I have to dress up, Sole it is all I wear. I have been a very satisfied customer since 2007. PS the planters fasciitis was gone within a month. I wear them for 12 hour days at trade shows and never have sore feet, knees, back or hips. They are magic!!!!

A Lifesaver

I love summer, except for one thing - I'd miss my SOLE footbeds because I was basically living in flip flops...and suffering from lower back pain because of it. Not anymore! Everything I love about the footbeds but in a flip flop. They need a short break-in period but once they did, I love them. Great product.

Best footwear & best service

I spend a lot of time in sandals & have tried almost every top brand available as I found walking long distances in them uncomfortable. I've suffered everything from bruised soles to shin splints over the years. Then I was bought a pair of Sole flips, the difference is amazing, shock absorption and foot support is second to none. The service is outstanding, replacing my initial pair with smaller without quibble. Never again will I be suffering from wearing those overpriced Brazilian and German equivalents which just do not compare in quality or service. My feet thank you.

freedom of wearing flops

Ever since I tried on a friends pair of SOLE Flips few years ago, I've thrown out every other flop I owned. From a car accident, I suffer the remnants of a right-ankle injury and your flops arch and support are wonderful. They literally gave me back the freedom of wearing flops comfortably. And I can assure you , as a South Florida outdoor enthusiast I live in flops J.


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