SOLE is nothing short of amazing

Quality products, excellent customer service, environmentally conscious and affordable prices. I've been purchasing and using SOLE products for a couple years now and it is because of them that my metatarsalgia has subsided considerably. I'm on my feet constantly. Thank you for your products and the overall way you conduct your business. You should be the gold standard for small businesses.

Margaret Ann Belanger

walking without pain

SOLE flip flops are the only shoes I wear. This has been life changing for me. After healing from plantar fasciitis & achilles tendinitis & living with arthritis daily it's difficult to find sandals. I heard about SOLE flip flops & purchased a couple pairs. No matter what your issue is you will find a SOLE to fit your need. They feel like they were custom made for me. They look great with the cork & foam & in sunshine or rain they wear well.

Kevin Fay

Sole has soul for your dogs (feet)

Been in SOLE flips for years. Love the contours and feel. These Del Mars are no exception and add a nice style/look. Trust me, these sandals are worth every penny and will change your open-toed life forever!

John Paris

Great Sandals!!Help Me Alot

These really are comfortable and fit perfectly. Helps me a great deal with a very high arched foot. Great job! I have been wearing these for over 1 year. Very durable!

Janie Forest

I love my new Del Mar Sport Flips!

I love my new Del Mar Sport Flips, I just ordered two pairs one grey and one mulberry, they fit perfectly and feel exactly the same way as my old ones. Thanks for making such a great product!

Jason Sanders

The Absolute Best

These flip flops are just awesome for someone with foot problems (and to help prevent problems in people who don't already have foot problems). The arch support and heel fit the contours of the foot perfectly; and the knit strap is very comfortable on the top of the foot. I've tried other flip flops that were supposedly made to fit the foot, but these are by far the absolute best and most comfortable.


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