Best running sock

These are hands-down the best running socks I have ever worn! I have trained for 3 marathons in hot, humid weather and have never gotten a blister, hot spots, or calluses with these socks. I love how they fit my feet and don't bunch up. If you like a thinner sock, but find them to be too flimsy for longer, sweatier runs, then give these a shot. They are thicker, but they stay cool - I don't notice the thickness, especially because my feet stay so happy!


Love my DualLayer

I used both the ankle single layer and a pair of crew dual layer for a 24 hr bike race. This is the first time I had no blister issues. Still waiting for dual ankle socks to be in stock so I can order some. My only issue with the dual crew is that all the dead leaves and brush like them too. Having a hard time getting everything off of them. I still really really like the socks so it is something I can live with.

Jennifer Pack

best socks ever

I wear these socks for work and they are fantastic. I work as a pharmacy technician and am on my feet all day running around. When wearing these socks I don't slide in my shoes, me feet don't feel as tired at the end of the work day, and no sores or blisters. Some one had given me these socks as a present and I had been trying to find them ever since. Now that I have I will buying more socks.

Barbara Schumacher

Scuba Diver Loves These!

These are great socks! The dual-layers really help reduce friction. I am a scuba diver and after my week long dive trips with 3 dives a day I would head home with major sores on my toes from friction in my dive boots. I decided to try these socks in my boots and sores! They fit snug and when you first look at them you might think "are these really going to fit my foot?" They do! I'm buying more!

Bradley Wright


Fits well and offers some extra cushioning. Prefer it over the Lightweight sport socks.

Slater Fletcher

Comfy Technology

The technology that makes these socks fit so perfectly and protect against heat and blisters is like nothing I have ever used before. It all goes into a comfortable fit that goes the distance! No doubt, these are the best socks I have ever used!

Richard Cronin


In everything from wet and boggy off road ultra marathons to hot and dry road marathons I have never had a blister wearing these socks. And they last a very long time as well - which is a bonus.

Melinda Barker

Love these socks!

The dual layer socks are my favorite socks to run in. I run marathons and never blister or have sock issues with these. Highly recommend!

Jim Baudhuin

Incredible socks

Hands down the best socks I've ever used. I've finished over 75 marathons and ultras and have yet to get a blister in these socks. A couple years back I ordered a couple pair of black socks to use for a 50-mile trail run. Got them on Friday, did the 50 on Saturday and didn't have a single foot issue the entire way. Keep up the great work!

Eric Morrow

Really didn't like them

I got one of each type of sock from Sole when I bought my footbeds. The insoles are fantastic! But this review is about the socks. I wear these socks mostly for going running and playing basketball or soccer. I found the non-dual layer sock to be perfect - no blisters, very comfortable, I love it and will order more. I found the dual-layer to be more annoying than anything. I couldn't ever get the two layers to match up nicely after the first time (before washing) and it was always a pain to put the socks on. And if you want to adjust your shoes, you need to start the whole process over. They aren't too pricey, so I'd recommend doing what I did: First order one of each type of sock and see what you like. I threw this pair away and now I just wear the traditional single layer one.

Cynthia Wilcox

Best Socks EVER!!!

My feet are notorious for blistering very badly. People have been throwing socks at me for years. For my last marathon, a buddy gave me a pair of these SOLE Dual-Layer Anti-Blister socks. They're amazing. SOLEs are comfortable, smooth, efficiently-wicking, and radically reduce blistering. I've tried other dual-layer socks that claim to be blister proof, but only the SOLE deliver. Without these, I'd have to give up distance running. Get yourself a few pairs, hit the road, and wave blisters goodbye.

Ben thompson


These are the best socks I have ever worn. They have a great fit, feel great, low odor and have been very durable.


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