Navigate sandals

I just love the navigate sandals, so much that I ordered an extra pair. Easy to put on and remove. And if they get wet, no problem.

Men Navigate

I just love the Navigate sandals. Best ever and no problem if they get wet. I bought extra because they are so comfortable and easy to put on or take off.

Slick and comfy

This pair give great arch support while looking very elegant on any foot. They can easy handle any wet, sandy or dry environment. I bought a greater size and the fit is just perfect!

He’s happy!

I purchased 2 pairs of these sandals for both my father and my fiance and they both love them. They fit comfortably and provide a great deal of support for my dad who has had knee replacements. My fiance likes the sporty appearance and style of the sandal as well and uses them for ongoing walking trips. I have made several purchases from SOLE now and every time I am a happy customer. :)

Navigate sandals

First time buying these sandals which have a clip that slides into a slot, very comfortable. First time I wore them the entire day!

Sole review

I've being wearing SOLE for about 6 years I have to wear custom insoles, but in the summer I was needing something light and these are very comfortable. They are very durable as well. I have bought these 3 times and still love them.

Awesome Sandals

I am currently wearing my third pair of Navigate sandals. I began wearing them after experiencing plantar fasciitis. They are tough and well made! Once formed to my foot they are very comfortable and I can walk all day without any foot issues. These sandals rock!

Great sandals!

Super pleased with these sandals. They look good and feel good. And they are only getting more comfortable as they mold to my feet.

Flip Flops

i used to get plantar fascitis every summer from wearing flat flip flops, but I no longer get it since I started wearing Sole flip flops. i work as a SUP instructor and use the Navigate on my board which work great. James Toronto Island SUP

Sole is great

I have several Sole Footbeds and now the Navigate. A couple of years ago, I was limping around in Hawaii on a work trip and saw some Marines buying Footbeds in the exchange at Camp Smith. I asked one of them what they were and he said. "They're SOLEs and we all put them in our boots." So, I bought a pair, then later another pair, and then later more. Now I have them in all my shoes. My plantar fasciitis subsided fairly quickly. I'm a happy camper and recently completed a hike in the Grand Canyon of over 40 miles in a couple of days with no pain.

Great plantar faciitis relief:

I have planter faciitis and have used inserts with the jelly soft spot under the heel coupled with an arch support but they were not nearly aggressive enough. I looked at "Your soles" insert and liked the aggressive arch, tried them and immediately felt relief from the pain even though they lack the jell at the heel. My plantar faciitis improves each day I wear them. My only fear is that they may be accommodating my foot too well lessening the plantar fascia relief. Should I have done the oven treatment only, to preserve their original shape? I am seriously thinking of purchasing the sandals, just wish they had a model with more toe protection!

Built to the same high standard

I have a pair of the sole flip flops and two pairs of footbeds. I looked everywhere for some arch support in a pair of sandals and the flip flops were the best I could get at the time. I noticed these on the website and bought a pair in the early spring. I have managed to wear them almost everyday this summer when I wasn't required to be in boots. They incorporate the support and comfort I like in the SOLE footbeds and they are much better to wear for summer activities than shoes or flip flops. I might even get a pair for my mom for her birthday.


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