Ryan Hennessy

All day comfort

I use these in my work shoes. They are the most comfortable insoles I have ever had. I also have 4 plus pairs of sandals. This company rocks!

Loretta Wozniak

Best insoles ever

Have been using these for a long time. Eliminates my hip & knee joint pain. Use them in every pair of shoes

Mitch Altman

I could walk again

I was running on the beach playing frisbee when all of a sudden I couldn't walk on my left foot and had excruciating pain. I had to hobble around on my tippy toes. After going to the Orthopedic, he recommended that the first thing I should do is get SOLE inserts made for plantar fasciitis. I went online to look and there were so many options, I was a bit confused. I called Sasha on the service desk and she quickly advised me on the proper insert. I told her I would be leaving town before I would receive them. She quickly guided me to a local dealer, where I went right down and picked up a couple of pairs. Medium and Thin. Let me tell you, I put them in my sport shoe and it was like a miracle, I could walk on my whole foot again with most of my pain was gone instantly. Since I spend most of my time in flip flops I had to get them too. They offer a lot of support and feel great. Thanks for being there for me. Your products made a real difference in my life.



Have several pairs of the regular SOLE insoles so I tried the performance ones before going hiking in the Grand Canyon area. Insoles performed great and I will be ordering more for my golf and regular shoes. Thanks.


Finally, a shoe insert that works!

Tried numerous shoe inserts to resolve my foot pain. Found Sole shoe inserts during a Google search. Researched the product and ordered one pair. Sole insert worked for me and helped rid my foot pain. I ordered 3 more pairs for my different shoes. When my daughters had foot pain issues from soccer I ordered both girls Sole inserts. Both girls are pain free. I ended up ordering the Sole slip on sandals and strap on sandals for days I don't want to wear socks but still have my arch and ankle support. No issues with the Sole inserts to date. Have been using them for many years. I don't heat my inserts I just put them into my shoe and over a short period of time they form to my foot.


Great Footbeds

I own multiple pairs of footbeds and use them in casual and dress work shoes, athletic sneakers, and baseball cleats. I suffered with bad plantar fasciitis and my doctor recommended expensive orthotics that would only fit certain pairs of shoes so I did research and tried SOLE with great results. I love these and recommend them to friends all the time.


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