Back Savers

I taught a Motorcycle Safety Course for six years. After spending 16 hours wearing biker boats on asphalt all that time, my back was killing me. A friend suggested SOLE in my first year. My friend them and I loved them. To this day, I am an ambassador for these insoles. They saved my back and made my bike boots SOOO comfortable. I love these things! Buy them!

The best SOLE

My feet have never been happier I coach tennis 6 days a week and I swear by SOLE. Recommend to everyone. If you stand have sore feet but don't want to break the bank on orthotics this is your answer.

Love it

I love these inserts, they are very comfortable. I will totally buy these again in the future and am recommending them to my friends and family.


I bought the insoles because my husband was complaining about sore feet in his work boots. We put the insoles in and He said for the first few days his feet felt sore in different spots than normal. After that, he said his feet felt a lot better. He enjoys the comfort and the correctness the insoles provide. They are light weight and support his feet. No more aching feet!

Great option for support

I've been wearing SOLE footbeds for almost 4 years now to help with pain from OEM insoles, and they have made a huge improvement. I recently bought the Work Medium and have been using them for a bit over a month... they have been performing great in work shoes, casual shoes, and sneakers. Trim to fit was easy!

Feet are happy

I have been using SOLE footbeds for years and have been very happy with all of them, whether it's the active medium with met pad or the work medium. They support my higher arch and give comfort for long hikes. Also SOLE customer service has been excellent.

Comfort Plus

The insole is perfect for my needs, I put it immediately in my asics ( that I wear for work) I am a foot care nurse. I have high arches, right bunion and prominent metatarsal head where the bunion is. The ordering process went well and I would recommend SOLE for everyone to try. Very comfortable


My daughter has a fused spine from L3-T3 and is on her feet all day. She had used SOLE in the past and went on to try other brands. She asked that I order her a pair of foot beds for her new shoes (cheap walmart non slips). New foot beds were inserted into her shoes and her back pain from standing all day has gone away. Strongly recommend these inserts.

great support!

My doctor gave me a SOLE insole when he diagnosed the fallen arch and before my surgery. My feet love the arch support and so does my back. Thanks to all of you for such a fine product.

Worth every penny

A couple of years ago I had a severe case of plantar facitis. Doctor sent me to get custom insoles at a cost of over $200. They don't do anything my SOLE Work Mediums don't do at a fraction of the price. For years, before I found SOLE I wasted money on competitor products from Dr. Scholls and Sofsole. They are junk compared to SOLE. I've put SOLE insoles them in all my shoes now and haven't had pain since.

Knee problems solved

I owe a lot of respect to SOLE company. For some unknown reason I started having ankle pain on my right foot a few months ago. I was referred to a foot doctor, the same that had seen me during my childhood during 12 years and that fixed my problem having feet looking inwards. This time, the foot doctor made me those super technological orthodics that cost $400+. After 5 adjustments trying to improve them, because I was starting to feel a very painful pinching sensation in my inner knees (somewhere I NEVER had any problem before in my entire life), I came across SOLE footbed in a outdoors sale. I bought it thinking I had nothing to lose. I was pretty desperate at this point, nothing was doing it. My knees were in pain if I wore the foot orthodics or not, and the best solution was just not to walk at all : not an option at 32 years old! So I started using the SOLE footbeds, and all of a sudden, my knee pain disappeared! It was, and it still is, honestly so marvellous. I never told the Podiatrist I stopped using my custom orthodic, but now I got SOLE footbeds and my doctor was pretty happy I found my solution, so he wrote down the company name and went on recommending his patients the footbed. SOLE, you saved my knees! Thanks a lot!

Old boots are like new!

This is the first time I've used a SOLE insole. I bought them to put in my work boots which I wear for 12hrs a day. They have made a huge difference in comfort and refreshed my feet! Worth every penny!

Old boots are like new!

This is the first time I've used a SOLE insoles. I bought them to put in my work boots which I wear for 12 hrs a day. They have made a huge difference in comfort and refreshed my feet! Worth every penny!

feet reprieve

This my forth set of SOLE insoles and the first time with the Work style. I have foot problems and was half time on a cane. These insoles have let me set that aside and do most of a day on my feet. The fit is perfect and they seem to holding up quite well through several months now of wear. Next I will try a light pair for dress shoes and see if dancing is again a possibility.

Best Insoles on the Market

A physical therapist recommended SOLE to me about 20 years ago. I had repeat ankle sprains and tendonitis in my Achilles tendon. Some of that was due to sports injuries, but I also have high arches. I needed better foot support. I was also an undergraduate student, so I had very little money. Thankfully, the student health center sold SOLE insoles. I have been using them ever since. If you have any type of joint pain, including back pain, you need these insoles. Since I have multiple pairs of insoles, they tend to last me for about five years. The benefits far outweigh the costs of SOLE products.


I've been using SOLE products for over 10 years. I finally wore out my flip flops. I wear my sandals most days in the house during winter and outside other seasons. My go to insoles are the Ultra thick for boots and thin for athletic shoes. Some are over 10 years old. I have a high arch and these provide plenty of support. I have them in all my footwear. I'm trying the work medium, but it hasn't been long enough to see how they stand up. I've tried others brands, but come back to SOLE. Worth the money.

All day support

I now take SOLE footbeds with me to the shoe store to make sure I size with room for this much needed support. Work SOLE, get me through the day!

I've got SOLE

Found my first of SOLE's at a orthopaedic shoe store about. 4 years ago. I had been suffering with Planter Fasciitis off and on for many years. I had previously purchased many different drugstore insoles over the years that had never seem to work. I've been pain free ever since I have been using them. They are very well made. I highly recommend them.

I am impressed by these insoles.

I have purchased a pair of sandals from SOLE three years ago, used them every summer since and fell in love with them. I saw an ad through one of my social media feeds that SOLE had these medium work insoles on sale. I jumped at the chance to try these at a discount. I use these insoles in my tactical work boots. My job as a Sheriff has me walking, standing, all day, almost every day. Being a larger guy I have always had problems with my knees and my plantar fasciitis. These insoles compared to my prescribed ones, I truly prefer these ones. They run the full length of the boot so there's no rubbing in the middle of the foot like I get with the prescribed ones. It has been almost four months, and no complaints whatsoever. These so far have been the best non prescription insoles I have ever purchased. Highly recommend that you at least try these.

Very Nice

I have tried 4 of your SOLE insoles for my foot problems. The work I tried as I am on my feet for 8 hours a day at work and my feet were getting very tired. Not sure it is the best one of your insoles but it has helped. Still have issues with numbness on one foot but nothing seems to help that. I have also tried the Performance Thick, Active Thin and Active Medium with Met Pad. All feel great but in every shoe I place them they make the shoe squeak very audibly. When I replace with the shoes original insole the noise stops. Sometimes it is one foot, sometimes both and it alternates between feet. Apart from the noise am very pleased with my purchases.


Supportive & firm but not too stiff. The design contours feet nicely and the construction & materials don't peel or fray. Great upgrade for my Salomons.

Saved my feet!!! Best insoles on the market!

I have been wearing SOLE insoles and sandals for years now. I am a chef who works on my feet 12-15 hrs a day, so I need the best to keep my feet in good shape. I have tried all of the competition and SOLE wins the test by far. The hold up over time and fit my shoes and feet great! The products last longer than the competitors and I have no need to try and other brands now that I have found these. The sandals are a life saver as well. Perfect support for wearing around the house after the long days. Give them a try, you won't be disappointed!!!

Review of insoles

Excellent support for long days standing on your feet. Breathe easily. Fits perfect for size and have ordered before which a friend emailed me your contact. Very comfortable !!

Used sole since active duty military

Over 14 years ago, I stumbled on SOLE footbeds while on active duty. I used them in my flight boots until retirement, and continue to use them in all my shoes. Deep heel cup and proper arch support make for a proper shoe. Don't be fooled by cushy alternatives, they don't work. Take it from me, I've had my share of back pain and even surgery. Haven't had problems since using SOLE.

Body aches

I work standing and walking all day on concrete floors (electrician) and with time it gets to you ... body aches , tiredness and I started slowing down my pace ... then I saw this ad on Facebook about these soles and what they could bring to me ... after a hard week I said to myself "They're not so expensive so why not give them a try?!" In the first week of work wearing SOLE footbeds, my boss noticed a difference even before I did now I need another pair for my hiking boots!

Holds up

I am a rather large fella and these still hold up. I don't know what I would do without these as I have almost no arch and in the past had a lot of foot pain. Once I started using these, the pain went away. True to size and durable.

The Best inSOLE

I started using SOLE a couple years ago as I work on my feet all day. Orthotics are expensive and I wanted an affordable insole for my shoes. These truly are the best on the market and are beyond comfortable. I use them for work, in my walking shoes and my feet feel so much better.

Have been using for 1 month.

I have tried multiple over the counter insoles, as my custom ones cost 300 dollars. I believe I paid around 35 dollars and I believe it was a steal of a deal! Well worth the money!

excellent product

Has definitely made a difference in how comfortable it is to walk in my shoes. Even the vionic runners, once I put the SOLE product in made a huge difference for me! Well worth the money! This is an excellent product

Great product

Once again my footbeds from SOLE are killing it. Great support, easy to mold and no more knee pain! Thanks SOLE!

Dont go without them.

I had struggled with bone spurs in my feet for a long period of time I have tried many different insoles and when I tried these SOLE insoles the relief was noticeably different from that of the others I had tried. I can't even tell you how many pairs of these I have bought and used, but I can tell you I won't put shoes on without them.

Great insoles

I have been using SOLE insoles in all my shoes and boots for 3 years and I think that it is a truly great product. I find that my shoes are more comfortable with them and I would not go with out them!


I have a pair of these in all my shoes and boots! I love, love, love them! They have completely eliminated my plantar fasciitis pain! I recommend to everybody!

Best product ever

I shattered my lumbar back in the day and i am highly particular about my shoes. I have been using these baby's in all my work boots and have zero problems walking upwards of 20 miles a day on concrete. And these things last about as long as the boots you put them in. I have purchased several pairs and will never buy anything else as long as these guys stay in business. (Thanks guys, i appreciate your product!)

Best product ever

I shattered my lumbar back in the day and i am highly particular about my shoes. I have been using these baby's in all my work boots and have zero problems walking upwards of 20 miles a day on concrete. And these things last about as long as the boots you put them in. I have purchased several pairs and will never buy anything else as long as these guys stay in business. (Thanks guys, i appreciate your product!)


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