Love them! They have really helped my planter fasciitis! I will probably order more, never thought an insole would help. Honestly order them!

Solid choice for those with high arches and PF!

After having success with the non-cork Active Thins while recovering from PF, I grabbed a pair of these due to the little bit of extra padding and the additional natural shock absorption of the cork. They have quickly become my favorite insole choice for both road and trail. I have used these for at least 60 miles and can say they work in pretty much every shoe (Salomon Sense Ride 2 & 3, Hoka Speedgoat 4, Saucony Peregrine ISO & 10 and Ride ISO). I've also tried them in several other brands and models just in the house, and they fit well in those, as well. Heel-to-toe offset does not seem affected heavily by these, and the amount of heel lift is minimal. Overall, the fit is excellent, and these do not affect lockdown. One note on sizing: my SGs and Saucony Rides are a men's 10, all other shoes are a men's 9.5, and I use the men's 9 in these insoles with no issues and no need to trim. These actually aid toe-off in my softer shoes and allow good flexibility at the forefoot. However, the arch and heel area provide just the right amount of semi-rigid support necessary to allow me to run with no strain to my plantar fascia while still allowing some natural flex in that area. Materials have held up well thus far, but I have yet to really run them through ankle deep water and mud yet. PNW rainy season is ramping up, so I anticipate a chance to really run these through the ringer soon.

Happy Feet

I have had SOLE cork flips for a few years now. I have a history of plantar fasciitis so I am very careful with what I wear on my feet. I find cork soles to be very supportive, but with a little give. The shape of the footbed is perfect for my feet. I bought the Met Pad inserts (with cork) for my walking shoes as my 10-yr-old custom orthotics don't feel comfortable any more. I have more spring in my step and my arches are happy.

decent insole for high arches

I'm a distance runner coming back from a foot injury, and my podiatrist suggested searching for orthotic inserts rather than paying $$$ for custom insoles to support my very high arches. I found SOLE insoles to offer a higher arch than others on the market, and I love that these are made with recycled cork. I've been slowly starting to run again after 12 weeks off due to injury, so I've only run in these 1-2miles at a time, 2-3x/week, for the past 5 weeks, though I've also used them in casual shoes for walking. So far I like them, but am not sure they're high enough for my arches. My legs/feet are quite sore by the end of a short run [a new feeling for me, I used to be a marathoner!] but I cannot blame the insoles, this could just be from my injury. I'm happy to see that SOLE Active footbeds are now available with Met Pads, I may have to try one with more cushion! I'm just waiting for the trifecta: active + wide + met pad!

What a Savior!

My SOLE footbed Insoles are not only fantastic but have replaced my expensive custom metatarsal insoles. Economy In today's times is a wonderful added perk!

Quality of my new insoles

I am an avid walker and have used these insoles to help with the foot pain which was extreme. After using these insoles for over a year now I have almost eliminated the foot pain and make may walking journey much more manageable. I have recommended these exact insoles to a few of my walking buddies as well.

Good combination of support & comfort

I have plantar fasciitis that flares up every now and then, so I always put over the counter replacement footbeds in all of my shoes. These footbeds are very comfortable and do not change the fit of my running or casual wear shoes. Pretty much zero break -in period. Provides a little bit of cushion and firm, but not terribly rigid support. The Met pad felt a little different at first, but now I don't even notice it - never had any issues with my metatarsal (knock on wood / cork!), but I figure the extra support can't be a bad thing. Two toes up!

Love these insoles!

I have several SOLE insoles and 2 pair of their boots. My favourite is the medium cork with Met pad. I prefer them to all the orthotics I have purchased over the years for my high arch and wide forefoot. SOLE is a great company and their products are outstanding. I do not hesitate to recommend their products to anyone looking for an improvement to their footwear.

We love these

Both my husband and I have been wearing these for 6 months and love them. I was sufffering from plantar fasciitis and Morton's Neuroma and he has needed custom orthotics for years for foot pain. We both find the insoles comfortable, reduce pain and are light weight and easy to transfer between shoes. These are an economical way to get relief!

They work awesome

I have been using their footbeds now for at least 2 years. They easily last the full life of a pair of work boots. I took them out and transferred them to my next pair.

Excellent Product

About 15 years ago I suffered from severe pain in my arches and heels. I found SOLE inserts that saved me. I tried several arch supports but the SOLE product helped me the most and can be found in most of my shoes. I love that SOLE has a variety of arch support inserts and I use them in my dress shoes, hiking boats and athletic shoes. Thanks SOLE for solving my foot/arch problem!

SOLE Met-pad is great for plantar faciatis

I've been using SOLE insoles for a couple of months. I had custom insole made about 8 years ago that made a huge difference for my plantar fasciitis (horrible pain to no pain). I've never found store-bought insoles that could match up as it's really hard to find insoles with met-pads. These insoles seem to do the trick, and seem to keep away the pain as effectively as my custom ones. I also like SOLE's flip flops (with met-pads). I can wear these for many hours of walking while I can't go 30min in a normal pair of flip flops without being in a lot of pain.


I went on a two week hiking trip and near the end of it, my feet were killing me. I bought these cork inserts for the same boots on my next hiking trip and my feet felt great the whole time. I also bought a pair to put in my slippers and found that if I wear them after work in the evening, my feet feel much better during the day, no matter which shoes I wear. I love this product!

good enough

Most important is it is quiet, other insoles squeaked badly, material is a nice change, great service from a nice company


Very happy and we depend on you products daily.

One of the more comfortable insoles I've owned

I've used Sole insoles for several years, and they've been terrific. I have a lot of problems with arthritis in my toes and general soreness in my feet, so I've worn various kinds of orthotics or insoles for around 15 years. I find these new cork-based insoles to be light, provide just about the perfect amount of support, and easy to trim. The met pad could be a bit higher, at least for my feet, but overall I'd certainly buy another pair in the future. They seem fairly durable - I switch between about 3 pairs of shoes during the week but have seen no damage yet. I've been wearing them now for around 4-5 months, I believe, and they are in great shape.

Now I can wear shoes I like!

Every pair of shoes I own have had SOLE inserts for the last two years. I have two problems with my feet - Morton's Neuroma and Plantar Fasciitis. I found some specialized shoes that greatly alleviated my foot pain, but they were not only bordering on hideous, but also tremendously expensive. Then I found SOLE inserts with Met pads. Now I can buy whatever shoe I want, and by the magic of SOLE, have the same level of pain relief I got from my plain (to speak kindly) and expensive specialty shoes. The fact that SOLE is made from recycled cork is icing on the environmental cake.

A sole with soul

I saw this insole with met pad and wondered if it was better for me than the regular SOLE insoles. I have tried thick and thin, active and performance over the years but not the met pad until now. I was a little unsure how a met pad would feel but I found out that it is comfortable for my flat feet. It is not too much different than the regular insole but provides a little extra support for the middle of the foot. If you are experiencing pain in that area the met pad is worth a try. It isn't big enough to hurt but is noticeable as a little support under the foot, a slightly different feel, just like having more arch support compared to flat insoles. For me the SOLE insoles work as well as a custom orthotic, and for the same cost of one custom orthotic I can put a SOLE insole in each pair of shoes I have.

Great insole!

I love these insoles! They're supportive and comfortable! As an avid backpacker, support & comfort are a necessity. I'm extremely happy with these insoles!

Great for pain relief

I've been wearing these footbeds for a couple of months now and they have relieved 90% of my pain. So comfortable and a perfect fit. Also it feels nice to know that they use recycled corks to make them.

Affordable alternative to orthotic footbed

The footbeds with metpads are super comfortable, and I find them supportive enough to use instead of metpad orthotics inside my footwear which my one set of expensive custom orthotics does not fit well - snow boots, hiking shoes, ski boots, running shoes. They are affordable enough that I now have several pairs of the metpad footbeds. This is much more convenient than moving one set around, especially in winter when I might use snow boots, ski boots and another pair of shoes all in the same day.

Best Bet

I first learned about SOLE during a purchase at a Red Wing shoe store. Then I started buying them directly from the web site. These are the most cost effective solution for anyone that needs to wear "custom" orthotics.

Greater comfort

I find the extra cushion and shock absorption reduces my pain in feet and calf. I am able to go longer and farther with them, and the repurposed cork appeals to me as well.

Very Comfortable

I have been using the SOLE inserts for over 10 years and have always been happy with them. These new Active Medium with met pads are a great addition to the line of quality and comfort for my feet.

Little met pad, big upgrade

At this point I have many many pairs of SOLE flips flops and love the support, especially because of the met pad. I have a few pairs of insoles and they are all awesome but theres just something extra special about that little met pad!! I have some laxity issues and I truly feel like that met pad keeps my foot extra open but stable. My toes never feel bunched up or squished.


I love these shoes. They give me the arch support I need, and are easy to get in and out of. Thanks!

Great product!

Today's footwear give no support. SOLE insoles have been giving me years of support. After trying numerous other insoles I found SOLE and have never purchased anything else since. A very good alternative to more expensive orthotics and good variety of products to suit. A true no hassle return policy is cherry. Thank you SOLE.

Best investment

My friend recommended me SOLE insoles after I spent lots of money with my podiatrist doctor . First days were a little painful but after a week no more foot pain . I was little scared about cork material but my insoles still good after 1 year used .

Comfort & Fit

These are my first pair of SOLE cork insoles after having worn a number of the non-cork models over the years. Fit great in my new hiking shoes and look forward to miles of comfort!!!

Best insoles, best sandals!

I own three pairs of insoles and four pairs of sandals. The insoles with the met pads are so supportive in my golf shoes,running shoes and workboots. I had a total knee replacement and they been the very best footwear I could ever ask for. I have ordered all these products online through the SOLE website and the service has been fast efficient and well packaged. I couldn't be happier!

Kim Wozniak

Love all SOLE products. Footbeds are exactly what I need. I have spent a lot of money on customized orthotics in the past. I now am buying SOLE footbeds as they provide me with the support that I need. I love the flips and wear them in the house year round, as well as outdoors all summer long.


This an amazing product. Great alternative to a custom made orthotic

The best!!!

I started using SOLE a couple months ago after coming back from injury and also suffering from Plantar Fasciitis. This product has enabled me to resume training and properly manage my PF pain on a daily basis. Without these insoles I would definitely NOT be running and probably not walking very well either. Thanks SOLE much!!!!

Just like custom orthotics

I have been using custom orthotics for twenty years and own several pairs of Sole footbeds. I do not notice a difference between my custom orthotics and SOLE footbeds (cost being the exception). This allows me to have a pair of footbeds in different footwear rather than having to put my custom orthotics in the footwear I am wearing that day.

Comfortable and effective

I've tried a number of insoles and these are by far the best. More comfortable than alternatives such as Superfeet - and no annoying squeaking noises! These insoles have definitely helped with my arch problems. Medium seems fine for trainers / walking shoes / etc.

Got me running again

I developed a nasty case of Plantar Fasciitis. I was hobbling around until a friend recommended SOLE footbeds to me. I found a store nearby and was walking pain free in a few days and running in a couple of weeks. I have a pair for every shoe. I tried Custom made insoles and they were clumsy and painful. SOLE insoles felt natural and got me running again.


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