Awesome inserts

These have replaced custom-made inserts and they work even better. These are the only inserts that work for me. I have had foot issues for years (prior to wearing these inserts) and have been to podiatrists. This is a lot less expensive than doing all that. These inserts are the obvious choice.


Mens Exhale shoe

Most comfortable shoe ever! I am on my feet all day and this shoe is wonderful! The fit is perfect, so it's true to size! I should have bought a back up pair just for inside! Love it!

Nicholas A. Onorato

Comfortable Feet

Excellent support and comfort!

Mark D McGraw

Saved my feet

I have bone spurs that become very painful when cycling for hours in stiff-soled cycling shoes. After trying all sorts of pads, shoes, and insoles, the SOLE insoles have been a lifesaver. Well, ok, a footsaver. I recently completed a 500 mile gravel bike race with very little foot discomfort and I give a lot of credit to these SOLE insoles. These thick soles work best in shoes that already run a little big.

Mary Ann Flores

For pain relief and proper biomechanical alignment.

I don’t have pes planus (flat feet) but I was wearing a particular tennis shoes ( which I did not do a flex test on as I never had plantar fasciitis in my life and for having played 7 days a week of tennis for 40 years) in 2012 which I didn’t realize was flexing in the middle of the arch. I then developed bilateral foot pains. I recognized the symptoms and I knew I had plantar fasciitis bilaterally. I did the flex test on the shoes and I found the cause. So I tried the SOLE Active Thick insoles in the shoes and the pain went away in about 3 weeks without doing any treatments. I now use the insoles in all the shoes I have. The one thing that is great about is the immediate noticeable change in the force generating capability of the muscles when wearing arch supports or insoles. Initially, one can get tested without wearing insoles in standing position with arms stretched out to sides (90 degrees of abduction of both shoulders), and applying a downward force around the elbow /arms. Let the testee resist. Then test again in the same position wearing the insoles and apply the same downward force. The testee and the tester should feel a difference. It should be stronger. This the reason why I recommend insoles not just to my patients who need arch supports but also for athletes who want better performance.

Richard Hamm

Outstanding product

I have had several of the different SOLE products over about 4 years now, and I find the Active Thick to be an outstanding product. I have severe pronation and these inserts really help stabilize my food and decrease my knee pain, and they wear like iron. I don't have to replace them at a rapid pace, I really do love their product. Rich Hamm

Amanda Rogers

Super comfortable and durable

I've used custom orthotics for years but the price of them is substantial. I began developing issues using my custom fits and the guy at the shoe store I frequent, suggested these. And I have to say, at nearly a quarter of the cost of custom orthotics, these saved my life. I work in a warehouse with concrete floor and it's brutal on the feet but these insoles in a pair of running shoes, are the most comfortable option I've ever had. I no longer have foot pain. I will definitely continue using these insoles. They are worth every penny.

jacob c. kramer

Part of the New Footwear Process

I get new SOLE insoles every time I purchase a new set of shoes or boots. They're great every time and provide the all day standing that my lifestyle requires.

William C Smith

Supreme comfort and support

My podiatrist recommended these to me and in fact sold me my first pair. At 290 lbs I'm not a little guy and I wear size 13/14 extra wide shoes. I have flat feet. These insoles solve many problems for me. They give me arch support and provide much needed cushioning. I don't consider them a luxury but a necessity for my health. I can tell when it's time for a new pair by the pain in my feet. Oh yeah, while they're working I'm walking pain free. I've tried other brands and nothing else comes close. These are the best. If this doesn't fix your feet, according to my podiatrist, the next step is custom made orthotics. This is the best product, best quality, most recommended foot sole support out there.

Kerry L Dickey

Best Insole

I bought these because I had been battling plantar fasciitis for about 18 months. I swing dance 2-3 times a week, sometimes on a vinyl floor that is on top of concrete. Since wearing these, my plantar fasciitis pain resolved. I put these in my dance, walking and hiking shoes. I have been recommending them to everyone that I meet with plantars fasciitis. I found out about them from a coworker who had plantar fasciitis. She went to her doctor who recommended them. Her doctor runs and had plantar fasciitis too but had good results from SOLE insoles.

Christopher Tarkir

Only insoles for me....

I've been wearing these for several years now. They're the only insoles I'll wear. Working in boots and on my feet for 14-16 hours of the day. These do the trick and I wouldn't settle for anything different!

Robert Sarro

Fantastic Inserts

The SOLE Active Thick Inserts are a fantastic product. I have a history of chondromalacia of the knees. That is a condition where the patella, also known as the kneecap, does not articulate properly with the tibial bone beneath it. The condition results in painful knees, With motion, exercise, sitting etc. These inserts made it possible for me to move again. I am also a physician that regularly sees patients with plantar fasciitis. I recommend these inserts frequently. I would say 90% success rate to those who utilize them. Excellent company and excellent products! Give the footbeds as well as the shoe wear a try. You won't be disappointed.

Robert Schlenkerman

Plantar fasciitis

I'm a registered nurse, work 12 hr shifts on hard floors, I buy very good shoes for work and immediately put SOLE inserts in them. These have been by far the best for my feet for impact and support (even after buying $600 custom orthotics) I bought a pair of these insoles many years ago through a groupon and have tried many others. You will not be disappointed, these Active Thick are great for shoes with a little extra room, make shoes fit like a glove. If I have shoes that are more snug I purchase the thinner versions. The difference is on impact so I make sure my work shoes have a little more room for the SOLE Active Thick, easier on my joints and feet.

William C Smith

Supreme comfort and support

My podiatrist recommended these to me and in fact sold me my first pair. At 290 lbs I'm not a little guy and I wear size 13/14 extra wide shoes. I have flat feet. These insoles solve many problems for me. They give me arch support and provide much needed cushioning. I don't consider them a luxury but a necessity for my health. I can tell when it's time for a new pair by the pain in my feet. Oh yeah, while they're working I'm walking pain free. I've tried other brands and nothing else comes close. These are the best. If this doesn't fix your feet, according to my podiatrist, the next step is custom made orthotics. This is the best product, best quality, most recommended foot sole support out there.

Carol Roeber

Best insoles

I have been wearing SOLE inserts for years. They are so supportive and make my feet feel so great! I'm on my feet 9-11 hours a day and they help to prevent the ache. They have great support so my arch and heel are supported. Inserts usually last me a year. Best inserts I have found for a great price.

Karen massey

Loved these

I need orthotics to prevent foot pain but wanted a sandal to wear while travelling in Ghana. Wore these all day, everyday and had no foot pain at all.... and looked good!

Lawrence Harvey

Saved my feet

I was suffering from plantar fasciitis, very painful. Doctor recommended wearing orthotics. So I got a couple par of Sole orthotics..... and rest is history. Been wearing them ever since. Great product. Very comfortable. I highly recommend them.

Jonathan Leveille

Awesome product!

WOW, awesome product! My only regret is that I didn't buy them earlier. Really comfortable. :) THANK YOU SOLE!!

john fulkerson


Can't say enough about your insoles. I have been using them for years, best on the market.

Sherril Slebodnick

Active Thick

Oh my goodness, I am a public school bus driver. I have 3 pairs of your insoles. They are awesome. I wear them in my shoes every day. Love them. Thanks.

David Bucy

Love Them!

These have been the best thing that I have done for my feet pain. They have changed the way I live my day! Thanks SOLE!

Eduardo Martinez

Feet saver

I work construction as a welder/maintenance mechanic. I either stand still for long periods of time or walk a lot carrying materials all day. My feet are not flat but my arches need support as they collapse as I walk and stand. I've been using SOLE active thick, SOLE casual medium and SOLE active thin in all my work boots, tennis shoes (Nike, Adidas, Vans) and I couldn't be happier with their performance.



I have not been able to wear them often due to the recent heat, but think I will be happy. Could not be happier with all the original SOLE sandals I have purchased over the years. With all the changes recently, I am not sure which ones I would need to order now!

Ruthie Hertter

No more pain!!!

After wearing SOLE Active Thick my foot pain is nonexistent. I have a pair on all my shoes and now I can't live without my SOLEs.

Marcie Jennifer DeWitt

Hiking Boot Comfort

These make my feet so much happier on my long treks - I have high arches and occasional pain when wearing my stiff mountaineering boots on long steep days so these insoles have made a world of difference!


Save your feet

I started buying insoles with arch support after my doctor (who is a pro-team Los Angeles Doctor) recommended them to me. I had plantar fasciitis from tennis and needed extra cushion and arch support. I had tried expensive orthotics with my podiatrist, but they fell apart. I have a pair of SOLE insoles for every type of shoe I can get them to fit in. When I travel, these make sightseeing and a day of walking bearable. I really believe in SOLE insoles.


These Save your feet

I started buying insoles with arch support after my doctor (who is a pro-team Los Angeles Doctor) recommended them to me. I had plantar fasciitis from tennis and needed extra cushion and arch support. I had tried expensive orthotics with my podiatrist but they fell apart, splitting after a year of high use for tennis, walking and general working out. I have a pair of insoles for every type of shoe I can get them to fit in. When I travel, these make sightseeing and a day of walking bearable. I really believe in these insoles.

BioPed Bedford

plant workers

This insole has been working great for our customers at a tire making plant. The cushion and support works great in work boots.

Smith William C

A New Level of Comfort

These were recommended to me by a Podiatrist, and in fact I bought my first pair from him. Dr. Costanza said if these don't work, you're going to need orthotic inserts. Working at the time in health care managing a medical laboratory often alone, I spent many hours on my feet running across concrete floors with little to no support. I bought shoes and or boots with thick padded layers between my feet for those surfaces but it wasn't until I tried SOLE that I noticed a significant difference. Over the years I have been using SOLE Active Thick inserts, I've noticed that for me, a overweight middle age man, changing the inserts out about every 2 months give me the highest level of comfort. I break mine in the natural way, allowing my feet to mold into the inserts over time. I've tried a lot of different inserts and I can tell you that none, 0, zero, and I mean nobody else even comes close to the level of comfort in SOLE. Recommended by professionals and by me a retired medical professional, there is no better support for your foot than SOLE.

Mary Bishop

Great Insoles

I bought a pair of SOLE insoles to put in a pair of my favorite walking shoes. I took them on a trip to Portugal and walked everywhere in them. Total comfort. I won't be going back to expensive custom orthotics anytime soon.

David C Murray

Excellent Insoles

I have been using SOLE for many years. Whenever I buy a pair of shoes or boots the cheap/junk insoles supplied by the company come out and a pair of SOLE insoles go in. No matter the cost of the footwear the insoles are practically useless in my opinion and experience. I do a lot of hiking and backpacking and a good pair of insoles are just as important as the boots themselves. Even my casual shoes are sporting insoles by SOLE. Thank you for a fine product.


A happy runner once again!

I was bothered by bad plantar fasciitis for more than a year and was unable to run regularly due to the pain. I had to force myself to rest for a period of time before running again and the pain would come back after I resume my running. I saw my favourite runner - Dean Karnazes was advertising for Sole footbeds and started to do research on it and found out that they may help me to treat my plantar fasciitis. I bought a pair of the thickest version and used them on my running shoes. True enough, I was able to run pain-free. I was so amazed. I have been running every single day now and I am no longer being bothered by PF. They are life-changing. I am able to enjoy running again!!!

James McLaurin

Comfort Update

I have been wearing my new Active Thick footbeds for a couple of days now and have noticed that these are a bit softer than my original ones that I have been wearing for several years now. It is a welcome feeling, especially as the years continue to go by. The original ones are still serviceable, even though the top layer is worn from the years of service. I will keep them for use in other shoes so I don't have to swap them out every time. My first pair were purchased from a retailer. The rest have been purchased direct online.

Bradford Jackson

Saved my feet

I've been using various Sole footbeds for several years and can say that I've found nothing better. I have high arches and work construction, sometimes on my feet for most of a 12 hour, or longer, shift and have developed plantar fasciitis as a result. I've tried other brands with varying results but, Sole footbeds are the ones that have made a huge difference, so much so that my feet rarely bother me anymore. The thing I like about them is that they are heat moldable. Because my arches are so high and longer than normal, I actually gently heat my new Soles with a heat gun and mold more arch into them than they come with. Doing so I can slightly over-mold them and they conform to the exact shape of my foot after wearing them for a few days. Without doing that It would mean costly custom orthotics. My youngest son was cursed with the same feet as mine and we both use Sole. Thanks for the excellent product.

Neil Gallaway

Working Soles

My new work boots made my heel pain flare up. So I replaced the custom orthotics with Softec Ultra and the pain is gone!


Best ever footbeds

Have tried all the footbeds on the market and expensive orthotics and these are by far the best. Now I can walk long distances in comfort and I have had no flare-ups from my plantar fasciitis. They last a very long time and whenever my feet begin to hurt, I know it is time for a new pair. Love, love, love this product!

leann Mcintyre


Omg where have you been! I never leave reviews but for these it was a must. I have a very high arch and have been suffering with heel pain due to plantars fasciitis. I have tried everything. When you are in so much pain you will pay anything for relief. These are a must. I got them this morning did the heat molding and wore them most of the day. It's like a miracle, pain gone after 1 day. I will definitely get another pair or 2. I am going to try the flip flops next.


the awesome products

I bought this product at Marks and they are amazing! I use to get back pain, also sore feet and these totally took my pain away. I really recommend this if you work on your feet or if you wear steel toe boots. I would say a really good buy for the price.


Softec Ultra

I have been fighting back pain since I broke my back a year ago April. A month ago I came down with plantar fascia strain which I have had 4 times in the last 10 years. The last two weeks I could hardly walk without excruciating pain. A week ago I had an appointment with my dermatologist and the subject of plantar fascia strain came up and he told me about your site. He tried to explain what the insole was and suddenly he took off his shoe and handed me one. How many doctors today would do that? I ordered a pair of your mens softec ultra and they arrived in 2 days. I tore out the insole of a pair of running shoes and they fit perfectly. I tried on the shoes and I have not had one bit of pain from my plantar fascia strain. Before I was wearing a gel cup for the heel given to me by an orthopaedic foot surgeon. Your product is every thing it claims, I have recommended your products to friends and my on call nurse.


Foot pains

I have normal arches in both feet but I developed bilateral plantar fasciitis in late 2012 due to the use of a pair of work shoes which did not flex in the metatarsophalangeal area. I decided to give these SOLE Softec Ultra Footbeds a try. I felt some pain relief on the third day. Pains were completely relieved after 3 months of use. I now use these insoles in my work shoes, tennis shoes and running shoes. I do not go out without them even after I have been pain free for almost 2 years. I have 6 pairs of the Softec Ultras. I have been recommending them to my patients.

Brian Grange

The best

I don't usually do reviews but think this is worthwhile. About 6 years ago I suffered Plantar Fasciitis in both feet. This was cured by custom orthotics at a cost of 300. However I have battled this condition and mild knee pain throughout which never went away fully. As the custom orthotics wore out I tried SOLE Softec Ultras. I have worn them without doing the heating process and can say coupled with daily stretching my knees and feet are great. I am running 3/4 times a week and wear military boots for a living. I can only say I wish I had tried them earlier. They take about a week to wear in but after that fantastic. Excellent product and customer support.

rick rogers

run with the best

I have use the softec-ultra for at least 5 years now. I am going to buy 2 more pairs to replace the ones than finally worn out. Thanks to a great product Rick



I got my 1st set about 4 years ago and am on my second deployment with them. I've traded them from boots to shoes and back. Now I'm looking for my 2nd set. I'll never wear anything else.

David H.

No Competition

I have literally been using the same set of these since my unit received a box for testing purposes back in 2001. I have used them everywhere from training exercises, deployments, hiking the Adirondacks, and for everyday use where I am on my feet for at least 12 hours a day. While they are definitely looking rough, they still serve me well. I actually just pulled them out of a set of 5:11 ATACS, and put them in a brand new set of Bates. They have served me through 4 different sets of combat boots, 2 sets of hiking boots, and now I'm on my second set of tactical boots. I'd say that's an excellent value for footbeds that really make a difference. I think it's time to retire this set and order a new pair though.

Jorge Pena

Best Product in the market

I test trialed this product a few years back, and without hesitation can say I would never contemplate switching brands. I am currently on my second deployment with my original pair. First was Iraq, now Afghanistan. The terrain here is absolutely brutal, unforgiving some may say. But SOLE rises to the occasion and simply delivers, always...guaranteed!

Art Bee

The test of time!

Hello. Have had my Footbeds in my work boots for over seven years of everyday use (am a auto mechanic by trade). They still work awesome and are showing very little wear. Just bought a new set only because I bought new boots too. A fantastic product and well worth every penny paid. I would never even consider a different brand for as long I live. THANK YOU !!!!!

Rob Flo


I spend 6-8 hours per day (sometimes 14-16) wearing Danner work boots and walking on a wide variety of terrain. I have used the SOLE insoles for over 2 years and my feet are always comfortable. I have had injuries in the past that led me to buy these insoles and now I recommend them to everyone I know that complains about their feet pain. I love the SOLE insoles. For the price compared to custom made orthotics you can't go wrong.

sarah meixell

Help for arthritis

My rheumatologist told me to try SOLE inserts instead of custom orthotics, saying they were just as good and much less expensive. WOW!!! Just finished hiking Katahdin in Maine, 10 miles round trip and lots of up, my feet felt great, unusual for me. Thank you so much for creating a product that can help those of us with arthritis to be and stay active.

Virginia Rainville

Virginia from Princeton, Mass.

I have plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, and severe pronation in both feet. I began walking daily this past January and am walking up to 7 miles per day. this is possible because I am wearing great Brooks Running shoes, Control style, and very importantly...I always have my Sole Softec Ultra footbeds in every pair of shoes I own. They are wonderful. They are the thickest footbed Sole makes. They provide lots of cushioning and control, to keep my heel positioned right where it should be. I love them. I highly recommend them to anyone with similar foot problems. If it wasn't for the combo of great sneakers and great footbeds, I would not be able to walk as much as I am. Thank you Sole for a great product!

Christopher Lundquist

Great Product

I have had my Softec Ultra's for about 2 years now, and they have had a dramatic impact on my feet. I was told by my chiropractor that I was flat footed, which I never thought about before, and also effected the pain level of my sciatica problem, but after getting these new soles and doing a couple of sessions with the chiropractor he helped me to be able to walk aging with minimal pain.

Greig Taylor

Comfort Guaranteed

As a member of the armed forces we are on our feet a lot, both in boots and trainers. I had an issue with the old issued boots and got Altberg peacekeeper aqua's instead. Trying on these new boots they were SO comfortable yet supportive, however when adding these insole's, if i was blindfolded i would have said i had another pair of boots that were so much more comfortable than the Atlbergs. I now even stand (being flat footed) with a better pronation. I cannot recommend these insoles enough. They are the Dogs...

Tambra Crecelius


My back and feet were killing me.i work ten hour factory shifts on concrete floors night after brother turned me on to your insoles after trying countless others.thank you for this awesome back and feet no longer hurt me.

Cheryl Blaquiere

Very Comfortable

I have been wearing the Sole insoles for about a year now with no issues whatsoever and find them very comfortable for my needs and daily activities. They were recommended to me by my podiatrist after discovering I have Mortons neuroma in the left foot and plantar facisatis in both feet.

Jack Ross


Very happy I found this product! I've tried virtually every insole under the sun for my high arched and painful feet for around 5 years - NHS orthotics I've been made from several podiatrists have always been too hard, other off the shelf insoles I've had good cushioning but not enough support. After some extensive searching I bought some Softec Ultras and the Thin Sport insoles as they seemed to offer good custom support. I've been wearing them now for a few weeks and think I've finally found the insole I have been looking for. They offer great support but also have the right amount of flexibility so my feet don't feel like they are walking on rocks. I had to trim them down a bit at the front to fit in my shoes but now they fit amazingly. For the Ultra I need to take the factory insoles out, but in some shoes the thin sport fits well with the original insole still in. Offering different levels of thickness is a brilliant idea by sole so I can wear them in all different types of shoes. I just wore them as they came - I didn't bother with the heat moulding as they already seemed to be a good fit. The Ultra is almost perfect but one thing I think that could improve the insole is if they used a cushioning similar to the 'Lunarlon' memory foam cushioning material that I have in some of my Nike shoes - the best cushioning I've found. Hopefully day they will look into that! I would highly recommend Sole insoles to anyone, as they really are the most comfortable insoles I've used. Just before I got them was planning to go to a private podiatrist to see if I get some custom orthotics with good cushioning made - at the cost of 300+. Safe to say I am very glad I have found these as not only are they cheaper but I don't think the podiatirst would have come up with anything as good as them.

Chris Summers

Softec Ultra

I have had a pair for two years. To this day there is no sign of ware. They are truly amazing. I am an athletic trainer and Sole is my go to foot bed for all my athletes.

Dan S.

No More Shin Splints

I'm a football referee and I used to get terrible shin splints. During a game one of the athletic trainers could see that I was hobbling a bit and was in pain so he asked what the problem was, after explaining how I get very painful shin splints he told me about Sole inserts. I got my first pair 2 years ago, which I still use to this day, and haven't had even a hint of shin splints since. My Soles have also dramatically improved my lower back pain. I can't rave enough about Soles. I love them and will NEVER be without them again. Thank you Soles!

Tim Houseknecht

better than custom

I've had two pairs for well over a year and they are still like new. They are forgiving but still very sturdy. Tired of moving them from shoe to boot and so forth, so I'm buying another pair or 2. I had prescription insoles made through my foot doctor for a tough case of plantar fasciitis, and these are much more comfortable and effective in my opinion.


Best Insole Ever

I bought a pair of these 5 years ago while in the Marine Corps, they went through my last two deployments, and even now I where a uniform in the private sector, the same pair go in any boot or shoe I put on regardless of what I am doing. I initially thought the price was high, but now 5 years later and the same pair are in the boots I am wearing right now, these are the most comfortable, functional, and durable insole's available, hands down.


Do your feet a favor

I've used these in my combat boots for the past 3 years. When on my feet for extended periods of time while wearing body armor I can feel the pressure on the soles of my feet. This product completly mitigates that.

Tevita Taufa

The Best

This is the best sole I ever used while I'm in the Army. It worked perfectly and comfortly inside your running shoes and combat boots. I utilized in all my deployments and save a lots of yrs on my knees and backs and trust me with all the loads you carried, it will bring relieve to the pain on your soul..lols and I recommended to all the Soldiers and Warriors downrange..

Curtis Rosing

go to

I bought a pair of these from a running store a couple of years ago. I put them in a pair of my post office aproved shoes. I have four different shoes I wear for work all with factory insoles or after market insoles. My favorite pair of shoes hands down is the pair with these Sole Ultra Inserts. Take it from a mail man that walks twelve miles a day and was a foot soldier for seven years, I have tried almost everything when it come to footwear. This is the best insole I have tried so far...

Wayne Herd

Best so far

While the Sole Ultra has helped my sore feet alot it has not solved all my problems 100%. I work in a warhouse on a cement floor all day and I'm still looking for that product out there that fixes my soreness 100%. This product is the best thing I have found so far, but it has not been the entire answer for me. I don't know where else to go or what else to do. Foot Doctor was recommended to me, so I checked them out, but I can't afford to put out 800 dollars for what they want to give me, so I guess I will keep these for now as they have done better than anything else I have tried.

Sandi Sunde

I love the support!!

I have pttd (posterior tibal tendon dysfunction. My doctor told me to try these in my shoes. They are wonderful and really give me the support I need. I am so thankful for this product and recommend it to anyone and everyone...Excellent product will use this for along time coming.. Thanks

Keith Fitzsimmons

Best Insoles ever

Hi I had a mid foot fusion some 10 months ago, and as a Physiotherapist who knows which insoles should work and not only help my problem but other patients problems, I was blown away at how much pain relief and support the sole insoles have given me. I can now walk 4 miles in minimal pain after only 6 weeks of using them in my neutral trainers. I have now started issuing them at our military base for service personnel and every user had come back and made exactly the same positive remarks. I would highly recommend these insoles to anyone.

Don Wagner

The Best

I am a 35+ old military officer who spends most of his waking hours either boots or running shoes. I bought two pairs of these 5 1/2 years ago right after I joined the military. I have since logged more miles road marching and running in both pairs than I can even recall. Well, I recently bought a pair of boots and after getting awful blisters walking with the factory soles I was desperate. I was also just a few days from attempting a 26.2 mile race through the desert with a 40-lb pack. So I took out my 5 1/2 year old SOLE insoles and threw them in my boots. Why? Because I suspected they would still be up to the challenge ... which they were. I finished the race in just over six hours, finished in the top 20 overall in my division, and had but a few minors blisters. I will never put any other sole in my boots or running shoes.

Mark Loydall

Good Stuff

I have been using Your Sole products for about 2 years now. The insoles are at least as good as the ones I had custom made when I was first diagnosed with plantar fasciatus and gait issues. The ultra softec footbeds are great to run in and when you have finished the flip flops are great to relax in. In fact it is great that I can now wear flip flops and not end up crippled by pain as ordinary ones seem to do to me after only short period of wear. I have now bought my first pair of sports socks to see if they are as good as the other products.

Chris Bowie

In short, I LOVE 'em!

I don't often bother to give feedback on many products but I felt it was necessary at this time. I purchased your Ultra Softec Footbeds about 3 weeks ago and I am nothing but impressed. I've now used them in my Dakota work boots for 180+ hours, in -30 to +5 outside weather and I am just blown away at how comfortable I've been. My foot fatigue has all but DISAPPEARED! I don't "crackle" when I walk across a room anymore & taking off my boots at the end of the day is more like taking off a sneaker than a ski boot. I swear, my feet have been warmer as well. In short, I LOVE 'em! I wish that I'd had them for all of my 25 years in work boots.

Harold Pydo

Best relief available

I've read the other reviews and agree. there isn't anything better. I 'had' plantar faciatis. I had a knee replaced. I had a lot of foot pain. I got 3 pair of these and put them in my shoes. Switched them for whatever insoles come with the shoes, and there's always a noticeable improvement. The insoles that come with most any shoe you buy is the cheapest part of the shoe, yet is what you need for good support. Go figure. These are great and will be the only insoles I use...

Marian Morrissette

5 years + and still working.

I bought these inserts because I was diagnosed with plantar faciitis. It was very painful and the doctor recommended these. I molded them to my feet and immediately felt relief. I have had the same pair for the last five years and they are still working. I put them in whatever shoes or sneakers that I am wearing after removing the inserts that come with the shoes. I am on my feet all day working and walking back and forth on cement floors. These inserts saved me from constant pain. The top layer is finally wearing thin after all these years so I am going to get another pair. I highly reccommend them to everyone with foot or knee pain.

Andreas Holzberger

"acclimated to the sole"

A year ago I had severe knee pains along with discomfort in my lower back. The job I worked for at the time required me to be on my feet a lot. So eventually I visited an Orthopedic Specialist for physical therapy and the Specialist recommended these insoles for both work and leisure. Since then the pain has gotten a lot less severe, I’m also not standing as much at work anymore. The arch and heel of my feet have acclimated to the sole. So overall I’m impressed, I think anyone who might be experiencing any sort of back, knee or feet pain should give them a try.

Edmond Chhung

VERY GOOD but . . .

I bought these because I felt I needed more support in my shoes for playing badminton. Since badminton is very intense on the knees and ankles, when you play at a high standard. Before I used these insoles I used to get knee pain every so often , but now since i got them, I haven't had it since. SO THEY WORK IN MY OPINION!! I do have a few small problems with them though They are quite thick, it may not sound like a lot on the page but trust me they will make a normal shoe tight to wear for a while untill the shoes break out a bit (especially badminton shoes). Also it may not be a problem for most people but in badminton these will only last as long as your shoes really i have burned through the cushioning down to the plastic on some parts. Lastly they weigh quite a bit for an insole, i measured them and one is 80grams, a normal insole is roughly half that. BUT. . . these problems are minor compared to what they give you in return (no pain). I will be trying the sole response next time.

Bruce Persiano


Been to the foot doctors and had special orthotics made and they did not help me at all. I purchased these sole products and they are superior. It has helped me tremendously and I will be and on going customer. I just purchased a pair of the slide sandals.

Marv Caldwell

Thank you

I suffered with plantar fasciitis for over two years, very miserable, I am a nurse and of course on my feet for hours. Finally the third Podiatrist I went to said to buy a shoe that bends only at the ball of the foot, and buy Sole inserts. The relief was immediate and I have been comfortable for over two yrs. now. I can tell when I need to reheat and mold, or new ones or new shoes. For the relief I got and the price, very thankful, worth every penny for sure!!!

karen wernert

I love them but...

I love these, but they don't fit in all the shoes they suggest. I find that in some shoes my foot sits too high and my heel rubs in and out of the back of the shoe. I do take out the stock insole and that doesn't seem to help. I do LOVE how my feet feel when they do fit properly in some of my shoes, so I am buying the thin sport ones today in hopes they fit my running and walking shoes a bit better. I have also done the "orthotics" thing from the doctors and while they keep your feet in the correct position, these do not solve the cushion problem that I think most of us have. These do both!

Royce Ingram

Red Wing re-badge

Wow. The regular insoles are pretty good to begin with, but these things are worth every penny of the fifty bucks I spent on them. I assume Red Wing charges another 5 bucks just to put their name on them, but I don't care. It's hard to go wrong here.

D Drury

Best Insoles

I have had this insert for years, with this insert I'v had no problems with my feet or knees running at all. It is the best, ya gotta try it! Diane in Avondale, AZ

Garvey Allisen

Plantar Fasciitis

I have never had foot problems my entire life; but recently have been diagnosed with the very painful Plantar Fasciitis. My Physio recommended custom footbeds; but I tried Soles first to see if they would help. All of my symptoms are gone in less that 3 weeks of wearing Soles. I have just ordered 5 more pairs for all of my shoes and a pair of flip flops - I dont want that pain again.

Steve adams

Urban streets, high altitude mountains or desert terrain, you can't go wrong!

I've owned 4 pair of your insoles and have used them in every conceivable environment to include the craziness you find in combat zones. They really do breathe new life into new and old footwear. Why pay big money for new shoes or boots when you can spend one quarter to one half the amount and renew your footwear to practically brand new status? SOLE insoles had me at hello....

Priscilla Herdman

Happy feet, back & knees!

I have wide feet with high arches and insteps and I have always had trouble with shoes fitting properly. I've had long time lower back pain and a bad knee that's recently made my hip joint act up. My sister was visiting (see Susan from Santa Fe review below) and showed me her ultra insoles and raved about them. I ordered a pair which arrived last week and I'm completely sold on them! I've just returned to your web site and ordered two more pairs for myself and one for my husband to try. After one week of wearing your ultra softec insoles my stiff knee is much better, my back ache is nearly gone and I noticed yesterday that my hip doesn't hurt any more! Thank you for a great product!

Susan Herdman


My physical therapist recommended these Sole footbeds while treating me for arthritis in my knees. He noted that I have high arches, and felt that these inserts might help with my foot pain as well as my knee pain. I was very skeptical as I had been fitted for custom orthotics by a podiatrist several years ago, and those inserts only added pain to the balls of my feet, for a cost of $300! But I tried these Sole inserts anyway. Unbelievable! The relief was so immediate, and has continued on. We just took a three week trip, and spent much time walking in New York City. Unforgiving pavement no problem. I am recommending Sole footbeds to my two children who are runners and to my sister who also has foot and knee pain. Very grateful, Sue from Santa Fe


Best I've Found

I have had a pair of these for my hiking boots for quite a while. They eventually wore out so I decided to get new insoles. I have very low arches and my feet get sore easily. Well, I tried out some of those Superfeet deals and they didn't even come close to these heat form ones. These insoles doubled the mileage I am capable of in a day. Just ordered my second pair.

S. Shelly

Simply amazing!!!

I am a mail man who walks 5 to 8 miles a day. I recently bought these because I had heard so many good things from my brother about this product. I was skeptical at first, factoring how much wear and tear I put on my feet daily. But let me tell you, I am amazed how much better I feel through the coarse of the day, DAY ONE of placing these into my shoes. I will tell everyone I work with to purchase these!

Rich Guerra

Na I can't believe it

I work in a busy Emergency room, these inserts have eliminated back pain and foot pain. I am a big man, without pain..thank you very much

miroslav vytiska

Sole footbeds

my fisrt Sole footbeds is approx. 3years old, since that time I put Sole footbeds in every boot for my sports activies- alpineturing, mountain runnig. I especially apreciated them in hard plastic boot, last 3 years I dont feel the pain sole even after 8-12 hour of skiing and climbing, I'm very satisfied and recomend Sole for my friends in our community.

Ron Califf

Best Footbed on the Market!!

I am a Retired US Army veteran and Volunteer Firefighter/EMT-Basic and I suffered with Plantar Fasciitis for many years. I purchased a set of Spenco moldable insoles and they didn't work for beans!! While on a shopping trip to Mt. Home AFB I found these SOLE footbeds, I took them home popped them in the oven and fitted them for my feet. I am now pain free. Just like "American Express" I don't leave home without them!! These are The Best Footbeds on the Market!!

Hugh Thomas

Fallen arches from combat boots

After spending 10 years in the Marine Corps and wearing countless pairs of combat boots with no arch support, I could kick myself for not getting some proper supports years earlier... but in my last year or two in the service they did give me solid plastic supports. Once I got out, my brother introduced me to SOLE. They felt really good the first few minutes, and then they still felt good after several hours. I was blown away. I went on to work a job where I would regularly spend 10-12 hours a day on my feet climbing ladders, etc... and SOLE's went with me every step of the way. I never would have survived that job without them. Now I have a pair of these footbeds in every pair of shoes I own. They last longer than the shoe does, and my feet last longer than I could have ever imagined. Thanks guys. Keep it up.

Jason Kirby

Love Um

I work on concrete 10 hours a day and me feet hurt so bad I would just about cry when I would get home. I went and bought some Redwing boots and bought the sole insoles and my feet dont hurt at all anymore. I have bought 5 pair for all my shoes. These things are worth every penny!

Joel McKenzie

Totally sold on SOLE!

My wife and I have jobs that keep us on our feet through most of our work day. We both invest in high quality shoes to make sure our feet don't suffer. Both of us have purchased 2 pair of shoes for work over the past 3 years and all of those shoes immediately have the standard footbeds replaced with the SOLE Ultra footbeds. There are no words to decribe the comfort provided by the SOLE Ultra. Thank you for the comfort and durability of this outstanding product.

Cheryl Howell

Couldn't live without them!

I have been using SOLES ULTRA for several years. They are awesome! I had bouts of plantar fasciitis for years. I tried two different custom orthodics- nothing helped. Since I am a tall gal (6'3") with long feet (13 women's/12.5 mens) I was finding it a challenge to find narrow supportive athletic shoes. Then I was introduced to SOLES several years ago when a friend suggested that I try wearing a supportive men's running shoe for everyday use as well as hiking. The people at Portland Running Company in Beaverton, Oregon suggested using SOLES. Since them, my feet have been feeling great! I don't even mold them with heat. I slip them in my shoe and away I go! They have not only saved my feet on a daily basis at home,SOLES have carried me MANY miles on jaunts through Europe.

Judy Shafer

Better than Custom Orthodics

I have had several pairs of custom orthodics that run more than $400 a pair. But I keep reaching for the Soles I bought here. I even took the Soles to the Doctor to see if they could make the arch in their orthodics like the Soles. No luck. The Soles still felt better than the expensive custom ones. The deep heel cup keeps my ankle more stable than anything I have ever tried. I'm buying another pair. No more custom orthodics for me.

Oliver Barnyak


The best pieces of gear I own. They kept my feet happy walking 12-20 miles a night in Iraq. The boots were trashed when I got back but the Soles still had their shape. I own three pairs now and I'm going to order three more.

Randall Sparks

Army boots and plantar fasciitis

I have plantar fasciitis. I require custom orthotics, but insurance companies suck swampwater. My custom orthotics fell apart so I tried the Sole brand insoles after finding them in the PX. These things fit like a glove, hold arches where they need to be and all my foot pain has gone. I have about 6 pairs of these things and I'm sold on sole.


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