Game Changer!

Wow! The good people at REI recommended Sole, and I am so glad I listened. I struggle with metatarsalgia and the occasional plantar fasciitis, and I recently learned that I have a freakishly long arch length. The heat-and-shape nature of these is the perfect solution. The Met Pad is way beyond anything I've tried before. Putting my boots on has become a joy, and the joy lasts until I take them off. Get some!

life saver

Been using SOLE for many years but recently had a need for met support. This model helped tremendously!

proven quality

I'm a UPS driver, on my feet, lowering and lifting and on my feet all day. I've been using SOLE inserts for about 10 years. I'm a firm believer of proper footwear. With footwear industry standards being substandard I realize the need for a substantial "Insert". By using SOLE inserts in my shoes; I create a stronger-firmer-more ergonomic platform, for my body to be making contact with the surface I'm walking on. SOLE inserts reduces fatigue of the legs. Helps to keep proper body alignment, therefore reducing stress of lower back muscles. "TO ALL WITH FEET ON THE GROUND;USE "SOLE" INSERTS FOR EVERY STEP YOU TAKE" ,

Can't live without them

I have really high arches and having to wear steel toe work boots for 10 hours a day is excruciating. I've been using SOLE insoles for years now and I can't imagine wearing my boots without them. I recently tried the Met Pad version and it helps with the pain I would occasionally get in the outside area of my foot right below the toes. These insoles are thick so make sure there is plenty of room in the toe box if you plan on using them.

Great for sneakers; too thick for Crocs

I am recovering from hip replacement surgery and have learned that I need arch support to correct my leg alignment from "duck-footed" to straight ahead. This Active Thick SOLE with Met Pad is perfect support for my daily walks when placed inside my sneakers. I first tried them inside my Crocs, my "inside shoes," and this was painful, as the Crocs have surprisingly little give. So now I know I need a Medium thickness with Met Pad for Crocs, Thick with Met Pad for sneakers. I don't know how I managed without this support for so long! Thank you, SOLE.

Supports Entire Running Frame

This is my second pair, two pair of shoes. After trying the 1st pair I found that I no longer needed my sorbothane heal pads. For those who don't know what they are, they came to market over 40 years ago. They absorb sock in a great way, used to protect the body from they wear of various prosthesis and ballistic vests. I have used them for over 40 years with no running injuries. SOLE replaced them without any issues. The SOLE Active with Med Pad keeps my ankles, legs, and hips in alignment. My quicker recovery from runs can be attributed to their use. Try them

What I think

I wasn't sure at first but after the first day I was convinced. I think their great.

Great for Hiking Boots

I've used SOLE products for years and have been satisfied with them all, but these are the best yet. The thickness is good for high volume boots and the met pad adds little welcome cushioning. I have a variety of knee issues, and these insoles eliminate a lot of the problems. Highly recommend them!

Great support!

Highly recommended!! Fits great in my Hokas, true to size, amazing support for walking or long periods of standing. May be too bulky for low profile running shoe.

Pain relief!

After some research and the purchase of many other brands of insoles, I have finally found the perfect one for my feet. I had significant relief from my planter fasciitis within a couple of days. I purchased my second pair just 2 weeks later. SOLE will be my go to brand of insoles.


One of the best insoles. Very comfortable

They beat custom inserts

I have been wearing SOLE inserts for 3 years now. I am very flat footed and have tried many different kinds of custom inserts, never getting the relief I have found using SOLE. I am on my feet many hours of the day, on a cement floor and uneven grounds. My feet are much happier using SOLE than my custom inserts. This time I tried the Met Pad and it is even better! I bought 2 more right away. If you haven't tried SOLE inserts yet, you should definitely give them a try. You won't regret it.

Instantly comfortable

The ball of my foot always gives me a great deal of pain. I immediately felt these helped the issue, and now that I've worn them for hundreds of hours on the job, I am going to buy them for life. My big toe was sore for a bit, as it's adjusting to proper alignment. This is easily fixed by doing toe crunches, such as picking up foam and placing it in a bowl with your toe.


I have used SOLE for years and they are well made, and prevent orthotic problems. I originally started using them when I had Plantar Fasciitis, and it disappeared a couple months after using these.

Foot pain

I been using SOLE inserts for two years now. I'm always on my feet at work either walking or standing around. They are comfortable and have last a long time.


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