Great Insoles

I have been using this type of insole for approx. 2 years. After I purchased a pair I compared them to my $500 orthotics. They were almost identical. The instep was the same height and the heel cup was just a little shallower. My feet are pronated really bad. Had ankle fusion 8 months ago and have since bought a few more pairs and have them all my shoes. IMO these are just as good as the expensive ones if not better. I find them very comfortable for my situation. They my not have cured my condition but they have made it very bearable. GREAT INSOLES

Must buy!

These fit amazingly. I struggle with planters fasciitis and am on my feet for 12 hrs a day while working as a nurse. Must buy!!! Will def be getting more!!

Great for hiking boots

I purchased the wide width insoles for my hiking boots. They fit the boots great - can't wait to head out to the mountains with them in the spring. If they work half as well as the thin insoles in my ski boots, they will be well worth it.

Sole Survivor

A little extra support for 8hrs on my feet!

They helped!

I am a supinator and running and walking has become painful due to improper alignment. I wear wide toe shoes and have even tried custom orthotics. I have been wearing these for 30 days (and stretching somewhat more) and it is making a significant difference. I am buying a second pair for my second pair of running shoes.

Best insoles

I work long hours and stand on concrete floors. I have tried multiple insoles over the last 10 years for plantar relief, these are the best insoles that provide relief. I have bought multiple units and will be a regular user.

older runner

excellent product. with 49 years of running experience sole is keeping me running!

Excellent product

I have high arches and slight pronation. These soles fit beautifully in my running shoes and prevent discomfort and possible injury. I especially love how they can be molded to fit the specific shape of my feet. An excellent product!

Insole review

I had went to my foot doctor for a yearly checkup and had talked about the fatigue and pain of being on my feet all day and climbing ladders at work. My doctor recommended I check out the SOLE site and recommended the insole I should look at. I went on the site and ordered a couple of pair of insoles. Since wearing them for a couple of months my feet and legs are feeling much better. I could not believe the difference! I am very happy with the product and the difference it has made in my life.

Comfortable/Supportive Insole

I was having problems with my Achilles Tendon and decided to try these insoles. I wear Altra Zero Drop Wide Toe shoes and tried to find a wide insert. These have been great so far. I'll be backpacking appx 25 miles in late Oct. so I'll see how they feel on trail. The fit is great, price was fair, very comfortable, and so far no breakdown in the materials. Fit perfectly in my shoe and the volume didn't make the shoe too tight. I've been wearing them for about 1 month and plan to get a few more so I don't have to move them from shoe to shoe.

SOLE Active Wide Medium for knee pain

First of all i would like to say SOLE products are the best in class. I had a knee pain as my work requires standing for a long period of time. That's why i bought SOLE footbeds and after wearing for over 2 months I can say that it works for me. Never felt that pain in my knee again plus these are comfortable. So i am happy with my purchase.

Excellent Quality

I started using this companies inserts 4-5 years back while in the Royal Canadian Navy. My foot pain brought on by poor arch and heal support while wearing sea boots and combat boots transversing steal decks, hard cement and pavement during my daily work routine. The pain became severe. I was eventually issued a set of SOLE inserts. The inserts definitely increased my quality of life. I eventually equipped all my footwear, civilian and military, with this companies inserts. The quality of the inserts are superb with excellent arch support and heal support with the cupping action at the heal. I swear by this company. Now that's myself. My wife has been suffering from foot pain as well for years, and kept buying cheap inserts. I ordered her a set of these inserts, we moulded them to her feet. She tells me that they have made a massive difference due to the support provided. They are expensive, but you get what you pay for. they do last quite a long time. Ive sanitized them and they come out nice and clean.

Perfect Fit Instantly

I am a fan of SOLE orthotics and wanted my 30 year old daughter to try them. She is a personal trainer and on her feet all day. Her shoe size is a 6 wide, and I was doubtful any orthotic would fit that wasn't fully custom. SOLE surpassed our expectations! SOLE orthotics slipped right in her shoes and provided immediate comfort. Thank you, SOLE!

product review

The SOLE inserts have worked very well to help me recover from plantar faciitis. They were easy to trim, fit and insert. I have them in several pairs of different shoes.

Worth the money

These inserts where a replacement for a pair of SOLE inserts I bought 8 years ago. The new pair, fit even better and I where them to work every day. I've spent lots of money on custom inserts. Then only to have them last one year. I will only use SOLE inserts from now on!

Great insoles

My son has really wide big feet and these fit him well, are durable and have improved the comfort of his shoes. Happy with this product!

Best insoles

I was using these insoles when they were suggested by a trainer. I then switched to a company that made a lot of promise's. I had to switch back because the other product could not help with my planter fascitis and they were inferior in quality. I will not be switching ever again. These are the best fitting and lasting insoles that I have ever used.

Zero Drop - SOLE Gets it Right

SOLE inserts were recommended by my orthopedist for flat feet. I bought these to fit Altra running shoes which are zero drop. I had tried other inserts but found out they were not zero drop and the increased heel height caused pain. No insert should add heel height. The Active Wide Medium fits well in the toe box. Since I wear a half size, I ordered the larger size footbed and trimmed it. Love my shoes with SOLE footbeds!

Best thing happening to my feet!!!!

These soles have made a 100 % difference in my feet. I can be on my feet 10x longer than I could before with no foot pain!! They are phenomenal!!!


Finally a company that gets it right. To extend the longevity of my running shoes I install aftermarket footbeds after the initial 150 miles. I run in zero drop shoes (brand name and style withheld as to not create a biased opinion, but it rhymes with smultra pescolante). For years I put up with fitting normal footbeds into wide shoes, it works - poorly. Then, VOILA! someone took the initiative to create something for the weirdos who run in slippers. If you aren't familiar with running in zero drop, wide shoes - you're missing the boat. The SOLE footbeds make running that much more enjoyable. Everything works cohesively and performs to a standard that I never could have imagined. I'm a recreational runner, maybe 50+ miles a week, with a yearly marathon or two. Not setting any records, just working toward breaking the 3.5 hour mark for 26.2. All the aforementioned works for me and my style of running, your results may vary. Bottom line, Thank you for the WIDE footbeds!

Won't run without them

Love my SOLES. I now have them in all of my running shoes, both road and trail. Have helped keep me injury free and they seem to last forever.

Great support

My Dr recommend SOLE for my plantar fasciitis! It is truly a godsend. I never knew the inserts and flip flops I have been wearing in the past had such little support.

Altra fit SOLEs!

I was working at the Kahtoola booth for a running expo, spending the entire day on my feet jumping on ice. I was wearing Altra Olympus shoes and SOLE insoles (which are usually fine for running but apparently not for the side stepping and jumping I was doing). After that first day, I was getting blisters on my big toes from the edge of my insole rubbing on my toes inside the wide Altra toe box. The next day, I heard that SOLE had started making wider footbeds for Altra shoes. I was able to get my hands on a pair and wore them the next two days of the show (and ever since). My toes felt immediately better AND the great arch support and comfort of SOLE was still there. SOLE saved my toes and I was stoked to have one of the first pairs of Altra fit SOLEs!! I LOVE them, my feet LOVE them!! Thank you!!!


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