Willie D Wright Jr

Best yet

I love the Active Wide Thick SOLE footbed. It comfortably fits my whole foot. I live with your products daily and over the past 10 or more years they are with me always. I keep a pair in each shoe I own and they work great in my dress shoes. They also work well in my jogging shoes (and all-in-between). I use to live with constant foot pain and worked with a few doctors and tried a number of products that I paid 10 times as much and more for. Then I tried your product and with the heat and custom fit feature I have never felt better. Thanks and have a great day.


Great product

Great arch support. They mold to my feet. A shoe salesperson measured my feet and told me I had size 12 foot and size 13 arch so I ordered 13 SOLE and they are great. I trimmed a little off the toe end so they would fit in my shoes. I have a spur on one heel. The cushioning helps with that. I have tried some insoles that have more cushion but I don't use them because they make me feel like I am going to tip over sideways.

Lisbeth Edwards


I bought these for my husband who is a commercial dungeness crab fisher. He is on his feet all day. Says these are great. He was always sore and the end of the day. He has been wearing them for a couple of months and they fit perfectly into his boots. He is very happy with the product and I am going to buy more for him and myself.

Patricia Lopez


After my knees and lower back hurt for weeks.I had tried to just buy new shoes and the uncomfortable pain was a little better but not gone. I finely bought a pair of SOLE inserts and my pain subsided and was gone. I will always buy the SOLE inserts from now on.

Ronald Adam

Fantastic Soles

I am a bit old and overweight with flat feet and worn out knees, but I love to hike! Where I live there are many trails in the mountains and rough Andalusian country side. There's a lot of up-and-down, steep paths. I recently switched over to Altea Lone Pine 4.0 trail shoes and paired them with SOLE Wide Thick foot beds. My first hike was a tough route of 17 miles with 3,700 accumulated elevation ascent and descent. I packed along my well-used Brooks Cascadia with traditional fit SOLE Thick footbeds just in case. But no problems and many hikes later I'm so pleased I have already bought a second pair of the SOLE/Altra combination! My feet and my knees are responding well, both for long hikes and on steep descents. I fully recommend SOLE footbeds!

Kurtis Kuhn

Very comfortable

These help a lot with standing on your feet all day on hard concrete. I am an ER nurse and put in thousands of steps a day and they make the day a lot easier on the feet.

Mark Valois

Outstanding inserts for your boots.

I work in home renovations and on my feet all day. By the end of the day my feet and knees would be aching. Using the SOLE inserts in my boots make them incredibly comfortable. They last a long time, fit great making my boots feel like a running shoe on my foot. I've tried other insoles but these are by far the best ones in my opinion. I've been wearing these now for about a year and half and will not go back to any other brand. I do not have sore feet or knees any longer. Highly recommend SOLE!

David R Head

Tough, Durable, Comfortable

I have been wearing these insoles for almost a year at work. I work on my (flat) feet for 9 hours a day, 5 days a week, often while carrying or moving heavy food containers. I love these insoles: I love the fit, love the support, and these are the only insoles that don't hurt my heels by cupping them either too loosely OR too tightly. If the quality doesn't change with these I am confident I will continue to use them as long as I work.

Aaron Leyton

Only way to be comfortable

Bar manager running around 8+ hours a day. The only reason I can is because of these insoles. Saved my feet about 10 years ago and still going strong thank you....

Duncan Browne

Excellent footbeds

Having used one pair of SOLEs for over a year I am convinced they have helped keep me injury free (qualified for Boston). Now have them in all of my road and trail running shoes.


Best insoles for flat feet or fallen arch

These are the best insoles if you have flat feet or fallen arch support. I have tried many brands but only these gave me relief from my pain. I have three sets of insoles and flipflops too.

Earnel Kehler


After having pain in my feet from walking, these have given me comfort and relief

Tony Luciani

Fitting Wide Toe Boxes

Needing a wide toe-box shoe for hiking 1000 km on the Camino Santiago in Spain, I couldn't afford custom orthotics, so I searched for the best alternative insole out there. I settled on the heat-moldable SOLE Active Wide Thick and was so wonderfully satisfied that I bought a 2nd pair for training for the long walk. Foot fatigue went away and the extra cushioning helped the trail runners. I had plunge through gravel paths and carry me over long stretches of hot, hard asphalt. My knees were happy again. If you have any of the Altra brand or other wide toe-box shoes, please consider SOLE Active Wide for your next adventure, or even for your workplace. I tried so many other brands without success. Mold these to your own feet. You won't regret it. I don't.



At last an insole for wide 4E feet. Makes your shoes work so much better. Unifies the foot/shoe in a very effective way. No slipping off the side of the insole.


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