No pain on Monday’s!

I ruined my arches by wearing cheap flips as a kid thru my twenties. That took a toll and required me to get orthotic inserts for my shoes. On the weekend, I looked forward to wearing flips but always paid the price on Monday with really sore feet. SOLE orthotics have been a gem and I was so pleased to have the same comfort and support from their flips. I love wearing these! No pain on Monday!

Baja Flip Flops

I'd owned a pair of SOLE flip flops for many years and eventually they broke, had them repaired at a shoemaker and got another year out of them till they broke again. I bought flip flops on line after not finding them in stores (with it being fall) I am very happy with them, and expect them to last as long as the other ones

Best for Comfort and Durability

My husband happily replaced his favorite Rainbows with these, which is saying something since he wore those every single day here in California. These are better! He wore them all Summer and said it was very comfortable with the squishy top and flexible sole. He's a strong guy who wears holes through his trainers (replaces his running shoes every season), but these SOLE flip flops held up so great that they seems like they'll last forever. Bought a second pair!

My favorite shoe

I was at a bicycle race in Big Bear CA several years ago. I needed a pair of flip flops and saw a retailer selling SOLE flip flops. I thought they were fairly expensive compared to what I have paid in the past. I tried them on and decided to make the purchase. They were so comfortable I decided to challenge myself. How long can I wear them day after day. I wore them to work, weekends for three months. Unbelievably comfortable. I bought a second pair. My first pair is tan and do have a different foot pad then the second pair. My favourite is the tan pair I am finding them harder to find. None the less, I am sold on SOLE flips flops.

Premium Flip Flop

My wife and I live in flip flops most of the year. We have tried every type of flip flop known, and none compare to SOLE. I am pretty hard on my flip flops and the majority of the competition end up falling apart. A number of years ago, I begin getting a numbness in my legs. After a visit to my doctor, he told me it was my flip flops causing the problem, and he was actually the one who recommended to give SOLE a try because of their superior support. Within a couple of weeks the numb legs were gone and never been back sense. I highly recommend SOLE, not only for proper support and comfort, but they are made to last.


On a scale of 1-freedom these flops keep your toes more free then you'd ever think.

So much comfort

They really help me with the pain that I was feeling in the middle of my foot. They give me so much support that I what to wear them all day. I highly recommand them!

Excellent casual sandal

I can't believe the quality of the Baja Flip. I have been wearing the pair I bought almost constantly for the past month. They are comfortable and durable. I would really recommend them.

So mush confort

They really help me with the pain that I was feeling in the middle of my foot. They give me so much support that I what to wear them all day. I highly recommand them!

Love these sandals

I have a high arch and walking barefoot tends to aggravate pain in the arch area and my achilles. Wearing these flip flops prevents that pain and they are very comfortable. I have had my Baja sandals for about a month now and am very satisfied. Great sandals to wear everyday!

Worth every penny

I wear flip flops constantly in the summer but have never spent a ton of $$ on them before. My feet feel supported in these sandals like they never have before...and they’re so versatile!

Great Sandals

These are the second pair of Baja Flips that I have purchased for my husband, who basically lives in sandals most of the summer. The sandals are comfortable, sturdy, and hold up great, even with daily wear.

Feet Floating

My new SOLE Baja sandals are great. I use them only inside and my feet feel like their floating on air. They are really comfortable and at the end of the day my feet no longer ache!


My husband is not usually a flip flop wearer but he loves these and will hardly wear anything else. Depending on the shoe he will wear either a size 10 or 11. We originally ordered a 10 1/2 but had to get the 11 so if you're between sizes maybe go for the larger.

Looking forward to summer

Have never liked normal flips because they have no heel lift but these Bajas take care of that with a raised and molded heel, great arch support along with comfort cushioning. These flips will be my footwear for windsurfing, kayaking and stand up paddling!

Sandal Review

Love these sandals with ALL outfits. Plus I can walk with them for miles!!! Thanks you very much!

THE best flip flops

I have issues with my feet due to a genetic disease so it's difficult to find a pair of flips that not only fit my feet but also support them. Living in the desert and being a boater my SOLEs are worn daily and for all day long. I first started wearing them years ago when had flat foot issues and have worn them since. I've tried many other expensive brands but keep coming back to SOLE!

Great active sandal

This is a fantastic sandal. I usually get the Catalina Sport Flip ( I got a size up in the Baja) but wanted something that works in rivers and the beach. This is a must have sandal for being active. Still has great support but just a bit of flex to move around freely. I would highly recommend these for the adventurer that wants the great arch support and comfort SOLE is known for.

Lifesavers, but.......

Bought the Baja Flip a few months ago. Absolutely love what it does. Stopped my plantar fasciitis and calmed those shin splints after a tough day on my feet. A little disappointed that the heel portion of the sole is already starting to wear down since the biomechanics of the sandal are so tough. All in all a good sandal!

Best flip ever!

I've owned several SOLE flips and they are the best flips ever. I am a very active endurance athlete and these are my go to recovery footwear, after race or long training ride. I love how they feel on my feet and can be worn day in and day out without any issues.

Perfect flip flop

Got these for my husband and he loves them. They are comfortable and stylish. I sized up a size and they fit perfect. SOLE knows how to do flip flops.


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