Gregory S Redden

Great Beach Flip Flops

I have wore these flip flops a fair amount. They are comfortable like all of my other SOLE flip flops. They provide support to my feet so they don't get sore. They are quick drying and do not slip when walking on wet surfaces. I would buy again for sure!

Lori Gendron

Best Sandals Ever

My family loves all of our sole products. The SOLE sandals are the most comfortable sandals ever!

Thomas Burchell

Rugged foot wear forThe beach

Beach sandals not the floppy foam ones! SOLE Beach Flip flops are super comfortable and stable on the sand and uneven ground once broken in the foot bed is not slippery in the water and walking distance is easy as they form your foot . I wear them around the yard there light and make your feet feel good

Danny Benitez

Hot weather flip flops

I'm very sad to see these being discontinued. I find myself wearing these all the time especially in the hot/humid Florida weather. They are stylish, resists water, comfortable, light, supportive; basically a well rounded sandal. They're so good, I've had 5 pairs in my rotation. I'm a runner that abuses my legs and feet but I always slip these on to support my feet for the rest of the day/evenings/weekend - I'm always in sandals and these are my favorite. If you can find them; get them, you won't be disappointed.


My new flips

Lightweight, comfortable and stylist. Took a half dozen wears to feel like they had broken in a bit. Fits true to size.

Matthew Stroh


The first time I slipped my feet into a pair of SOLE flips I was Sole'd. I will never wear cheap, flat flips again. The arch support is awesome. I've never worn a more comfortable flip. I wear these around the house like slippers all year.

Brian Conley

Great product

Well a few weeks in, and I can't be happier with the purchase of these flip flops. I had some minor knee issues, and since I have been wearing these I have not felt that pain in my knee when I walk. So far I could not be happier with the SOLE brand, and plan to soon try some insoles. The fit is good, I am usually a size 8.5 went down to an 8 for these, the fit is perfect for the foot.

Martin Beauchamp


Great fit, super comfortable and great value. Can't wait to wear then outside :)

Steven C Melling

My Search is Over!

Finally. A slim designed flip flop, or 'slippa', that is very comfortable, offers support and hugs the foot. I've been wearing flip flops for decades and have become increasingly disappointed with the direction that flip flops were heading. In a quest to make flip flops more comfortable, manufacturers were pumping out flip flops that were either thick cheap foam, or had air soles, that ended up looking like a flip flop/hiking boot hybrid. They end up looking ridiculous and rarely sat square on the foot. I've always preferred a slimmer flip flop and these fit the bill perfectly. They are firm and thin, but with the arch support and contoured foot bed, they are very comfortable. They have become my new go-to flip flops!

Graham Wong

great value and fit

Great value, perfect fit. I can't wait for warmer weather to show off these new sandals!

Todd S McKinnon

Excellent Product

Most "flip flops" provide no arch support. SOLE has the Beach Fip that provides excellent arch support and foot pain relief. These Beach Flips are the perfect product that complements the SOLE shoe inserts that have cured my arch and heel pain!



I was skeptical this will be of any help, i have flat feet, this sandals feel amazing


happy customer

love them. super comfy

Holly Wymore

Great Support

These are great, I own another pair and decided to get them in another color. I love having the build-in arch support in a flip flop.

Shawn ONeal

Nice support

They're comfy and I am very satisfied with the arch support. A good value.

T McKinnon


I wanted a flip to wear as I hate to go barefoot and wanted something cool and comfortable for the summer. The Beach Flip was perfect as it added support to my foot arch and is comfortable too! I have used several of the SOLE shoe inserts which have helped resolve some of my foot arch problems. Thus, I was confident that SOLE was the product that I could trust for a flip that would be a benefit to my feet and meet my want/need for a nice flip.

Curtis Pauls

Great service!!!!

So, I was pretty excited to get these new flips after wearing out a pair that lasted me almost five years. Unfortunately for me, I have a bone on my foot that didn't take kindly to the rubber strap on these. (My previous flips were a leather/fabric strap.) Sad, because the cork footbeds were incredibly comfortable! Well, after getting in touch with the customer service people I am happy to say I've ordered something that will likely be better for me, and the service I got from Tim was exceptional! I would hands down, heartily recommend buying from this company! My new flips are on their way and I anticipate major summer vibes and good times are coming my way too! Thanks again SOLE for exceptional customer service and pursuing sustainable manufacturing.

Jeffrey Holmes

Great Product and Customer Service is AWESOME!

What is not to like about SOLE? A company who is proactive for the environment, puts customers first, and makes a product which is not only comfortable, but looks great and feels great day in and day out! #GOSOLE

Michelle McNeill

Love love

I love my Beach Flips. Bought a men's size as I really wanted the navy color. They very comfy and look great with denim!

Susan Kim Boehlein

great sandals

I never could wear flip-flops because of my high arches. I am in love with these flips. They solved my plantar faciitis problems and I wear them all the time. I also exclusively have your insoles in my shoes.

Jim Wright

Amazing flips

I have about 10 pairs of Flips and 8 pairs of footbeds. My daughter told me about them about 16 years ago, as I suffered from plantar fasciitis. I have not had any issues with the plantar fasciitis since I have started wearing them. They are so comfortable and provide additional support. Jim

Derek Tsui

Who knew?!

My whole life, I've been wearing the regular surf branded flips that were flat and soft, aka "comfortable". I didn't think anything of it other than I needed something to slip on on a hot day. After I received my Beach Flips, my feet were thanking me! Solid sole foundation, great arch support, and supports waste reduction. Who knew flip flops were just as important to support healthy feet?!


Comfy flips great price

Ordered these flips online. Love the fit of your beach flip flops. My buddies are going to be jealous.


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