Pamela Payne

Catalina Sport Flips

I have been wearing these flips for 10 years. I own 7 pairs, and have just ordered a pair of the Baja flips. I have a large bunion on my left foot so very limited what footwear I can wear. These flips are the most comfortable shoes of any kind I have ever worn. I can walk all day with no foot pain. I love my SOLE flips!

Cheryl Tuckett

Fantastic Flip !

I have 5 pairs of these flip flops. I even have a pair that I just wear in the house. have badly pronated feet and orthotic sandals were uncomfortable. My Physio suggested these and now it's all I wear. They are comfortable, easy to clean and durable. They look great with sweats or a dress. Love them!

Debra Blankenship

SOLE Flip Flops

I have bunions and arthritis in my feet for years and find that while these cost more than others these offer great support and comfort. They initially are a little snug but they conform to your foot with wearing. I have five pairs including cork ones. I have worn these for nearly 10 years and now them wear SOLE flip flops 365 days a year.


Catalina sport flip life saver

The Catalina Sport Flip is lifesaving. I wear them everyday... all day. Reliable and perfect support.

Elizabeth Krogstad

Worth the money!

I will admit that I was skeptical about spending a lot of money on flip flops but I'm very happy to say that these are the best that I've ever purchased! They were comfortable right from the start and they are lasting very well after lots of wear. Still lots of cushion and comfy! My chiropractor told me I shouldn't be wearing really flat flip flops so these are a great, healthy alternative. The color is awesome, doesn't fade or attract dirt. Hope to try other styles too!

Frances Leukhardt

summer fun

I have enjoyed my Catalina Sport Flips, I wear them year round both indoors and outdoors. I have high arches and plantar fasciities. They are very comfortable and I am able to wear them even on the beach. I will be buying a couple more pairs for this summer in different colors.

Teri-Lyn M Porter

Best Flip Flop

I love my SOLE flips, I have about 7 pairs. I have inside flips I wear in the house instead of slippers as I need the orthotic support. I also have outside flips to wear out. This is my footwear of choice whenever I go out. The SOLE flips offer great support and stand up to a lot of wear. I do not experience any foot pain or heel pressure if I wear these. When I do wear bare feet or runners I do experience heel pain and sore feet.

Danielle L Norman

Great Sandals

I wear these sandals all the time, they are super comfortable! They fit really good. I would highly recommend them! IT/Tech Support is also very great to deal with! I highly recommend ordering through SOLE!

Michael Pratt

Best sandal for walking

Was in Mexico for 4 months, a lot of walking every day on and off the beach, these sandals were the best. Sea water and sand did not damage them. My feet felt supported and comfortable. In the heat it was great to have the support of an orthotic without closed shoes. Thank you SOLE.

Jessica Larson

The best flips ever!

My husband bought some SOLE slides several years back and told me I had to try out the brand because they were so good. For a long time, I put it off because they were so much more expensive than the cheap flip flops I was used to wearing. Eventually I gave in an ordered a pair and immediately regretted putting off the purchase for so long. My husband was totally right and these flips are the most comfortable shoe I've ever worn! Months and months of comfort was squandered because I hesitated purchasing these. These are the BEST flip flops around, and I have tried a bunch. My first pair finally wore out after about three years of daily wear, and they've been replaced with several new pairs in different colors. Love, love, LOVE these. Do yourself a favour and pick up a pair...your feet will thank you!

Lori Gendron

My favourite sandals ever!

I have been wearing these sandals for the last 3 years. There are so comfortable!

Lacey Smith

Best Sandal You'll Ever Buy

If you love to wear sandals all day like I do, then I'd highly recommend these sandals. Don't be put off by the cost because they last a long time and don't leave your feet sore and tired like cheap sandals do. The arch support is amazing. Both my husband and I have been wearing SOLE sandals for 8+ years, bought various styles and have never been disappointed.

Kaitlyn storton

100% comfort

I have been having pain with plantar fasciitis for the last few years and these sandals are the only thing that keep the pain away. They are so comfy and are now my new gold sandals! Amazing product, I have about 5 different pairs!

Tanya Lebans

Comfortable and fashionable

I have never owned flip flops that I can wear all day. Catalinas are comfortable. I have worn them all day, the footbed supports and the piece between my toes never bothered my feet; something I can not say about any other sandals! I will buy nothing else for the summer. Constant wear over two months and they still look brand new!


Love My Sole!!

I LOVE this Sport Flip sandal for so many is SO comfortable; it has great arch support so it can be worn all day long & believe me I do & my feet do not get tired; it can be hand washed & then it smells like it is brand new; there are lots of colours to choose from; they can be worn with just about everything I wear. I can't say enough about them. I have been buying SOLE Sport Flip sandals for probably 15 years & NEVER had a problem with any of my sandals.



I love SOLE sandals!! I've bought 4 pairs of these sandals and they're great. The fit is fantastic. I highly recommend SOLE sandals!

Elizabeth Pereira

Best ever

Love them



I just purchased my second pair of woman's Catalina Sports Flips. They are comfortable with great heel support. They fit my foot well and are perfect for me. I can walk well and for lengthy periods of time. I have these in black and turquoise and the color holds up well. I suffer from bad arthritis in my spine and have to be particular about what I wear on my feet and these enable me to be on my feet much longer than any other shoes I own.

Hazel Campbell

Catalina Sport

I have worn different models of the SOLE shoe for many years. I have trusted the SOLE brand to enable me to wear the "flip flop" and the "slide" I hope without damaging my feet more. They are comfortable and I wear them inside and outside of my home.

Heather Bittner

Best Ortho Flip Flops on the market!

I've been wearing SOLE brand flip flops for the past 8 years! I suffered horribly from plantar fasciitis and was looking for a shoe that would help and also provide some good options in place of my less comfortable flip flops for summer. Since that time I have purchased 10 pairs and I'm never without them on my feet and the plantar issue has long since gone away! For winter time I wear the SOLE inserts in all my boots to keep my feet nice and comfy and to avoid getting back the planter issue! I recommend these to everyone and have gotten my husband to start wearing them as well. Can't say enough!

Jeanne Hamelin


I just love these flip flops. I bought several pairs many years ago and was sad last year when I could not re order them. I was so happy to see them all available again! I also love that its a Canadian company. I even have 3 of my sisters who wear them as well as my wife! Thanks again.

Gwen Converse

Love these shoes!

I have 5 pairs of SOLE flips. I have had plantar fasciitis in the past and these have been a life saver. I wear them as slippers in the house year round and my feet are happy! Love this product!



I have been wearing SOLE flips for 5+ years. I had plantar fasciitis and was in constant pain, but not since wearing these flip flops. I also have the inserts for my work shoes and sneakers. Won't wear shoes without them! I can stand for 8+ hours in comfort.

Lori Cooper

Great Flip-Flop!

When I first received these, they were very, very tight. I could barely get my foot into them and the strap was super tight on the top of my foot. After wearing them for a few days, they fit perfectly now and I love them! Super comfortable with great arch support for my plantar fasciitis.


Great recovery sandal

Purchased these as a recovery sandal for marathon training and post race. With no arch to help support my feet and knees these have been wonderful. Will be purchasing another pair soon.

Nadia esmail

Love it!

Comfortable and supportive!

Kristin Backens

Best Sandals Ever!

I exercise every day and these are the best sandals to recover my tired feet. I can walk in these all day and my feet don't get tired. Love them!


Fabulous customer support!

LOVE these shoes! I'd had some foot trouble in the past and was looking for some orthotic shoes. I couldn't find any that were half decent looking but then I found these. Stylish, supportive and durable! Also I'd like to give a shout out for the customer service (Sasha) on this site. It was amazing. They stand behind their product and want their customers to be satisfied. I did have some issues with a different style sandal but the issue was rectified to my complete satisfaction. Thank you!


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