Great Everyday Shoe

I have been a big fan of SOLE flips for years and was excited to try out the RECORK product. I purchased the black loafer in mens 13. Generally, shoes in size 13 look like water skis and some more so than others. These shoes were the complete opposite. My feet looked much smaller and I was quite surprised that they were a terrific fit and provided a significant amount of wiggle room in the toes. The arch support is similar to the flips and is beginning to form to the specifics of my foot arch. This has been my experience with all the SOLE products. They continue to provide excellent arch support during this break-in process. As for the overall look of the shoe beyond making my foot seem a reasonable size, they are simple and handsome with echos, for those of a certain vintage, of the 70's Earth Shoes! They have become my go-to shoe for everyday and can easily work in a dressier situation. The leather is soft and supple and it is comfortable. One area for improvement would be to modify the sole to provide a bit better traction in wet and other slick situations.


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