Very functional

These boots are super waterproof. I have foot neuropathy and the souls provide great comfort. Lightweight and very easy to slip on, make these my go to wet weather boot. Liked them so much, I bought a second pair.

Same great support ...

... as the district. Just remember that they're water resistant, not waterproof and you'll do fine.

Typical SOLE

Great boot for running errands in the slush and snow. I'm sold on SOLE because custom orthodics could not cure my plantar fascias nor metatarsalgia like the normal SOLE products. Who'd have known?!


I bought these because they were on sale, little thinking that they would fit me well. The fact is that they DO fit me well. Even more so, they have now given me the comfort and enjoyment that I used to experience with Blundstones before my arthritic toes required a rocker sole. These have that rocker sole and, because of the great inner sole that deals with my plantar fasciitis, have adapted to me very very well. I love how easy they are to put on. I also like the fact that they are not made out of leather but are still breathable and water-repellent.

Excellent pair of shoes

I love the pair of shoes. They're so easy to wear and walk in. Super comfortable as well. My friends always ask me where I got the shoes from too!

Comfy and supportive

Are you looking for a comfortable supportive boot easy to put on? This is the boot for you. Can't wait to try them in the wet cooler weather.

Comfy and supportive

Are you looking for a comfortable supportive boot easy to put on? This is the boot for you. Can't wait to try them in the wet cooler weather.


Great boots. feel comfortable and secure.

Great Product

These shoes are great. They are very comfortable and a nice casual shoe.

Men’s repel

I have been wearing this shoe for about three months and love them. Very comfortable, great supportive foot bed. Easy to put on and the fit is true. Have purchased two pair!

I cant keep them off my feet!!!!!

I suffer from heel spur and plantar fasciitis. I was online searching for new work shoes restaurant grades slip resistant. When I came across these boots. A little skeptical at first but decided when I give them a try the price was right. I ordered these and two other shoes that popped up which I would write a review for later. I receive them in no time tried them on and they were OK decided to wear them to work to check out slip resistant . But wearing them all day I came home to my feet not hurting. So I tried the other pair on the similar to the boots a little more slip resistant but not slip resistant enough for restaurant work. I started wearing these out and about when I got a run errands when I'm walking the dog and stuff I'm walking I'm waking up to no pain or days that I wear these shoes versus the days that I wear my tennis shoes.This was one of the best purchases I've done this year she was and I would but I will buy more so shoes in the future. I have only use their insoles in the past and I could tell the difference at work we're not using them versus when using them but this is something with the shoes is totally different then the insoles I highly recommend buy more than one pair because you won't want to take them off. They are firm enough To support my weight, and to keep my arches up off the ground. SOLE did a wonderful job and I will be buying a couple pairs of sandals for the summer months.

Boots or Slippers?

I purchased a pair of Repels as an impulse buy and I have no regrets. I am currently using them as indoor slippers and around the house on the patio. As a chronic sufferer of lower back pain and plantar fasciitis, SOLE insoles have been a game changer and a life saver. I have no less than 15 pairs for all of my shoes, boots and even my slippers. I also have the sandals, flip flops, and Repel chukkas. All products are of great quality, I frequently recommend them to friends, co-workers, and even strangers while shopping. I just purchased a set of the 198 cork blocks ... a little yoga could only be good for my back! Thank you SOLE!

Great shoe

Bought these for my husband. He loves them and wears them all the time!

so light and comfy

These are great boots. Super light with cork insoles and metatarsal bumps. Absolutely love them. Not the best looking shoe out there which makes me like them even more!


Comfort and look, all you need in a shoe!

Dry and Comfy Feet

As with all SOLE products, support and comfort are built in to these boots. Spring and Fall can have a lot of wet or slushy days that aren't really cold enough for my waterproof winter boots, and there are times when having slip-on footwear is so convenient. These fit the bill. These boots have a fresh, quirky, sporty look that makes them look like outdoor gear and not just boots. More than once, friends with wet leather shoes have asked where I got them. Oh, and the comfort of ReCork Ease! These make awesome house shoes (slippers with support)!

Great deal

These are the most comfortable boots ever!!!

Total Score!!!!

So I was shopping the SOLE site as there was a sale going on and I had already had an awesome experience with some sandals I bought a couple of years ago (which I still wear) and I ordered 2 pairs of shoes. I decided to take a look at the other items they had on sale and noticed that these boots were deeply discounted and figured for what they were selling for I couldn't say no - they were around the same price as a pair of insoles - how could I miss? When the boots arrived it was still snowy and mucky where I live and I decided to give them a test drive.... they were super light, water tight and no slipp'n and slidd'n to be had. As with all SOLE foot beds it took some time to get used to them but I gotta say I'm really enjoying my purchase - I actually feel like I stole'm for the price I paid. The only thing I'm on the fence with is that the boots are slightly bulkier then what I had envisioned - but I'm a firm believer in function over fashion anyway... so it's a win for me.

Functional comfort

I bought these because they have the old last style. It's more bulky than their newer models with the leather uppers, but so comfortable immediately out of the box. I have worn SOLE casual cork flips for years and this is the same last and same sole, but for winter and rainy day use. I liked them so much I bought a second pair to keep in reserve since it appears these are discontinued. I recommend these to my patients with a wide range of forefoot pain because it is a very roomy toe box and the best combination of cushion and support. I hope they continue this combination of cork and last shape in some iteration moving forward.

Helped with plantar fasciitis

I bought these specifically for an older relative who suffers from plantar fasciitis. They reported that the shoes eased the pain of walking. In general, they said the shoes are light, comfortable and sufficiently neutral in style to not attract attention (an important consideration). They found them wide for their size (8), which was remedied by wearing thicker socks. They had some difficulty at first using the tabs to pull the shoes on but eventually got used to it. Overall, they are pleased with the shoes and are considering adding SOLE insoles to some other shoes.


These boots are fantastic. I bought them not really knowing what to expect but they are so comfortable and warm. I was also surprised by how light they were. The cork insole helps to keep my feet dry. Don't stop making them!


We got a package from SOLE early winter with Repel Ravens for my husband and Loft Obsidian for me. They were a life saver this winter. We can attest to their comfort and durability. Thank you

Best ever

I bought this shoe because I love the cork inner sole better then the sherpa. The Sherpa just doesnt give me the same support as the cork does, and the sherpa gets my feet too warm after walking around in them all day. I am a ladies size 10, so I got the mens 8, and they are great. This cork inner sole is not made in the womens shoes, only the flip flops. So these Repel just look like I'm wearing tennis shoes. I can wear them with socks, or without, due to the cork sole. LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM.


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