Jason Koldewijn

Recovery & rehab

My physio turned me on to the Sole footbeds for post surgical recovery so when I noticed SOLE had flips near my size I had to try them out. So great to be able to walk without hot shoes and socks all summer and still get excellent support to hold my ankle and knee in the correct position for a better recovery and rehab! The flips are comfortable and sturdy. Though I'm grateful for a size 14 offering, the sizing might be slightly on the small side. It would be fantastic if SOLE could increase their offerings by a size or two...

Ted D Shandro

Real comfort

The soft shaped cushion pad plus the flexible toe thong make this an easy pair to enjoy with little to no break in period

Randy Jones

The Best. Period.

I live in Flips. Have for years and years. Before I found SOLE Flips, I could get about a year out of a "quality" pair from a long list of manufacturers. they might feel comfortable for the first month or 2 but then they break down and eventually look so terrible that my wife throws them away. Ones that stand up to daily wear, well they feel like I'm wearing plywood on my feet. I can't walk for hours in them like I can in my SOLE Flips. My wife and I travel a lot and we always go for long walks wherever we are. unless we are trail hiking, we go out in our SOLE flips. Miles and miles of walking and we get home, comfortable and with zero foot fatigue! The quality of the SOLE flips are fantastic. I am rough on most things and my flips are not excluded. I routinely have to wash my outside flips because, well, I have gone places in them that aren't exactly clean! They wash up easily and look new again. these flips can take the day in day out abuse that my life hands them, no problem. In fact the only reason I have had to buy new ones is not from wear or discomfort issues, they simply have become stained from wear and I want a new pair so they look respectable. I have 2 pairs of SOLE sport flips for daily wear, one for inside and one for outside. I have now owned 5 pairs and my wife has 2. I am 6'5" tall and weigh 235 pounds and my flips last me at least 2-3 years. GREAT value when you consider how much I wear them. My wife still owns (and wears daily) her original pair she bought 5 years ago! (she weighs a lot less than me!) If you are considering buying your first pair and are concerned about price, DON'T BE! These flips will outlast anything you have ever owned before and provide miles of comfort for years. As the old saying goes "the sweetness of low price is long forgotten while the bitterness of low quality lives on and on" Thanks SOLE for believing in high quality standards in your design and materials and construction. Keep up the great work! I'm a customer for life!

Kent Novakowski

You can walk forever

This is my second pair. These are the most comfortable pair of sandals I have ever owned. I can walk for hours and my feet do not get sore or fatigued. There is no odour even after many miles walked. They are worth every penny. My first pair lasted 7 years.

Terry MacRae

Great Support

Bought my first pair from my orthotics clinic. I was initially reluctant as the price was higher than I was used to spending. Kept eying them until they had a fall sale so picked up a pair. They have great quality and the support is equal to my orthotics. I now have 3 pair and love the looks and feel. You really get what you pay for and worth the cost!

Shawn Stanyar

Life Saver

As a longtime customer, I purchased 2 pairs of flips this time as my well worn ones I've had for 8-10 years are relegated to the backyard patio and pool. The Sport Flips (as usual) are extremely comfortable to wear right out of the package, and can be worn all day. The Casual Cork flips are a bit uncomfortable as my low arch tends to dig into the hard cork with little give, but I'm sure this is only temporary as they break-in. On a positive note I'm sure they will keep their shape a bit longer and support my foot better...plus they look amazing. Unrelated to this recent purchase, I also use a variety of the footbeds, and although I'm not an avid runner, I'm on my feet all day and could not imagine how much pain and fatigue I'd be in without using SOLE products.

Randy Froese

My SOLE Flips!

I'm a 56 year old male. 6'-6" weighing 250 lbs. I bought two pairs of Sport Flips in different colors and a pair of Beach Flips. I love them all! They provide great support for my feet. I like to go for walks on hot summer nights and my feet are no longer tired after walks! Morning foot pain is reduced substantially (or pretty much GONE) after having walked the night before. That's new for me. I also love my Sport Flips for cycling on hot days. I love my Beach Flips for use at the beach, both in and out of the water. They provide protection for my feet from the rocks and quickly float to the surface when I kick them off. To top it off, I need size 14 which SOLE has. Can't find them just anywhere! I am so thankful for my new flips!!! I use one of the pairs in my apartment as recommended by my certified Pedorthist. I design for a living in a manufacturing facility and am a details person. I always appreciate good design in anything. Please thank your designers for their great work on these flips! Thank you SOLE! You make great products and have a great website! P.S. - Love the free shipping over $100!! P.P.S. - Amazing 90 day footbed guarantee allowing you to return for any reason if not satisfied (which I will not be doing)!!!!!

Gary Sutton

Sport Flip

Comfortable as always. Excellent fit for my duck shaped feet.

Terry Heinrich

Nice Arch Fit

I recently purchased the Men's Sport Flips. I like the arch support the sandal gives. The foot bed is comfortable and soft but firm where it needs to be. The length of the shoe fits perfectly. I find it is a tight fit around the strap area. I'm thinking the strap will stretch a little to make this more comfortable and less tight fitting. Otherwise, I have no complaints with my purchase.....Thank you in advance...Terry H.


Great product!

Truly great product!

Colin James

Love them!!!

I love these Flips because I have flat feet and need insoles in my shoes. These are the only Flips I've ever had that my feet are comfortable in. I live in Hawaii so I wear them every day. I'm a customer for life! I just bought another pair.


Best for plantar issues

I found these by accident a year ago and they are fantastic. If you have plantar issues and like wearing flip flops, these are for you. Worth the price. When I received my first pair and walked around the house I was laughing out loud because they felt so good. My wife thought I had finally cracked and went crazy. That is how good they feel. Thank you SOLE for making these flip flops so I can continue to wear flip flops pain free.


Great flip flops

Fantastic flip flops. Incredibly comfortable and durable. On my second pair in 4 years. First ones only died from beach tar :( not Sole's fault! I will continue to buy these until they stop making them! (Hopefully never)

James Brooke

Fantastic comfort.

I read about Sole footbeds in MBR magazine and then found these flips on the website. I spend all summer in Flips and these are by far the most comfortable I have ever owned. I found the strap a little tight when I first got them, but they have stretched and the support is perfect for my feet. I would highly recommend this product!

F Filipchuk

Excellent quality

Purchased these flips as I love flip flops and this brand has the support I need. I have rheumatoid arthritis and effects my feet. These flips are so comfortable and support the whole foot bed! Excellent product! Can wear them pretty much all day, and foot not sore or tired! Thank you, hugely recommend this product.

S Mo

Doctor Perscribed

I got these because I live in flip flops 50% of the time and after an accident I have to wear arch support so my doctor gave me these. Two years and loving ever step with them

Will Pfeiffer

Great Flips!

These flips are awesome.. they are the only flips I have that I can wear an entire day walking without foot pain, particularly in my arches. Yes.. the web over the top of the foot is a little tight to begin with, but over time as you break them in they offer a perfectly snug fit that I can wear with confidence in a variety of terrains without losing a flip.

Ben G

Florida Ben

I have a bad lower back and wear orthopedic inserts. Unfortunately, I can't wear the inserts with flip flops on the beach. The sole sport flips are a perfect sandal for someone who needs great arch support and still wants to look stylish for the sunny weather. They may seem a little pricey but my first pair lasted me 2 years and I wear sandals almost daily. Best flips ever!

Nathan Freeburg

Best sandals of all time.

I bought the sport flips last summer, and they have been the best, most comfortable footwear I own. I can walk long distance in them without pain (and this from someone who has has plantar fascitis). Very comfortable after a run, around the house, or everyday use.

Dash P


I have finally found sandals that are good for my feet! I like the color scheme Sole once had. I have the white/blue sandals, and they are a hit. My podiatrist was truly impressed when I found sandals that gave me as much support as my orthotic insoles. Well done Sole.

MJ Thomas


Most orthopedists will tell you that they will get rich as the flip-flop craze is ruining young peoples feet and backs; wearing something with zero support 24/7 that were designed for wearing at the beach. I’m so glad my Orthopedist turned me onto Sole flips. For someone with pretty flat, pronated feet, your flips actually support the foot; give you an arch, etc. It’s like a flip that’s an orthotic – but the great part is they look like regular flip-flops – not like ortho-flips! I think Sole could do a little better with the color combos, they seem to either be a big bore, or they are “too out there”. I don’t know a lot of guys who will wear bright green and white, the blacks are just too black. I think you are on the right track with the more recent different grays. Keep up the great work! They are pretty expensive for a totally synthetic shoe. How about some leather straps? Even some leather foot beds would be great too.

Scott Mizufuka

the best...

I've had two pairs of sole sandals and love them. I first saw them in runner's world and wanted to give them a try. They're amazingly comfortable and supportive never losing their shape especially in the midfoot arch area. I have flat pronated feet and they provide great support. I've referred others to buy them and have bought them for bday/xmas gifts. I've heard nothing but positive things about sole sandals!


The only Flips that I will wear!

ALL my shoes and boots have Sole inserts and the only flip flops that I will wear are my Soles! I have tried other kinds of inserts and none come close to the comfort of my Sole inserts.

Chuck Lennon

Best Flips

I have bought several different brands of Flips over the years and Sole Flips blows them all away from a comfort perspective. And they look great too. Wish you folks made shoes or "Keen" like products. I was just diagnosed with Plantar Fascitis and I wish I could wear my Sole Flips with suits every day!! Thanks!

David Loo

classy rich look and the comfort

I bought a white and blue pair from A-Z Indoor Market Place @ Scottsdale, AZ. This product sold by itself. Once you slip it on you know the differences. I loved the classy rich look and the comfort.

David Wagner

The Best!

Bought a pair. Loved them. Bought my wife a pair. She loves them (has plantar fasciitis). Just bought a second pair for myself (1 indoor, 1 outdoor). That should say enough! The most quality, comfortable flip flop I have ever worn.

Alain van Gils

Fabulous Flips

I love my flips and not least because they are an outstanding product that really does wonders for your feet during those hot summer days. comfortable and supportive... and stylish too. If you are in any doubt regarding service or quality, rest assured that the people at yoursole are remarkable and interested only in you being happy. Returns no problem, delivery simply outstanding, service of the highest quality. I have no hesitation recommending yoursole and these flips. A true delight.

Scott Davies

Sandal Heaven

I have been looking for a product like these for a while. I have seen another sport sandal with orthotic benefits but it looked like a crashed 4 x 4, wrong, wrong, wrong. These are the perfect blend of sporty looks and support. I have also had to deal with Chrissy here in the UK and what can I say other than excellent customer service with a professional cheery manner. Brilliant! Don't hesitate they are worth the price and the service is top notch.

Bill Tank


I haven't tried the black ones yet, but I think the brown ones from last summer are great. I have flat feet and the arch support that I need works great. I have had surgery on one foot for tarsal tunnel and plantar faciaitis in the other foot. These flip flops are as comfortable as my shoes w/ custom made orthotics. I live in the Bay Area in CA and I wanted to wear them every day and could have if it had been appropriate. I trust the black ones have a similar contour.


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