Mark A VanDerVeen


So impressed with the Sport Medium SOLEs! They have made an otherwise average pair of shoes into my most comfortable footwear!

Tammy L Huggins

Love them

I love my insoles , game changer . I work almost 75 hours a week . These go from shoe to shoe can't go a day without them.

Amie Lankowski


I've used SOLE since I started running in the early 2000's. Tons of miles, 56 marathons and numerous 5ks, 10ks and halfs. My feet thank me and my wallet is happy.

Sara Christon

These are the best insoles

These are the best insoles I've ever had and, having planter fasciitis, I've tried multiple brands.

Amie Lankowski


I've used SOLE since I started running in the early 2000's. Tons of miles, 56 marathons and numerous 5ks, 10ks and half's. My feet thank me and my wallet is happy.

John P Kelly

High arches

I have high arches and these insoles provide the perfect support for my feet. I also found them very comfortable

austin armstrong

They convinced me

I bought this insole for my teenage daughter. I had noticed while walking behind her that her ankles caved inward each step to the point that it was disturbing for me to watch. I asked her if it hurt, and she said her knees and back hurt when she jogged. After some research I bought these for her. She told me that she can definitely feel the difference with these insoles, and that her knees and back no longer hurt. That convinced me enough to buy a set for myself.

Melanie L Johnson

Thin and comfortable

My podiatrist started me on the Sport Thick, which is great, but not ideal for all types of shoes. I switched to Sport Medium and they're much more versatile, without sacrificing any of the arch support I need to keep my arthritis at bay. A great product at a great price!

Julian Murray

Great insoles

I've been using sole insoles for 15 plus years and I love them. I wear them in everything work boots running shoes they are absolutely perfect

Matt Locke


More durable product than the cork version in high use shoes. I use in work shoes, I walk about 13 miles each shift 5 days a week. Have multiple pairs for multiple shoes. Keeps support as I have extremely high arches and pain and trouble walking occurs if I do not use these insoles.

Lawrence Lipman

Inserts that last longer than the shoes

Tennis is a great game And tennis shoes take a beating from 2-3 hours of hard court play My SOLE inserts take a beating and are forced to weather heat and sweat They still work even though it's time to replace my worn out tennis shoes. Great product

Shawn McGrath

Great for Running

Got these SOLE footbeds for my running shoes as I am an avid runner and they have been great. Comfortable, not intrusive, and fit my natural arch.

Dallin Dance

Every day use!

Molded to my feet, excellent in my running shoes and work shoes. Been using SOLE footbeds for a few years and have loved them. Plantar fasciitis issues at times and these help.

John Perrone

Super comfortable and effective

Fantastic product. Easy to mold and install. Cleared my Plantar Fasciitis. I won't run without them!

Meredith Hutchison

SOLE is the Best!

SOLE footbeds saved my feet! My job requires standing and walking on hard surfaces all day and it had gotten to the point where I had to soak my feet the minute I got home. I've been using them for about 10 years now and will continue to. I put them in most of my shoes - including my slippers as I spend quite a bit of time in them when at home. SOLE footbeds took away the pain and let me get back to walking and hiking when I'm not at work. I love them!

Mark G. Davis


I have plantar fasciitis and SOLE have been the best for the price. I a pair in every single pair of shoes and they last! I wear them everyday. I think I've had one set for over 5 years now. Absolutely love all my SOLE products!

Donald W Roeseke Jr


Love my SOLE footbeds - try to fit them in every shoe now. Usually work but use sport for casual stuff as well.

Karen Reynolds

Sport medium insoles

Very comfortable Insoles. Material is very comfortable. Size fit perfectly.

Karen Glowacki

Soooo much better!

After many years of athletics, plantar fasciitis and working retail, comfortable shoes had become something mythical- like a unicorn. I heard about SOLE insoles from a fellow rower and cyclist. I now use a variety of the medium and thin in most of my shoes. Complete game changer. I can work 10 hours and then train more again. Customer for life!

Ryan Sahli

Very comfortable

I found SOLE insoles on my search for Plantar fasciitis pain management about 15 years ago. I like the cushion you get while the pain is being managed. I heat mine in the oven and they end up fitting great. These are very comfortable and the material is much better than your regular insoles

H. Claire Mitton

Fantastic support

I had plantar fasciitis for 18 months. Once I put the SOLE foobeds into my footwear I had immediate relief. This product is fantastic, affordable and molds easily. I would highly recommend this product!

Jean Dube

Great fit and comfort

Bought a few pairs of these. Good quality, the fit is great and they are comfortable.

Bart Holladay

Awesome Product

SOLE was referred to me from a friend, and they have lived up to my expectations.

Amie Lankowski

Got me through 56 full marathons

I'm never going to run in sneakers without SOLE! I started in 2004 and have continued to love the insoles. Zero injuries and going strong.

Donald W Roeseke Jr

Love these inSoles!

I bought new shoes so I had to buy some more SOLES to make sure that I would love my shoes when I'm walking in them as much as I love their style! I'm all for a sacrificing some comfort for style but with SOLES - I DON"T HAVE TO!!! Been wearing the sandals for years to the pool. And now think I have insoles in almost all of my work and casual dress shoes. Simply the best. Most reliable fit and comfort.


Plantar fasciitis

I had a flare up of plantar fasciitis on my right foot that wouldn't go away regardless of how much I stretched. I tried countless insoles from other brands (some had soft gels and did not provide enough rigid support, others with carbon inserts were too rigid and didn't provide flexibility for my active livestyle) until trying these Sport Medium insoles. After heat molding them in the oven and placing it in my running shoes, I've been able to keep flare ups away. I ended up buying a set for my casual shoes and oxfords I use at work. They've elevated the level of comfort across the board on all my shoes. I'm able to walk and hike for several miles again. I've had them for over a year now, and it's made me curious as to what their lifespan is.

Hayley Thiessen

Game changer!

I am here to tell you that after years of painful feet and shins the SOLE insole that I purchased has literally changed my life. I can participate in my daily walks, hikes with friends, and badminton whenever I get the chance. Thank you SOLE for making quality insoles at affordable prices!

Fred Rossomando


These inserts are terrific! They fit perfectly and they have reduced my foot pain for almost 1 year now. They were endorsed by my physical rehab person.


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