These are great

These helped reduce my foot pain from having flat feet and multiple injuries

Perfect for soccer cleats

My 11 yo has super flat feet which cause his ankles to roll in and leads to other leg pains. He needs inserts to keep his legs in alignment, and the SOLE brand works for him. The support is firm, so it lasts, and these thin footbeds work in his soccer cleats, too.

Total Game Changer

First off, I want to thank SOLE for coming up with an amazing foot sole. I am 59 years old, I have had problems with my feet for about the last 15 years, to the point they have caused me to not be able to go for a walk, ride a bike etc. I’m in pain all the time, constantly having to buy new shoes to try and get comfort. I have seen podiatrist twice, I have paid hundreds of dollars for insoles that are obtrusive to the point of not fitting in any of my shoes. The metatarsal soles were like walking on rocks. I have flat feet and I have a neuroma on the ball of both of my feet. I was told the only thing that could be done was cortisone shots, as surgery is not an option because the neuroma is on the main nerve in my feet. My feet are also causing knee and hip pain. I saw these on FB and decided to take a chance. WOW!!! Followed the instructions, total game changer, the material used is awesome, I did remove the soles in my shoes as my heel was slipping out with both soles in my shoes. Did not have to trim them down. I have had these in for about 2 hours now and for the first time in years my feet feel like the used to in a shoe. Usually my toes are scrunched in the toe part of my shoes, the arch support has lifted my feet to the point that I can finally wiggle my toes in shoes. The metarsal portion is like it is not there but it is lifting my foot so that I am not walking on the neuroma. I’m am so happy with these soles I am going to purchase two more immediately. When I placed my order on FB, I received 50% off because they had already sent a free pair to my postal code. Plus shipping. I received my order in about 36 hours. This company and these soles have literally changed my life. For those of you who are skeptical about these soles you really need to give them a try. They are a fraction of the cost that orthotics cost even at regular price. Thank you SOLE.

Excellent support with low volume

These provide excellent support while taking up little volume in the shoe. The met pad makes them more comfortable over long periods of wear while on the feet walking or standing. Good for active wear including running (10k to marathons), hiking and cycling. The medium version is also good for shoes that can accept the extra volume and will provide extra cushioning. For any shoe that is tight in the forefoot the thin is best, for looser shoes the medium is good. You can always leave a flat insole under the performance thin if you want to make up some volume in loose shoes. They are durable and washable.

Comparable to orthodics

Perfect for my flat feet without the hassle of having to go through a podiatrist

4th pair!

This is my 4th pair of SOLE Footbeds. I use them in my daily shoes and every workout. They provide the best support. I have somewhat flat feet and they help keep me inline.

Great footbeds

I have purchased numerous pairs of these. I have very flat feet and I probate. These make being on my feet all day much easier.

Great for my flat feet

Best footbeds I’ve found so far. And with cork I am hopeful they won’t breakdown like foam/gel alternatives

Great in Running Shoes

Before I started using SOLE in all my shoes, I would wake up dreading that first step out of bed in the morning. My feet are very flat, and I used to wake everything morning with a stabbing pain as I put weight on my feet. I've been pain-free since being a SOLE-man. For those wondering if they should get the cork or this material for their runners, go for this. The cork would produce a squeak in my running shoes as I picked up the pace, but these eliminated it.

Allows me to walk further without pain

SOLE footbeds have helped with pain from my flat feet and bunions for years. I wear these or their Active Medium footbeds depending on the shoes.

My preferred footbeds

SOLE footbeds have helped with pain from my flat feet and bunions for years. I wear these or their Active Thick footbeds depending on the shoes.

The only insoles I use

These are the best footbeds. I have flat feet with fallen arches and these have helped so much. Since finding these footbeds these are the only ones I use. I use them for everyday and when I run/workout.

The stiff footbeds I was looking for

After a foot injury, I needed to keep my toe from bending as much and saw an ad for these. I have flat feet so the arch was needed as well. They've worked out well and got me back on my feet.

Tried both Active Thick with and without Met Pad

I ordered both the Active Thick and Active Thick with Met Pad to try with my work boots. I have flat feet and normally need some arch support in my regular shoes. It was too uncomfortable for me after a day using the Active Thick with Met Pad so I changed to the Active Thick. Using the Active Thick I can be on my feet most of the day with my work boots without any discomfort. Without SOLE footbeds my feet would hurt for hours after taking off my boots (RedWings boots so not cheap boots either).

My Feet Were Surprised

I have flat feet that make it hard to find the proper support. That balance between too much and too little often results in pain and sore feet. The performance thin strike that balance for me. At first, I wasn't sure, but I knew I had to give it the time they needed to break in. I know the oven method accelerates the process, but I wanted to give my feet time to earn it. Sure enough, the insoles moulded to my feet after a few days. Most days, I don't even feel they are in my shoes. But the most telling result is the lack of pain and soreness. They work.

Useful for foot maintenance

Both my feet are flat. I bought the wide size and cut them to fit my shoes. Very comfortable to walk/run with in shoes. Greatly exceed the quality and practicality of any factory inserts I have used.

Excellent footbeds

I ordered the wide active thin size 11. These went in my New Balance fresh foam more v3s size 11 2e. They fit perfect; no triming needed . To me they feel like the arch is a little lower the the wide mediums . Definitely recommend for any one w/ flat feet and pronation issues. I’m 5’8 240 .

M Wong

Great supporting sandal

I have flat feet, so traditional sandals and flip flops don't provide the support I need. These ones are great though. It has really nice arch support, and are very comfortable.

Only footbeds I get!

I have flat feet and will get pain in foot/ankle or shin splints with support. I have these in every single pair of my shoes and they really make a difference. I can especially notice when I walk around bare foot too long. I wish there were sandal options with this exact support!

Helped my feet so much!

Within a week, I noticed my feet feeling so much better. I have foot pain related to bunions and flat feet. I've since bought pairs for my husband and son.

Solid orthotic

I have flat feet and been using these for basketball. My feet don't ache after playing for 2 hours.

Fantastic footed

Been using SOLE for many years, I suffer from very flat feet. I tried Super Feet and Dr Scholls, but the only one that seems to do the job just right is SOLE.

My go-to footbeds

I've basically been using the SOLE Thin footbeds exclusively for a few years. I have high volume feet and these work great in my shoes. I have fairly flat feet, and I find these really help with foot fatigue. The wide are even better but don't fit as well in normal width shoes.

My new favorite insoles

I have 3 pairs of these in various sizes in my ice skates, ski boots, and running shoes. The low profile fits in any and all of my existing footwear, they provide just enough support for my flat feet. I had been using a competing brand for more than 10 years but I think I found my new favorite insole.

Great for everyday shoes

We have a child with very flat feet and overpronation issues. These alone haven't cured his issues but they have alleviated them a bit. They are comfortable to stand in/walk all day and will definitely keep buying them as he grows into bigger sizes.

Great for ski boots and skates

These were a very nice upgrade from the stock insoles in my ski boots. Trimmed them to fit while having my boots fitted and they feel very nice! I have very flat feet with little to no arch and I can spend an entire day skiing in comfort.

These are the best shoe inserts!

A local Certified Pedorthist introduced me to SOLE over 15 years ago, and I have been using their footbeds ever since. All of my shoes have a SOLE insert in them. Having been flat-footed my entire life, these allow me to stay on my feet all day, every day, and maintain my active lifestyle. I have worn both the Active and the Active with Met Pad and have been very pleased with both. Great customer service, incentives for us customers, free shipping on purchases when creating an account, and their environmental mission makes me a loyal customer for the years to come.

My thin besties

I own 5 pairs… all different thins and they are all great… they fit snug in my loafers but very comfy. I also I have 1 pair of Naot sandals but I took out their soles and put my SOLE footbeds instead. Naot makes few great sandals that you can switch your insoles out of. SOLE footbeds works super in them. For cute flats the thins work so great that I have support, my feet don’t hurt and gives me a correct arch.. just love my thins.

AMAZING product saved my feet

I am very flat footed. Add to that I had MAJOR ankle surgery on my right ankle (all 3 sides opened up, bone removed, ligaments cut and re aligned, screws in heel area) so it’s safe to say I have daily foot pain. After working all day my foot is stiff and sore like a peg leg. For an active person like myself it wasn’t good. Tried all kinds of creams, pain killers, even other inserts and orthotics…. Today I wore my SOLE inserts for the first time in my steel toed work boots…. It was LIFE CHANGING! After 8 hours on my feet, ladders, hauling heavy items…. NO FOOT PAIN!!! I’ve been home and rested… went to get up and it’s honestly like I have been given a new right foot! I am so thankful for my friend referring me to your company!!! I only wish I would have done it about 4 years ago!!! I can’t even thank you enough for these SOLE inserts…. You have given me my full life back! Thank you doesn’t seem appropriate, I will tell everyone I know about your amazing inserts. Lifetime purchaser here.

Linda Smulka

Mendocino Sport Slide has been great for me

I've loved these sandals for years and just purchased my third pair for use next summer. I have wide, flat feet (hard to fit in sandals) and wear orthotics in shoes. These are great for preventing my plantar fascitis susceptibility so I use them as slippers at night. They make great recovery sandals after exercise. I recently broke my leg and have had tons of swelling in that foot and ankle. While I've always appreciated the adjustability of these, it's been incredibly helpful now. One foot has normal width for me and the other must be opened wider. As my swelling has decreased, I've adjusted tighter again. I wear them during the day in summer at the beach and pool, in the water wading on pebbly/rocky surfaces. Again, I have to be careful to prevent the plantar problems I've had before and wearing these have been a lifesaver, especially if I wear them most of the day. They are very comfortable, with just enough arch support. I highly recommend these!

Comfortable, as expected of SOLE insoles

I've been wearing SOLE insoles for years to help with soreness from flat feet and find them to be superior to all the other insoles I've tried.

Excellent footbeds

Excellent footbeds I am a physician and have been using and referring these foot beds for many years. They are especially good for plantar fasciitis and flat feet. The company also gives tremendous customer support.

My go to foot support

I love these foot beds and recommend them to my physical therapy patients. I have flat feet, over pronation, and a bunion. The met pad helps support my transverse arch (going across from the big toe to the little toe) and align my big toe.

The BEST!!!!!

I have tried the doctor making a mold of my feet. Also spent money on another companies product, that they said would fix my problem with a flat foot. I found the Met Pad and my life changed. I am very active and these work great.

go to insoles

These are my new go to insoles to help with my flat feet and they provide extra support with the met pad. Been wearing them for a few years and highly recommend them.

Can’t go without

I have knee and back pain due to flat feet. These insoles helps a lot. I have a 3 pairs. If you wear them every day, they will last a full year. These insoles never have a smell either.

Saved my Flats

I love these inserts. They have saved my feet in flats - I only wish they were a little thinner in the heel so that my feet wouldn’t slip out

Best Ones Out There

I’ve had these sort of soles for years now. I usually bought them at Marks but they stopped carrying them. So I tried different ones only to have worse back problems. Luckily, I found this site where they sell them. Before these footbeds I would constantly walk in pain from my flat feet and would need to see my chiropractor almost weekly. If it wasn’t for SOLE I’d be walking barefoot.


Knee savers

I have very flat feet and spend a lot of time in work boots. Replaced the original insoles that came with my everyday boots with the Work Medium SOLE and I haven’t had knee pain in weeks.


Real quality, unique design, subpar durability?

These were purchased to help with plantar fasciitis pain and right when I received them I knew they were different from any other insole I'd used before. These insoles have very prominent sections of padding that provide support to portions of your foot that would only be barely touched by most other mainstream insoles, especially along the arch and ball of foot. The design of these is very appealing and unique, and the cork material is very satisfying to the eyes and feet! I would definitely recommend these to people looking for more comfort or dealing with pain, as these really helped me. The only issue I have is that after about a week or two, the heel portion, which was initially nicely padded, of the insole compressed down to almost flat, leaving the heel mostly unprotected from impact. The cork material might contribute to this but I also tend to put extreme pressure on my heels. I got these on clearance but next time I'd go for the Active models as they're said to be more durable. But if you have even pressure distribution, definitely check these out!

Great accessory for any shoe

I love the additional support for my flat feet. Very solid feeling.

Best Insoles for Flat Feet

I have been wearing these for more than 10 years. They were recommended to me by a physical therapist. I have flat feet which causes pain in my shins and knees, these insoles give me the support that I need and take away the pain.

Comfortable footbed for running

The cork footbeds are very comfortable! I have very flat feet, and I don't have any pain after a good jog! Recommended!

Life Changing!

I suffer from flat feet + general discomfort when walking for long periods of time. I knew I needed some sort of insole and better foot support but didn't want to spend $600 on customized ones. I'm so glad I found these! Alex was sooooooo helpful in finding the suitable insole for what I wanted and needed - they almost feel customized! I've been wearing them for a month now and I feel so much more comfortable. I want to buy some for every shoe that I own.

J. Lawrus

The go to flipflops!

As a repeat purchaser these are my go to sandals for everyday else. Always help with my flat feet pains!

Mike C

Never knew what I've been missing!

I've been using cheap flip flops for years. They're convenient, and I have flat get so I just assumed they were a good match. After using these for a couple of months this summer, my feet have been thanking me. They're comfortable, have good arch support, and I can spend all day in these without any issues. The grip is nice and I haven't slipped on any smooth surfaces yet. They might run a half size small, I was kind of borderline between two sizes so size up if you are in the same situation.

Kim Poitras

Not just your average flip flop

A family member who has worn orthotics gave these an excellent review and I have been so pleased with the fit, support and also love the manufacture process that the SOLE company has used. They did feel different at the very first because they are made to support & others are just flat. Those of us who wear flips almost all summertime have feet who love them.

jeff elliott


Use them every day due to my flat feet and feel less pain in ankles and knees. Very comfortable.

Karen Ricker

Great Support in a Flip Flop

The Baja Flip sandal has been my go-to shoe all summer long! The arch support is TERRIFIC on my flat-ish feet - enough to keep me from pronating, but not so much that it causes me pain. I have very narrow but long feet and generally wear about a 10-1/2 in closed shoes - but the Women’s size 9 in the Baja Flip is perfect. I’ve ordered them in 4 different colors!

Shirleen Burnett

The only flips I can wear!

I have flat feet and SOLE products save me. Their footbeds are in every shoe I wear. I have every style of Flip SOLE makes and the Malibu Flip is my favorite. It's lightweight and comfortable. I bought the white and sage and love the color. They go with everything. I've gotten lots of compliments wearing them.

great for cold, flat feet

I have flat feet that run cold. These are the ticket. Broke in easy, fit my boots great.

Deborah Murphy

Better after a few weeks

I wasn't sure I liked these at first. Usually I wear flat flip flops because I have very flat, wide feet. The first few times I wore my Sole's they were a little uncomfortable - giving structure where I wasn't used to having any. They are super light weight and offer quite a bit of support for a flip flop. The more I've worn them, the more I like them! I usually go for my Sole's when I walk the dog in the morning rather than putting on tennis shoes. If they don't feel great at first, give them a chance and I bet you'll come to love them!

Karen luzny

Flatfoot style

We discovered in the spring that my 13 yr old daughter has flat feet and was experiencing pain in her knees and back. Not cool? But what was even less cool was the prospect of not being able to wear flip flops. When I remembered that SOLE had flip flops made using the footbeds it was an easy decision to order. They were delivered within days of ordering and have been worn daily. My daughter doesn’t complain about knee or back pain and always looks hip and with it.

Kathryn McArthur


I bought this shoe because I have flat feet and after wearing a flat sandal for a full day, my feet ache. Wore these for a 2.5 hr walking tour and no pain. Only negative is that the shoe looks large where my smaller toes are. It's almost like it should have more of an angle cut. Hard to explain. Arch support is in the correct spot so I know it's not too big. Otherwise very comfortable and worth the investment.

Happy Feet

My husband has flat feet, and his heels really bother him. He uses these insoles in his work boots and he tells me that they work every bit as good as his $500 custom made orthotics! Very happy that we tried them!

Happy Feet

My husband has flat feet, and his heels really bother him. He uses these insoles in his work boots and he tells me that they work every bit as good as his $500 custom made orthotics! Very happy that we tried them!

Happy Feet

My husband has flat feet, and his heels really bother him. He uses these insoles in his work boots and he tells me that they work every bit as good as his $500 custom made orthotics! Very happy that we tried them!

life changing...

I've used SOLE footbeds for years. I finally bought some for my girlfriend, who had complained about her flat feet. She honestly says that they are changing her life. She can't believe she ever lived without them. We now have about 7 pairs between us. I can't imagine shoes without them either.

Just Amazing

For years I've had massive pain in my feet due to fallen arches. Working 10 hour shifts became a nightmare. Honestly I'm not even sure how I came across SOLE insoles..but I thank the Lord above that I did! They are true to size. The Thick has firm padding which I love. And sturdy arch support that does not hurt my arches (flat feet). If you ave pronation problems you really should try these.

One word- Amazing!

I love running and working out but have flat feet. For months my hip and knee have been hurting. I decided to give these insoles a try and can’t believe how amazing they are. They provide the perfect arch support to align my body. No more pain! I bought three pairs!

Adam Sherlock

Flippy Floppies

I have been searching for a while for a flip flop with good arch support. For years I’ve dealt with foot and knee pain from having flat flip flops. I was excited to come across these when I bought insoles. These are comfortable to wear, my feet don’t slip around when wet and they have good traction on wet ground. The only setback would be the hard plastic piece that goes between your toes, that might be more comfortable if it was fabric. But it was only the start of the season and my callous hadn’t formed yet. I would definitely buy these again. Thanks

Learning to walk again

Three months ago I had spinal surgery (a laminectomy for L-2 to L-5). This was followed by physical therapy to correct foot drop, parasthesia and weakness to both legs. Among numerous defects in my gait, flat feet and pronation was especially problematic. My therapist recommended SOLE inserts. The inserts have dramatically improved my balance and posture.

Giveaway Review

-I bought the product because I have had flat feet my whole life and would like to avoid any issues with pain down the road as I get older. -2 Months Daily -I like how the sole forms around the foot and offers daily support -The sole fits perfectly around my large feet -I think the materials used were combined for a perfect design -The sole is very comfortable!

Flat Feet

My Dr. said I have the flattest feet he's ever seen. I've been using them for my gym work and they are wonderful. I just bought another pair for my hiking/ lawn care boots. It would be impossible to walk without them.

Pain relief at an affordable price

It was a foot doctor who told me I had flat feet and the same doctor that told me about SOLE footbeds. I was looking at cortisone injections for bursitis in my left hip and within 2 weeks of wearing the inserts, all the pain went away! When I stopped wearing them the pain came back. I started wearing them again and the pain went away. Why I stopped it beyond me, and I cannot live without these! I also used to switch them between shoes but it doesn't always work as they mold to the shape of not only the foot but the shoe as well. So I just bought 3 pairs for my new runners and a spare to tuck away.

No more ankle pain when snowboarding

I was getting horrible ankle pain in my front foot while snowboarding and my trainer told me it was because of my flat feet. The SOLE thin beds fit in my boots perfectly and now I ride all day with no pain!’

Great Product!!

I have flat feet and wide feet, so I need comfortable and supportive insoles for work shoes. I’ve been wearing them for a month now and I am very impressed how comfortable they are and I don’t have to break them in. Hard to find all you need in a insole! Very happy!

Feels great

I have super flat feet, and I have used these in my ski boots and it has changed the way I ski entirely for the better! Awesome product!

Nancy J


This purchase was to replace a pair of Catalina Sport Flips I bought years ago. I loved them so much that I bought them again. For someone who has flat feet and plantar fasciitis, these thongs are perfect. They have great arch support. Other thongs are terrible and just make things worse. They are really comfortable after a couple of days of wearing them. They do need time to mold to your feet so don't let that dissuade you from getting them. To add to their perfection, I absolutely love these new ones in white!

Olivia Nguyen

Best sandals!

I love these sandals! I have flat feet and these are the only sandals that don't hurt my feet. They're so comfortable and easy to clean. I've purchased over 5 pairs in the last several years. Would definitely recommend!



Comfortable for my flat feet and Morton's neuroma. Quite roomy fit, but they don't slip around toooo much. Definitely not the most fashionable. I wear them around the yard and shop.

Scott Couture

Love these shoes

I have used custom orthotics for many years due to flat feet. Insurance pays some but not close to all the cost. I love these well made supportive shoes for just around the inside of the house and indoor exercise. I'll never buy custom orthotics again!!

Comfortable, durable, and supportive

I bought these for my grandson who has extra-wide, flat feet. Prior to trying SOLE footbeds, I purchased orthotics through the podiatrist's office. These footbeds are proving to be much more comfortable, supportive, and durable than those prescribed. I like the sustainability of recycled materials. I will definitely continue to purchase these footbeds.

Claire Kunigonis

Comfortable and supportive

I bought the Men's District by ReCORK for my grandson who requires orthotics due to extra-wide, flat feet. He absolutely loves the shoes. He doesn't have to have any additional support structures with the built-in footbeds. The contemporary style gives him the opportunity to have support without the obvious "orthotic shoe" look. Unlike previous shoes we've tried, he hasn't experienced any foot pain or fatigue during long wear use. I'm very happy with the quality, value, and durability of these shoes.

Patrick m graves

Great shoe 10 out of 10!!!

Great looking and great wearing shoe. Fits true to size. No need for footbed inserts with the cork insert. Very comfortable and great support. I have flat feet with collapsible arches so these shoes help so much. Going to order a second pair for back up next pay day. Definitely recommended


I have high arches. Years ago one of the “big manufacturers” made shoes with high arches so those were the shoes I bought. Shoe makers don’t make shoes like that now and they haven’t for a long time. All shoes are flat inside. I walked on concrete for many years, my feet would hurt so much. I bought every type of insole I could find. One brand came close to giving me relief. I eventually found “SOLE”. Instantly SOLE insoles helped my feet feel better. My favorite thing about them is I don’t worry about my feet hurting now (about 20 years). I love the fact that I don’t have to take them from one shoe to put them in another shoe. I have these insoles in every shoe I own. Keep making these great insoles. Thank you!

Better than the old plastic soles!

I was a long time user of SOLE inserts for correction of over pronation associated with flat feet. They have made a huge difference for me as far as foot pain and allowed me to walk and jog comfortably for years. I was so excited to discover the they now have a recycled cork product - it's such a great model to have people return their wine corks to stores for re-use. I find that the new ReCORK soles feel springier and more comfortable that the old soles that I relied upon. I have been using them in my Saucony running shoes for 2 months now and they feel great. I wear size 8 1/2 or 39 shoes and found that the size 7/9 insert fit perfectly without trimming. I hope that more companies will follow this model of using recycled materials to create an excellent product.

Love them x5-6!!!

I have flat feet and the insoles gave me the support that I needed. I initially purchased one pair and now I have purchased approximately 5-6 pairs in 2 years. Once I wear a pair out (3-4 months) I slide in a new pair. They fit great with minimal cutting. I also love that my foot does not slide around in my shoe.

Perfect for flat foot

I have flat feet and this footbed helped me to reduce the pain while wearing for long periods of time. I recommend this footbed as it has microbial and warm wool properties as well as the arch support.

Fixed my feet

I was a little skeptical for the price, but I was pleasantly surprised. My arches were collapsed from years of flat insoles, so my feet were pretty sore the first couple times I used these. But after a week or so, the pain went away and my feet straightened out. I now can walk and stand for hours without foot pain.

Life Changers

I bought these for my boyfriend who has the worst flat feet you have ever seen. He hasnt been able to enjoy walks or hiking in years. One day with these and his ankles didnt hurt andymore and he said he could feel it in his hip flexors. These have been life changing for him.

Game changer

I have genetic flat feet. I'm 44, and have lived the "strenuous life." Very active - hiker, power lifter, stone mason, former Marine. Over the last 4 years I've developed pttd, and over the last 5 months it's gotten very painful. As someone who can usually physically do whatever I want, having to avoid simple things like stairs has been very difficult physically and mentally. I have tried lace up ankle wrap braces, custom rigid orthotics that cost 1000.00 dollars, special shoes, and been religious about foot strengthening- they all sort of work, but there's always some pain. I have routinely been told "otc" orthotics aren't effective. Regardless on a whim I bought a pair of SOLE insoles, and after I put them in my gym shoes -INSTANTLY - the pain went away almost completely. I bought a second pair for my Danner hiking/work boots, with the same result. I can't wrap my brain around how there can be such an immediate dramatic change, but running up and down my stairs without a second thought or wincing in pain is absolutely amazing. I haven't worn them long, but they seem durable. I hope they hold up, though for this level of regained mobility, I'd buy a new pair every month if I had to. My hope is, as they are clearly relieving the strain on my tibial tendon and over pronation, over time with continued wear and foot strengthening I can reverse some of the damage done.


Great insoles

I’ve worn these for a little over a month now. I suffer from flat feet and really can’t walk or stand for long periods without orthotics. These ones have been great for comfort and they’re priced better than the brand I used to wear. Hoping to try out some of the thin ones next

Great product!

I'm a senior with flat feet and have been wearing custom orthotics for most of my adult life so was a bit skeptical about buying these. Based on the price of these compared to custom units I felt it would be worth trying. I must say that these SOLE insoles are fantastic, very comfortable, perhaps as good as my custom product. I've only been wearing them for a month or so, therefor can't speak on the durability of the insoles or whether they are providing the same support as the custom made orthotics. However I do feel the support is there and they are well made.

Nicholas Bontorno

Just what I needed

I have very flat feet and tried out these books to help with my walking and some pain I have in my left ankle. I've had these for about a month and wear them most days and they've really helped in how I walk and how my feet and ankles feel. The leather is very stiff and has taken a while to soften up, and it rubbed against my legs a lot at first. But besides this, I'm very pleased with these boots.

Expect break in period

I am a runner/athlete. Have been for decades. I'm 60 years old and very fit. I run about 25-30 miles per week. I do not have flat feet but my arches are NOT pronounced. Without support under my arches my feet get sore quickly. I have used MANY different types of insoles to support my arches. I have had relatively good luck over the years with top line athletic Dr. Scholl's and also expensive custom orthodics. Dr. Scholl's are a bit heavy and a bit squishy, due to the Gel component and lack of a hardened bottom, but have been okay. Customs have all been a crap shoot and have all been costly. $500 range. A friend made me aware of the SOLE product. I did a lot of reading and photo gazing and concluded that this is a product certainly worth trying. I am a shoe size 10.5 so had to trim the front of the insole to fit. No problem. They cut relatively easily with a good scissor and because I've had to trim about a hundred of the Dr. Scholl's I did not mess it up. I have put approx 50 miles on the SOLE's. They are light weight and have not caused any chaffing or callousing. Although the first few runs there was a bit of instep and toe rub. At first they did not fit my foot shape and seemed VERY ridged. But they have done what SOLE claims and have molded to the shape of my foot. I played hockey for years. I understand how this material works as Hockey Skates also need to be oven baked a couple of times and then worn to adapt to your foot and ankle. At this point everything is great. They're light weight, provide great arch support, there is no squishiness due to them not having a gel component, no heel bruising or tenderness, no foot odor. All good... I've ordered a second pair as well for my daily walking around shoes. Thank you SOLE for a great product.... 5 stars...

Great support for flat feet

I bought these to use in my 'barefoot' style hiking boots, as I tend to overpronate in these. I kept my foot in a proper arch (gripping the floor) while fitting the soles out of the oven to ensure a larger support through the medial arch. This worked great - feet didn't overpronate in the boots any more. The arch support could've been a touch more, and the midfoot support could've been a touch less to be perfect, but overall I'm happy with the insoles. Time will tell how long the insoles will last, but the materials are good and are flexible enough to not interfere with foot movement when walking, so they should be good for a while.

Active Thick Testimonial

I found SOLE from a list of top insoles to buy for flat feet. I bought the Active Thick because I am on my feet for 8plus hours a day. Before getting the insoles I would get home and my feet and knees felt terrible. A few days after having the Active Thick insoles in my shoes I felt ridiculously better

Great option

My experience of getting and trying these insoles was exemplary. They do not work for me. I have flat feet and am having trouble with metatarsal pain. The purchase through refund was completely painless - you can't go wrong to give them a try. The insoles appear to be very well made and they fit surprisingly well into my wide toe box zero drop footwear.

Timothy R McAlpine

The Bombdiggity of Flips

These are the bombdiggity! I have been wearing them essentially everyday for the last 2.4 years. The algae foam is insanely comfortable and molded perfectly to my feet. The synthetic nubuck strap holds my foot in place without being too restricting. The strap fits snug at first, but after wearing consistently in my house for a couple weeks, they fit like a dream! I love the lower profile for my flat feet, as the SOLE footbed provides all the support I need. If you suffer from tired feet and sore knees, these are a must buy!

Great for flat feet!

I wore this product for a couple of days, I primarily bought them for work. I didn’t expect them not to fit my work boots, I’m determined to find a home for them because I love the support they give!

Huge improvement

I got these footbeds because I have incredibly flat feet and I get a lot of foot pain on my road bike. These are perfect! They give just the right amount of support and cushion. My knees track straight now instead of pronating. I'm using these in Shimano RC9 shoes and they fit perfectly.

Combining Firm Support & Comfort

The Active Medium Met Pad SOLES are great. Firm, comfortable support with underpinning touchpoints throughout the sole of my feet. I use it mostly for recreational footwear since I have flat arch and pain develops with daily walks. But not anymore ! I am considering getting the thicker version for longer walks & hikes. l like smooth material, even without socks you won't know you're wearing them. Overall, great support & comfort.

Fits like a dream...

The instructions were easy to follow. Best of all, my flat feet feel well supported. Thank you for a quality product.

Great value, great product.

Always had issues with flat feet, requiring some form of support. These insoles were perfect for my run racing flats and immediately remedied the pain and blisters I was getting. I will be coming back for more pairs!

Debra Massicotte

Thank God for SOLE

I have flat feet and mild bunions with foot/back pain relieved by orthotics. However it is hard to find flip flops that accommodate orthotics. I bought a pair of SOLE flip flops years ago and they are my go to summer shoes and will be my indoor shoes all year. The fact that they are more eco-friendly is an added bonus and I recommend these sandals to family and friends.

Christa Bruns

Great sandals from a local company

I like how comfortable and waterproof these flips are. However, when I had the Raven Sport Flips, those provided more structure for my feet. In comparison, these are flat. I have bought many pairs of sandals from SOLE for myself and family. I keep coming back. I like supporting a Calgary company.

Carl Ulmer

Happy feet

My feet are so flat I can’t walk for ten minutes without orthotics on. I purchased these because when I’m at the pool or the beach I struggle to enjoy myself because I’m always thinking of ways to stay off my feet or stay in the water. I’ve had these sandals for 3 months and they have given me the freedom to enjoy what I love the most. Being around the water and being active. I should mention these sandals look great too. There is no indication they have any sort of arch support in them. Try a pair and I believe you will be happy.

Able to Hike Again

I started using SOLE footbeds three months ago and couldn't be happier. My bunions and flat feet used to get so painful from skiing, hiking, and long walks. I put the Active Medium with Met Pad in my shoes and never looked back. I was able to hike 20 km a day, several days in a row, with zero foot pain or discomfort. Before using these a 20 km hike would have had me in tears and out of commission for a few days. I did find the thick pad took a few days to fit properly to my foot but it was so worth it!


I am flat foot and my feet were hurting me so I decided to try SOLE to see how good they are. When I put them in my sneakers they were so comfortable and my feet didn't hurt. I love my SOLE footbeds and I am looking down the road to ordering more!

Simply, THE BEST!

I hope this helps you make your decision to purchase SOLE orthotics. I have flat feet and find this is the best I have tried. I have tried the SOLE with natural cork. I like them both. I have had custom orthotics and these SOLE orthotics are by far superior. I have tried the Superfeet brand also. The SOLE came out on top. With flat feet I needed to add additional arch support. I have had the SOLE product with and without the met pad. I prefer the met pad. I use these in all my shoes. I primarily work all day on my feet on concrete. I don’t run so I cannot attest to that aspect of their use. They do work well in biking shoes, hiking boots, and athletic shoes. Thanks Dave

Great insole

I have very flat feet and have struggled with foot injuries because of it. This insole with the met pad feels a bit different at first but ultimately relives my foot pain I have had for years. These insoles offers such great support. I have been fitted for very expensive custom inserts from my foot doctor but I hate wearing them. My custom made inserts are hard as a rock no padding and squeak like crazy. I have worn my SOLE inserts for a few weeks now and I'm sold on these. I love them. I have since bought two more pairs and sandals from SOLE. I hope they are all just as great. I'm so glad I found this company. Life changing.

William C Smith

Life changing

This is probably my 2nd or 3rd review of these footbeds, but who doesn't want another chance at $100? I've always suffered with fallen arches, (flat feet), and after visiting my Podiatrist who sold me my first pair of these in his office. For me, the thought of walking anywhere without SOLE support is like walking downtown without clothes on. I wouldn't consider it. My feet continue to plague me with other issues but the one constant source of help and comfort is this footbed. Pricey? Not when you consider the benefits of wearing these. Price for comfort, for health? Priceless.

Offers Stability

I have paralysis in both of my lower legs and feet. The insole provides arch support and stability. Otherwise I would stand and walk on a hard, flat carbon fiber footplate. The insole provides support arch support and decreases nerve pain. Also prevents my foot from moving side to side within my shoe.

Edward Barlak

The Best Foot Support

I have severe flat feet and this support is the ONLY one that actually works for me. I have been wearing this support for over 10 years now. I hope they never discontinue this GREAT support!

Edward Barlak

The Best Foot Support

I have severe flat feet and this support is the ONLY one that actually works for me. I have been wearing this support for over 10 years now. I hope they never discontinue this GREAT support!


Bunion Suffering, Foot Care Nurse Recommended

I have had bunions since the age of 13 and am now 36 likely related to flat foot arches. I first purchased one of these insoles to place inside my K-Swiss shoes (which I purchase in men's sizes despite being a women due to the larger toe box) a few years ago. I absolutely love these insoles. LOVE. LOVE THEM! I have had virtually no bunion-related pain since using these in my work shoes when previously I was on the surgical wait list for bunion removal surgery. For more context, I am a nurse who works acute care; 12 hour shifts most of which is spent speed walking through the unit. I can't say enough good things about these insoles. My feet are no longer in excruciating pain by the end of my shifts -- and this has remained true through the 2-3 years that I have used them. I am still happily using my first purchased SOLE insole in my work shoes and ended up buying another pair for a video review and to use in a new pair of work shoes that I am currently breaking in. I tell EVERYONE about these insoles because I love them so much.

Wow - my feet feel great!

I have flat feet, which cramp and ache when doing things like skating and skiing. I used these inside my xcski boots and cannot believe the difference. My feet no longer hurt / ache across the bottom, and when I take off my boots my feet are just ... there. Gone is the intense throbbing followed by deep aching that would continue sometimes an hour or more. These insoles have removed sore feet from my excuse pile!

Roy R Plana

Good boot to provide support when outdoors

Bought the boot since I needed stability support for my flat feet and one I could use outdoors in the winter. I have the SOLE shoe and because of the support quality, using the boot will allow me to use it during winters in Wisconsin. SOLE shoes have shown to last long as far as continuous foot support and keeping its wear and tear quality.

Roy R Plana

Quality Continues with this Slide

Replaced my current Slide with this and it continues to meet my needs. Specifically, I have flat feet and need the SOLE stability in the arch to avoid pain. I had my prior slides for over five years so the return on investment is excellent. The soles are still in great condition, I just wanted to get a new pair. The only suggestion is that the seam on the band on top simply eroded. I tribute that to a lot of wear, both inside and outdoors for many years.

Great fit, great feel

These inserts fit my adidas everyday shoes and my new balance cross training shoes perfectly and feel very comfortable while providing the arch support I needed. I have flat feet so arch support helps keep my knees from hurting when doing sports or athletic activities.


I purchased these for cross country and downhill skiing, as I have flat feet and suffer arch pain. Since the first time I wore these I have not suffered from arch pain or cramping. Bonus is that my feet are less tired; I no longer have pain radiating from my heels and under the ball of my foot after skiing. Absolutely transformative experience

Niral Merchant

Excellent Product

As a long term sufferer of flat feet and plantar fasciitis, foot pain used to be my norm. I then discovered custom orthotics but with limited application and use. When I discovered SOLE my life changed! I could go back to doing all of the things I loved. And wear multiple types of shoes and sports equipment! SOLE products are amazing and my go-to now! Thanks

michelle giguere

Amazing footwear

I had previously purchased the slide sandal and was disappointed because they don't fit my feet properly. I was thrilled to see the upgrade made to the slide! The velcro ajustements made all the difference. I can now adjust them to my long but ridiculously flat feet LOL!! I love them, the sandal is very comfortable as always, giving me the met and arch support I need. They are my slippers and all year round sandal. Awesome product!

They beat custom inserts

I have been wearing SOLE inserts for 3 years now. I am very flat footed and have tried many different kinds of custom inserts, never getting the relief I have found using SOLE. I am on my feet many hours of the day, on a cement floor and uneven grounds. My feet are much happier using SOLE than my custom inserts. This time I tried the Met Pad and it is even better! I bought 2 more right away. If you haven't tried SOLE inserts yet, you should definitely give them a try. You won't regret it.

Beyond expectations!

I bought these for my boyfriend who has struggled with foot pain due to having flat feet. It's been two months since he started wearing them and they have done wonders for his pain. They fit great and seem to be holding up very well. I was hoping they would help even just a little bit but they've helped a lot and I'm very pleased with this purchase!

Great quality

I have used the work boot then tried the medium for casual shoes and now these in dress shoes. They work period. Only thing you need to be aware of is that your current shoes or shoes you consider purchasing need to have a removable insole in them. I just bring them with me when I try on the shoes. Would recommend if you have low to no arches and knee issues which can be caused by flat feet.

Helped me stand all day in comfort

I have very flat feet that made standing all day extremely painful. I got a job where I walk all day and I always went home in pain. I decided to get some SOLE insoles to see if they could help even the slightest bit and they did. I saw the return policy and figured there was no harm giving them a shot. Paired with a supportive pair of socks the pain is almost negligible. There's still some pain on long days but it's manageable and goes away after some rest! They helped me make my job manageable and made my time after work fun.

Michael Toth

Subtle and supportive

With super flat feet and low arches, I've been using SOLE inserts in all of my sneakers, boots, and cycling shoes for years. The insoles were a game changer for me. With the change to working from home full time this year, with no business casual footwear necessary, using a standing desk, my regular old flops were leaving my feet sore and tired. Enter SOLE flips. Nearly as supportive as their insoles (slightly cushier, which is perfect), my feet feel so much better at the end of the day. The Costa flip is subtle in style, no one will guess that you're wearing an orthotic pair. So far so good on about a month and half of daily wear, we'll see how long they last.


I purchased these after a recommendation from my chiropractor to correct my flat feet. I didn't know how much pain I was having specifically due to my feet and the lack of support my shoes were providing. I was able to put them in a pair of shoes I haven't been able to wear because they were so flat but now I can wear them everyday and I love them! I will say, putting them in a shoe with decent support seems to overcorrect but putting them in something with a flat sole is fabulous! The first week or so I felt my feet were a little sore after 5/6 hours of wearing but now I don't want to wear anything else and I cannot wait to get more!

Lori Roter

Happy Joints and Happy Feet

I am flat-footed (and pronate), and while I love thongs, they simply don't do the bottom of my feet and rest of my body any good. I usually end up with lower joint problems from my hips down to my ankles when I would wear traditional sandals. The arch support in the Costa Flip allows me to comfortably wear them (and actually walk long distances) without any pain during or after. It is such a nice change. I wear them often on walks that are often a good hour or so -- not just to wander around in! The bed has a nice amount of cushion, and I never experienced any blisters! Not even after my first wear.

Teresa G Torres

Solution for flat feet

I was born with flat feet. Now that I am in my 60's, recently retired, the pain in my feet had increased dramatically. A friend told me about SOLE. I bought the Mendocino support to wear in the house with bare feet or socks. This pair has made a real difference. The pain is gone most of the time as I have good support now.

Teresa G Torres

Solution for flat feet

I was born with flat feet. Now that I am in my 60's, recently retired, the pain in my feet had increased dramatically. A friend told me about SOLE. I bought the Mendocino Slide to wear in the house with bare feet or socks. This pair has made a real difference. The pain is gone most of the time as I have good support now.

DeborahJ Hansen

summer support

Enough of the flat, feet hurting flip flops of the past, the Mendocino is wonderful, comforting, and my go-to for the beach or walking down the street in the summer!

Saved my feet!

I normally don't write reviews but I thought it was necessary because these soles saved my feet! I bought these inserts for my peloton brand spin shoes that frankly are really thin really junky spin shoes. My large flat feet (M14) made it so after a ride my feet were hurting on the balls and heel of my feet to the point where I needed to ice daily. These inserts moulded to my feet and gave me the arch support I need to fit comfortably in the shoes and spin nearly pain free! Thanks sole! Highly recommend!

great insole

I have ordered 2 of these insoles for my boots. I have flat feet and they provide great comfort for working out and for work. I work in a clean room where we are on our feet all day long. My feet are now hurting less than before. I hope to get a lot of life out these insoles.

Gail M Libby


I have flat feet and these sandals help with arch support. I have right foot pain due to this condition and I can wear these sandals all day and have no pain. I also like to use them as house slippers as it is uncomfortable for me to go barefoot. I love the fit and material of this sandal makes it very comfortable. This is my first pair but I will be purchasing them again as needed.

Bridget Walther

Excellent pair of shoes

I recently purchased this shoe and ever since I purchased this, I have almost worn them everyday. These shoes are especially delightful because of their built in arch because I have flat feet. I also love how these are versatile. For example, you could wear them as house shoes, at the beach, or just use them as regular everyday shoes. Last but not least, they can get wet which makes them even more useful in different situations.


OMG! Finally relief for my aching flat feet. Recommended to me by a physical therapist after a bout of plantar fasciitis that was excruciating. The therapist who also suffers from flat feet recommended them because he has them in every pair of his shoes for his flat feet. You can bet they will be in all of mine. I cannot thank you enough for this product. I just adore them.

Matthew Stroh


The first time I slipped my feet into a pair of SOLE flips I was Sole'd. I will never wear cheap, flat flips again. The arch support is awesome. I've never worn a more comfortable flip. I wear these around the house like slippers all year.

David A. White

Happy Flat Feet

I have had flat feet since I was born. I have tried other solutions but none work as well for me as SOLE. I have about 7 pair for different footwear. Thin, medium an thick. All are customized by me for my feet. These are simply the best orthotics available. I have been using SOLE orthotics for about 10+ years. They fit great an can be modified.

For pain relief and proper biomechanical alignment.

I don't have flat feet but I was wearing a particular tennis shoes ( which I did not do a flex test on as I never had plantar fasciitis in my life and for having played 7 days a week of tennis for 40 years) in 2012 which I didn't realize was flexing in the middle of the arch. I then developed bilateral foot pains. I recognized the symptoms and I knew I had plantar fasciitis bilaterally. I did the flex test on the shoes and I found the cause. So I tried the SOLE Active Thick insoles in the shoes and the pain went away in about 3 weeks without doing any treatments. I now use the insoles in all the shoes I have. The one thing that is great about is the immediate noticeable change in the force generating capability of the muscles when wearing arch supports or insoles. Initially, one can get tested without wearing insoles in standing position with arms stretched out to sides (90 degrees of abduction of both shoulders), and applying a downward force around the elbow /arms. Let the testee resist. Then test again in the same position wearing the insoles and apply the same downward force. The testee and the tester should feel a difference. It should be stronger. This the reason why I recommend insoles not just to my patients who need arch supports but also for athletes who want better performance.

Michelle Mason

First time buying and will get them again

I have very flat feet and they always hurt. I work in healthcare and stand a lot. I didn't think I needed the met pad, but I'm glad I got it. It may not be as long lasting as a synthetic insert with plastic support, but I like that this is a more sustainable option that gives me good support for a reasonable price.

Emily E Volkert

Overweight/Post Hip Surgery Win!!

This product helps my flat feet! It decreased my pain after my hip replacement. I've been wearing this for a few months and I ONLY hurt when I DON'T wear them. As an overweight person I was concerned they wouldn't be for me, but I love them, they are great construction, support me well. I have wide feet, but these fit great. They fit good in my tennis shoes. They feel good on my feet, the top is a felt like material and very soft when I wear flats without socks. So comfortable, I plan on purchasing an active footbed and a pair of sandals for this summer!! Can't wait!!



Too many years wearing flat flip flops and sandals has left my feet in pain. Theses flips are so comfortable on my soles. I did have to wear them just a few hours at a time to get used to them, but soooo much better than what I used to wear.

Fantastic Soles

I am a bit old and overweight with flat feet and worn out knees, but I love to hike! Where I live there are many trails in the mountains and rough Andalusian country side. There's a lot of up-and-down, steep paths. I recently switched over to Altea Lone Pine 4.0 trail shoes and paired them with SOLE Wide Thick foot beds. My first hike was a tough route of 17 miles with 3,700 accumulated elevation ascent and descent. I packed along my well-used Brooks Cascadia with traditional fit SOLE Thick footbeds just in case. But no problems and many hikes later I'm so pleased I have already bought a second pair of the SOLE/Altra combination! My feet and my knees are responding well, both for long hikes and on steep descents. I fully recommend SOLE footbeds!

Supreme comfort and support

My podiatrist recommended these to me and in fact sold me my first pair. At 290 lbs I'm not a little guy and I wear size 13/14 extra wide shoes. I have flat feet. These insoles solve many problems for me. They give me arch support and provide much needed cushioning. I don't consider them a luxury but a necessity for my health. I can tell when it's time for a new pair by the pain in my feet. Oh yeah, while they're working I'm walking pain free. I've tried other brands and nothing else comes close. These are the best. If this doesn't fix your feet, according to my podiatrist, the next step is custom made orthotics. This is the best product, best quality, most recommended foot sole support out there.



I was skeptical this will be of any help, i have flat feet, this sandals feel amazing

David Gonzalez


Excellent product! I have extremely flat feet and have been wearing orthotics my whole life. This is a sturdy, solid sport slide. Extremely comfortable and keeps my foot in place. I wish I would of gotten them years ago!

Supreme comfort and support

My podiatrist recommended these to me and in fact sold me my first pair. At 290 lbs I'm not a little guy and I wear size 13/14 extra wide shoes. I have flat feet. These insoles solve many problems for me. They give me arch support and provide much needed cushioning. I don't consider them a luxury but a necessity for my health. I can tell when it's time for a new pair by the pain in my feet. Oh yeah, while they're working I'm walking pain free. I've tried other brands and nothing else comes close. These are the best. If this doesn't fix your feet, according to my podiatrist, the next step is custom made orthotics. This is the best product, best quality, most recommended foot sole support out there.


A sole with soul

I saw this insole with met pad and wondered if it was better for me than the regular SOLE insoles. I have tried thick and thin, active and performance over the years but not the met pad until now. I was a little unsure how a met pad would feel but I found out that it is comfortable for my flat feet. It is not too much different than the regular insole but provides a little extra support for the middle of the foot. If you are experiencing pain in that area the met pad is worth a try. It isn't big enough to hurt but is noticeable as a little support under the foot, a slightly different feel, just like having more arch support compared to flat insoles. For me the SOLE insoles work as well as a custom orthotic, and for the same cost of one custom orthotic I can put a SOLE insole in each pair of shoes I have.


Comfort, Value, Style...Worth It!

I have been enjoying SOLE footbeds for a few years, and decided to try a pair of cork flips...I used to spend $10 every few months on cheap, flat, rubber flips that provided NO support to the arch...Now, after wearing these cork flips for a few months; I can't wait to get my work boots off, wash up, and enjoy the support of the cork...!!! Initially, they take some getting used to...if you accidentally step on them, while barefoot, but not wearing them; because they are very robust in their construction, (and NOT flat, lifeless, rubber, like the cheap versions), it is possible to experience discomfort, IF one places weight on the flip in ANY other position than the intended...(so don't do that!)....but because of the firm construction, I have yet to stub my toe...or have the leading edge curl under during a misstep and abrade my toe on the pavement...the support provided by my SOLE cork flips is unsurpassed...I have spolied myself with the use of sole footbeds in the past; to the extent that I cannot wear any shoes without the Footbeds Inserted, I enjoy the arch support that much....I am not sure of the name of the part that goes between the toes; (thong, perhaps?), but the cloth version is preferable to the rigid plastic version, in my opinion... So, if you are in the market for a new set of flips this summer, or even just for around the house; take the plunge into comfort of cork, (they become more comfortable the more you wear them!), and wonder why you waited so long...!!! (Your feet will thank you.)

Tough, Durable, Comfortable

I have been wearing these insoles for almost a year at work. I work on my (flat) feet for 9 hours a day, 5 days a week, often while carrying or moving heavy food containers. I love these insoles: I love the fit, love the support, and these are the only insoles that don't hurt my heels by cupping them either too loosely OR too tightly. If the quality doesn't change with these I am confident I will continue to use them as long as I work.

Zero Drop - SOLE Gets it Right

SOLE inserts were recommended by my orthopedist for flat feet. I bought these to fit Altra running shoes which are zero drop. I had tried other inserts but found out they were not zero drop and the increased heel height caused pain. No insert should add heel height. The Active Wide Medium fits well in the toe box. Since I wear a half size, I ordered the larger size footbed and trimmed it. Love my shoes with SOLE footbeds!

Shannon Harder

Best Flip Ever!

I can't say enough good things about the Del Mar Flip! My flat feet are very prone to Plantar Fasciitis, and I wear these supportive flips all day every day with no pain!

Michael Culhane

THE best flip flops

I have issues with my feet due to a genetic disease so it's difficult to find a pair of flips that not only fit my feet but also support them. Living in the desert and being a boater my SOLEs are worn daily and for all day long. I first started wearing them years ago when had flat foot issues and have worn them since. I've tried many other expensive brands but keep coming back to SOLE!

Amazing footbeds!

These footbeds have saved my feet. I can stand much longer in my shoes, and they also make exercise much more enjoyable. My flat feet no longer suffer!


So Comfortable!!

These are super comfortable. I especially love how you can adjust the straps to get a custom fit. I had surgery on my toe and still had a little swelling on the top of my foot. With the adjustable straps I'm able to wear these sandals without any issues. These are also great support for my flat feet. I am on my feet a lot so I need shoes with tons of support. Thanks SOLE for taking care of all the sore feet in the world!!!

Feet saver

I work construction as a welder/maintenance mechanic. I either stand still for long periods of time or walk a lot carrying materials all day. My feet are not flat but my arches need support as they collapse as I walk and stand. I've been using SOLE active thick, SOLE casual medium and SOLE active thin in all my work boots, tennis shoes (Nike, Adidas, Vans) and I couldn't be happier with their performance.

Trent Cummings

Top-quality insoles!

I've been wearing my new SOLE insoles for a few weeks now and I'm really enjoying them. They've all but eliminated much of the pain I experience as an individual with flat feet and they fit in a variety of the shoes I own (professional and leisure styles). Definitely looking like I'll be a repeat customer!


Only flip flops I'll wear!

I have skinny, long feet with high arches and finding a comfortable flip flop that disn't hurt my feet was impossible, until SOLE started making flip flops. I have been using the insole inserts for years, but I had been unable to enjoy wearing flip flops. I love my SOLE Casual Flips so much I bought a pair for everyone in my family. They all love them, from my flat footed stepfather to my mom with high arches, to my wide footed husband. My only wish is that they would make them in childrens sizes. I have been buying them for a while and wear them all summer and most of the spring and fall. With my constant use most of them have lasted at least two years.


Flip flops

These are the most amazing flip flops ever. So supportive and comfortable. Helps with my flat feet.

Best insoles for flat feet or fallen arch

These are the best insoles if you have flat feet or fallen arch support. I have tried many brands but only these gave me relief from my pain. I have three sets of insoles and flipflops too.

Linda Smulka

Recovering with Sole support

My daughter recommended SOLE when I needed to carefully choose a new sandal. She wears her slides constantly because they are THE most comfortable thing she puts on her feet. She runs and these are great for recovery, as well as for general, daily wear. She knew that I was looking for a supportive, adjustable sandal as I neared the end of my recovery from plantar fasciitis. I have flat feet, over-pronate, and wear orthotics so I need more than an ordinary sandal. My usually reliable Birks were too hard on my tender heel. My Finns weren't cutting it with enough support and inserting my orthotics into the Finn base was not cushioned enough. The hot days of summer had arrived and I needed something cool yet supportive to prevent the plantar fasciitis from worsening and disabling me again. This slide is super comfy and has been supportive enough to meet my needs for a sandal. SOLE are great for summer's many water situations too. Soles were the answer for all my sandal needs.

Scott Moore

Sole Footbeds are a Godsend.

My recent purchase is simply a continuation of what I now expect from SOLE; the best. I've been using SOLE footbeds for four years. I have osteoarthritis In both knees. SOLE provided a product that both formed an arch in my flat feet as well as improving the alignment of the structure of my legs. This allowed me to delay a TKR in my left leg for two years and almost stopped the deterioration in my right knee. Thank you!

Best insole i ever tried

I have been a runner all my life. i am now 60 years old. Due to long distance running and a job which requires standing all day my feet have become flat. Almost no arch at all. These insoles have changed my life. After trying various insoles that cost more than three times the price of these I finally have found the best insole on the market. Even better than the ones I had custom made from my doctor. I was told at the shoe store that my podiatrist recommended that she had never seen such feet as flat as mine. She couldn't believe I did not have an arch. It is a result from running on pavement and standing on hard cement floors. These insoles support my feet like i have an arch again. it has also helped my back and knees although I never thought i had a problem with either. Thank you for making such a superior product and please continue to do so. i don't know what I would do without your product.

Derek Tsui

Who knew?!

My whole life, I've been wearing the regular surf branded flips that were flat and soft, aka "comfortable". I didn't think anything of it other than I needed something to slip on on a hot day. After I received my Beach Flips, my feet were thanking me! Solid sole foundation, great arch support, and supports waste reduction. Who knew flip flops were just as important to support healthy feet?!


Awesome products!

I absolutely love these shoes. My feet are flat and ligaments messed up from 31 years of teaching, standing on my feet all day. My shoe size went from a 9 to an 11 in a couple of years. The sole inserts have been a lifesaver. I was wearing made-to-fit orthotic inserts, very, very expensive and not covered by insurance. About 2 months ago I discovered the inserts at an REI store here in North Carolina, decided to try them. Oh my gosh, I can't begin to tell you what a difference they've made in my everyday activities. These things are awesome! I currently own 5 pairs of the inserts, and don't have to switch them from shoe to shoe. Five pairs of the made-to-fit would cost $1600+. Then, I discovered the sandals. Again, another awesome product! Because I have to wear compression hose due to poor circulation, I can't wear any kind of flip flop, and slides tend to fall off. For the first time in many years, I can wear something other than tennis shoes or hiking boots. Love these sandals, please keep them coming.

Colin James

Love them!!!

I love these Flips because I have flat feet and need insoles in my shoes. These are the only Flips I've ever had that my feet are comfortable in. I live in Hawaii so I wear them every day. I'm a customer for life! I just bought another pair.


Great shoes!

My podiatrist recommended these shoes (I have PTTD that I'm treating along with tailor's bunions) and they are wonderful. I am thankful for your customer service rep's recommendation to go up a size as well. I am an 8 and she suggested a size 9, and the fit is perfect. The sole is wide enough to accommodate my entire foot, while other brands' soles are too narrow for my flat feet. The straps are comfortable, and do not bother my bunions. Thank you so much for these! I feel like they were made for me.

John Russell

Just the best

I have extremely flat feet and pronation, which causes foot pain, knee pain and especially lower back pain. I found SOLE about 5 years ago and have remained a loyal customer because I DON'T LIVE IN PAIN ANYMORE! I simply will not put shoes on my feet without a pair of these footbeds in them. Everything I own - dressy wingtips, casual boat shoes, sneakers, golf shoes, hiking boots, winter boots - all have a pair of SOLEs in them! I even bought their flip flops, which have been a summer time Godsend.

A great sole

My husband and I were traveling fromMaine to Florida and somewhere during the trip, I lost one of my insoles. As soon as we landed inFlorida we set out to find a new pair. At a running store, we came across Sole and they are the best over the counter insoles I have ever had. I have suffered with flat feet since a child and have had a few bouts of plantar fasciitis. These are an excellent product and I will be purchasing a pair for my golf shoes, and two more pairs for my other sneakers.

Tammy Brooks


I put these in my moccasins cuz I love those boots, but they are flat shoes, so I cant wear them without being in pain due to my low arch. I then put these in my flat tennis shoes I found for playing tennis. The difference in how I played because of these flat shoes, but with the support of the sole thin inserts is so huge!! These shoes have zero support, but with the inserts, I can feel the ground, am light on my feet & I now run and jump all over the court! The doubles groups I play with are amazed at my immediate progress in tennis. I say... It's the shoes!!... But only because of these sole inserts! Just fantastic!

Christopher Lundquist

Great Product

I have had my Softec Ultra's for about 2 years now, and they have had a dramatic impact on my feet. I was told by my chiropractor that I was flat footed, which I never thought about before, and also effected the pain level of my sciatica problem, but after getting these new soles and doing a couple of sessions with the chiropractor he helped me to be able to walk aging with minimal pain.

Greig Taylor

Comfort Guaranteed

As a member of the armed forces we are on our feet a lot, both in boots and trainers. I had an issue with the old issued boots and got Altberg peacekeeper aqua's instead. Trying on these new boots they were SO comfortable yet supportive, however when adding these insole's, if i was blindfolded i would have said i had another pair of boots that were so much more comfortable than the Atlbergs. I now even stand (being flat footed) with a better pronation. I cannot recommend these insoles enough. They are the Dogs...

ibai Demirdache

Can't live without them!

I love my Sole Exhales. I wear them around the house with the back flipped down and they're so comfortable! I even use them to exercise - I have a cross country ski machine and my feet will slide out of the foot straps when I wear my runners on the machine. Can't do it bare foot because I have flat feet and it hurts too much. One day I got on with my Exhales and it was amazing. They don't slip and provide great support!

Feet Savers!

I bought two pairs of these Sport Slim Soles two years ago for my hockey skates and downhill ski boots. They made a huge difference in the comfort of my skates. I have plantar fasciitis and flat feet, and my skates feel like slippers now! My ski boots felt like they were crushing my foot downwards. Now I feel like I have some arch support, and my feet sit more neutral in the boot. I will be buying more pairs for my walking/running shoes and motorcycle boots. Thanks for making such a great product!

Great! But one further improvement

I've got four pairs of these and they work great for my flat feet. I've got $300+ custom foot beds and they are just as good. But like others have reviewed it would be nice if they could make a narrower pair. The thins are great and works in more of my shoes & sneakers, but not all due to the width of them. Come on Sole get them in the design and production stages, pretty sure you'll sell them. BTW their socks are great too!!! thanks again

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SOLE Footbeds have saved me from surgery

I have flat feet which has resulted in plantar fasciitis and achilles tendinitis. SOLE footbeds along with brooks dyad sneakers has relieved pain, allowed me to continue to run, and saved me from surgery.

Brian Darr

I will never run or even stand for long periods of time without wearing them

I am 52 year old who has been using Soles for over 5 years now. During that time, I have gone from running 5Ks and a few 10Ks to completing Ironman Florida. Throughout all of my training and competing, I did not suffer any major injury. I have realatively flat feet and both feet are different. The Soles have formed to give me the support and cushion that I need. I will never run or even stand for long periods of time without wearing them.

Victoria Day


I have been using Sole inserts in my walking shoes for the past year with great results for my foot pain due to over-pronation and flat feet. So, I was thrilled to see these sandals. I was concerned that they would not fit my size 10 narrowish foot, but they are perfect for me. I am very happy to find such a well made and comfortable product. Please make lots more styles of shoes and sandals:-)



Sixty-two years ago I was born with flat feet so I've always needed arch support. All the products that I tried, over the years offered varying degrees of service life with a max of say... 3-months! I bought my 1st pair of SOLE's over a year ago. Within hours of using this product, sciatica and low back pain disapeared! Whats-more? I get 3-times more service life out of my footwear AND the original pair of SOLE's are still in service! I love these things...they have saved me $$$ too.

MJ Thomas


Most orthopedists will tell you that they will get rich as the flip-flop craze is ruining young peoples feet and backs; wearing something with zero support 24/7 that were designed for wearing at the beach. I’m so glad my Orthopedist turned me onto Sole flips. For someone with pretty flat, pronated feet, your flips actually support the foot; give you an arch, etc. It’s like a flip that’s an orthotic – but the great part is they look like regular flip-flops – not like ortho-flips! I think Sole could do a little better with the color combos, they seem to either be a big bore, or they are “too out there”. I don’t know a lot of guys who will wear bright green and white, the blacks are just too black. I think you are on the right track with the more recent different grays. Keep up the great work! They are pretty expensive for a totally synthetic shoe. How about some leather straps? Even some leather foot beds would be great too.

Scott Mizufuka

the best...

I've had two pairs of sole sandals and love them. I first saw them in runner's world and wanted to give them a try. They're amazingly comfortable and supportive never losing their shape especially in the midfoot arch area. I have flat pronated feet and they provide great support. I've referred others to buy them and have bought them for bday/xmas gifts. I've heard nothing but positive things about sole sandals!

cindy mihora

The ONLY Flip-Flip if You've had Plantar Faschitis!

Like many runners out there, I developed plantar fasciitis and was stuck wearing only my sneakers with insoles for months. After finally "recovering" (although I believe this is a chronic condition and once you get PF, you are prone for reoccurence), these flip-flops were an AMAZING new option for me that provided support, structure, and comfort. If you've ever had arch problems, you will know how terrible ballet flats and normal flip-flops are for your feet. Seriously try these flip-flops and your arches will thank you!


Happy to say they were love at first fit

I’ve been using Sole brand orthotics to correct my functional hallux limitus with associated exostosis (in other words – a painful bunion and flat feet). I’ve tried a variety of orthotics (orthopaedic insoles that go in the shoes to correct poor alignment) with varying success. A couple of expensive custom-made pairs – one from a physiotherapist and the other a biomechanical podiatrist – were both failures for me. I then tried a pair of Tulis but they weren’t quite right. I then was given a pair of Superfeet which I liked even more. I think this is a good brand for many people. And then along came Sole and another sample for me to try. Happy to say they were love at first fit. The Sole orthotics have a slim fit range which fit nicely into all of my shoes (of course they’re all roomy MBTs with removeable insoles which helps). Ideally, have them fit by a physiotherapist or podiatrist who can put the feet in the right position. In my case, I’ve been able to use them without the molding but probably would have an even better result with it. So now I carry Sole orthotics in my physiotherapy practice. For more complex biomechanical problems, I tend to send my patients to a local podiatrist.


What a difference!

Feet were sore, doc said to try arch supports. No big deal right? Wrong. Tried 7 (yes, 7!) different brands of arch supports over the past year. All of them had something I didn't like - too wide, too flat, no heel support, moved around, you name it. Finally I went to custom shoe shop locally and saw the Sole inserts. Salesman swore by them, said fully guaranteed if they didn't work. What can I say other than they feel great, actually fit in my dress shoes, and support my entire foot. I love the firm support under the top cushioning. I've found that if the support is not firm enough, I can really feel it after a long day. A negative would be that they are still slightly thick enough to mess with some dress shoes - making the shoes feel tighter. I had to "rip out" some of my stock inserts to get the Soles to fit correctly. None the less, I completely recommend these!

Marcos Lara

Best insole for PF!!!

I've been suffering from Plantar Fasciitis for a couple of months now and was told to lay off of running and cycling. The doc is not allowing me to ride, so I purchased the Slim Sport Insoles. What a difference! These insoles provide so much more than the ones that came with my tri shoes. As soon as I tried them one, I knew my feet would feel better. Thanks YourSole! My flat ailing feet are already feeling better. Don't hesitate to buy these.

Robert Chatillion

I will never go back to flat sandals again

I will never go back to flat sandals again. My feet and back love the support of the Sole design. Well done! Nice logo too.


I can wear sandals again!

I have flat feet, so would be in pain for days if I wore any type of sandals or flipflops. Always use the Your Sole inserts in my shoes. Now I can wear them all the time - PAIN FREE! Worth every cent! I have two pairs now....more to follow too!

Bill Tank


I haven't tried the black ones yet, but I think the brown ones from last summer are great. I have flat feet and the arch support that I need works great. I have had surgery on one foot for tarsal tunnel and plantar faciaitis in the other foot. These flip flops are as comfortable as my shoes w/ custom made orthotics. I live in the Bay Area in CA and I wanted to wear them every day and could have if it had been appropriate. I trust the black ones have a similar contour.

Rick VanDerWegen


I was having alot of pain in the arch of my foot for 7 or 8 months. I went to the docter and I was told that I had flat feet and was suffering from Plantar Fasciitis. He wanted me to get prescription ortho's. After being looked at by the Physical Therapist he recommened that I give the Sole Softec Regulars a try. I was amazed at the relief that this product has given me. I ordered another pair along with a pair of your plantinum sandles. Awesome product.

Steve Gray

Game On!

This SlimSport footbeds turned out to be the ticket I needed to up my game in the local MTB Racing scene. I wore Sole's regular footbeds in my hiking boots, though never bothered to put any in my cycling shoes. And not doing so, with my flat feet, caused me serious pain after long endurance races. My knees would pay the price! Found these SlimSports to be the perfect fit for my high-end Italian made Sidi race shoes. I spinning is corrected and I haven't suffer knee pain since I started using these...a little bit of numbing in the big toes, though I blame that on the toe box of the shoe being a bit narrow. I'm constantly changing these out between my running and cycling shoes, so I definately need to pick up another pair. Thanks for a great affordable footbed that last. Not all of us have the insurance coverage to get custom footbeds made for us. -Steve


I'd recommend this company to anyone

The footbeds are awsome! I have flat feet and have paid up to $400 for custom orthodics and I can hardly tell the difference between them and my SOLE footbeds. You guys have good customer service, very personal. Yes, I'd recommend this company to anyone.

Daune Neidilg

I am 65 years old and without the SOLEs I could not walk

I have flat feet. I am 65 years old and without the SOLEs I could not walk. My feet just crash. With them I am training for a triathlon. I walk every day(for exercise), bike, run and swim. My son gave me a pair for Christmas 2 years ago and they are the best thing that ever happened to me!


This product is outstanding

Flat arches were causing alot of pain especially when walking around the house in my bare feet. With the new sandals I can even stand in the kitchen and cook for long periods of time on a hard floor with no pain. This product is outstanding and I have recommended it to my physical therapist for some of his patients to try.


All SOLE footbeds are backed by our 90 day footbed guarantee. If you don’t love them for any reason, contact our customer service team for a full refund.

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