Only footbeds I get!

I have flat feet and will get pain in foot/ankle or shin splints with support. I have these in every single pair of my shoes and they really make a difference. I can especially notice when I walk around bare foot too long. I wish there were sandal options with this exact support!

Worth a try!

I bought the Performance Thick to insert into my Manitobah mukluks so I would be able to enjoy them again! They have been amazing! My leg pain aka shin splint ache at night has all but disappeared. I wear them all day as my slippers! After the first week I noticed the change and then after 6 weeks, it is no coincidence. I like them just as much as the custom orthotics that cost 10 times the price. Highly recommend!

Brian Mallette


Was having some issues with shin splints. And a fellow runner suggested I check out SOLE. So glad I did. The new insoles are comfortable and give me the support I was needing. My shin splints had subsided after a few runs with the new insoles.


Great Insoles

I have high arches (supination) and constantly suffer from shin splints and plantar fasciitis. I've had to wear custom insoles since I was a teenager and over the years, I've spent a lot of money on over the counter ones and even custom made insoles from the podiatrists. Even my doctor recommends that I stop doing high impact exercises such as running, which I enjoy. I stumbled upon SOLE a few weeks ago and thought I would give them a try. These insoles provide excellent arch support. My feet don't hurt nor ache after walking and running. They're as good as my custom insoles which cost around $300-$500. I also like that they're heat moldable. Overall, very happy with the product and will buy a few more for my other shoes.


After wearing inexpensive flip flops for many years, my Chiropodist recommended I search the SOLE website after battling for the last couple years with achilles tendonitis and side foot pain. I have a flat foot and have battled with shin splints as well for years. I visited your website and purchased 2 pairs of flip flops - Baja and Laguna. I loved them both...especially the Laguna pair. I no longer have the pain on the side of my foot or my achilles pain now that I wear these daily. It provides the support I need and gives me the arch in my foot that I have needed all this time. In fact I just recently purchased another 2 pairs of your sport flip flops and love them as well. In fact, I wear them everywhere I go now. I am a highly satisfied customer and have promoted this product to friends as well. :) I will continue to search the site for upcoming new products.

Lifesavers, but.......

Bought the Baja Flip a few months ago. Absolutely love what it does. Stopped my plantar fasciitis and calmed those shin splints after a tough day on my feet. A little disappointed that the heel portion of the sole is already starting to wear down since the biomechanics of the sandal are so tough. All in all a good sandal!

say goodbye to foot pain

Best insoles I have ever worn. I had horrible plantar fascia and shin splint pain and now it is completely gone. Thank you, SOLE!


Best footwear & best service

I spend a lot of time in sandals & have tried almost every top brand available as I found walking long distances in them uncomfortable. I've suffered everything from bruised soles to shin splints over the years. Then I was bought a pair of Sole flips, the difference is amazing, shock absorption and foot support is second to none. The service is outstanding, replacing my initial pair with smaller without quibble. Never again will I be suffering from wearing those overpriced Brazilian and German equivalents which just do not compare in quality or service. My feet thank you.

Dan S.

No More Shin Splints

I'm a football referee and I used to get terrible shin splints. During a game one of the athletic trainers could see that I was hobbling a bit and was in pain so he asked what the problem was, after explaining how I get very painful shin splints he told me about Sole inserts. I got my first pair 2 years ago, which I still use to this day, and haven't had even a hint of shin splints since. My Soles have also dramatically improved my lower back pain. I can't rave enough about Soles. I love them and will NEVER be without them again. Thank you Soles!

Jay W

For the last two years every practice and game has been a nightmare

I have really extreme overpronation and low arches and live a very active lifestyle. I play tennis and football for my college and for the last two years every practice and game has been a nightmare. I get really bad shin splints and for as long as I can remember Ive had to take 4 or 5 ibuprofen just to make it through practice and even then I was in pain. I tried these footbeds over my medical orthodics and miraculously have no pain almost instantly! These things are great and have me saying goodbye to the podiatrist and looking forward to practice!

G Mathew

The difference was night and day

The last few months, I've been experiencing the worst shin splints ever and recently started having plantar fasciitis every time I played basketball. I tried everything and my physio said I need to get orthos because my feet poronate too much. I didn't want to spend $400 so I tried out Superfeet, spenco etc until someone recommended soles. I just played my first game last week with the ultra softec and the difference was night and day. Where as I would want to get off every two minutes, this time i felt like I could play forever. Thank you SOLE.


My legs feel fine and I can run even more

I only recently started running, and while I am in good shape from surfing, my legs were not completely up to the task. I would get shin splints and just generally various sore muscles and such. Since I started wearing your soles, my legs feel fine and I can run even more.

Andy Collett

5 Star Insoles

I have suffered from Shin Splints for around two years on and off and have tried just about everything to get rid of them, physio treatment, resting and purchasing expensive custom made orthotics (that give me blisters). I refused to stop playing football at only 25. I stumbled upon these on the internet and after purchasing the insole I find that they offer the same support as the custom made orthotics if not better for a fraction of the price. Used these for the second time last night in my first league match and thankfully no blisters and no shin pain. Hopefully the end of my shin splints! Many Thanks to everyone at Sole for the fantastic insoles.


Thanks for the great product, I'll be a regular purchaser

Believe me, I've been doing nothing but spreading the word. I have a set of prescribed orthotics that I no longer use thanks to your insoles. The prescribed orthotics are too tall, too cushiony (shin splints as a result), and they have no padding to speak of after 1 monty of use. I use the ultras in my running shoes, (no more shin splints), and the regulars in my combat boots. Thanks for the great product, I'll be a regular purchaser.


I really do think they are an improvement over the custom orthotics

I am on my way to becoming a huge advocate of your product. I've been wearing custom orthotics from a doctor since I was 16(34 now) to correct pretty severe overpronation. The orthotics were pretty much a miracle cure for the last 18 years. I'm a regular, though not fanatic, runner and cyclist. Among other tings, my old orthotics got me through 4 years in the Marine Corps, One marathon, and a lot of training. I stick to the if it ain't broke, don't fix it" principle, and never considered changing anything until I started having some chronic tendenitis(I think) in my ankle a few months ago. It was really going out on a limb for me to try your product after all those years of success with my old orthotics. I am pleased to say that they are an absolute success so far. I've been running or cycling in them on a daily basis. no shin splints, the tentonitis has gone away, and I really do think they are an improvement over the custom orthotics. Anyway, I think you have a great product and that opinion becomes stronger with every passing mile!

Bobby G. Tindal

A great product that can be worn out of the box

I have used many off-the-shelf arch supports over the past ten years as an Orthotist for residents of Kansas. These people are soldiers and I see a variety of foot types. I average about 90 patients per week with approximately 70% having foot related problems. Most of these problems are associated with hyper-mobile joints of the foot causing a flattened arch. With most shoes or boots this flattened arch position is present due to inadequate insoles that are not conformed to every persons feet. Some of the problems are plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, shin splints, knee pain and sometimes hip and low back pain. SOLE has come up with a great product that can be worn out of the box or heat molded to fit a persons feet. These orthotics have proven to provide the contour that people need in their shoes and I often get requests for more than one pair. SOLE Custom Footbeds are a cost effective way to reduce the hyper-mobility of the feet comfortably without adjustments.

Maurice Heisig

You guys totally rock!

You guys totally rock! Not only do you have one of my absolute favorite products on the planet, but you also have terrific customer service. Can't ask for more. Just got out of Special Forces Assessment and Selection course. In one 5 day period we humped approximately 200 kilometers, cross country and under heavy loads. Thanks to my SOLE footbeds, Wellco Jungle boots, and InGenius socks, my feet felt great and no blisters. I am prone to shin splints and developed none during this course. To clue you in on the intensity of SF Selection, I lost 20 pounds of muscle while there even though we had plenty to eat. Honestly, I'm 37 years old and have less than 10 products of any kind that I swear by, will stick with and recommend whole heartedly to anyone caring to listen. Sole footbeds made my list this year. I now bring my Sole footbeds and Ingenius socks with me when I buy new footgear. If it doesn't fit with my footbeds in, I don't want it! The other Sole guys in the course with me agreed and we tried not to look too comfy when everyone else without them were suffering from blisters, bruises, etc. Thanks!

Dr. William McDonald

I find that I use your products for just about everything related to mechanics

I find that I use your products for just about everything related to mechanics - plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, but I also found that I'm able to utilize these and modify them often for types of tendonitis problems, shins splints, and mechanical types of things like neuromas and bunions and hammer toes. I'm able to add some padding to them and also mold them a little bit to the patient. I think they've held up very well. I've been using them since last summer at the APMA show and I think they're an excellent over-the-counter product.


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