a fantastic shoe

I have used SOLE footbeds for a couple of years now and saw ReCORK shoes on sale. I order a pair just to see how they worked. Right out of the box they were a perfect fit. A great combination of style, fit, comfort, these shows have become my go-to shoe for dressier occasions. I cannot wait until work gets back to more normal conditions and I have more need to wear them.

Almost perfect fit out of the box

I discovered SOLE footbeds a few years ago. I injured myself just before a hiking trip in American SouthWest and needed some extra foot support so that I could keep to the trip's aggressive hiking schedule. Shoe guy at REI recommended SOLE thick corkbeds and I have been a fan ever since. The District Recork Tour looked interesting and they were on sale. I am upgrading my look after losing a lot of weight and these appeared stylish and I know the comfort of the SOLE footbeds, so I purchased. Out of the box, it took a few minutes for the beds to adjust to my feet, but then they were perfect. Like my hiking companions on that trip, they provide comfort, support, and fun. I bought the black leather, but plan on ordering the brown leather as well. Now I have only been wearing these for a few hours around the house, but I like them almost as much as my Cushe slip ons that I normally wear. They just feel like a part of me. Great shoe!

great footwear.

Excellent shoe! I bought multiple pairs. Very comfortable, looks good and supportive. I use them at my work in recreation therapy all day walking around at an acute hospital rehab. I have high arches, narrow small feet size 9 for a 6 foot tall body. With wrong shoes or shoes that don't fit well I end up with lower back pain and cramps that radiate up my shoulders into my arms and fingers, triggering fibromyalgia. With good shoes like these I do not have any pain or inflamation. Thank you!

Eyes on these

Very happy with these shoes. They look great, are comfortable on my long, narrow feet, and brought me compliments from the many that noticed (before social distancing).

Fabulous Shoe

Stylish, great support, eco-friendly! This is a very comfortable shoe that initiates a lot of conversation. Love them! My only suggestion is they may run 1/2 size small, so order order accordingly.

More please!

Nicely snug, soft feeling fabric top & sides, and so very comfortable on feet even after standing all day! Perfect fit, true to size. Complete arch support for my high arches. I've been buying the shoe inserts for years, but It is wonderful to be able to wear stylish shoes again. The arch support in the shoe is even better than the inserts. I'm hoping even more styles are planned for the future! I purchased a male shoe as I liked the style better than the female options. My only suggestion is with the shoelaces as it comes untied often so you have to double tie it.


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