Fantastic shoe.

I love theses shoes! So much so I ordered a 2nd pair. These for me at least, fit like a glove. I am a big (fat) man. I can not just walk into a store and find things that fit. In most cases that includes shoes. I wear a 14. Which is not really that big. But it is out of the normal range in which shoe companies sell. My very first interaction with this company, was purchasing shoe liners. Great product. So I went the next step and ordered a pair of shoes. Which did take a bit to get here as they were originally on a crowdfunding platform. But, they did finally finish their campaign and I first got to try them one. I believe that it was the very next day I ordered another pair but different style from them delivery was much improved from the original pair. I now have 4 pair of their shoes different styles in 3 of them but only a different color in one. I only had a single issue with one shoe, but the customer service is phenomenal, considering most companies have a computer handle it. I still like talking to a human. But they did help me very quickly and in less than a week I returned in pair that I had an issue with and received the replacement. I highly recommend ReCORK and SOLE. Seriously I will be ordering more.

Totally awesome shoes!!

I bought the Men's District shoes for my husband's birthday. My husband has very sore feet from years of wearing safety boots at work. The shoes are very comfortable and gave my husband instant relief from his sore feet. Bonus. The shoes are so cool looking!

Incredibly comfortable shoes!

I have a long narrow foot, and it doesn't make sense to spend $300-$500 for every pair of work and dress shoes so that they fit my 11.5 AA foot. I used to just wear two pairs of socks (not always comfortable during a Gulf Coast summer, but SOLE has been a godsend! The inserts help my normal width shoes fit, but the District by ReCORK shoes I bought fit tightly, comfortably, and look fantastic. I feel fashionable and young, and I bound around my campus at work or through airports without wincing or losing my shoes. And they look great for casual or dress-up occasions.

ReCORK Shoes

I absolutely love these shoes and have been wearing them for a couple of months. They are light and comfortable. I also feel good that these shoes actually have a negative carbon footprint.


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