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SOLE Sustainable Sandals SOLE Sustainable Sandals SOLE Sustainable Sandals

Born in Innovation.

We exist to create radical change for good.

In the lives of our customers, and for the sake of the planet.

Mike Baker, Founder of SOLE

How we got here

After a back injury in the 90's, our CEO Mike Baker found relief using prescription orthotics, but couldn't believe how much they cost. Mike set out to create an insole that would give premium support for every activity and situation, at an affordable cost. In 2001, Mike launched SOLE in Vancouver, Canada.

Caring for people.

Physical and mental health start from the ground up.

Foot Pain Relief Thousands of Customers

Pain relief

We work to help our customers live pain-free and in comfort; to live without limitations and realize the full potential of their physical performance. SOLE footbeds and sandals provide pain relief and comfort that customers call 'life-changing'. Whether it's helping someone with plantar fasciitis start their day without pain, or helping people work long days on their feet in comfort, improving our customers' quality of life is at the core of all we do.

Mike Baker, Founder of SOLE

Backed by science

Our award-winning SOLE Signature Supportive Shape is based on thousands of foot scans and extensive clinical research. That's how we created products that are proven to reduce strain without controlling your natural movement. It's this commitment to respecting your body's biomechanics that makes us the first choice of elite runners, skiers, mountaineers and explorers.

Impact for planet.

We have a responsibility to consider our environmental impact in everything we do.

Foot Pain Relief Thousands of Customers

Responsible design

Innovative, purposeful design is at the heart of our company. We design to minimize our environmental impact in every aspect of what we do, from materials and processes right down to packaging.

Mike Baker, Founder of SOLE

We're mad about cork

We've been hooked on natural cork since we first learned about its incredible sustainability. In 2008 we launched ReCORK to collect and recycle wine corks. We then spent thousands of hours pioneering a whole new process for recycling natural cork, to create something that others had only dreamed of: a material with all the useful characteristics of petroleum based foams and plastics, but none of the environmental impact.

Foot Pain Relief Thousands of Customers

Carbon impact labeling

Every purchase has a carbon impact, and customers deserve the information they need to make informed purchasing decisions. In 2021 we launched CO2negative, an initiative to provide and advocate for carbon labeling of consumer products. SOLE products that are CO2negative Certified Carbon Negative remove more carbon from the atmosphere than they add, thanks to the carbon trapping power of cork.

Caring for communities.

We're committed to giving back to the communities that support us.

Mike Baker, Founder of SOLE

Giving back

Giving back is fundamental to who we are and we work every day to create positive change in the lives of others. We aim to make a meaningful difference in our communities through charitable donations, a partnership with Soles4Souls, employee volunteering and spearheading Brands For Better.

Foot Pain Relief Thousands of Customers

Brands for Better

We launched the Brands for Better Foundation to show what's possible when businesses come together to do good for their community. Brands for Better is a volunteer-driven not-for-profit on a mission to bring measurable positive impact to our hometown of Vancouver, Canada.

Foot Pain Relief Thousands of Customers

The Lightest Tread Podcast

We're constantly inspired by an amazing community of athletes, advocates, adventurers and people who really know feet! Our podcast, The Lightest Tread, features the wisdom and enthusiasm of these people, captured in casual conversation.

Foot Pain Relief Thousands of Customers

Our Blog

A place to showcase people profiles, company culture, and new releases; our blog is also a platform for sharing information and education on some of our more complicated challenges. Get to grips with what we're all about on The Lightest Tread blog.