Best footbeds

I have been wearing a variety of SOLE footbeds for over 10 years. Have plantar fasciitis and these footbeds work for me. I recommend these to anyone.

For the pretty shoes

These footbeds helped make my pretty shoes more tolerable.

Best footbeds

I’ve been wearing these footbeds for years!! I love them. They are thin enough to fit in several of my athletic shoes. And are very comfortable.

SOLE footbeds

After seeing my podiatrist, he suggested I try these. I have plantar fasciitis in my Left foot and find walking difficult without much pain. I have worn these for several months and no longer have problems with pain in my foot. I owe this to the footbeds. It has made a big difference in how far I can walk, which I enjoy as my main form of exercise. Thank you for this product!!


This is my second pair of SOLE’s, and I know I’ll be getting more in the future. I put these in a pair of running shoes, and they are PERFECT. I’m a size 10 or 10.5, and I use a women’s 11 footbeds. Love!!!

Great footbeds

I have previously used these footbeds for years and have found they give good arch support with sufficient cushioning to avoid heel pain. Of course they need replacing from time to time. I walk a dog, so they get lots of use.

Best footbeds on the market

Replaced my orthotics from my doctor!

The Best of the Best for me

I have now found the perfect SOLE footbed for me. This footbed is thin so there is is lots of space in my shoe and there is a Met Pad for support where I need it. I do have a couple of other SOLE footbeds which are very good and I bought when trying to find the perfect footbed for my foot…..and now I have found it.

Great footbeds

Had these in hikers for some time and they are great. The little extra width works for me.

Works great for running

I put them in all my shoes to keep my recurring plantar fasciitis from coming back. I do lots of miles running in them as an ultra runner and they work better than the custom footbeds I had earlier as they are more flexible

The very best for ski boots!

I swapped both my touring and alpine boots to these high volume wool footbeds to snug up my fit this season. They replaced the old Ed Viesturs model perfectly. Easy to work with for fit, including sanding edges, very moldable.

Great Support

These are the most effective footbeds we have used! Great price point too.

great standing comfort

I use these footbeds for all of my shoes. I started with my work shoes and since they were so comfortable, I bought more to fit all of my shoes. I do lots of activities that I stand like bank fishing and hiking. Needles to say now all of my shoes for those activities have my SOLE footbeds in them!

Changed my life

I’ve suffered with plantar fasciitis for 2 years and these footbeds got me active again.

Best footbeds ever

I have been wearing these for years and they were recommended by my chiropractor.

Excellent thin footbed

I am loving the thin footbeds. Excellent support just like the originals and great to able to fit into other shoes types. Would recommend.

Great for 4E

Great footbeds for 4E shoes. Very comfortable. I've found they fit more like factory insoles vs the medium thickness SOLE footbeds.


I had SOLE footbeds a few years ago and already knew they were good. My new trail runners had too much volume. A pair of the thick footbeds did the trick + made the shoes much more comfortable.

Perfect for what I needed

I am a fan of Altra sneakers because of the wide toe box but felt like I needed more arch support and stability in my heel. These wide footbeds are perfect and hardly take up any room in the shoe.

Super SOLE

Je porte les semelles au quotidien pour aider grir une factie plantaire et je crois et pour courir . Elles sont tellement confortable, que je vais en acheter pour tous mes chaussures. I wear the footbeds daily to help heal a plantar facetiousness and for running. They are so comfortable, that I will buy them for all my shoes.

A footbed so comfortable!

Everyday, all day long, this footbed makes me happy without feet pain even I stand up many hours.

A footbed so comfortable!

Everyday, all day long, this footbed makes me happy without feet pain even I stand up many hours.

Awesome footbeds!

Put them in my blundstones and they offer excellent support, very happy with them!

These are the ones

I have tried lots of different insoles and none work as well as SOLE footbeds. These footbeds are even better than my custom made insoles. No more pain at the end of the work day. Thanks!


As I'm getting older (51 next week), my feet had been suffering more and more with trail running here in CO. These footbeds have changed the game. Just exceptional. My feet no longer feel tired or sore. Love them!

Tremendous fo0tbeds

I have been wearing SOLE footbeds for 3 years now and they are excellent. The first ones I bought are almost as good as new. I was originally thinking they would only last a year. Much better than the competitor brand I bought from a local store when I first had plantar fasciitis.

Only footbeds our family wears!

Love the SOLE footbeds. Entire family has multiple pairs, use them in our daily shoes and our long distance trail running shoes. The met pad is perfect. Have tried many footbeds…including custom orthotics… and still our SOLE ones are always the most comfortable!

Supportive footbed!

I have used the medium footbeds in my workout shoes for years, and recently received the thin footbed for my dressier shoes. The footbed did not disappoint with the same support.

Excellent footbeds

Helps with my sesamoiditis (it's no a cure though). Fits in my Altra paradigm and lone peak runners perfectly.

Great footbeds

Myself, my husband and son use SOLE footbeds. I had a heel spur and they were recommended for me, and ever since I’ve had no problem with my foot. They fit well, are comfortable. Cheryl


I have serious ball of foot pain which is totally relieved with the met pad in these footbeds. Love them!

My feet don’t hurt

Absolutely love these Footbeds I’ve been using them for years and I would not trust any other insole ever

Best Footbeds EVER!

I buy these for myself and my tradesman husband and sons. They love them in their work boots! Great fit, great support - and less pain at the end of the day.

Best non prescription footbeds

I've used SOLE products flip flops/sandals and slides successfully and these footbeads are also very good. I have knee cartilage problems and they help me a lot.

Pretty solid footbed

I am planning to gift this to my dad. He hasn't tried it yet but the quality is quite solid!

Game Changer

These are excellent footbeds for hiking. Great support and comfort!

Best footbeds ever

Wearing it for years

Great footbeds!

I've tried several brands of footbeds but this one is the best so far.

A Foot Saver!

These thin footbeds were the answer when custom orthotics did not work for me. They are flexible and give good support. I wear them in shoes that have removable insoles and in roomy footwear that I cannot remove the insoles.

Excellent foot beds

Used primarily in thermal safety work/rain boots. With the high number of steps taken in a day, these foot beds make all the difference to my foot comfort, and subsequently to my back, since my feet are sitting with proper alignment. This is my 2nd set of the same footbeds. Love them.

Great footbeds for hiking

Got my SOLE'S about 3 months ago. Put them in my trail shoes and noticed a big difference right away. Excellent support (I have very high arches). They feel very firm, but can also feel the cushioning. We usually do one hike a week between 10 and 15 KM and woudln't leave home without them.

Active Thin with Met Pad Shoe Sole Review: Impressive Performance and Value

The Active Thin with Met Pad footbed has exceeded my expectations. It effectively alleviates foot cramps and is easy to thermoform. Despite its affordable price, it performs on par with my $650 orthotic sole. Highly recommended for its exceptional value and performance.

The ONLY footbeds you need

Proof that quality construction still exists! I have had two pairs of SOLE footbeds in the past 10 years, and the newer pair (currently 6yrs old) is still going strong. I bought these due to getting new boots and being unwilling to use the flimsy wafer soles they came with. I wasn't sure initially about the MET pad (since that feature wasn't in my last pair) so I first tried them in the very beat up military boots I have had for 8yrs..... they literally made them feel brand new again! And the great part about SOLE is, once I heated up the footbeds to fit them, I'm done. Just this week I slipped these into a new pair of sneakers, and without any issues they felt even better. No matter what footwear I put them in, the result is always more comfort and better performance. The only problem I have is that I don't have more shoes. There is simply no other footbed out there that can keep up with SOLE. Buy now! And then buy again!

Love my new footbeds.

After wearing these for a few weeks now, I cannot go back. Resolved a lot of issues around foot pain and they make my footwear all the more comfortable.

Love my SOLE!

Struggling with plantar fasciitis, I am always searching for the next best thing for my feet. I paid for custom orthotics last Fall but feel the SOLE footbeds are equally as effective… wish I’d saved my $500 and used it for multiple pairs of SOLE!

Love my SOLE footbed

This is a perfect fit for my everyday shoes. It really helps my back and hip issues!

Only ones that work for me

I’ve been wearing these for years, and they are the only footbeds (I’ve tried many) that work for my feet. I don’t know what if do without them!

Affordable Option vs Custom Orthotics

Custom footbeds lasted about a year and were hard to move from shoes to shoes. I can get 4 pairs for the same cost as custom and they last 2+ years. May not work for everyone but does for my type of injury.

After several failed attempts Sole saved me.

The footbeds have brought relief after several months of pain. Tried others but these were the ones that worked. Thank you I can go for pleasant walks again.


My first pair of Sole footbeds came in a pair of Haglofs. Stroll,GTX. It was like walking on clouds from day one...I wore them every wet,muddy or cold day for roughly five years at which point I thought they couldn't last much longer and devoted them to strictly work boots. Long story short,I had a job that required a lot of mud and water remediation and I wore those boots/footbeds for six days all day,knee deep in mud and water,when I was done I thought for sure they're done and would fall apart but I took them home,hosed them off, put them in the sun to dry for about a week after that I thought they looked unusually good so I put the insoles back in,put them on and to my surprise they were as cozy as the day I got them. No damage at all. I just bought the second pair of performance wide and thick for my Danner. Pronghorn boots which were a little too roomy,put them in,tried the boots on and yeppers,once again a perfect fit and so comfy it's like walking on clouds. To quote Arnold Schwarzenegger, "I'll be back" Absolutely love these foot beds.

Only footbeds I’ll wear!

By far the best footbeds I’ve found! Great arch support and comfort. I like that you can put them in the oven to mold to my foot! Highly recommend these!

Best footbed ever

I live on the southern coast of Oregon and our winters are very wet. Muck boots are a necessity. While they are comfortable on their own, the performance thick cork foot beds brought a whole new level of comfort.

Love these foot beds!!

SOLE footbeds are in all my shoes!! I have super happy feet! I highly recommend these!!!

Love these!!

SOLE footbeds are in all my shoes, and my feet are so happy!!

Great improvement

Footbed feels much better than factory.

Great footbed upgrade to my ski boots!

I tried these out to see how the met pad feels to help with lower foot pain due to bunions in my ski boots and was pleasantly surprised how much better they felt than the stock inserts! Great fit around the heel area and didn't take any more volume in my already well fitted boot. Highly recommended!

Great footbeds

These footbeds have really helped my feet after the surgery. They give great support!

Excellent footbeds

I've been using footbeds from SOLE for almost 15 years. I work in the restaurant industry and NOTHING I have found compares in price and comfort! I recommend to all of my co-workers, as many of them have the same issues with their feet.

Thin footbeds

They fit well in athletic shoes. They do provide good arch support even with a thin sole.

My Daughter loves the comfort and support of these footbeds!

Having worn unsupportive shoes for a long time, my daughter was experiencing trouble with her feet. These foot beds in her shoes made a big difference to her foot health and comfort. Because they are thin they can be used in shoes that won't accept footbeds with more volume.

Amazingly comfortable footbeds!

I have the winter and medium footbeds, but now that lighter footwear is being worn, a thinner footbed was needed. This has been as comfortable as the other sole footbeds and I’m grateful to wear any shoes I would like to!

Pain relief for my Morton’s neuroma

Bought these for my Blundstones. Would often get metatarsalgia . it was relieved completely with these footbeds

Great footbeds

I've been using SOLE footbeds for almost 20 years. Appreciative of the consistent quality over the years.

Great footbeds

Replace an old pair of thin footbeds with them and been very happy. I only wish there was a narrower version.


I have been suffering near-debilitating-at-times plantar fasciitis for about the past 9-12 months. Nothing I did seemed to help in any meaningful way. I saw these footbeds advertised on Facebook and out of pure desperation thought "Why not". They arrived quickly, in beautiful, eco-friendly packaging. Within a day of wearing these in my running shoes, my foot felt better. Not cured, but better than it had felt in ages. Now, a month later, I can honestly say that I feel like my plantar fasciitis is almost cured. I still have some pain, but it has gone from what I'd rate as a 9/10 to a 1-2/10, and the pain is far less frequent as well. The telltale morning pain on stepping out of bed has almost even been alleviated! These footbeds are absolute miracles. I cannot recommend them highly enough. I will definitely be ordering more, and am looking forward to trying out the footwear line as well! THANK YOU, SOLE!!

These footbeds my whole body!!

I have been wearing SOLE footbeds, active thick since 2004. Far superior to the custom orthodics a podiatrist made me, which were never quite right or comfortable. I am a retired hairstylist now, but these footbeds saved my body and feet from hours of standing . Thank you!

The stiff footbeds I was looking for

After a foot injury, I needed to keep my toe from bending as much and saw an ad for these. I have flat feet so the arch was needed as well. They've worked out well and got me back on my feet.

Worth every penny

I’ve had these footbeds for over a month and a lot of wear time. Only issue I’ve had is wondering why I didn’t buy them sooner. I used to have sore feet at the end of my work day, but these have eliminated that. Well worth the price.

Tried both Active Thick with and without Met Pad

I ordered both the Active Thick and Active Thick with Met Pad to try with my work boots. I have flat feet and normally need some arch support in my regular shoes. It was too uncomfortable for me after a day using the Active Thick with Met Pad so I changed to the Active Thick. Using the Active Thick I can be on my feet most of the day with my work boots without any discomfort. Without SOLE footbeds my feet would hurt for hours after taking off my boots (RedWings boots so not cheap boots either).

Great footbeds

I needed to get footbeds bought and I have used these before. Once I started using them, the pain in my shins decreased considerably. They are very durable footbed and fit my shoes well.

First footbeds

Never used footbeds but with lots of foot pain after pushing hard at gym. Once I used them I was able to continue to push my goals at gym again with out horrible pain

Exactly what I was looking for

I got a pair of Topo hikers which are designed to be wide, and I wanted good footbeds to go with them. These were exactly what I needed.

Awesome footbed

Very comfortable and built in met pad is awesome.

great footbeds

i use these in all my boots and shoes.

Met pad is great

The met pad footbed has really helped my toe pain.

great footbeds

I use them everyday, very comfortable, can use it with all my shoes without sacrificing comfort.


I use these footbeds everyday, and they works well with all my shoes. Very comfortable.

VERY comfortable!

I have orthotics and have have tried many other types of insoles. These are by far the best footbeds that are not custom molded for my feet and 1/4 of the price of orthotics. I definitely recommend these!


Perfect footbeds. The wool is comfy.

Using these supports immediately remedy my foot pain

I use SOLE footbeds every day and recommend it to everyone in my family.

Just right

I've been dealing with Plantar Faciitis for a few months before starting to use these footbeds. They've definitely got the PF under control and allowed me to do my normal weekly running miles. I trimmed the ends to fit on the shoe they're going in, but it's really easy with scissors.

Great Footbed for winter

These are great for winter boots. They combine the support plus great warmth. Pair with some nice Merino wool socks and you're good to go for even the coldest days.

Breathable Footbed

I have used the performance Footbed and decided to grab another pair for my other shoes. These are definitely much more breathable than the other model which is great for summer but the others are much better for winter. That said both Footbeds are awesome and have fixed this random foot pain I've had for years so they get a thumbs up in my book.

Like walking on pillows.

These are the best footbeds I have ever used. Keep up the good work! I would definitely recommend these to my friends and family.

Best footbeds

The only footbeds I can wear.

My doctor did me a solid.

So my arch on one side has fallen completely. Combination of bad or worn out footwear, and carrying a baby around on that side. I went to my doctor to request a referral for custom orthotics as I had a little bit of coverage with benefits. My doc was like sure here’s the referral, but here’s the deal : you get custom orthotic funding once every two years and your customs will wear out before then. He popped off his shoes and had SOLE in his runners. So I ordered a pair. I had bought a pair of Form brand insoles a week before and they felt good. When my SOLE's arrived, I was in love with the first fit. There’s some nub in the middle that stabs into some part of my foot that the Form one does not have, that gives me a lot of relief. Is this fixing my problem? No, but my daughter also still demands to be carried a lot. These footbeds are giving me the support I need and the relief I need to get through the day. And I didn’t go out of pocket 300 bucks like I would have for the custom orthotics.

Problem fixed

Since I've been wearing my footbeds for the past couple of months, I have not had any discomfort or soreness due to my bunion.

Solved my knee pain

I have issues with over pronation. Bought some new tennis shoes and had knee pain from them not having enough support. Put in these footbeds and they instantly fixed the issue!

Feelin good in my shoes

Best footbeds I’ve found. I have them in my shoes, sneakers, and ski boots.

Best footbeds ever

Completely helped my plantar fasciitis. Recommended by my Physio therapist.

Great and Comfortable Footbeds

I've been using these in my work shoes for a couple of weeks and they are great. They help out with my arches and the pressure on my heels. These footbeds are also thinner than other replacement insoles I've had so they don't take up too much space in the shoes.

Foot beds for freedom

Since using SOLE footbeds and sandals my lower back pain disappeared. “FREEDOM of pain has changed my life.

Great footbeds

I tried these on a whim and loved them so much I bought a second pair. They mold to your feet and provide excellent support. They are my new go to footbed.

Excellent footbeds that made my feet comfortable again

This is my 3rd pair, this time for my daily use shoes ( I have the thicker ones in my ski boots and hiking boots). These have been a real game changer for me. My forefoot pain has been virtually eliminated.

Awesome footbed

Works great in tighter fitting shoes. Highly recommend the met pad option.

Great footbed

Works great in running shoes. Met pad is awesome.

Foot Bed & Sandals

I play quite a bit of tennis and have hardwood floors in my house... so lots of hard surfaces and I have high arches. I'm 62 and was starting to experience a chronic pain toward my big toe that was activated playing sports etc. I started with the footbeds and now have them in all my athletic shoes. I also wear their sandals around the house instead slippers as the arch support makes my feet feel livelier and pain free. Gonna buy a pair of the sandals for my friends dad that works on a hobby farm. He wears the footbeds that I recommended and i think the sandals would be good for him too!

Perfectly comfortable!

I have a pair of these for all of my shoes. I bought several pairs of Hoka runners post bunion surgery (podiatrist recommendation) and they felt great but these footbeds took them to the next level. The Performance Thick footbeds make my sneakers feel better than I could have imagined. Super comfy.

my husband loves these

Purchased these Performance Thick footbeds for my husband. He has a pair for runners and another for casual shoes. He loves the feel and even bought another pair of the thinner Performance Medium for his around the house shoes.

Best footbeds ever- have worn them for years!

I have worn these footbeds (including the blue and black varieties, depending on the type of shoes/boots) for about 10 years, and literally couldn't walk without them; so I have them in every pair of footwear that I own. I suffer from metatarsalgia and splayfoot, which created unbearable pain that literally made me cry, even when walking for a couple hundred yards only. Since I am wearing these footbeds, I am walking pain free- on concrete as well as on rocky hiking trails. Highly recommend!

So far, so good!

I'm a volunteer trail maintainer on the Appalachian Trail in Virginia, and this work is brutal on hiking boots, not to mention the feet inside them! I've been wearing SOLES in my boots for a month now, and my feet have never been so comfortable. I'm in my mid 60's, and these footbeds are the best thing that ever happened to my feet.

Excellent footbeds

I ordered the wide active thin size 11. These went in my New Balance fresh foam more v3s size 11 2e. They fit perfect; no triming needed . To me they feel like the arch is a little lower the the wide mediums . Definitely recommend for any one w/ flat feet and pronation issues. I’m 5’8 240 .

Great Footbeds

This is my second pair of SOLE footbeds. They definitely reduce the strain on my feet and help my toes stay positioned correctly while backpacking.


I pedal a fair bit. Given the mileage have developed “hot foot” a number of years ago. These footbeds allowed me to keep riding with minimal discomfort . This is a quality product that I would HIGHLY recommend. 👍🤓👍

Shoes are much more comfortable now

These footbeds makes my urban hikers feel like sneakers. I was worried that the met pad would feel like a weird lump, but feels very natural and like the targeted support.

Incredible footbeds

I pretty much have various styles of SOLE in every pair of shoes and boots I own. They are all amazing and make very good shoes and boots feel GREAT. Manufacturers of footwear don't make premium insoles. From now on I'll order a new pair of soles with every new footwear purchase.

A solution for some of my everyday runners.

I have been given some great looking sneakers as gifts but sometimes the footbeds are way too flat to wear them casually throughout the day. These sort that out immediately. Highly recommend.

Excellent footbeds

I have purchased SOLE footbeds many times for my running and MTB shoes but this was the first time I purchased them for my downhill ski boots...and it was the correct decision. I was replacing the stock ski boot insole and wanted something thin but with some support..the performance thin footbeds fit the bill. Minimal trimming to fit, no pinching in the boot and better feel in the ski boot itself.

Great footbeds

Broken both feet, and second toes on both feet have been amputated due to arthritis; my SOLE footbeds keep my feet happy!

Truly makes a difference

I’ve been using these for years and they’ve always been great. Morton’s Neuroma has always been an issue for me - whether I was running or just walking more than usual that day, I’d get a sharp pain in one particular spot on my sole. These footbeds have almost entirely eliminated that issue. Highly recommend!

Excellent Footbed

I’ve been using this footbed for years. Great product!

I think I finally found my footbed

I've spent hundreds of dollars on insoles for the past few years to correct a combination of AAFD, flantar fasciitis, and hallux rigidus. I've tried just about every competitor with some success – but it's never perfect. I can't believe I went years without trying this brand. I'm finally pain free and can run again.

provides great underfoot support

replaced my footbeds in hiking boots to SOLE offers great support and stability

Support for sports injury

Replaced footbeds in squash shoes to SOLE's, offers more support

offers great amount of foot support

been using these footbeds for several weeks now great for providing support

Footbeds relieved foot pain

It's only been 10 days since I've been wearing these, and they've already relieved my foot, ankle and knee pain that was caused by a fallen arch. The shipping was very quick - they arrived two days after I placed my order, which was great.

Excellent footbeds

These footbeds fit really well and are a great solution for my bad feet. Will definitely be ordering more.

Best footbeds

I've been wearing these for weeks and they have solved my knee and hip pain.

Love these

This is my second set. I wore the first in my work shoes for over a year. The footbeds are amazing at keeping my footpain in check. With less pain I'm not as tired at the end of the day. So happy I found these. Thank you.

Awesome footbeds

Very comfortable in both my running and hiking shoes. Good arch support and the built in Met pad is awesome.

Great footbeds

When I first placed the footbeds in my hiking boots, my boots felt stiff and tight, but after a couple of days wearing them, the footbeds molded to my feet, and the boots feel very comfortable and lots warmer than before.

works great

My husband started wearing these footbeds and loved them so I bought a pair for myself. They really work for my plantar faciitis. I will definitely buy them again.

Excellent footbeds

I’ve been using these for nearly 20 years now. I’ll only buy shoes that will accommodate them. They’ve relieved pain not just in my feet but knees and back too. You may need to get used to them if you’re not accustomed to actual foot support, but once you do it’s sooooooo worth it! I recommend them to anyone!

Great footbed!

I love this footbed. It seems to fit both the Altra Torin 5 + 6 really well. The 5 has a slightly wider toe box and I was having a hard time finding footbeds that actually fit wide toe box shoes correctly.

Great shoe footbed

Have tried many different brands and so far loving SOLE. Tried these after numerous other brands even custom orthotics and have been loving them so far.

Great footbeds

I wear these in all my running shoes they are great

Best footbeds!!

The Sole footbeds have helped my plantar fasciitis tremendously. My foot specialist recommended these and I am so glad he did. Now I can walk with no pain.

Breath of fresh air for my feet!

I needed footbeds for hiking boots and some sneakers that had zero arch support. I’m never happy with the stuff you can get off the shelf at the local drug store so I thought to try SOLE. These are so friggin’ good. Baked them and threw them in both pairs and now you have a life long customer! They’re brilliant, I have since bought other thickness to replace footbeds in other shoes. Don’t ever stop making footbeds SOLE, I will egg your houses if you do. 🙌❤️ brent

oh to walk again without pain

I like my SOLE footbeds so much that I brought another pair. If you want to walk with comfort buy this product

number 1 for pain relief

My SOLE footbeds are great for the pain in my foot. I now can walk better and enjoy walking my dog once again.

Jennifer Vogel

Baja Flip

Super comfy footbed and well made.

Best footbeds ever.

Been using SOLE footbeds for well over 10 years. Nothing better out there.

Great footbed

Having a high arch, my orthotics don’t fit into all shoes. These thin footbeds work great in narrower shoes

Happy with these footbeds

Great affordable, supportive footbeds for the shoes you don’t wear every day. Now I don’t have to move my orthotics from shoe to shoe


Awesome footbeds, super comfortable and well wearing.

Comfortable Footbeds

I use these footbeds in all my shoes. The thin/performance is my everyday footbed for the right shoes.

Best footbeds ever

Love them

Best footbeds ever

Love them

Great footbeds

I’ve been wearing these in all my shoes for years. They are great.

Thermal Thick Wool footbeds

I've had issues with my feet for years and find the SOLE footbeds help relieve pain and and are very comfortable. I use these specifically in my work boots they really make a long day on my feet go by much quicker. 10/10 would recommend

Best footbed ever

I have been using this product for a couple years now and as they wear out I just order new ones to replace them. They keep my legs and feet from hurting as much after a full day of work.

Best footbeds ever

I have been using this product for a couple years now and as they wear out I just order new ones to replace them. They keep my legs and feet from hurting as much after a full day of work.

Great footbeds!

I swear by SOLE Footbeds for all my shoes. From hiking boots, work boots and casual shoes. The right thickness makes a big difference.

Great thin footbeds!

I had a pair of (almost) new white leather sneakers that I couldn’t wear as they didn’t provide enough support for my feet and my orthotics were too thick for them. Decided to try the SOLE Performance Thin footbeds as a last resort before giving the shoes away - so glad I did! They worked perfectly in my sneakers and I can wear them for hours pain-free. Would definitely recommend!

Thermal footbeds are the best

They are great for winter and keep your feet warm. They are a little narrow compared to their other footbeds

Excellent footbeds

The sizing was perfect and the comfort is excellent. Highly recommend these footbeds.

Great product

I was recommended these footbeds by my Physical Therapist for Plantar Fasciitis, I’m back to walking daily and love them!

Lifesaver for Snowboarder with Morton's Neuroma

I've been looking for this my entire snowboarding life. I have been snowboarding for at least 9 years. In the last 5 years, I started developing metatarsal pain in both feet while snowboarding. The pain and occurrences got so bad that after two runs, I needed to remove my boots and rest for at least 30 minutes. On longer runs, I would start hyperventilating and wincing because of the pain. I tried on different boots, inserts, and even got the Step-On boots and bindings since I thought the "no binding" bindings would stop the pain. It didn't. Then I found SOLE and their products. This literally changed my life. I went on multiple runs on my last trip without stopping. There's some tightness but no pain! I could not believe it. This was my first time trying this insert. I wear size 7 Burton Step-On boots, so I ordered the size 7. I removed the original insert and had to cut some of the SOLE footbed to fit the boots. I wore the boots around the house for at least 30 mins to break them in. For anyone with Morton Neuroma (pain between your toes and balls of your feet) and loves to save their sanity while snowboarding, this is the SOLE for you!

Perfect fit

I bought these to fit into a narrow pair of shoes that was concerned about damaging with the bulkiness of the footbed. It works great and is very comfortable. Love them!

Functional Footbeds

These have worked great in my trail runners


Lightweight yet duruble, comfortable, no rubbing

Lightweight but look and feel as though they will hold up to a lot of walking. Strap has some give in it (so comfortable) and no rubbing even between the toes. Arch support and moulded footbed make these great for walking and an active day rather than just for lounging on the beach. Love them!

Great product for the price

I have been using SOLE footbeds for over ten years! These were on sale at a great price. They provide good support, and if you wear the shoes you inserted them in once a week, they should last for many years, like the other models I own.

Thin to Win

The performance thin are my first thickness adjusted footbeds. I was using the mediums and my shoes didn't fit! Now they do and I still have the support that I need!

another pair of awesome footbeds

I got the thin footbeds to fit in a pair of winter boots too snug to accommodate the active footbeds I normally wear. I was a bit apprehensive if the thin footbeds would be as supportive as the active footbeds but after a month of wearing them they are great. Just as good as all the other SOLE products. SOLE continues to save my feet.

Better Than Running without Them

I use SOLE's active medium footbed in my running shoes. I won't go back to running without them.

Best footbed I have ever used

As far as I am concerned these footbeds are the best. I used them for years in work boots and they last for years. Now that I am retired I am using them again for my casual shoes. Personally, I don’t even heat them before wearing. I just put them in the shoes and let them mold to my foot specs in a few days.

Can't live without these.

I have been using SOLE footbeds for quite a few years, first time in my Snowboarding boots and then in my Sneakers and sports shoes, now in my daily shoes and boots. Have been recommending these to friends and have turned my son into a believer.

Nice shoes!

Adding a Thin SOLE footbed to dress shoes lets me wear nice shoes on special occasions.

Just what I needed

Recovery from knee replacement surgery meant walking again. Adding SOLE footbeds to my running shoes gave me stability and confidence.

Great for runners with limited foot room

My runners are already quite tight with their footbed in it but with SOLE, one it feels better and has better arch support. Highly recommend to anyone looking for fitted footbeds.

Awesome footbeds

Ever since I started wearing these footbeds, my foot pains went away.

Perfect in my daily shoes

These footbeds are both thin and supportive! I have wide feet and they fit perfectly into my wide daily-wear runners without adding bulk and making the shoes feel tight! Great customer service and timely delivery, too!

Good footbeds

good footbeds with good arch support they are really thin. using for my hockey skate

great footbed

I have flatfeet an instead of orthopedics I'm usin these


I have been using SOLE footbeds for years; and because I have issues with my feet (plantar fascitis and no padding on the bottom), these make it possible for me to be on my feet all day without pain.

Great quality, excellent product

I have been wearing these footbeds for the last five years. It supports my arches and makes my feet feel great.

Love these footbeds!

My husband has these footbeds in his cross country classic boots and they’ve been great. His foot pain is reduced, perfect level of support.

Finally a footbed that actually works!

I've tried other over the counter insole brands with no luck. Then came SOLE.... finally a quality footbed that actually works! I've never been more comfortable. Say goodbye to sore feet... for good! Highly recommend.

Great Footbeds

Great product. Have used them for years.

As good as orthotics?

I have had several pairs of SOLE footbeds, and find them to be as good as prescription orthotics. Medically they may not be as good, but for the discomfort I was experiencing in my feet, the SOLE footbeds have given me the same level of comfort as the prescription orthotics I wore before learning of SOLE footbeds.

Excellent Footbeds

I have been wearing SOLE footbeds and sandals for several years, and am on my umpteenth pair of footbeds. Before discovering SOLE footbeds I had prescription orthotics - the SOLE footbeds seem to be equally as good for my feet, are much less expensive, and much easier to get (don't need visit to doctor or prescription).

Great support

The footbeds are easy to get to conform to your feet when using the oven. You cannot tell that the footbeds are in the shoe unlike some with hard plastic bottoms.

Great in my smaller shoes

I replaced the footbeds in my Converse sneakers with these. I was a little worried because the footbeds I took out were thicker than what I was putting in, but the shoes actually fit me better than they did before, and the thinner footbeds seem just as comfortable as the previous ones for walking.

Great Footbeds

I ordered one pair and was switching them between all my shoes, so I ordered a few more. I now have them in all the shoes I wear regularly. I had been having trouble with my arches, and now my feet are good. I don't think it's wholly from the footbeds, as I was also doing massage and bought a pair of Keen hiking boots that I wear when I walk the dog, but I think the footbeds helped alot.

Great footbeds

Very comfortable. If you have narrow shows get a size down. Worth the money

Great footbeds

Helps with planter fasciitis

Love these footbeds

have ordered multiple times and continue to love these footbeds. These were for hiking shoes and as usual, fit and felt perfect.

Only footbeds I get!

I have flat feet and will get pain in foot/ankle or shin splints with support. I have these in every single pair of my shoes and they really make a difference. I can especially notice when I walk around bare foot too long. I wish there were sandal options with this exact support!

Perfect Fit Footbed

Comfortable fit and good for your feet with every step.

Finally found footbeds that work for me.

I've tried dozens of footbeds to alleviate or at least reduce my foot pain caused by years of working on old, hard concrete hangar floors. SOLE footbeds are the only ones that I've found that are durable, and help my foot pain. Good product.

Best Insoles

My mom is the one who introduced these footbeds to me when my feet were sore when working. I love them and have continued to buy more.

Great foot bed

I bought these for my Redwing boots these are so much better then what comes in there good boots.The cost is less as well versus buying them at Redwing.This is a game changer for boots feel much better with good arch support. I always buy my footbeds here.


Plantar fascitis is no match for the SOLE products! So happy that my podiatrist recommended these footbeds!

Love the active medium

I love all all of the SOLE footbeds! The active medium works perfectly with my every day shoes. I still use the active ones for my athletic shoes. And I use the thinner ones for my dress shoes. SOLE has changed my life in treating my plantar fasciitis. Love this option!

Good Product

Very comfortable footbeds. I have been wearing them about a month now and am very pleased. The extra cushioning has allowed me to walk further with no pain.

Great footbed! Feels wonderful

This is the first SOLE footbed I've purchased, I got the active wide medium. It molds to my feet very well and I love the sturdiness of it, and how comfortable and supported it feels when I'm standing and walking all day at work. Highly recommend!




Good product

Great gift for those with foot pain

After much success with my footbeds, got a pair for my sister. They have relieved her foot pain and she tells me they are very comfortable too.

Work greats!

I've been using the thicker footbeds for well over a decade. Was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis back in 2002. Wear them in every shoe I own. But had my daughter's wedding coming up and using the thicker ones in the fancy dress shoes they got me made my foot feel very cramped. My wife suggested trying the thinner ones, and they worked awesomely! Would love to say that with the footbeds I was able to dance 'the light fantastic'. Alas, I still dance like I have two left feet but I was in no pain! Thanks again, SOLE Products!

Love these!

I have bought 2 different thickness of these footbeds. I am dealing with foot pain and these have helped so much. I have put them in my dressier boots and they work great. I bought for my sandal type shoes but yet to use for that. Think they will be good.

Great footbeds

The metatarsal pad is a game changer

Best Footbeds

Love these footbeds. The Metatarsal support makes standing all day bearable.

Got them for myself, got them for my spouse

These footbeds have become my go-to method of ensuring that almost all of my casual footwear is as supportive as possible. I bought a second pair for my spouse, and it has become a household favorite. I have suggested that others do the same.

Another quality SOLE product

I normally buy the performance think footbeds. The flash sale on the "Active" footbeds made the Active thick a deal I couldn't pass. These went into my new Lava shoes from Tropicfeel and it is hard to tell the difference between the Performance and Active footbeds. I walk about 10k per day and SOLE has saved my feet and enabled me to continue my walking goals.

Great addition to my Winter walking boot

I bought a pair of shearling-lined winter walking boots. Warm, but the fixed footbed didn't provide the support I am used to with my SOLE footbeds. The thick footbeds I normally use wouldn't fit, but the active thin were perfect. Now my boots are warm and supportive. Active thin footbeds are perfect for that shoe that is tighter but needs enhanced support.

Perfect fit and comfort

I bought these for some every day shoes I was finding hurt the soles of my feet when walking on hard surfaces - these footbeds have eliminated that pain. I thought they may make my shoes too tight as the original insoles were very thin, but they don’t.

Solid footbed

Well made, comfortable footbeds. These are great if you need the extra met pad support.

Helps toe numbness

I just started using in my running shoes. I wear a 9.5 womens so I had to trim the footbeds a little. I get numbness in my toes (self diagnosed metatarsalgia) when I run. Just in my left foot. But I wear these footbeds in both shoes to balance out

Solid footbeds

Durable, supportive, and slim fitting for tighter shoes.

Great footbeds for pain relief

Got these for my wife and it has helped her with her foot pain.

Best insoles

I've been wearing these for for at least 5 years now and they are fantastic. I am a diabetic and have problems with my feet and help relieve the pain. I'm a school bus driver and wear boot all day and if it weren't for these footbeds I wouldn't be able to.

required for most of my shoes

I have 5 or 6 pairs of the SOLE footbeds. I have the thin SOLE, the wool lines SOLE, and the thicker SOLE. Depends on the shoe. I have them in the workout shoes that I keep at the gym, also in two different bicycle cleated shoes as well as some all-season half boots and the court shoes that I wear 3-5 days a week for Platform/Paddle tennis. Having them moldable it a big advantage and they provide good balance and comfort.

Met Pad

The met pad footbeds are a game changer (again) as to the SOLE footbeds. I've been having mild plantars recently and the met pads helped correct the problem almost overnight.

Best footbeds ever!

I have been wearing these for 2 years now and got my husband 2 pairs for his dress shoes he wears to work. Both of us suffer from foot pain and the footbeds have allowed us to wear shoes comfortably, walk and hike without foot pain, and enjoy the gym again.

Best footbeds

I can't believe it took me so long to find these after paying for basic insoles from sport shops and the pharmacy . I have 2 pairs and they are constantly in use!

So comfortable

These thick, comfortable footbeds have made my walking/hiking shoes so much more comfortable esp with the met pad to stop the ache I would get during a longer hike.

Love these!!!

I only buy these footbeds for all my shoes (running, boots, dress shoes and snow board boots)

Sports Footbeds

These are so much better than your regular otc orthotics. It doesnt add any bulk but provides so much support

Foot pain cured!

Love these footbeds for their ease of installation into any shoe I wear, and because they have cured my plantar fasciitis when nothing else could!

These Footbeds are Great

I have these footbeds in my work boots and hiking boots They are so comfortable and relieve all my aches and pains. No more tired feet!!

Fantastic Footbeds

I had plantar faciitis and suffered for more than a month A friend recommended Sole footbeds and after using them for only a week the pain went away and has never returned. I love this product!!!!

Active footbeds

I have a Mortons Neuroma, I play pickleball, and the forward/backward and side to side motion make it very painful, these have really helped in alleviating that pain, - Thank you

Hiking is now more comfortable than ever.

These thicker footbeds made all the difference in my hiking boots. Hiking is now pleasurable again.

Love these footbeds!

I have been wearing these for months, and my feet have never been more comfortable. Just picked up a pair for my sister.

Solve arch problem

I was having pain in my arches, so I started wearing these footbeds in everything I wear and now my feet don't hurt anymore.

Solved my feet problems

I was having problems with my arches and started using these footbeds in everything I wear and my feet feel fine now.

Every pair of shoes get a set of SOLE footbeds

Been wearing SOLE footbeds for years

Very comfortable

Best footbeds I've used thus far, and I've tried too many to count.

Shoes With Poor Support Are Now Wearable!

I am thrilled with these footbeds. They have made several pair of shoes wearable again. The provide excellent arch support and relieve back pain that the shoes original liners used to create. One point is that it is important to get the correct thickness for the specific shoe that the footbed will be used.

These are really good

I have been using SOLE footbeds for years. In the past I tried several other brands and find these work the best for me. Not too hard, not too "squishy". The person at a shoe store measured my feet and told me I had a size 12 feet but my arch is 13 so I got size 13 inserts, trimmed them to fit size 12 shoe. I bought a separate pair for every pair of shoes I have and wouldn't be without them.

Best footbeds

Tried multiple brands before these. SOLE footbeds are the only ones that fixed my feet issues.

Veronique Richard

Excellent footbed

Use as slippers, when not wearing socks - love em'

Solved my aching feet problems

I have been using these footbeds for about a month and my feet are so grateful! My podiatrist recommended that I get insoles, and offered to sell my some for $100, but I got these instead. So glad that I did. I had been running daily but my feet were getting to sore, callused, painful to continue. after about one week of wearing these daily I am feeling much better and am looking forward to running again soon. thanks!

Very Good Footbeds

I bought the Sole Active Thin footbeds as I needed something to add support while not taking a lot of room in by Blundstone Boots. These did the trick. The instructions to form them to my feet were clear and the process was easy to complete. My feet thank you.

Great support

Been wearing these in casual sneakers. I have high arches and these footbeds provide great support. My feet love them.

Love these footbeds

I wear these footbeds in all my Altra shoes. I will purchase again

I have wide foot (W4) these footbeds are a GOTTA GET!!

I bought one pair, on a recommendation from my tennis coach. Wowwy!! Glad I did! Now I bought three more pairs for my running shoes, and every day shoes. Better than wearing your favorite slippers. Comfortable all day!

soothes back ache

My chiropractor suggested I get these footbeds, so I did! I'm very happy with the results. I have less back and knee aches. very good product!

Great Relief

I've used the active thick footbed in all my shoes for years. Never disappointed. In many ways, the SOLE product preforms better than my prescription orthotics.

Real comfort

My wife is so very happy with the footbeds in her steel toe shoes she finally has comfort

John Garratt

Nice footwear

The cork footbed and the outer material made of wool made for a boot that was irresistible. I am happy I made the purchase since they are comfortable and casually cool.

Great insoles for winter boots / rubber boots

Made my winter boots (northface) way more comfortable for my arch support. I’ve ordered a pair to my rubber boots as well. Both boots fit snug, these footbeds allow for the support without making my foot feel cramped.

Great footbeds

These have eliminated all the heel pain I was getting wearing my hiking and winter boots. I want to buy a thinner pair for my dress shoes.

Great footbeds

I have been using these for most of the winter in all of my different boots. They are so comfortable and have kept my feet very warm. I can go for much longer walks

Great footbeds

Ordered thick footbeds and they are very comfortable but unfortunately a bit too thick for my hiking boots. I will be replacing them with the medium version

Great insulative footbed.

I bought these to use while curling with my daughter. They fit in my size 12 sneakers just fine and the wool lining helps keep my feet warm on the ice. I am considering ordering a pair to use in my work boots.

Great footbeds

I recently purchased one of these footbeds, they fit easily into my golf shoes and are a great fit. I haven’t been wearing them for very long but so far so good!

Very comfortable footbed.

Will be sure to purchase again

Won't go back to any other insole!

These have provided me with so my relief! I had sworn off insoles, but these footbeds have truly made a different for me and are so comfortable!

Best Footbeds

Best support compared to all the other brands I have tried!

Squeaky insoles

The cork bed causes a fair bit of squeaky noise against the leather shoe walls. It’s more comfortable than the regular thin footbeds.

Best footbeds

These are by far the best footbeds!

Great footbeds

I got these to replace podiatrist made orthotics which are so costly. I wasn't sure they would be good enough. They exceeded my expectations! Highly recommended.

Knee injury relief

With these footbeds I have found I can stay active all day and not suffer all night. Great product, thankful for the large size selection!


Good footbeds

Love them!

I’ve had problems with my feet all my life, until I found these footbeds. Only ones I use now!

Added warmth

I deer hunt in northern Wisconsin, where I sit in a treestand up to 11hrs a day in November. Needless to say, it's a battle keeping my feet warm. Thick wool SOLE footbeds, buffalo down socks and Danner Alsea 1000 gram boots and I'm good to go.

Deb Hutchings

Confort and stability

Very conformable and supportive footbed. I did find the toe piece had some fabric stiffener or glue that was uncomfortable so I just used a nail file and softened it to expedite the break in period. Worked like a charm.

Winter work boots

I have been using SOLE footbeds for a year or so. They hold up good. They really help with tired,sore, wore out feet and ankles. Try them, You may really like them.

Relieved bruised arches and midsole

Jacked my arches and midsole in a pair of Hokas over a one day 36mile hike. A friend suggested the SOLE footbeds and I'm glad I got them. I put them into every shoe now and the comfort is immediate. Has helped me stay committed to daily long distance hiking by eliminating arch and midsole pain

Love them

Love them, they fit perfect too. That's why I keep buying them. SOLE footbeds are in all my shoes and boots!

Exactly what I wanted

I wanted to make my Blunstone boots better for extended wearing time, because I have high arches and want the support. The SOLE footbeds are fantastic! They make a great shoe even better.

Made my ski boots extremely comfortable

I have a pair of ski boots that, while the right length, had too much volume in them. That, plus the footbed was absolutely flat, made me try a pair of the thick soles. What a difference! They took up the extra space perfectly, but just as good, they made my boots one of my most comfortable pieces of footwear. The met pad is awesome for my forefoot (broke a metatarsal years ago). Highly recommend

If you have roomy shoes, these are great

I find these footbeds very comfortable and mine don't squeak like the corks one do. Only use these if you are plenty of room in your shoes and can remove the original insoles. Otherwise, I would recommend the medium footbeds.

Makes my hiking boots more comfortable

Used these footbeds on a handful of hikes. So much more comfortable than the insoles that came with the boot. They also got ride of the extra space in my boot. Worth the purchase!

Great footbed

I've been wearing the Active Medium footbeds for over a year now, and they have greatly increased the comfort of my shoes. I changed to the Active Thin footbed because the Medium caused my dress shoes to be a little too tight, but the Thin has been giving me the same comfort with more wiggle room for my toes.

Ski boots

These are great in my ski boots, providing a comfortable base with a great connected feeling to my skis. I have SOLE footbeds in all my boots

good footbeds for price

These are good footbeds for the price. They are bit on the stiff side but generally good for planter fasciitis.

Game Changer

These footbeds are amazing. Over the years I have tried many different brands of footbeds and insoles, and nothing compares to these. I also have the thick footbeds in my winter hiking boots and they are fantastic. Highly recommended.

Finally no pain

After dealing with pain on the bottom of my feet, and after trying several pairs of shoes and different insole combinations, the SOLE footbeds were the only footbeds that relived the pain.

Best footbeds

I've been wearing for weeks. Took care of my feet.

Sooo Impressed!

My husband ordered his first pair of soles for his work boots about a year ago and raved about them. I wasn't necessarily convinced they were as amazing as he said until he bought me my first pair as a Christmas gift. I immediately felt great relief in my arches and ankles as soon as I added them to my winter boots. Since receiving the gift of my first pair of SOLE footbeds, I've since purchased two more pairs - another pair of Active Medium with Met Pad for my curling shoes and a pair of Active Thin with Met Pad for my walking/gym shoes. It's easy to say that SOLE has gained lifetime customers with my husband and me! Next, I have my eye on a pair of the flip-flops for summer! ; )

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner !!

After the first pair of footbeds tolerated some intense hikes, I tried these in a pair of all terrain shoes that had mediocre manufacturer footbeds. I wear a 9.5 and ordered the 10, because there are no half sizes. They worked perfectly; I didn't even need to trim them down. Everyone can improve their comfort/support quality by using SOLE products over stock inserts, if they choose the right thickness/style for their type of shoe and its application. I will be retrofitting all my shoes moving forward. These do not disappoint.

Performance Wide Thick Footbeds Are Worthy-Excellent Product

Swapped the standard footbed in some wide size hiking boots because they seemed to allow my foot to shift around too easily. Not only was the support improved dramatically (helping my arthritis and collapsing arches) but they fit perfectly completely eliminating the shifting. There was enough room to accommodate a dual-layer sock comfortably.

Comfortable footbed carried me through my vacation

I wore these for the first time on a 3 week trip to Japan. Over there, I had to do lots of walking every day in order to get to the train station or a store. These footbeds were comfortable to the point where I basically did not notice them. That is a big deal to me since I haven't had much luck with all of the various insole products that I've tried in the past. Some of those hurt my feet more than helping. The SOLE footbeds got me through a lot of walking, so they are going to stay in my shoes, and I will get myself some more for other shoes.

Best footbeds in the country

I've suffered from plantar fasciitis and bone spurs in both feet for 20+ years. SOLE footbeds have kept my feet comfortable for many, many years. I place SOLE footbeds in every shoe and boot that I wear. Honestly, they have been a foot saver.

Superior footbed

Adds comfort and arch support to most footwear. Recommended.


Been wearing for about 2 months and love them!

Versatile and Durable

SOLE footbeds are helping me with plantar fasciitis symptoms. I like that I can switch the footbeds from one type of shoe to another.

Better than Orthotics

SOLE footbeds are better for my feet than orthotics and much less expensive.

Fantastic footbeds

Been using these for many years now. Great to use in running shoes that are neutral and can accommodate a full length insert. I couldn't run without them!

Warm winter footbeds

I’ve been wearing these for weeks. They feel warm and allow extra cushioning for my hips to be comfortable walking

happy with my new footbeds

this is my 1st experience with replacement footbeds, and I am happy with them after trimming to size.

Liza Kroker

Great sandals

I will be using them come the hot weather. I cannot wait. I like the cork footbed!!

Best footbeds I have ever used.

I’ve been using SOLE footbeds for years. When I started using SOLE footbeds my Planter Fasciitis problem went away

Dong Kwan Han

Nice flips

I love SOLE footbeds and I use them in my hiking shoes and cycling shoes. They hug my feet comfortably. I tried these flips hoping to get similar benefits, and yes they did.


I have foot issues and these footbeds help with the pain in my feet and ankles and give enough support so when I'm not wearing shoes, my feet are in less pain. Customer Service is outstanding.

Great insoles for everyday wear!

Always replace shoe insoles with SOLE footbeds. Makes all the difference in the world!

wool footbeds

Great thick insoles!

great footbeds

Bought these for my husband. He put them in his hiking boots and used them as snow boots. Kept his feet warm.

Great footbeds

I put these footbeds in my winter boots. Now they are comfy. Thanks


SOLE foot beds are awesome! I buy them for all my shoes.


Amazing footbeds. Replaced my originals in several of my shoes. Highly recommended.

Great Support

I put the Active Thick footbeds in my Hoka Speedgoats. I thought I loved these shoes without the footbeds, they are even better now. My arches collapsed often when I run and SOLE footbeds have helped resolve this issue for me!

Super comfortable

I love these new booties. The footbed is perfect and molds to my foot making them really comfortable. I wear and 8-8.5 and the fit just right.

Supportive and very comfortable footbed

I've used these footbeds in alpine ski boots and they provide excellent support with just the right amount of cushioning. They would also be a good choice for other low volume boots and footwear. A minimal amount of trimming was required to fit inside the liners.

Best prefabricated footbeds available

As a physical therapist, these are the ONLY foot beds I support. They’re great for every foot type and I wear them in all of my shoes. I recommend these to everyone!


These work fantastic.

Best footbeds for Work Boots

I purchased these for my work boots after I had already had some for my everyday boots. They help with my foot pain and stop the pain in my lower back from wearing work boots all day. Will buy again

Best Footbeds I ever Bought

I purchased these footbeds because I get pain in my foot and have drop foot. After putting these in my work boots ,the pain is almost gone while I am at work. Will be buying some for golf shoes.

Comfortable footbeds

I wear these in my winter boots that currently have no support at all from the manufacturer. It's like a night and day the difference felt when wearing them with these footbeds. Highly recommended to anyone feeling the lack of support


Great footbeds

Keeps my feet from feeling sore anymore halfway through the day. Can go 8 hrs or more pain free. Would recommend to anyone that wants comfort all day.

Best footbeds ever

I’ve been wearing them for weeks and I love them

Very good footbed.

These are really good for that certain shoe that won't fit the Medium Active with met pad.

Best footbeds ever!

They fit comfortably in my shoes and give me the support I need.

Awesome footbeds!

I have worn these footbeds (Active Medium) for five years now. I did try one other brand but there was no comparison. These were actually recommended by my podiatrist! Not only was my pain eliminated, but my feet feel refreshed.

Great Footbed

I have Morton’s Neuroma and love walking so I purchased a really wide running shoe and this footbed. I now can walk for hours! I love it so much that I have started buying more insoles so I don’t have to keep moving them from shoe to shoe. Thank you SOLE!


Outstanding construction and fit. Only slight trimming required to make for a perfect fit in two pairs of running shoes. I used the wear-in method for fit and took several days of wear to make the fit work just right. These are the best footbeds I have ever worn and will use more of them in other shoes, including everyday and dress.

The best footbeds on the market!

My feet have mild arthritis and I suffered with pain and discomfort until I was introduced to SOLE by chiropractor! My feet are so appreciative! Thank you SOLE!

I love SOLE

I've been wearing SOLE inserts for years - at least 10 - and continue to accumulate new ones so that there are now permanent footbeds in all my hiking and skiing boots, and some lighter wear too. They don't seem to wear out, and my feet are so happy with the support.

Awesome footbeds

I love there footbeds, they are slim enough to transfer to all of my shoes and boots. No more pain in my feet.

Finally found insoles that work for me.

I have tried dozens of different footbeds over the years. Trying to ease my foot pain from working on old, hard concrete hangar floors. I have stacks of ones that I have tried and did not work. SOLE footbeds are the only ones that have helped. They have deep heel cups to keep my foot stable while walking carrying a heavy tool bag. The arch is just right. Many of the high priced ones have too extreme of an arch. The bottom layer is firm, and keeps your foot from squishing around in your shoe, like some of the overly cushioned ones. They have just the right amount of cushion. Also, they are not overly tall at the heel. I need this. Because of the damage to the nerves in the balls of my feet. I cannot have the forward rake. It causes too much pain. I need as neutral a platform as possible. The material layer that your foot sits on is extremely tough! It has held up to very demanding work conditions that include a lot of walking and an active work environment. I am completely sold on SOLE footbeds. Also, they are more reasonably priced than many of the ones that i have tried and did not work for me. Plus, they give you discounts once you become a customer. I wish I would have had them years ago! It would possibly helped keep my foot pain from getting worse as time went on, and would have saved me a lot of money wasted on footbeds that did not work. Thank you!! ............ Also, the thick ones are good if you have a little extra room in your shoes. The mediums are good as a direct replacement in shoes that fit just right. ...... My search for good insoles has come to an end!!!

Thermal footbeds are awesome!

Great quality and warmth. Glad I bought them!

Love These!

The only footbeds I buy.

Good supportive footbeds

I use them in cleats and they help support my feet

awesome footbeds

The Thin footbeds are great for high volume feet. I've never found another option that comes close

My go-to footbeds

I've basically been using the SOLE Thin footbeds exclusively for a few years. I have high volume feet and these work great in my shoes. I have fairly flat feet, and I find these really help with foot fatigue. The wide are even better but don't fit as well in normal width shoes.

Best footbeds ever

My husband only uses SOLE. Best support and lasts. Uses for work and everyday.

Winter Footbeds

Bought this wool footbed to go inside my winter Blundstones. Gives me the support and comfort I need. Considering buying the wool insoles for my other winter boots. What a difference!

Warm footbed

Liked so much that I bought a second pair

Excellent product

I have a pair of these footbeds in every shoe/slipper I wear around the house or casual shoes. SOLE footbeds have helped my plantar fasciitis and allowed me to enjoy walking and everyday activities again.

Works great in ski boots

My friends said replacing the stock insole in my ski boot would make a big difference. (Most of them have custom insoles.) My boots fit fine so I didn't think it'd matter much. I eventually tried this SOLE footbed and was surprised how much it helped my skiing form. I could better feel where I was weighting my foot since it was now supported. Highly recommend.

Very good a bit narrow in the midfoot

I love SOLE footbeds, but I would really like them to make a wide model that is not only wide in the forefoot but also in the midfoot/arch section. I feel the wide versions have the exact same midfoot width as the normal ones. My foot goes a bit over the arch and is hence not supported on all its width. Still an excellent product. For the limited gain in space, I feel the Thin version is not worth it over the Medium because they are notably (and obviously) less comfortable. I think you can get away with using the Mediums in most footwear. Thanks to SOLE for making great products.

Game changer product

These footbeds saved me!! I am a PE teacher on my feet all day and was suffering from plantar fasciitis. These inserts make movement and standing enjoyable! I now have these in ALL my shoes. Highly recommend!

Love the Cork

I like all SOLE products, including the ReCORK Performance footbeds. It also helps to know they are from recycled wine corks

Awesome Footbed

Fits great, great support, back pain improved.

Solid Footbeds

Liked my first pair so much, I got a second pair for my muck boots. They make the boots fit a little more snug, which is awesome because less rubbing on the heel. Can't go wrong getting these if you're at all thinking about it.

Turn Shoes Around

I was skeptical that new footbeds would change my shoes around. But, I wasn't ready to throw in the towel on my current working boots. So, I got the footbeds and immediately noticed arch support and extra softness returning to my shoes (like when they were new). It was kind of gross taking the old original footbeds out, actually. How did I let them stay in there so long? Been using them daily now for a month and haven't had a single tweak go through my arch. Sure makes happy feet.

More Shoe Options!

Bought two pairs of these and have used them in dress shoes I have not been able to wear for years due to lack of support offered by shoes but thickness of most footbeds too thick. These offered support and adequate cushioning to wear boots and dress shoes that had not been options for years.

A great choice when there isn't enough volume for thicker foot beds!

I have used the Medium thickness footbeds in my hiking boots. However, the volume of the boot is not quite great enough and the thicker footbed elevates my foot just enough to cause a pressure point at the top of my heel. The Thin footbeds are much better in this application AND I get the comfort benefit of SOLE's met pad!!

Great Coddling for my feet

I have been using SOLE footbeds to make life for my feet more pleasant for several years. I recently tried these ones with the met pads in them as after a long hike (12 -15 km or more), my feet feel pretty tired - kind of like someone has been beating on them with a ball peen hammer. The met pad seems to make a difference for me! Short of shedding 35 pounds, I think that this is the best comfort fix I have found for my feet.

Love these footbeds

I have a bunion and pronation. The metpad supports the transverse arch of my foot so my 1st metatarsal is not already bottomed out in push off position in neutral. I think it helps the foot from getting tight in the places that reinforce the bone position that leads to the bunion rubbing and getting larger.

Strong support & warm comfort

These wool covered footbeds turned my not-so-comfortable-nor-warm fall/winter boots into a favorite pair for walking, even in on cold winter days, and the wool helps keeps my feet dry, and therefore warmer. Great product and would be even greater with a metpad.

Comfy footbeds

I love how these fit in my shoes. No more sore feet! I don't wear shoes without them any more. Highly recommend.

Been wearing these for years!

GREAT footbeds GREAT customer service!

Fantastic footbeds

After several week's use of these footbeds in my winter boots, they are very comfortable. I like the fact that these footbeds have a cork base and that SOLE labels its products with their carbon footprint to allow consumers to make an informed choice.

Great support and fit

I put SOLE footbeds in all of my shoes. They provide great support and comfort.

Best footbeds for running and hiking

I’ve been using SOLE footbeds for nearly 10 years. They have empowered me to keep up with long distance running and backpacking.


I wear them in all my shoes since my Podiatrist recommended SOLE footbeds to prevent the recurrence of plantar fasciitis and I haven’t had any foot pain in years!

The best footbeds

I've been wearing these for several years and they are the best footbeds, better than what the podiatrist offers. I have severe plantar fasciitis and these are the only footbeds that compare to custom orthotics in treating it.

These are the best shoe inserts!

A local Certified Pedorthist introduced me to SOLE over 15 years ago, and I have been using their footbeds ever since. All of my shoes have a SOLE insert in them. Having been flat-footed my entire life, these allow me to stay on my feet all day, every day, and maintain my active lifestyle. I have worn both the Active and the Active with Met Pad and have been very pleased with both. Great customer service, incentives for us customers, free shipping on purchases when creating an account, and their environmental mission makes me a loyal customer for the years to come.

Best footbeds ever

I’ve been dealing with some plantar fascia issues recently and the Met Pad insole really helped with the discomfort.

Absolutely incredible

These are and did exactly what I was looking for. I didn't do a lot of research but they looked cool and were expensive..They had a Thick model to make my NMD R1 V2 Adidas a bit tighter... Not only did they accomplish that to perfection as well as in my Adidas Rovermule. I baked my footbeds until the handy sticker turned black at 170 ish but set your temp to 200 leave in for 2 min. And slide em in. Its a comfortable endeavor as it molds them to your feet to perfection. I'll be buying another few pairs. The sizing is absolutely spot on. The quality is literally next to nobody. I believe that SOLE is the pinnacle of aftermarket footwear enhancements. Thank you guys. Sincerely impressed and happier than I thought I would ever be about insoles. SOLE is absolutely worth every single penny and I will absolutely be telling some friends and be buying more to not have to swap them in and out. I'll be buying 3 more pair to keep them in all current rotation shoes that benefit from them ... Which is most. I could not be happier with these. Absolutely top notch. Perfect fit. Absolutely spot on.

You owe it to your feet!

I use these in my sports sneakers and dress shoes. Been using them for a few years now. The other day I wore a pair of “dress sneakers” with the original footbed in it. After 20 minutes in them I had to swap out the footbeds that came with them for these. Now I use these footbeds in all my footwear. (And I don’t have problematic feet). Once you get used to proper support anything else falls short. Don’t hesitate- get a pair and try them

Mendocino slides ROCK!!!!

Due to the adjustable velcro I have always have a custom fit. These are the only slides I wear!!!! The footbed fits amazing and gently conforms to your needs.

Best slide EVER!!!!!

I have been wearing the Mendocino Sport slide for over 5 years. They are the only slide that I have found with velcro that allows a custom fit. My feet are thankful for the amazing footbed They are so comfortable!!!! Customer for LIFE!!!! PLEASE don't discontinue this model.

Best footbed

I have plantar fasciitis and this footbed is the only insert that relieves the pain and keeps the fasciitis from becoming severe. I take the sneaker insert out and put the SOLE inserts in. They fit perfectly in the sneaker and have a great arch support.

My thin besties

I own 5 pairs… all different thins and they are all great… they fit snug in my loafers but very comfy. I also I have 1 pair of Naot sandals but I took out their soles and put my SOLE footbeds instead. Naot makes few great sandals that you can switch your insoles out of. SOLE footbeds works super in them. For cute flats the thins work so great that I have support, my feet don’t hurt and gives me a correct arch.. just love my thins.

Love the Sole footbeds

I have been buying SOLE footbeds for years and I love them

SOLE has been with me for more than a decade

I first began using SOLE as a foot support in my running shoes when I saw that ultra-endurance athlete Dean Karnazes had a signature footbed and endorsed them. I've utilized them inside my daily work boots for healthy foot support in recent years.... if you have lower extremity foot or joint pain this could be your ticket (without a podiatrist). I must emphasize, I only use the rubber bottom footbeds (the cork/biodegradable bottoms just fall apart too quickly). I've used them in military fitness wear. I once wore a pair during a grueling SF selection course.... which included a 25 mile trek with 45lbs pack for time. Along with multiple other long mileage ruck distances. These footbeds held up in flawless fashion, supporting my movement, and overall training health in noticeable ways over the rest of my class. If you are on your feet regularly occupationally, many times we forget about the critical nature of ensuring foot support is renewed and effective physiologically. It effects the entire day, and I'm so pleased to have found this brand a decade+ ago, and that they're still around!! SOLE has a world class product, and I see why Dean endorsed their gear. Thank you for contributing to overall health of Day in/Day outers everywhere!!!!

The Met Pad has resolved my chronic foot pain

These footbeds are thicker than most footbeds sold in footwear. You may need the thinner version. The met pad has made activities like skating, skiing and hiking fun again!

Best Footbeds ever

I have been wearing these for weeks and they are great.

Best footbeds I have tried

I have several issues with my feet and these allow me to walk without tiring and helps my balance

Great footbeds

They are awesome. Great arch support but just make sure you have a bit of extra room in you shoes; they're a bit thicker than most stock insoles.

Felt like a new pair of sneakers!

I have had a number of special insoles made for me, and just about every other footbad in the market. Nothing beats SOLE! This one was a replacement for a thick footbed I had for years. When I stepped into this one, I couldn’t believe how much of a float difference there was. I also have the Medium for different sneakers, but this is the best one yet! I100% recommendation! Ordering another pair now for my multiple pairs of tennis sneakers. I primarily wear them to pickle ball. Note, I have multiple spine injuries, sciatic knee, plantar fasciitis and leg trauma. These are a lifesaver!

Save my feet

I have a difficult plantar problem compounded with weakening ankle ligaments- tried numerous otc and even custom options to no avail. SOLE footbeds have done wonders - feet are very happy now. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT and I will be buying some more of them.

These are my favorite!

I've been wearing SOLE footbeds for years and years! I think these Active Thin with Met Pads are my favorite, but it depends on your shoes and what you are looking for. The video SOLE provides that explains the differences between the various footbeds is very helpful. I have chronic foot pain and these are great.

SOLE footbed

I was recommended these to help with plantar fasciitis. Seems to be helping

Relief for tired, aging feet

Turning 50 and still an avid trail runner here in Durango, CO. I started to have problems with the resilience of my feet. They would tire and grow sore, especially in the arches and at the balls just before the toes. I thought maybe footbeds would help a little. I have been pleasantly surprised by just how much my SOLE footbeds have helped. My feet are no longer as tired or sore as they had been before I started using them; indeed, I wish I had started using them years ago. The support they provide just make running that much more enjoyable. Definitely recommend!

2nd footbed

This is my second pair of SOLE footbeds and I'm very satisfied. They were easy to mold and I was thankful to have them to use right away for a trip with lots of standing and walking.


Union electrician on my feet all day in work boots. Been using these footbeds for almost 9 years now. Used to deal with terrible foot pain until I discovered these. I tell every tradesman I know. Great arch support.

The very best ever

After trying every insole I could find for my husband to try, this one is it! He has a pair in all his shoes. He walks 5-10 miles every day in his work boots and is flat footed. SOLE footbeds are fabulous.

Randy Chenoweth

Feels good right out of the box

Love them right away, my foot seems glued into the cork inside footbed. A little apprehensive prior to seeing the outer sole but loving the grip on our wood floors and due to the style of shoe they will stay on sidewalks for dog walking but these soles and the general hug I get from wearing them will do great there. However, I will probably not wear them out in the garden ( yikes) because these will serve as my go to Sunday meeting here in Coastal North Carolina. Definitely not beach wear!

Truly the best footbeds

Been slowly getting a pair for each of my shoes. I now have like 9 pairs of assorted SOLE footbeds.

Goodbye Plantar Fasciitis!

I love these footbeds! Mainly swap them from my daily walking runners to my winter boots and it's easy to do so, but now each style has their own pair. Will look into their other styles for less roomier or dressier footwear I have. It's a nice option that they are heat moldable, but they were comfortable from the first time I tried them.

Best Footbeds Ever!

These footbeds are comfortable from the get go! Used to wear superfeet, but there's no turning back now. All aspects of purchase from ease of informative website, quality product, customer service and shipping were top notch. Plantar fasciitis recoverer.

Quality footbed

I have $600 custom orthotics and my SOLE footbeds are way more comfortable!


Around 25 years ago I developed a foot problem that made walking painful. A podiatrist made some hard plastic orthotics that helped a lot and a few years later I could get by without them. Then my wife gave me a pair of SOLE footbeds and I've been using them every day since. I have them in all my shoes and my foot pain, caused by a malformed bone has not returned. I often go on 5-mile hikes by the way, without difficulty.

Awesome footbeds

I've been wearing these for weeks now and the pain in my feet has diminished considerably. They are very easy to mold, very comfortable, and easily transferable between shoes.

Met footbeds

Great for my pickleball shoes!

Perfect footbed for snowboard boots

I replaced the footbed of my snowboard boots with the Active Thick with met pad and they have never been that comfy and with a nice tight and precise fit! I recommend!


I wear these footbeds in boots and they are super. I am on my feet all day mainly in an outdoors enviroment and they provide great support and comfort. I will buy again!


These footbeds are really great. Super fit and comfort for all day relief. I will buy again.

Best footbeds

I love all SOLE products! These are the only footbeds I use since they are the only ones that make wearing steel toe shoes all day bearable.

Best footbeds ever

I have been wearing these for weeks now and my feet do not hurt any more. I love these footbeds and will never buy any others but these. It makes wearing steel toe shoes all day bearable.

Met Pad

My first footbeds were Active Medium and I liked them but these new ones I got with the met pad gives extra support that I enjoy even more.

Best footbeds ever

Would never go back to custom orthotics. These are amazing.

Best footbeds ever

I have foot problems and spent $600.00 on custom orthotics. They never fit right or felt good even after many adjustments. I decided to try the SOLE footbeds and would never go back to custom orthotics again. They can be heated to mold to the shape of your feet.

Trusted Footbeds

Been using these for years after a bout of plantar fasciitis. They are highly recommended.

Great footbeds

These fit very well and I have no foot pain whatsoever when I walk which is usually at least 10k a day. Highly recommend

Great Slide

I’m not big on slides but these are a stand out! Love the look, adjustability and of course the footbed. Highly recommend!

Solved my issues at a reasonable price.

I normally use custom footbeds to stabilize my foot and relieve foot pain. So far these seem to do the trick at a much more reasonable price point..

Best footbeds

I have to stand all day at my job and these provide great relief to my feet.


Great slides

Very supportive footbed. Great around the house too.

perfect footbeds

I use them in hiking boots and everyday boots. Couldn't be better.

Great orthotic footbeds for my running shoes

I've been wearing these for a few months and they are great, no foot pain.

Helen Kroeker

Very nice boots and comfortable

I bought theses boots predominantly because they were a great price for Black Friday. I love these boots. They are comfortable, look great and they have the SOLE footbed right in the design of the boot.

Pleasantly surprised

I started to have heel pain when my work boots were weren’t tight enough. I figured I developed plantar fasciitis but usual treatment didn’t work. I bought SOLE footbeds and I found the heel pain has improved. This can be a result of time, usually treatment and using SOLE footbeds. I’m pleasantly surprised by the feel and advertising by the Darkhorse podcast

Stellar Footbeds!

As a past alpine and mtb racer, I have had many footbeds … both aftermarket and custom made. This is the first off the shelf footbed that I found to be great! Out of the box, they are good, but after heat molding, these are nearly as good as a custom made. Incredible deal for the money! I’m using in my bike shoes for cold days, and in my ski boots. Getting a second pair so I don’t need to swap. They do take up room, so be sure you have it or like a tight fit. Thank you SOLE!

Comfortable footbeds

I've been using for several years and they keep my plantar fascitis from acting up.

SOLE is Solid!

I've been wearing these footbeds for weeks and find they are the perfect amount of support to compliment my health and wellness improvement routine. I liked them so much, I ordered a pair for each of the family members in this house! Instructions are easy, good quality and arrived quickly.

The only footbed I wear

I’ve been wearing SOLE footbeds in my walking shoes for a number of years. I recently switched to the ones with met pads. They have made my 5 mile walks so much more comfortable and even extended the life of my shoes. The best inSOLE.

Save your feet with these footbeds

Added these to my winter boots and it made all the difference. Recommended!

Fantastic footbeds

I purchased these for my skates. I have tried at least 5 types including custom footbeds, Superfeet, Dr. Scholls and Bauer heat molded speed plates. Given that the SOLE footbeds have all the foot relief remedies built into the sole, topped with the pad for comfort makes these the best yet for my skates. The pain I used to suffer starting half way through my ice times is gone! Now I can skate for hours.

Denis Boileau

Great Flip flops

It’s currently winter here in Canada, but I have been wearing these around the house in preparation for a trip to Australia and New Zealand. The footbed feels really good, handling my heel and metatarsal issues. They feel quite a bit better than my Reefs.

Fixed a boot that was too wide

Due to the thickness and shape of this footbed I am now able to comfortably wear a pair of boots that had been too wide. My feet had been sliding and causing hot spots. That problem is now fixed.

Fantastic upgrade

I decided to try these out in a pair of shoes that I found uncomfortable. I'm glad I did. As soon as I took out the original footbeds, I understood why the shoes didn't feel very good. The materials and shape were vastly inferior to the SOLE footbeds. I should note that the shoes were not cheap either. I now wear the shoes regularly.

Helped me achieve a perfect fit.

I used these in my work boots and hiking boots that were just a bit loose fitting. The thickness of the footbed was enough to make up for a less than perfect fit. I have found them to be very comfortable as well.

Excellent footbeds!!!!

I recently went from regular Active SOLEs to Active MET Pad SOLEs. I like the hump in the middle of my instep. I can't quite describe the sensation/feeling. I also have other SOLEs without the MET Pad and I like to rotate between them in different types of shoes. I'm a runner and have many pairs of runners that I rotate depending on conditions, terrain, mood and pain. I currently have Active Thin, Active Medium and Active Thick. My feet do get wet from conditions which have steered me away from the Performance models. Depending on how your shoes fit, it's a little trial and error for which thickness you choose. I try and buy 2 thicknesses at a time as I want the ultimate fit in my shoes. On a side note; I purchased a pair of ON Trail waterproof runners and found that both 10.5 and 11 were too tight. Normally, I'm a 10.5, but in waterproof they want you to 1 up in size. I should have gone with 11.5, but found that with size 11 my toes were crunching the top of the shoes. After inserting the Active Thin SOLEs, my toes pulled away slightly and now touch slightly giving them the perfect fit! I finally have a pair of SOLEs in every shoe I own, including my boots. Some have MET pads some don't. I prefer it that way my feet get a fresh feeling every time I lace up a pair. I decided not to switch my SOLEs from shoe to shoe as every time I did, I felt I had to adjust them ever so slightly to get them to fit just right(personal preference). As I see it, every shoe is different and that's what makes up the difference in adjustment. For some, that may not be important, but for me, it's a matter of whether or not I can continue to run and stay away from injuries. I don't want to count how many I have, but I'm sure well over 10 pairs and counting!!!! Enough said...


Bought these to replace cheap footbed that came with a pair of leather boots. They fit great and are very durable.

Excellent support

I love the SOLE footbed with met pad. The arch support is really great - much better than other after-market footbeds I’ve used. Very high quality too.

Very Best Footbeds

I ordered the SOLE Active Thick with Met Pad for my husband’s work-boots and he has found tremendous relief from his plantar fasciitis!! He has tried many other insoles but none helped the pain! He is so happy with the SOLE insoles that I am going to order and try them for my bad ankle and knees!

Great quality footbed

These are the best footbeds I've found. I walked on these all over Bolivia, and I'm really glad I had them with me. They made hiking much easier on my feet.

Love these footbeds

I have been wearing these for a few weeks and my feet feel much better. I highly recommend them for anyone with plantar fasciitis. I like them better than the expensive custom orthotics I have.

Best footbeds

I love the Active footbeds. I hike a lot and also do a lot of walking. These help my posture so much that I don’t get the leg aches that I used to get prior to using orthotics. Are used to have three-quarter length orthotics made specifically for me, but needed new ones and my doctor recommended these rather than having ones molded specifically for my feet. They work every bit as good as the molded ones made specifically for me in and are less expensive.

Really enjoying these!

New to the footbed world after dealing with posterior tibial tendonitis (and unknowingly needing the support). Tried a few other brands in stores and never felt comfortable. These just hit the spot for me.

effective footbeds

More than lived up to expectations

A great footbed!

I was tired of switching out my one pair of custom orthotics. I tried these on a whim and I am convinced they provide superior support for a fraction of the price.

Island Style

Best Dress Shoe Footbed

Purchased to replace in dress shoe without any arch support, shoes were much more comfortable after replacement.

Best Replacement Footbeds

All day comfort walking on concrete and black top.

SOLE footbed review

My husband has been using these for years. I surprised him with four new pairs for Christmas. He was very pleased!

Great SOLEs - footbeds!

SOLE just makes insoles (footbeds) right. I have been using Superfeet for a long time. For several years now I have been wearing SOLE and love them. They are sturdy, provide excellent support, and look good.

Choice of footbeds for Nordic walking!

I bought these for the metatarsal pad and they are amazing! Great support, great pain relief and fit true to size for my shoes. I wear a size 10.5 Altra and bought the 11 to trim it down and to have it a little wider. Just wish there was a bigger market for wide insoles with the metatarsal pad!

keep your balance

While these footbeds don't last nearly as long as the thick ones, they help stop foot fatigue in tight fitting shoes

go the distance

These footbeds help keep my feet in good shape and help me run and hike thousands of KM a year

Best footbeds for me

Since using these footbeds in regular footwear, ankle discomfort, due to an old injury has been GREATLY reduced. The arch support is so good for my feet.


I use these footbeds in my boots and they provide great support all day long. Really like them and I will buy again.

Love the footbeds

My Pedorthist suggested them years ago when I had plantar fasciitis. I have used them ever since. I am on my feet a lot a work and they make a difference.

Great Purchase

I have purchased a few different insoles and love them all. I can’t be without a pair in all of my shoes. These are my footbeds of choice after trying many other products.

I thought I was going to need orthotics :(

A sudden & very painful onset of metatarsal-area pain prompted me to look for a solution...even if just a temporary one. I bought two different (and less expensive) metatarsal foot pain relief products and both failed miserably. The SOLE Met Pad footbed provided instant relief...but more importantly, lasting relief. It hasn't eliminated my problem - obviously I have a structural issue that needs to be addressed, but when I'm wearing shoes with the SOLE insole inside, the pain instantly drops by about 50% and once I start walking, after about 50-100 steps, the pain drops another 25-40%. Sometimes it goes away completely. On a related note, if you are a DIY kind of person, I have also started the first set of exercises in the book - The Foot Fix: 4 Weeks to Healthier, Happier Feet by Yamuna Zake - and they have made a big difference too. But first, buy a couple of pairs of SOLE insoles...I have recommended them to two friends already :)

Great footbeds.

I've been using SOLE footbeds for several years after discovering them in a running store. I used to be an avid runner but was diagnosed with a physical condition and had to stop. I now use them in my casual shoes, keeps my foot balanced and less fatigue overall. I've tried other inserts, many didn't have longevity or were too soft. I always seem to come back to SOLE, especially since they have a variety of inserts for different shoes. My daughter, who is an avid runner now uses them too.

Truly superior footbeds

After being diagnosed with plantar fasciitis many years ago the podiatrist told me that after I left her office I should go straight to Ted's Shoe and Sport and buy a pair of SOLE footbeds (and never to go barefoot!), so I went there and bought my first pair. They were just what I needed. Over time I found it easier to have a pair of soles in each pair of my shoes, rather then switching one pair of soles between shoes. I now have soles in each pair of shoes I own - so no more switching - including in the nice, warm slippers I'm wearing right now. And oh yeah, haven't had plantar fasciitis since.

Nothing Better

I've been using SOLE footbeds in shoes since a 2004 thru hike of the Pacific Crest Trail. They've been in my shoes hiking over many more long trails as well as my everyday use. They're easy to mold, fit the shoe perfect and make my feet happy. I recommend them all the time.

Quality footbed at a great price!

I've been using these products as suggested by my doctor for the last few years. Great product and works well in all of my shoes.

Excellent footbeds

Excellent footbeds I am a physician and have been using and referring these foot beds for many years. They are especially good for plantar fasciitis and flat feet. The company also gives tremendous customer support.

Footbeds are the best

Had first pair, were awesome so ordered two more pairs. Wear in running shoes, shoes and boots.

Affordable and works well

These footbeds molded quickly to my feet and were exactly what I was looking for to put in my Blundstones. I ordered the same size as my shoe and there was no trimming required. I still find the medium cushioning to be on the thin side, so if you have the space I would definitely suggest going with the "thick" for more comfort (I just couldn't be bothered to ask for an exchange). I have also had some issues with corns on the ball of my foot so I got the met pad, and the corns have greatly diminished. The met pad felt a bit weird during the first few wears but now it isn't at all noticeable. After looking at many options I'm so glad I went with SOLE! Their customer service team is awesome and very responsive.

Best footbeds for all feet types!

As a physical therapist and runner, it’s hard to find solid and sturdy footbeds that last. Well, these insoles are the best! I wear them in my running shoes, work shoes, and kick around shoes. No pain and excellent arch support! No more pain equals happy feet! Recommend these to all my patients and friends!

good footbeds

Extra thick. Insulates pretty good. You will need loose fitting boots, or thinner socks though. I wish they were available with met pads.

Work footbeds

On concrete and steel all day these make huge difference in fatigue and pain.

Work footbeds

Had many of these. Last you about 6 months at 5 days last week say good bye to foot pain.

Mark Abrahamson

Fits snug footwear!

I use Signature CD Thin footbeds in my Olukai shoes. They fit perfectly!

Solid arch support footbeds

Instantly my arches and feet feel rejuvenated, and it's as if I have new feet. They are thick, so make sure your shoes can handle it. I've put mine in my rubber boots and they are excellent.

Hiked the Appalachian Trail with my Soles!

I used my SOLE footbeds on a 900 mile hike on the Appalachian Trail. The product gave support and comfort the entire hike. While other hikers complained about their foot pain I remained pain free and happy!

A hard-to-find shape with typical SOLE quality

SOLE is one of the two brands I use as replacement footbeds. For shoes that I wear for extended periods, nothing is better than SOLE. This particular footbed has the very wide toe box that you find on some shoes. It provides a unique opportunity to get SOLE comfort in every shoe I own.

Footbeds and flip flops

I was referred to these from a orthotics specialist for my plantar fasciitis and purchased first the flip flops. When I noticed such a difference they had made, I purchased two sets of footbeds. The best purchase I made. I no longer suffer from plantar fasciitis.

Start and end here. ;)

Wanted to take a moment and share my experience with these insoles / footbeds. After trying many other brands and styles, I’ve finally found the footbeds that work perfectly for my foot and shoe. I work retail and am on concrete all day long. These footbeds provide superb support with great cushioning. They fit true to size. I was able to use the Men’s W10 in a Danner 9.5 Bull Run boot without any trimming needed. Give these a try and you’ll probably love them too.

Excellent footbeds

Use the active thick footbeds in all my shoes and boots. Like them so much I gifted them for Christmas this year.

My go-to for foot comfort and arch support

I have accumulated a good number of these footbeds because I use them in every pair of shoes I own. I started years ago with one or two, pairs but after years of using other footpads and being disappointment, I didn't want to buy too many of a new set. But then, they turned out to the BEST I'd ever worn, and one order led to another, etc. I do highly recommend this SOLE!

Best footbeds I’ve ever used

I’ve tried expensive custom made footbeds, and several of the best over the counter ones. SOLEs are the most effective and long lasting ones I’ve experienced for backpacking, long walking, and everyday use. Love them.

Love these footbeds

I have both the active thin and active medium both with met pads (3 pairs of each). I love them! I don’t wear shoes without them. The thin ones work in dressier shoes or my Converse sneaker collection. The medium are perfect in my Keen sneakers and Blundstones.

Great Footbed

Been wearing for a few weeks and so far durable and comfortable. Initial customization takes some work

Outstanding support

SOLE footbeds are the best. I use these and other footbeds in all of my shoes.

Great product for great price

Really happy with the footbeds at a price that compares favorably to the non-moldable ones

Low-cost customer footbed

Great footbeds for the price - much better than Superfeet / Sidas / others at a similar cost.

Best footbeds I've ever tried.

I've had these footbeds for at least 4 years and they are still going strong. Got some for another pair of boots and another for a friend (who loves them too).

Best footbed I’ve ever worn

Been suffering from plantar fasciitis and other foot pains to the point where I would call in at work because I wasn’t able to walk and my foot would be swollen. I decided to finally give this footbed a try. I’m in steel toes and on my feet all day. Second day wearing these, my plantar and foot pain is starting to go away and I’ve been able to start walking properly again without limping . I would recommend these to everyone and will purchase more for all my shoes.

Best footbeds ever

I was recommended these by my foot doctor as I have a plantar fibroma. I bought one for my hikers and one for my daily shoes. They work!

Planter Fasciitis no more

These footbeds have totalled cured my planter fascitis - virtually gone! So pleased, I ordered 2 more pairs so I don't have to switch them out constantly. thank you!

Best footbed

Sturdy and good fit in the shoe without adjustment.

Best footbeds

I have tried the competition and these are the best.

Nice , casual footbeds!

These footbeds are good for more casual wear. They keep my feet happy!

Great footbeds!

These footbeds are great for hiking!

Love these footbeds!

I have been wearing these footbeds everyday for years now, I could not survive working on concrete floors without them.

Great upgrade for my wife's snowboard boots.

My wife's snowboard boots were a bit large to start, but the thick footbed with met pad made them fit perfect. She says they are very comfy. Bought some for my kids snowboard boots too.

Leslie Firstbrook

Amazing footbeds

I have 6 pairs now and I put them in all of my important footwear: ski boots, hiking boots, firefighting boots, running shoes. The consistency from style to style is nice. They are also trim to fit if they are slightly to long or wide you can trim them to fit your shoe or boot perfectly. They are supportive, but not rigid. Your foot splays throughout your stride, so I prefer a supportive footbed that is a little soft. I have both the cork and the original and they are great! Will definitely continue to buy.

Best footbeds

These are great! Wearing them for over a month, just got two more pairs.

Fantastic footbeds

I've had my footbeds about a month, and they keep my body in alignment which helps with my feet and knees. I liked them so much that I've purchased more of them. A fantastic product!


Really helps provide the support and comfort I need.

Excellent footbeds!

Added these to my hiking shoes and ice skates - Foot Heaven! Highly recommend!

Great footbeds!!

I have Soles in every pair of shoes I own. Cannot go without them. They feel great and at a fraction of what the podiatrist charges


Absolutely the Best Footbeds

I have worn these for years because they have a met pad. Without them I have so much foot pain I can barely walk. Thank you, SOLE!


Love the footbeds

I’ve been using the footbeds with metatarsal pad for several years. They are essential and alleviate my pain from metatarsalgia.

The Best!

We have tried various footbeds over the years and always return to SOLE - they are the best.

Great footbeds!

I started using them for pain relief. They are so comfortable, I now use them all the time!

I love my footbeds

I have been wearing the footbeds for at least 5 years. They have helped my feet so much. I would and have recommended them to anyone who have issues with their feet.

Awesome Footbeds

I've tried all kinds of custom footbeds from various manufacturers, but these footbeds from SOLE are the only ones that I would recommend.

Best footbeds I’ve ever used.

I’ve been using SOLE footbeds for years, in my hiking boots and in my everyday walking shoes. They've helped my high arch problems and have provided excellent support resulting in more comfort and fewer foot pain. I’m hard on my shoes and put a lot of miles on them every month. SOLE footbeds are my go-to footbeds, and have performed better than my custom made ones for way less money. And they last a long time.

Red SOLE footbed

This was highly recommend to me & I thought to give it a try. Why not. I’ve used other ones but find these are the best. My feet never hurt.

Great footbeds

Very nice footbed and good support. Using them in my ski boots. Heated them in the oven as recommended due to low arch. Only negative is the cork crumbles a bit when inserting into boot liner, especially when heated.

The best footbeds period!

Honestly I buy a 1/2 size up for shoes that feel like there might be a bit tight just so I can get these guys in there because they comfortable while at the same time fixing my plantar fasciitis. I've bought in 2 pairs of these and will probably buy a 3rd soon.

Perfect everyday footbeds

These footbeds are great for switching in-and-out of shoes while maintaining a good amount of comfort.

Amazing footbeds for shoes with low ceiling

These are great for shoes that already fit quite snug and don't have a lot of room for footbeds.

Andrew Simpson

Amazing footbeds

These are perfect for snowboarding.

Ideal footbeds

They fit in my vans and are super comfortable, cut them down to size 9 and heat molded in the oven. The deep heel cup keeps your foot where it should be. Digging these for sure.

Must have footbeds

I been wearing these insoles for a year now, I have mild Planter Fascitis and play active racquetball. The difference with and without is quite significant, the arch support and stability I get with these insoles is remarkable. Since my first purchase I have purchased few more insoles and have been using them for all other shoes (Casual, Winter Shoes). Eyes closed would recommend this product based on personal experience. Also these insoles give you same output as the custom ortho for which most of us pay over $300.

Travis Isert


I wasn’t sure what type of footbeds I would need. So I bought one with the met pad and one without. Everytime I put on my shoes with the met pad my mind is blown with the comfort and support that I didn’t know I needed. To support my foot up front is something that truly is they best thing I’ve experienced in a footbed.

Best footbeds ever!

I have purchased many footbeds with no luck until I found SOLE! We will be a customer for life. My feet say "thankyou"!

Best footbeds ever

Been wearing these and found that they are the best that I have found yet. My chiropractor recommended and did not disappoint.

Yes! They work!

I love these footbeds - I walk a lot and need cushioning. These keep my joints and back happy, and prolong the life of my shoes.

Works great

This is the second time I had bought a SOLE footbed. First one was the Active model for my runners which fit nicely. I wanted a second pair (thinner) to fit my dress shoes. These fit perfectly and even though they are thinner they provide the right support for my feet and are very comfortable.

Cozy and comfortable

Great footbeds, love the support and they make my blundstones so much more comfortable and cozy. They are definitely thick though so make sure you have enough room in your shoes. I'm wearing thinner socks to make it work (which is fine since they are nice and warm with the insoles)

Good quality, firm support where needed

I am very athletic and have a very high arch, along with plantar fasciitis and rheumatoid arthritis. These footbeds provide firm support where needed. Haven't had any pain or cramping since I started using them. Highly recommend to anyone with foot pain to try these.

Ryan Roberts


Even though I just use these in my casual shoes, they are awesome. They provide great support and comfort in all my shoes, regardless of the activities I'm doing. I've been using SOLE footbeds for years and these are just as great as all the others.

Melissa Morrison

Footbeds with metpads

These are my favourite insoles because of the met pad! The cork is an added bonus.

Best Ones Out There

I’ve had these sort of soles for years now. I usually bought them at Marks but they stopped carrying them. So I tried different ones only to have worse back problems. Luckily, I found this site where they sell them. Before these footbeds I would constantly walk in pain from my flat feet and would need to see my chiropractor almost weekly. If it wasn’t for SOLE I’d be walking barefoot.

amazing footbeds

the met pads make these foot beds perfectly comfortable

Best Footbeds ever!

I’ve been wearing these for a month after noticing my ankle was supinating. This was causing numbness and unsteady gait. These insoles have replaced the insoles in work and casual shoes. They are a great thickness! Love them! True to size in sneakers but had to size down for casual shoes.

Great Footbeds!

I've used these footbeds for years. They have literally "saved" my walk. My arches needed support and they got it. I don't need to worry about aching feet anymore.

Extremely supportive and yet comfortable footbeds.

Hello, I’ve had a chance to use these Performance Thick footbeds for about a month already and have found them to be extremely supportive while still being cushy enough to be very comfortable as well. I use the men’s size 10 in a Danner 9.5 bull run work boot and they fit perfectly with no trimming necessary. The cork really helps on those long work days. These are a must for work boots, imho. Give them a try and I’m sure you’ll be impressed too.

ANOTHER pair of shoes now made more comfortable!

I have a number of SOLE footbeds, and they all make my incredibly fancy, but not always comfortable, shoes feel GREAT! Thank you SOLE!


I bought 2 pairs and so far they are doing what I needed! I have plantar fasciitis in my left foot and the footbed is helping me with my alignment along with stretching and exercises.



I visited a podiatrist around the same time I ordered the footbeds and they’ve made a great deal of difference for a slightly fallen metatarsal splay


Very comfy

Basic flips that are way more than basic. Bought mainly for showering at public campgrounds. Easy on and off when wet, the footbeds are a huge step up from flip flops. Very supportive and comfortable for walking

Best footbeds ever

I have been wearing these for years. I spend a lot of time on my feet working in a large truck dealership. Worth it


This were suggested by my physiotherapist and they are amazing

Good footbeds

I have a fallen arch and these have improved the pain in my foot.

Best footbeds ever

Great products, have been using for years

Major upgrade over original footbeds

I’m going to need a few more pairs of these footbeds because I’m always swapping them into every pair of shoes and boots I own! I can no longer stand to use stock footbeds after experiencing the comfort and stability that my SOLE Performance footbeds provide. There is no comparison.

Perfect winter sport footbeds

I have used other brands of winter footbeds but always come back to my SOLE thick wool footbeds. They provide the perfect combo of additional warmth and volume in my ski touring and ice climbing boots and they don’t contribute to a smelly situation! After two seasons of consistent use they have proven to be durable. My wife has asked for a pair and I’ll be ordering a second pair for me as well!

Thin footbeds with arch support

Most footbeds take up too much room in my shoes. The arch support of these is decent, and they are quite thin.

Excellent footbeds

I have metatarsalgia and was prescribed orthotics which were hugely expensive. I find these just as effective and much more affordable. I have them in all my shoes now - for biking, skiing , running, hiking, and everyday wear. It is so good to be able to do all my regular activities again without painful feet.

excellent footbeds

I have metatarsalgia and was prescribed orthotics which were hugely expensive. I find these just as effective and much more affordable. I have them in all my shoes now - for biking, skiing , running, hiking, and everyday wear. It is so good to be able to do all my regular activities again without painful feet.

Best footbeds

My friend recommended me this product. I ordered a pair and found it fit and supported my feet very well so I turned around to recommended it to my family and friends.

Very Nice!

I received a pair of the Performance Medium footbeds. Heated them to conform to my foot shape and put them in my worst fitting pair of boots. It was a pleasant surprise at how they changed the feel and comfort level of the boot. My feet are instantly warmer (which I believe is due to the insulating property of the cork), my standing posture is more natural and comfortable. I have been wearing them for two weeks now so durability is yet to be determined. So far so good! Nice job people!

Great everyday footbeds

Great all-around footbeds. The right support/cushion balance.

Keith Jones

Good footbeds

I put these into a pair of boots that I wear regularly that were starting to feel clunky. The footbeds did what they needed to and are making the boot more comfortable


Great for Work

Through long hours of standing and walking on hard surfaces at my job, SOLE footbeds give me more energy at the end of the day and help keep my feet feeling good all day long. For years now, I add a pair of SOLE footbeds to each new pair of work shoes. They upgrade any pair of shoes and are worth the price.

Best footbeds

Best for casual wear