Most Versatile & Comfortable

I've been wearing these across different footwear and it's pretty clear that these soles are far superior to any of the factory soles of my shoes. I'm glad I went for the medium thickness soles because it's extremely versatile and works with most or all of my shoes. Lastly, these performance soles are great for reducing impact in my legs and knees, so much so that my running has improved!

A Foot Saver!

These thin footbeds were the answer when custom orthotics did not work for me. They are flexible and give good support. I wear them in shoes that have removable insoles and in roomy footwear that I cannot remove the insoles.

The ONLY footbeds you need

Proof that quality construction still exists! I have had two pairs of SOLE footbeds in the past 10 years, and the newer pair (currently 6yrs old) is still going strong. I bought these due to getting new boots and being unwilling to use the flimsy wafer soles they came with. I wasn't sure initially about the MET pad (since that feature wasn't in my last pair) so I first tried them in the very beat up military boots I have had for 8yrs..... they literally made them feel brand new again! And the great part about SOLE is, once I heated up the footbeds to fit them, I'm done. Just this week I slipped these into a new pair of sneakers, and without any issues they felt even better. No matter what footwear I put them in, the result is always more comfort and better performance. The only problem I have is that I don't have more shoes. There is simply no other footbed out there that can keep up with SOLE. Buy now! And then buy again!

Love my new footbeds.

After wearing these for a few weeks now, I cannot go back. Resolved a lot of issues around foot pain and they make my footwear all the more comfortable.

Amazingly comfortable footbeds!

I have the winter and medium footbeds, but now that lighter footwear is being worn, a thinner footbed was needed. This has been as comfortable as the other sole footbeds and I’m grateful to wear any shoes I would like to!


I have been suffering near-debilitating-at-times plantar fasciitis for about the past 9-12 months. Nothing I did seemed to help in any meaningful way. I saw these footbeds advertised on Facebook and out of pure desperation thought "Why not". They arrived quickly, in beautiful, eco-friendly packaging. Within a day of wearing these in my running shoes, my foot felt better. Not cured, but better than it had felt in ages. Now, a month later, I can honestly say that I feel like my plantar fasciitis is almost cured. I still have some pain, but it has gone from what I'd rate as a 9/10 to a 1-2/10, and the pain is far less frequent as well. The telltale morning pain on stepping out of bed has almost even been alleviated! These footbeds are absolute miracles. I cannot recommend them highly enough. I will definitely be ordering more, and am looking forward to trying out the footwear line as well! THANK YOU, SOLE!!

My doctor did me a solid.

So my arch on one side has fallen completely. Combination of bad or worn out footwear, and carrying a baby around on that side. I went to my doctor to request a referral for custom orthotics as I had a little bit of coverage with benefits. My doc was like sure here’s the referral, but here’s the deal : you get custom orthotic funding once every two years and your customs will wear out before then. He popped off his shoes and had SOLE in his runners. So I ordered a pair. I had bought a pair of Form brand insoles a week before and they felt good. When my SOLE's arrived, I was in love with the first fit. There’s some nub in the middle that stabs into some part of my foot that the Form one does not have, that gives me a lot of relief. Is this fixing my problem? No, but my daughter also still demands to be carried a lot. These footbeds are giving me the support I need and the relief I need to get through the day. And I didn’t go out of pocket 300 bucks like I would have for the custom orthotics.

Best footbeds ever- have worn them for years!

I have worn these footbeds (including the blue and black varieties, depending on the type of shoes/boots) for about 10 years, and literally couldn't walk without them; so I have them in every pair of footwear that I own. I suffer from metatarsalgia and splayfoot, which created unbearable pain that literally made me cry, even when walking for a couple hundred yards only. Since I am wearing these footbeds, I am walking pain free- on concrete as well as on rocky hiking trails. Highly recommend!

Incredible footbeds

I pretty much have various styles of SOLE in every pair of shoes and boots I own. They are all amazing and make very good shoes and boots feel GREAT. Manufacturers of footwear don't make premium insoles. From now on I'll order a new pair of soles with every new footwear purchase.

Good for Plantar Faciitis

I have been wearing SOLE inserts for over 20 years. They really worked for me in reducing plantar facilities pain. I wear them in all footwear. I started using the thick versions after removing the shoe manufacturers insole. I needed a little more cushioning so I switched to these thin versions with a pair of store bought cushion insoles on top of them. The combo works great. I still take out the manufacturers insoles.

Great foot beds

I now have three set of these … they make shoes with no support much better if I’m wearing them for any length of time. Next to Birkenstocks, which are decidedly not winter footwear these are fantastic.

Got them for myself, got them for my spouse

These footbeds have become my go-to method of ensuring that almost all of my casual footwear is as supportive as possible. I bought a second pair for my spouse, and it has become a household favorite. I have suggested that others do the same.

John Garratt

Nice footwear

The cork footbed and the outer material made of wool made for a boot that was irresistible. I am happy I made the purchase since they are comfortable and casually cool.

Best foot beds for leg/back pain

My wife and I have been wearing these for the past few years. Have multiple pairs to satisfy all our footwear. Lower back pain and leg pain has been decreased to a bear minimum.

Made my ski boots extremely comfortable

I have a pair of ski boots that, while the right length, had too much volume in them. That, plus the footbed was absolutely flat, made me try a pair of the thick soles. What a difference! They took up the extra space perfectly, but just as good, they made my boots one of my most comfortable pieces of footwear. The met pad is awesome for my forefoot (broke a metatarsal years ago). Highly recommend

Superior footbed

Adds comfort and arch support to most footwear. Recommended.

Great Industry Standard for Arch support

Love these because they're so thin. I don't always use arch supports as I believe there is some benefit to building the muscle in your foot without additional support, but for longer runs, uphill ski days, and recovery, these inserts are perfect to maintain the performance of your footwear without being too cumbersome - my go-to foot beds.

So comfortable

I've had these in my blundstones for a month. My already comfortable boots have become my most comfortable item of footwear. Definitely going to upgrade more shoes with these.

Game Changers!!!

I have been wearing these in my winter boots and they keep my feet straight as I walk. When I wear other footwear without these insoles, my hips are sore. So I now own three pair!

Supportive and very comfortable footbed

I've used these footbeds in alpine ski boots and they provide excellent support with just the right amount of cushioning. They would also be a good choice for other low volume boots and footwear. A minimal amount of trimming was required to fit inside the liners.

Tracy Chung

Best footwear

I wear this every day and I love it.

Feedback on Thermal Thick with Wool, Men's 5 / Women's 7

Love these winter thick insoles! Have them in my Blundstones for the winter. Definitely need to be a roomy pair of footwear to work. They feel so nice on my feet and I no longer get sore feet when wearing my boots all day. The size 7 insole slid right into my size 7 (4AU) blundstone perfectly.

Sara Sibai

Great investment!

It took me a while to find non-plastic and good quality footwear to use indoors. I've been wearing my home footwear for weeks and I absolutely love them and the way I feel when I'm walking, like I'm taller and have better posture. Thank you so much for these quality products!

Can’t Live Without These !!!

I got my first pair last year and loved how they can be heated and molded to my feet. I bought more pairs to keep in various footwear. My hips feel much better since getting these insoles. I am walking straighter.

My new favorite insoles

I have 3 pairs of these in various sizes in my ice skates, ski boots, and running shoes. The low profile fits in any and all of my existing footwear, they provide just enough support for my flat feet. I had been using a competing brand for more than 10 years but I think I found my new favorite insole.

Very good a bit narrow in the midfoot

I love SOLE footbeds, but I would really like them to make a wide model that is not only wide in the forefoot but also in the midfoot/arch section. I feel the wide versions have the exact same midfoot width as the normal ones. My foot goes a bit over the arch and is hence not supported on all its width. Still an excellent product. For the limited gain in space, I feel the Thin version is not worth it over the Medium because they are notably (and obviously) less comfortable. I think you can get away with using the Mediums in most footwear. Thanks to SOLE for making great products.

Absolutely incredible

These are and did exactly what I was looking for. I didn't do a lot of research but they looked cool and were expensive..They had a Thick model to make my NMD R1 V2 Adidas a bit tighter... Not only did they accomplish that to perfection as well as in my Adidas Rovermule. I baked my footbeds until the handy sticker turned black at 170 ish but set your temp to 200 leave in for 2 min. And slide em in. Its a comfortable endeavor as it molds them to your feet to perfection. I'll be buying another few pairs. The sizing is absolutely spot on. The quality is literally next to nobody. I believe that SOLE is the pinnacle of aftermarket footwear enhancements. Thank you guys. Sincerely impressed and happier than I thought I would ever be about insoles. SOLE is absolutely worth every single penny and I will absolutely be telling some friends and be buying more to not have to swap them in and out. I'll be buying 3 more pair to keep them in all current rotation shoes that benefit from them ... Which is most. I could not be happier with these. Absolutely top notch. Perfect fit. Absolutely spot on.

You owe it to your feet!

I use these in my sports sneakers and dress shoes. Been using them for a few years now. The other day I wore a pair of “dress sneakers” with the original footbed in it. After 20 minutes in them I had to swap out the footbeds that came with them for these. Now I use these footbeds in all my footwear. (And I don’t have problematic feet). Once you get used to proper support anything else falls short. Don’t hesitate- get a pair and try them

The Met Pad has resolved my chronic foot pain

These footbeds are thicker than most footbeds sold in footwear. You may need the thinner version. The met pad has made activities like skating, skiing and hiking fun again!

Goodbye Plantar Fasciitis!

I love these footbeds! Mainly swap them from my daily walking runners to my winter boots and it's easy to do so, but now each style has their own pair. Will look into their other styles for less roomier or dressier footwear I have. It's a nice option that they are heat moldable, but they were comfortable from the first time I tried them.

Suzanne Auger

Best Footwear ever

Love wearing my Catalina Sport Flips.

Kyle Henderson

Best sandals ever !!!

These are my 5th pair of SOLE sandals and I absolutely love them. I’ve tried many others kinds like rainbow, reef and others, but SOLE has far superior comfort. I wear them every day during the summer, so almost 200 days a year. I’m very aware of my footwear due to many sport injuries, 3 knee surgeries and a hip replacement.

Bear with the break in period, worth it.

Similar to a pair of quality cork shoes or slippers. These insoles will conform to your feet. To say they add insulation to your footwear is kinda a no brainer. To say I noticed an improvement of warmth I'd neither agree or disagree. Relying on insoles alone is wrong. Layering your socks and correct footwear is key! These insoles would be an added comfort in foot comfort with some possible negligible reduction in cold or heat transfer.

Best footbeds for me

Since using these footbeds in regular footwear, ankle discomfort, due to an old injury has been GREATLY reduced. The arch support is so good for my feet.

Happy feet, happy life!

Love, love, love these insoles! Recommended by my chiropractor, Dr. Chipperfield in Edmonton while being treated for unrelated issues. I've used super feet for many years for plantar fasciitis and although happy with them, SOLE insoles are top notch and unmatched for quality and comfort. Comfortable from the get go, did not have to try the heat custom fit. Although they are easy for me to put in my various footwear, I just bought additional pairs so I don't have to. Excellent customer service also!

No more foot pain!

Since buying 4 pairs at a great price and inserting them in my work boots, casual shoes and hiking footwear all have resolved my plantar fasciitis.

Mark Abrahamson

Fits snug footwear!

I use Signature CD Thin footbeds in my Olukai shoes. They fit perfectly!


Love them

These flip flops really make a difference. I needed to wear them three times until they broke in but it was worth the wait, they are the only footwear that do not hurt my feet over time. I have recommended them to everyone I know and would be happy if I only wore these shoes.

Pain free hiking

As a hardcore, hiker/backpacker, the pain in my knee and outside calf grew with every downhill step. I was turning to orthotics next when the salesperson at Valhalla Pure recommended SOLE. After reading, the pain relief section on SOLE's website I bought a pair immediately. Now after many months hiking and snowshoeing in my met pad soles, I am pain free. I will be purchasing more soles for all my footwear and am looking at purchasing SOLE footwear too.

Happy feet

Finally! Insoles with met pads that are available by retail! For years I was using custom orthotics to manage metatarsalgia costing hundreds of dollars a pair. These insoles by SOLE are a game changer with their different thicknesses for different types of footwear. I own about 6 pairs. Please...Make a met pad version in your thermal collection!

Leslie Firstbrook

Amazing footbeds

I have 6 pairs now and I put them in all of my important footwear: ski boots, hiking boots, firefighting boots, running shoes. The consistency from style to style is nice. They are also trim to fit if they are slightly to long or wide you can trim them to fit your shoe or boot perfectly. They are supportive, but not rigid. Your foot splays throughout your stride, so I prefer a supportive footbed that is a little soft. I have both the cork and the original and they are great! Will definitely continue to buy.

My daughter loves these

I ordered these for myself - I took a chance, I never order footwear online because my feet are quite wide but they were so cute and good for plantar fasciitis and on sale. I tried them for a day and they squeezed my toes too much. Luckily my daughter has the same size foot as me lengthwise and she was happy to hear that they didn't fit me. She loves them! They have become her go-to footwear.

Great insole

I been using SOLE inserts for 3 months. Well made insert, also comfortable and fitted exactly to my various footwear.

Transformed my footwear

These soles made a great looking but painfully unsupportive pair of sneakers to my favourite sneakers! My feet feel so rested after putting these into my shoes.

Nice and light

I’ve been wearing these for months and have them in every configuration (almost). Thick to thin, mostly the cork ones but also the other version and with and without the met pad. I need the met pad but believe it’s really too far back and should be push slightly forward but still helps my issues All in all with the loyalty discounts it’s worth it to have these in all my footwear


The Best Footwear Ever

My husband first bought me SOLE wear in 2009. I work in health care and my feet were so sore. Walking on concrete floors all day have an effect. When the price went up, I admit, I stopped buying. I know regret it, as my feet are bad this last 2 yrs due to being on concrete flooring still. I have come back to them. They seem to be the only ones that ACTUALLY get me through a day. However, I just hope I'm not too late on saving my feet.

Great footwear

I have been wearing these for a few weeks. I find them to be much more comfortable than the custom orthotics I have purchased in the past. Plantar fasciitis is a continual problem. These help.

Kelsey Mochid

Fit perfect in hubbys boots

My hubby has a pair of pull on fitted boots that he found didn't have enough arch support, these insoles fit with room to spare and made them his preferred footwear choice.

Repeat customer.

I’ve purchased three or four of these insoles and they have greatly improved the comfort and wearability of all the footwear. Recommended!

by far the most supportive comfortable footbeds

been wearing for a couple of months now, have SOLE insoles in all footwear, highly recommended. Personally like the met pad versions in particular.

Steve D

Great for those with Plantar Fasciitis

These are my fourth pair of SOLE sandals. They are a difference maker for summer footwear when it comes to plantar fasciitis. My experience with SOLE customer service has also been exceptional. I had a manufacturer defect with a previous pair. I sent a couple pictures and they replaced them without hesitation and with no inconvenience.

Kelly Russell

Awesome fit

I've recently been diagnosed with Hallux rigidus. Very difficult to not only find shoes that fit, but are actually comfortable. These shoes are both and look great as well. Thanks for making such great shoes, footbeds and footwear.

Todd Coles

Some of the best footwear I have ever had

As a person who has fallen arches, these shoes have been a true revelation. All day comfort and support in a good quality shoe. Unique look and materials combine to make for a great shoe.

Footwear must have

Been using these footbeds for many years. I put them in all my shoes and boots. Excellent comfort and durability. Shoes fit better along with excellent arch support.


Cute and reduce pain!

I absolutely love these shoes. Not only do they suit my style and are great for work or walking around the neighbourhood, but the footbeds really help with my alignment and reduce my lumbosacral/SI joint pain. Thanks SOLE for making attractive orthopedic quality footwear!

Bruce Vanderkooi

Reliable footwear

I love my SOLE flips ! The footbeds form to my feet like a glove !

Edward Lam

Best footwear

My wife likes to wear them for work and they work .

Michael Cosby

Love these flips!

I've never been much of a flip guy...until I started wearing the SOLE flips. Now, these are are my go-to summer footwear for all occasions.

Stacey MOSER

Very comfy casual flip

I decided to try these since my all time favourite footwear (the Sport Flips!) are sold out in my size. The Baja flip is not as comfortable as the Sport Flip because they are a thinner sole,but still very comfy! Minimalist feel and the leather/toe thong sits comfortably.

Dave Moreau

Excellent foot beds

I’ve bought several pairs of SOLE footbeds for all my footwear and love them!

Natalie Jamieson

Like custom orthotics

I used to have custom orthotics until I discovered these. No longer have to switch out my orthotics into shoes I am wearing. I have SOLE in a few different pairs of footwear. I my feet don't even feel the difference between SOLE and custom orthotics. Thank you SOLE for saving my feet

Wendy-Lynn Christiansen

The perfect footwear!

Biking, hiking, walking, shopping whatever! This is what I wear!


Best Footwear for Plantar Fasciitis

SOLE flip flops are must have. I have wearing them since 2013. I have plantar fasciitis and, thanks to SOLE I have been pain free. This is the first time I purchased the flip flop with cork material, I am super impressed with the quality, much better feel. I am size 7.5 and always order 7 but with the cork footbeds I would recommend going half a size up.

Shawn Kline

Very comfortable, supportive flip flop

I ordered the Malibu flip flops in navy and have been wearing them since mid-July. This is my first pair of SOLE flip flops with the cork footbed. I find them to be very comfortable, like all the other SOLE products I have. The cork has worn away a little bit around the ball of my foot, but that hasn't made them any less comfortable. I do put a lot of pressure on the ball of my foot, so I expected this type of wear. I have 3 pair of flip flops, a pair of shoes and numerous insoles from SOLE and I'm happy with all of them. I would definitely recommend SOLE to anyone who needs good, supportive footwear.

Penny Perry

BEST on Market

I was suffering from PTTD and Plantar fasciitis along with knee and hip pain. After wearing the Baja Sandal for one day there was an incredible difference. This sandal did what 10 weeks of physio couldn't do. I am the proud owner of 5 pairs and have now ordered inserts for my winter footwear. THIS WAS DEFINITELY THE BEST SHOE EVER. I have encouraged many people to try it out and not one single note of negative feedback.

Kathi Gingrich

Plantar Fasciitis

After getting plantar fasciitis and visiting physiotherapy sessions on a weekly basis, it was recommended to purchase orthotic footwear and soles. Custom-made orthotic footwear is too expensive for me and after researching other options I came across SOLE, watched the videos, read the reviews, and bought Costa Flip. Wow, the product is perfect and really assisted in my healing. The price is right and will order another pair in a different color. Comfortable, lightweight, green sustainable, and such great value. Thank you!

Best insole I've found

I'm on my 3rd pair of SOLE Active Wides & they're definitely the best insoles I've come across. I run 30 miles a week, mostly on the road, at paces from 5:30-8:30/mile. I wear Altras for both road & trail, and I use one pair of these insoles for every 2 pairs of shoes. The Good: A problem I've always had with running footwear is compression in the ball of the foot leading to weirdness in my stride or lots of discomfort over time. These insoles are so dense that the above compression isn't an issue. I'm putting 400-500 miles on each pair of shoes (800-1000 miles per pair of insoles) now without any stride-altering compression in either the shoe midsole or the insole itself. I'm considering using them for a 3rd pair of shoes actually, because after 1000 miles the biggest sign of wear is discoloration where my foot contacts the insole, rather than deterioration of the insole itself. The Bad: They're really hard. If you like a cushy running shoe experience this is NOT that. But if you're looking for a great springboard to push off of mile after mile after mile, these are your insoles. 10/10 would recommend.

Perfect in winter hikers

Thank goodness for these insoles. I live in an area that doesn't have sidewalks everywhere. With my plantar fasciitis, I need to feel secure when I am out in the elements. Once I realized how reliable this footbed was, I knew I could purchase footwear without worrying about comfort and pain management.

Fantastic support, Fantastic Customer Service!

I have been using SOLE insoles for many years now. They are the most supportive and customizable insole products on the market. I love the Active line and the Performance line as well. With multiple sets, I can customize my footwear depending on the activity. I have had custom orthotics and definitely prefer SOLE insoles. In fact, I haven't worn my orthotics in years and have about $1000 worth just sitting in a box. SOLE's customer service and commitment to being environmentally friendly is outstanding. I'll be a loyal customer for life :)

Michele Piironen


This is my fourth pair of SOLE Sport Flip Flops. They have great arch support and hug the foot snugly. I am able to walk long distances in them while travelling where my previous footwear would cause the arthritis in my hips/knee to flare up. I stand on my feet all day for work and I wear these as they provide shock absorption on the hard ceramic floors. Highly recommend!

Life-changing insoles

I've always had a problem with foot pain wearing shoes, ever since I was young; I just thought it was normal to have aching feet after spending a day in shoes. Sneakers, flip-flops, dress shoes, boots, it didn't matter; everything hurt. When a shoe sales person at The Right Shoe in Vancouver suggested in 2016 that I try SOLE footbeds, I was skeptical because I didn't really believe they could help. She told me to trust her, that they had a return policy if I wasn't satisfied, and that she thought the "aggressive arch support" design would really help my tired, aching feet. So I listened to her and got a pair of Active Thicks for my Bluntstones and I was converted overnight. Those Bluntstones went from being those cool boots that I really liked but always avoided because of fatigue and pain, to becoming my daily shoes. No pain or fatigue, even after hours and hours of walking in them, day after day! Transformative and life-changing. I went back and got a pair Active Thins for my Cons too, and when I started spending more time in dress shoes, I got some for those as well. Now, every single pair of shoes and boots that I own has a pair of SOLE footbeds in them—Thursdays, AEs, Clarks, Vessis, chukkas—and I wouldn't have it any other way. I love that SOLE is designed locally (I'm in Vancouver, BC); I love their company philosophy of reduced environmental impact, carbon negativity, wine cork recycling (I make and bottle my own wine too, so it's a real plus for me), planting trees, giving to charities, donating to the needy, and social and ecological responsibility in general; I love the fit and the design; I love love love the comfort. They literally transform any pair of shoes from being totally insane torture devices into comfortable, meaningful footwear that reasonable people can actually wear, walk around, and stand in. Amazing! I mean, what's the point of even wearing footwear if it makes your feet worse and causes pain? And why did it take so long for me to discover SOLE? Seriously. Just get them. Thank you, SOLE, for making my foot life pain-free! I will always be grateful, and I will always have your footbeds in my shoes!

Great insoles.

SOLE has been a big part of keeping my plantars fasciitis from becoming an issue again. Started with SOLE in my running shoes and they hold up for many kms. Liked them so much I now use them in all my main footwear.

Aging Arches

My husband and I have used custom or semi-custom insoles in our athletic footwear for years. Ski boots, hiking boots, running and cycling shoes and tennis-specific shoes that are replaced multiple times each year. After 30+ years of using insoles designed to support extended recreational outings, we both have arches that are falling as we age. Luckily we discovered SOLE insoles some years ago and had converted all of our footbeds to their products. The collapsing arches may affect street shoes, but our SOLE inserts have kept our feet comfortably supported with no signs of faster fatigue. Will always wear SOLE aim as many footwear options as we can

Susan Scown

I even use these in my clog slippers

I had developed uncomfortable nerve tingling in the side of one foot beneath the ankle. My podiatrist said I needed to use insoles with support for high arches virtually all the time. I started using SOLE Softec Response insoles not only in my sneakers and boots when I'm outdoors but also in my clog slippers (which fit snugly at the arch with room in the toe box) when I'm at home. The Softec Response insole cover material is comfortable and durable, and the insoles support my feet/arches well and comfortably. They appear to be very well made and look like they will last a long time. After about a month of wearing these insoles, the nerve discomfort went away. I have now been wearing them for three months, and the relief has held up. The SOLE Softec Response insole sizes match my footwear sizes. They have the roomy toe boxes I need for my broad forefeet yet hold my narrow heels in place. I'm going to keep buying the Softec Response soles and wearing them pretty much all the time. What a relief!


Repel perfect footwear to combat neuropathy.

My Dad Karl loved these boots. He was unfortunately greatly impacted by the chemotherapy cocktail that was used to beat back his non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. He was left with a huge deficit in, what he called, “the feeling in the bottom of his feet”. The result was that he stumbled a lot and it affected his balance. Also he would have burning sensations that greatly agitated the soles of his feet. The Repel boots were lightweight and the contouring cork sole gave him a remarkable increased ability to stand and walk. An aging mountaineer, who loved to walk in the mountains, was again able to get outdoors and walk the suburban trails around his neighborhood gaining back some of his lost fitness. He wore them for a year and we just ordered him 2 more pairs. Thanks SOLE for the footwear that increased my dad’s comfort and fitness. I think every senior should give them a try.

No More Plantar Fasciitis Pain

I have had plantar fasciitis over 30 years. Treatment has involved many pairs of custom orthotics, numerous steroid injections, and years of debilitating pain. I started wearing SOLE insoles a couple years ago. They are now in every pair of shoes I own. I wear them ALL the time and I'm pain free. To paraphrase James Brown, "I'm a SOLE man!" My wife recently visited a podiatrist for, guess what? Plantar fasciitis! He examined her footwear. She wears Hoka One One shoes which he said were great. She had a new pair of SOLE insoles I had insisted she try. He told her custom orthotics would be no better than the SOLE insoles. After one injection and daily exercises, she is now back on her feet.

SOLE with warmth..

I wear the Scandinavian wool boot called Lobbens which are extremely warm & lightweight but don't have much support (the wool liners they come with are just sheepskin & quite thin) the wool covered SOLE insole liners give great support in a quite soft boot. I live in the Canadian north ( Yukon) & warm feet are very important. Just a suggestion that a bit more wool on top layer would be great, sheepskin would be an absolute dream!! I've been wearing them for about 3 months outdoors in up to -minus 30 so warmth is important! Thanks! (have to have SOLE in ALL my footwear)

I can feel my toes again!

I got injured wearing new hiking boots during a 35+km backcountry camping hike in the Spring 2020. Could no longer feel one of my toes! I changed footwear, and the situation improved - but for the next 18 months, the issue and feet aches kept coming back! I found myself trying different shoes, insoles, socks… even posture! Alas! It kept curbing my adventures and fitness goals :( Then finally, I discovered SOLE with Met Pad… and a REAL, lasting relief at last!!! 😃 Started with one pair… I now own 4x sets and am considering fitting all my favorite shoes with them - from boots to sneakers and even those toe-numbing cycling shoes !!!. I Love that the cork insoles are carbon negative (amazing!) and that I can pick different thicknesses! Plus, the customer service is great - with prompt shipping and a meaningful rewards program! I am SOLE’d for Life!

Foot saver!

I have suffered for a year with plantar fasciitis, and wasn't aware of these inserts until my daughter suggested I give them a try. What a relief! The support they give has remedied my pain and I can now walk distances never considered prior. I am in process of now ordering inserts for all my footwear, they are a lifesaver!


I have them in three pairs of footwear. They do make walking and standing more comfortable. There is less room for thicker socks so a bit of a problem for me in cold weather as my feet run cold.

GO to Footbed

HI SOLE, Let's just say if you ever decided to discontinue this model of footbed, I would have to find a new "go to" SOLE product. The arch height, strength and forefoot thickness is ideal for a wide range of foot types and footwear options. Thanks SOLE for making such a great workable product Sincerely, Deanna Certified Pedorthist

T Simons

The best flip flops

The Catalina flip flops are amazing, they offer a very good footbed, comfy toe thong, and I am able to wear them to walk long distances comfortably. These flip flops never retain odors and last me for about 2 summers with daily use as my primary footwear for 3 months a year.

Marilyn D Weber

Highly recommend

Awesome sandal. Totally help alleviate my planter fasciitis. Bought a few pairs in different colours. My go to footwear!

Kim J Wozniak

The best flip flops

I have bad feet, fallen arches and bunions and SOLE sandals have saved me. I wear them all year in the house and they are my go-to for summer footwear. Highly recommend them.

Great option

My experience of getting and trying these insoles was exemplary. They do not work for me. I have flat feet and am having trouble with metatarsal pain. The purchase through refund was completely painless - you can't go wrong to give them a try. The insoles appear to be very well made and they fit surprisingly well into my wide toe box zero drop footwear.


Live in them.

Love these sandals. Have problems with plantars fasciitis and these seem to take care of it. I basically start wearing them in May and stop in September (with only periodic use of other footwear). Currently have 3 pairs (2 old and 1 new). First bought a pair from MEC years ago then started buying online. Definitely recommend them.

Secret weapon against sore feet

My job requires me to be on my feet for hours on end. I have used SOLE insoles in all of my work boots for many years now. I almost never experience sore tired feet as long as my footwear are equipped with these insoles. They are the best!

Combining Firm Support & Comfort

The Active Medium Met Pad SOLES are great. Firm, comfortable support with underpinning touchpoints throughout the sole of my feet. I use it mostly for recreational footwear since I have flat arch and pain develops with daily walks. But not anymore ! I am considering getting the thicker version for longer walks & hikes. l like smooth material, even without socks you won't know you're wearing them. Overall, great support & comfort.

Great product

I've been using this product for years in several different types of footwear and am completely satisfied.

Kim Deditch

Best yet

I have worn SOLE flip flops for years. These are now my favourite pair of SOLE footwear yet.

Wayne J. Karl


I had been looking for these for a while, as my size wasn't readily available, so when I saw they were in stock, I didn't hesitate. I have morton's neuroma, particular in my left foot, and have to think about proper footwear constantly. I already use several pairs of SOLE customized insoles, so I knew the quality and effectiveness. I've been wearing the Mateo Sport Slides for about a month now, and they're excellent. Fit is perfect, support is exactly what I need, and the quality is great, so they should last a long time. The look is nice also. Very happy with my purchase.

Benjamin J Shaul

Happy feet

I bought the SOLE inserts as I needed a full support insole following foot surgery two years ago. My feet have gone through a lot. I have a high arch and most shoes do not. I bought two pairs and have them in my most used footwear. The support is ideal and the materials used feel great. The SOLE inserts are continuing to prove a great purchase for me and as winter arrives I will be on them every day.



I'm on my feet all day. I've tried all types of footwear and my feet were killing me. SOLE footbeds did the trick. I've had them about a month and I love them. If only all life's problems were so easily solved!

Happy Feet

These insoles have been exactly what I have needed. I have battled several years of foot cramps while skiing and hiking. I learned from a foot specialist my metatarsal pad needed more support. He told me about SOLE company. I purchased the cork and non cork versions of the met pad-medium-and loved the cork. I liked the non cork but have purchased -a total of 4 of these. They fit perfectly in my ski boots and skates as well as, my hiking boots and tennis shoes. I swap them between lots of my footwear and will not go out without them. LOVE THEM!! Buy these!! GREAT company-they TOTALLY stand behind their product. I have told so many of my friends about them. Be active, be comfortable, be in SOLE products! The sizing is right on!!

Kevin E Naser

Days Without Foot Pain

Ordered 3 pairs of Softec Response to use in various casual shoes. Have use inserts by SOLE for years in work footwear (in response to planter fasciitis issues) & have been 100% satisfied. Have also used SOLE Hiking inserts in my hiking boots and have been very happy. Also, have worn their flip flops with wonderful success. However, am not completely sold on the results of my recent switch to the Softec Response for my work boots. Have experienced a little return of planter heel pain and am still trying to get it worked out. I will continue to remain a SOLE customer however because of all of my past successes. When you are 68 years old and have always worked on your feet, you realize that your days with out foot pain have far outweighed those with and applaud the reasons why.

Tricia Wilson

Custom Feel

Best insole I've ever used. I've been using SOLE for over 10 years now and they turn any footwear into custom fitting comfiness.

Verna M Law

Everyday wear

I have had several pairs and wear every day. I have fallen arches and can prevent the re-occurrence of plantar fasciitis by wearing these insoles and other SOLE footwear daily.

David Tetley

Always Buy SOLE Footbefds

I have been using SOLE footbeds for over 15 years. They provide support and cushioning. I use in virtually all footwear. Worth every cent.


Love, Love, Love these insoles! Was recommended to them initially by a sports doctor for my son's bout with Sever's 2 years ago. They truly helped him get through that time, until he grew out of the illness. It didn't stop there for us, however. They are in every sneaker I own as well as my son's. I walk 5 miles or more a day, at least 3 times per week and my son is a very active teenager with baseball and other sports. They are well made and insure incredible comfort in our footwear but for us, also help with foot and leg fatigue due to our athletic lifestyles. I cannot recommend them enough. At this point, they are so crucial in our footwear, I stock up on them to insure they're here waiting in our home for any new sneaker purchases that come in, a MUST HAVE!

just the right product :)

I needed some new insoles. My friend told me how her new pair of SOLE Active inserts way fixed her foot pain and showed me her pair. They looked exactly like what an active shoe insert should look like so I bought a pair. Wow! What a difference! New life to my old shoes. Better life to my hiking boots and way happy feet to my work boots, all from one new pair of SOLE Active inserts. I've had 'em for about 2 months. They're durability seems to be great (looking forward). The fit is good for 4 out of 5 pairs of my footwear. And yes, they are comfortable! My fifth pair is just a bit small for the insert so I have to stay with my old pair of inserts. Exceeded my expectations for comfort. In my opinion, BUY 'EM!! They work!

Verna M Law

Stylish and supportive

I have fallen arches and find I need supportive footwear at all times. I use these primarily as house slippers. Love the flips but can wear the slides over my socks so my feet stay warm. I wear them without socks too. The adjustable Velcro assures a good fit and they look good!

10 thousand kms and counting

Stumbled onto the Signature DK responses 8 years ago at the early stages of my appalachian trail thru hike. I had undergone an achilles tendon surgery and was quite nervous about my foot. Tried these on in North Carolina, fell in love with them, and walked the rest of the 4 million plus footsteps to the finish line, 2000 +miles later. I've now hiked well over 10 thousand + kms world wide since and every one of those footsteps have been with the support of SOLE foodbeds. I have size 9 wide feet that pronates on one feet and supinates on other due to my injury. To make it more interesting, one foot is slightly smaller and flatter in arch than the other. These footbeds are so perfect as they custom mold to my feet which changes in width throughout the course of a lengthy thru hike. The Performance Wide and Active Mediums work really well for me. I can't wait to test them out tree planting this summer in a totally different environment and footwear conditions.

Stuart D McLean

For comfy dress shoes

Far better than stock liners, easily worn for hours. Nice to forget you're actually wearing Drew's shoes!! Probably not a good match for tight fitting sports footwear; I would prefer more support for sports. But for casual comfort these work very well when a thin sole is required.

Danny Ceacon


A couple of years ago my brother started telling me about how much he enjoyed both the SOLE insoles and some of their footwear that he had started wearing. Since that time he has made repeated purchases and continued to rave about how much better his legs felt when using/wearing their products. I have suffered with serious back issues for half of my life and finally decided to give your insoles a try placing them in a good sturdy pair of Salomon hiking shoes. While my back issues continue I have to say I find I'm able to walk further and with less discomfort than was previously the case. I did purchase 3 pairs of insoles and will be using them in my other footwear. I like that I am able to heat the insole making it more pliable and better able to conform to my particular foot dynamics.

Never leave home without them

I've been wearing SOLE products for about 5 years. This was my first time buying direct from them and will continue to buy direct. I always wear mold mine as opposed to heat mold, and after a few days they fit perfectly. I'm a delivery driver and walk approximately 15km/day, and can't imagine not wearing these insoles every day. I usually buy a new set with every new pair of steel toes and recycle the older ones into other footwear. Worth every penny.

Blaine E Mac Donald

Love my SOLE's

I have been using SOLE in my footwear for over 15 years .... I still tell all my friends about them . When I buy new footwear the first thing I think about is how comfortable they will be with SOLE inside .. very good product and they last a long time !!!!

proven quality

I'm a UPS driver, on my feet, lowering and lifting and on my feet all day. I've been using SOLE inserts for about 10 years. I'm a firm believer of proper footwear. With footwear industry standards being substandard I realize the need for a substantial "Insert". By using SOLE inserts in my shoes; I create a stronger-firmer-more ergonomic platform, for my body to be making contact with the surface I'm walking on. SOLE inserts reduces fatigue of the legs. Helps to keep proper body alignment, therefore reducing stress of lower back muscles. "TO ALL WITH FEET ON THE GROUND;USE "SOLE" INSERTS FOR EVERY STEP YOU TAKE" ,

Perfect for tighter footwear

I ordered these for my casual boots and shoes. I have really high arches and these insoles increase the comfort of my Iron Rangers, Thursday Boots and Vans. If I had a pair of Chuck Taylors I might be able to wear them now. I may need a couple more pairs of these so I don't have to switch them out all the time.

Mark A VanDerVeen


So impressed with the Sport Medium SOLEs! They have made an otherwise average pair of shoes into my most comfortable footwear!

Blaine E Mac Donald

Love my soles

I have been using SOLE in my footwear for over 15 years .... I still tell all my friends about them . When I buy new footwear the first thing I think about is how comfortable they will be with SOLE inside .. very good product and they last a long time !!!!

Evelyn McNaughton

Great footwear

I was on the hunt for a shoe that has no latex in them. I have foot psoriasis. These shoes are the most comfortable with cork soles. I can wear them all day with no flair up. You've got to try them! I was skeptical at first but no doubt SOLE shoes are worth every penny!


Absolutely love them. I have had problems with my feet for a few years now, and found it a pain to switch my orthodics which are very expensive from show to shoe. I have SOLE insoles in all my footwear now and have no issues with foot pain any longer.


Very comfortable and extra wide toe box for even more comfort. Not the prettiest of boots but definitely will last as they are well constructed and I really don't care about looks as long as my feet are comfy and warm. Thanks SOLE, you remain my favorite in comfy footwear.

Arlene M Wilson

Why pay 500.00 dollars when you can wear SOLES

I have had plantar fasciitis and achilles problems. After trying many things the doctor decided that I needed to see a foot doctor. I then purchased insoles at 500.00 dollars which in a bit of time worked. The sad part is before my 500.00 expense I had purchased your product but did give your SOLEs enough time to work. The foot doctor asked me what I had tried and I told him SOLEs and he asked how long had I used them for. I then knew I could have saved me money and pain I have recommended them to my sister and friends. I recently bought a pair for my son as a Christmas gift, (he wears the 500.00 ones! and I told him SOLEs where as good) I have purchased them from a couple of stores in Winnipeg (Canadian footwear and Legacy) before buying direct from you. I like the thin SOLEs because they fit nicely in my shoes with great support as I wear them in all my shoes every day. Great product

Great SOLE

I love the Active Wide Thick footbed! It's very supportive and the cushioning is not too hard and not too squishy- just right. It's plenty wide. It's actually a bit too wide for my Keen workboots, even though Keen is know for having wide toe boxes for their footwear. I guess Keen toe boxes are not as wide as they should be. I actually have a pair of Active Wide Medium footbeds in my Innov8 shoes and they fit just fine and are also very supportive and comfy. I've been wearing the Thick footbeds in my boots for the last three weeks for about 40hrs/week. After the first few days, the footbeds became conformed to my feet perfectly.

Jennifer OBrien


I was recently diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my left knee. I bought these and the first time I wore them I felt the difference immediately! I bought two pairs so I wouldn't have to switch out as often. I had to trim them a bit to fit just right & I did warm them in the oven before first use as suggested. I never work without these in my footwear. A few years ago I bought insoles at The Good Feet Store for plantar fasciitis and those did nothing to help my knee. These, were far less expensive & helped my knee immediately. I had back surgery a few months prior to getting these and this allowed me to keep up active to help me heal! It's a no brainier! GET THESE!!!

Michelle Erika Lange

4th Pair - Love Them!

I love these flip flops, and have bought multiple pairs over the years. I wear them every day (I'm in a warm climate) and they hold up pretty well. They REALLY help with my feet (bunions) and ankle problems. Since I've purchased SOLE products my foot pain is a thing of the past. I was super skeptical when my doc said I should wear supportive footwear only. I really didn't believe it. But now I do. SOLE is the ticket!

Jennifer OBrien


I was recently diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my left knee. I bought these and the first time I wore them I felt the difference immediately! I bought two pairs so I wouldn’t have to switch out as often. I had to trim them a bit to fit just right & I did warm them in the oven before first use as suggested. I never work without these in my footwear. A few years ago I bought insoles at The Good Feet Store for plantar fasciitis and those did nothing to help my knee. These, were far less expensive & helped my knee immediately. I had back surgery a few months prior to getting these and this allowed me to keep up active to help me heal! It’s a no brainer! GET THESE!!!

michelle giguere

Amazing footwear

I had previously purchased the slide sandal and was disappointed because they don't fit my feet properly. I was thrilled to see the upgrade made to the slide! The velcro ajustements made all the difference. I can now adjust them to my long but ridiculously flat feet LOL!! I love them, the sandal is very comfortable as always, giving me the met and arch support I need. They are my slippers and all year round sandal. Awesome product!

Niral Merchant

Awesome - Comfortable and Stylish

I used to hate wearing Flip sandals. My feet would ache due to a lack of support. This sandal is amazing because it is minimalistic and supports the arch of my foot very well. Thank you SOLE for another awesome product! I wear your products everyday in all of my footwear! My feet and hips and lower back thank you!!

Always SOLE

I've been wearing SOLE orthotics for at least 10 years now. They have eliminated almost all the pain I was experiencing on a daily basis due to extremely high arches. I use the orthotics in all my footwear, including my slippers. From the Active Thick, the Performance Medium to the Thin Casuals, they all have a place in my life and in my shoes. They fit easily into my hiking boots and hiking shoes and have help made my trekking adventures that much more enjoyable. I've tried other brands - I'm sticking with SOLE. I find that I need a hiking boot/shoe with a large toe box for the thicker SOLE inserts to work comfortably.

Always SOLE

I've been wearing SOLE orthotics for at least 10 years now. They have eliminated almost all the pain I was experiencing on a daily basis due to extremely high arches. I use the orthotics in all my footwear, including my slippers. From the active thick, the performance medium to the thin casuals, they all have a place in my life and in my shoes. They fit easily into my hiking boots and hiking shoes and have help made my trekking adventures that much more enjoyable. I've tried other brands - I'm sticking with SOLE. I find that I need a hiking boot/shoe with a large toe box for the thicker SOLE inserts to work comfortably.

Goes in all my shoes/boots

If I'm not wearing SOLE footwear, this insert goes in my other shoes.

Jeff Boyd

My go to shoe

My foot doctor recommended the SOLE footwear for times when I need arch support around the house, I have had 4 pair now and love the feel

Thomas Stewart Wood

Great footwear

I have been wearing the Monterey flips for about a year and just purchased a second pair. I had a bad case of Plantar fasciitis and started wearing these as slippers around the house and now I have very little discomfort in my foot. They are very comfortable to wear and fit really well. They are constructed with quality materials. They are the only flips I will wear now.

Michael Toth

Subtle and supportive

With super flat feet and low arches, I've been using SOLE inserts in all of my sneakers, boots, and cycling shoes for years. The insoles were a game changer for me. With the change to working from home full time this year, with no business casual footwear necessary, using a standing desk, my regular old flops were leaving my feet sore and tired. Enter SOLE flips. Nearly as supportive as their insoles (slightly cushier, which is perfect), my feet feel so much better at the end of the day. The Costa flip is subtle in style, no one will guess that you're wearing an orthotic pair. So far so good on about a month and half of daily wear, we'll see how long they last.


Extremely comfortable SOLE flip flops

SOLE flip flops are the most comfortable sandals I have ever worn. I have had plantar fasciitis in the past and now wear SOLE flip flops all the time (inside and outside), to alleviate this issue. They fit very well and are extremely comfortable and well made. Thank you for making such great footwear :)

Tonya D Fraser

Comfort and stability

I purchased my first pair of SOLE footwear this summer on the recommendation of a friend. I am delighted with the support my Costa Flip foot bed provides and the strength and comfort of the straps. My feet fit snuggly into the flip and walking is easy no matter what the terrain; grassy slope to the lake, rocky shoreline tippy canoe, or wet pavement in the parking lot. The flips stay one comfortably and my foot doesn't slip and slide all over the place. I love that they are environmentally responsible and designed by a Canadian company!

Linda Levenne

Healthy footwear

I have a sesamoid fracture, capsulitis of the 2nd toe and neuroma. I needed a shoe with a met pad and overall support for the healing of my foot. These shoes make a huge difference in my ability to move. Inflammation in my foot changes all the time and this footwear adapts easily with the two adjustable Velcro straps along the top of the shoe. I have been wearing these shoes for a few months and I love the fabrics used on all my Soles! I love the simplicity..... no glitz, no tassels..... I wear SOLE for my health and soul.

Jana Anderson

comfort + support

I'm a distance runner coming back from a foot injury, and my podiatrist doesn't want me in non-supportive footwear all summer! So any time I'm not running or sleeping, I've been LIVING in my Costa Flips, NON-STOP! [walking the dog, running errands, cooking/cleaning in the house] After 5 weeks of everyday use, I must say they are light, comfortable, and supportive. My only complaint is that the arches are not high enough for my super-high arches! There's still a gap, but they're a huge improvement over flat sandals/flip flops. I was afraid I'd be stuck in orthopedic shoes for the rest of my life, I was pleasantly surprised to find SOLE shoes are pretty cute and look forward to buying a closed-toe option this fall for the cooler weather.

Shelley Stewart

SOLE flip flops & inserts are the BEST

I have been wearing SOLE footwear for a few years now, and over the past few months, I wear SOLE flip flops almost exclusively. I have a lot of problems with my feet (bunions) and the SOLE metatarsal support is second to none. When I have to wear shoes, the sole inserts is about the only thing that makes that possible for me. I find them more comfortable than my orthotic inserts and a heck of a lot cheaper. I love SOLE products because they have given me back my summer!


Wonderful Fit!

My mom suffers from bone corrosion and pinched nerves. Her doctor recommended her to use SOLE footwear. I'm just really happy that it truly works for her and eases her pain a lot more! I'd like to add that customer service is awesome and pretty swift too. Thank you SOLE for creating meaningful products. I will be sure to recommend you to as many as possible:)

Comfort and style

Very happy to find these flips from the source in Canada as I've been wearing the brand for years and had difficulty finding them locally when needing to replace them. I live in these flips indoors and out all summer and in winter they serve as my indoor footwear. Before finding SOLE flips at my orthotics provider about 7 years ago I thought I would have to wear only closed shoes and orthotics to relieve my chronic sore feet and knees . However I found that SOLE Monterey flips support my arch and look good, and I have no pain at all. I really like the cork option which I currently have but also have enjoyed the all man made version of the same flip. They are hard-wearing and last for years. I always take a pair with me when I travel for hotels room foot wear, Highly recommended.

Natalie Jamieson

Instant comfort

I bought these a couple months ago & although I generally do not wear footwear indoors during the summer months I have slid these on a few times when my feet are bothering me & instant pain relief. Well worth the purchase!

tammy lounsbury

Best flipsEver!

We love SOLE Flips! My wife got plantar fasciitis from wearing cheap flips. She thought her days of wearing flips were over until she discovered SOLE. They cured her pain issues and now she uses her flips as her primary footwear year round.

Randale Pohl

Looking forward to summer

Have never liked normal flips because they have no heel lift but these Bajas take care of that with a raised and molded heel, great arch support along with comfort cushioning. These flips will be my footwear for windsurfing, kayaking and stand up paddling!

Randale Pohl

Looking forward to summer

Have never liked normal flips because they have no heel lift but these Bajas take care of that with a raised and molded heel, great arch support along with comfort cushioning. These flips will be my footwear for windsurfing, kayaking and stand up paddling!

Work amazing

As a carpenter being on my feet all day, these insoles were the answer. No heal pain now and the insoles are very comfortable. Will be purchasing more for other footwear.

Work amazing

As a carpenter being on my feet all day, these insoles were the answer. No heel pain now and the insoles are very comfortable. Will be purchasing more for other footwear.

Linda Moran

GREAT Footware!

I always need footwear with great arch support. Now summer is arriving, and my feet get hot, I actually needed these flip flops for indoor wear. I wanted something lightweight and with a white sole, that does not mark the floors. These are a well made product and just what I needed. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase more from this company.

Adam L Smith

Super Comfortable and Durable

So far I am very pleased with the Balboa. I wear the pretty much daily these days and have found them very comfortable. The break in period was quick. The outsole is holding up surprisingly well considering how soft it is. The supportive footbed fits the foot well and prevents that "flip flop" sound when walking. I have been wearing SOLE flip flops for many years and the Balboa is a very nice cost sensitive version of their footwear.

Sole has saved my feet

I have been using SOLE insoles since 2002 after developing plantar fasciitis. I have them in literally every pair of footwear I own, including the slippers I wear around the house. They have made an incredible difference to my life. As little as two hours walking in shoes without the SOLE insoles and I am in pain. With the SOLE insoles I can hike all day. When SOLE started making flip flops I was so excited, as since you can't put an orthotic insole in a flip flop I had been unable to wear them for years. I now own the SOLE cork flips (which I love) and the navigator sandals (which I love even more) and I recently bought the Grace shoes to wear as dress shoes. This means I can have SOLE insoles under my feet all day every day. The other thing I want to note is that these insoles are basically indestructible. I still own, and still use, the first pair I ever bought back in 2002. So when you look at the price, keep in mind that you will be using these for years.

Thomas Burchell

Comfortable and stable footwear

I have been wearing SOLE cork flip flops for two months, They are very comfortable and help with foot pain after a long workday. The materials a tough and take a bit of a break in period but once they are broken in I want to wear them 24/7. Great summer shoe , even around the house anytime

Excellent Quality

I started using this companies inserts 4-5 years back while in the Royal Canadian Navy. My foot pain brought on by poor arch and heal support while wearing sea boots and combat boots transversing steal decks, hard cement and pavement during my daily work routine. The pain became severe. I was eventually issued a set of SOLE inserts. The inserts definitely increased my quality of life. I eventually equipped all my footwear, civilian and military, with this companies inserts. The quality of the inserts are superb with excellent arch support and heal support with the cupping action at the heal. I swear by this company. Now that's myself. My wife has been suffering from foot pain as well for years, and kept buying cheap inserts. I ordered her a set of these inserts, we moulded them to her feet. She tells me that they have made a massive difference due to the support provided. They are expensive, but you get what you pay for. they do last quite a long time. Ive sanitized them and they come out nice and clean.

Pamela Payne

Catalina Sport Flips

I have been wearing these flips for 10 years. I own 7 pairs, and have just ordered a pair of the Baja flips. I have a large bunion on my left foot so very limited what footwear I can wear. These flips are the most comfortable shoes of any kind I have ever worn. I can walk all day with no foot pain. I love my SOLE flips!

Dario Cescon

Love these insoles!

I have several SOLE insoles and 2 pair of their boots. My favourite is the medium cork with Met pad. I prefer them to all the orthotics I have purchased over the years for my high arch and wide forefoot. SOLE is a great company and their products are outstanding. I do not hesitate to recommend their products to anyone looking for an improvement to their footwear.



I bought these sandals after researching summer footwear for planter fasciitis. I was hesitant and thought I'd be spending my summer in my running shoes and custom orthodics, but these sandals are AMAZING! No foot pain at all. I haven't wore them outside yet, not until I can get another pair so I can have one for inside and one for outside. They fit true to size!

Stephen M Antonelli

great footwear.

Excellent shoe! I bought multiple pairs. Very comfortable, looks good and supportive. I use them at my work in recreation therapy all day walking around at an acute hospital rehab. I have high arches, narrow small feet size 9 for a 6 foot tall body. With wrong shoes or shoes that don't fit well I end up with lower back pain and cramps that radiate up my shoulders into my arms and fingers, triggering fibromyalgia. With good shoes like these I do not have any pain or inflamation. Thank you!

Good enough to make me switch!

For the last few months, I've been wearing the SOLE Active and the SOLE Performance. The Active is a lower profile that fit nicely in my ultimate cleats and my cycling shoes- something my Superfeet insoles never did well. They provide arch support without taking up a lot of volume. The Performance insoles have 1.6 mm of cushioning and a recycled cork base. These were awesome in a pair of shoes I'd written off as not fitting my foot but the insoles changed my mind. If you've worn Superfeet before you know there comes a time when the heel cup glue fails and the tiny piece of cork comes out and you glue them and glue them and tape them and finally give up. SOLE insoles are one integrated piece so there is no glue to fail or pieces to disconnect. Superfeet can get pretty rank while SOLE insoles are made with the Polygiene odor control technology. So, you're probably like, it's an insole, whatever. You are so wrong and you are not living your best life. I seriously, truly, have a pair of insoles in every single athletic shoe I own. Cross country ski boots, skate ski boots, AT boots, every pair of Altras and Hokas (5x pairs), my around-town boots, hiking boots, my OTF sneakers. Yeah, that's right, I own that much footwear. Don't ask how many pairs of Chacos I have!

Paul J Faulkner


I've been using SOLE products for over 10 years. I finally wore out my flip flops. I wear my sandals most days in the house during winter and outside other seasons. My go to insoles are the Ultra thick for boots and thin for athletic shoes. Some are over 10 years old. I have a high arch and these provide plenty of support. I have them in all my footwear. I'm trying the work medium, but it hasn't been long enough to see how they stand up. I've tried others brands, but come back to SOLE. Worth the money.

Excellent Product

I love the SOLE inserts! I use these inserts in most of my footwear and they have been a tremendous help in solving my arch/heel pain that I experienced some 15 years ago. I love the variety of inserts which I use in the various foot wear I use. For comfort and fit, SOLE is a most excellent product!

Happy Flat Feet

I have had flat feet since I was born. I have tried other solutions but none work as well for me as SOLE. I have about 7 pair for different footwear. Thin, medium an thick. All are customized by me for my feet. These are simply the best orthotics available. I have been using SOLE orthotics for about 10+ years. They fit great an can be modified.

Teri-Lyn M Porter

Best Flip Flop

I love my SOLE flips, I have about 7 pairs. I have inside flips I wear in the house instead of slippers as I need the orthotic support. I also have outside flips to wear out. This is my footwear of choice whenever I go out. The SOLE flips offer great support and stand up to a lot of wear. I do not experience any foot pain or heel pressure if I wear these. When I do wear bare feet or runners I do experience heel pain and sore feet.

Lauren A Emerson

Go to slide

The sport slide is by far my favourite pair or SOLE sandals. They have been my go to footwear all year round!

Cheryl-Lynn G

Best product hands down

My husband works long hours on his feet and in certain work footwear his feet and knees ached. I know someone who uses SOLE products and they recommended the Work Medium for my husband's work boots. And they worked! He has Zero pain or stiffness! We use SOLE in all our footwear now!

Part of the New Footwear Process

I get new SOLE insoles every time I purchase a new set of shoes or boots. They're great every time and provide the all day standing that my lifestyle requires.


I have 2 pairs of these and I switch them back and forth, depending what footwear I am wearing at the time. I love them and without them I have so much pain in my back and hips. I wish I could afford to buy a pair for all my footwear.

SOLE Performance Medium Footbeds

Very comfortable. I am unaware they are in all my daily footwear. Cork seems to breathe naturally.

Simply Great Product

I've got multiple pairs that I use in various hiking boots and running shoes. Once they are in, it's like have magic support. They are so much better than the worthless insoles that come with most footwear. My brother switched to these from costly custom insoles and gets the exact same relief while saving well over $100!

H. Claire Mitton

Fantastic support

I had plantar fasciitis for 18 months. Once I put the SOLE foobeds into my footwear I had immediate relief. This product is fantastic, affordable and molds easily. I would highly recommend this product!

Howard K Pruden

Best flip flops ever!

Approximately 8 years ago I was diagnosed with plantars fasciitis. If you're not familiar with this injury I would compare it to walking on bruises, very painful and debilitating . I had expensive custom shoe inserts made which provided little relief. It wasn't until I purchased the SOLE flip flops that I could comfortably walk around. I wore the SOLEs inside and outside as they were the only footwear that provided any sense of comfort. I believe they helped in curing my plantar fasciitis which lasted about a year. Oh! did I mention I have worn those original SOLEs up until recently when I bought a new pair of Catalina flips? (Actually I still use the original to trek out to my hot tub). I would highly recommend the SOLE flips. Not only do they provide excellent comfort and good looks, they could be last flip flops you ever own based on their quality of construction.


Mom loves them

Got two more pairs for Mom for Christmas, at her request! She's wearing orthopaedic footwear all the time to alleviate osteoarthritis, these are comfier than running shoes while at home, and she even takes them on vacation where she's walking a ton.

Alexander Campbell

Dry and Comfy Feet

As with all SOLE products, support and comfort are built in to these boots. Spring and Fall can have a lot of wet or slushy days that aren't really cold enough for my waterproof winter boots, and there are times when having slip-on footwear is so convenient. These fit the bill. These boots have a fresh, quirky, sporty look that makes them look like outdoor gear and not just boots. More than once, friends with wet leather shoes have asked where I got them. Oh, and the comfort of ReCork Ease! These make awesome house shoes (slippers with support)!

Supportive and protective

I have had the SOLE brand insoles in my footwear since I purchased a pair of Redwing boots a few years ago. I discovered the amazing support needed for me was established from the inside not the outside. I did some research to find the SOLE brand was the real source of the insole. I purchased my first pair of active Soles about 6 months later for my sneakers and basically eliminated all of my foot pain. It doesn't matter how inexpensive the shoes are as long as I have my Soles to support my feet I am good to go. I have also recently discovered another important quality about SOLE; because of the thickness they have saved my foot on 2 occasions from a roofing nail. They both penetrated my shoes only to stop short of my foot because of the SOLE footbed. I would definitely recommend the purchase for every shoe you wear.


Great shoe, I'm a big fan of the arch support

This is my second SOLE footwear purchase, my first was a pair of sandals. They have great arch support and look cool. At first (same as the sandals) they took a little to get used to but after that I'm happy.

Insole Review

Love, love, love your insoles. I have been wearing them in my footwear for almost 20 years and cannot live without them. I didn't realize that my insoles were wearing down until one day I started having pain in my left foot. I went to see a foot specialist who recognized the issue. I came home and placed an order for 3 pair. My feet and I are happy again, thank you for creating such an amazing product.

Insole Review

Love, love, love your insoles. I have been wearing them in my footwear for almost 20 years and cannot live without them. I didn't realize that my insoles were wearing down until one day I started having pain in my left foot. I went to see a foot specialist who recognized the issue. I came home and placed an order for 3 pair. My feet and I are happy again, thank you for creating such an amazing product.


Affordable alternative to orthotic footbed

The footbeds with metpads are super comfortable, and I find them supportive enough to use instead of metpad orthotics inside my footwear which my one set of expensive custom orthotics does not fit well - snow boots, hiking shoes, ski boots, running shoes. They are affordable enough that I now have several pairs of the metpad footbeds. This is much more convenient than moving one set around, especially in winter when I might use snow boots, ski boots and another pair of shoes all in the same day.

I recommend this brand

The first pair of SOLES I had were flip sandals and the support they had were great. I got the Active Thin insoles now that I fit inside running shoes I wear on walks. It would have been nice if they had 'cut along the lines' markers for half sizes on their insoles since I have some 9.5 size footwear and they only have full-size footbeds. It would make fitting when cutting it by myself easier. Overall, If you spend a lot of time on your feet, I recommend this brand.

Healthy Solution

I have been using SOLE inserts for many years and recommend them to anyone I know or meet who is having foot or knee issues. I purchased the thins for a new pair of low hikers that do not have the room for a midweight. The reason I call these a healthy solution as I have a knee that used to give me a lot of pain when I was hiking, jogging or walking. A friend recommended trying the SOLE insert, problem solved. Since that first pair of inserts, I now use the SOLE insert in all my footwear and also find the SOLE sandals equally effective.


Great product!

Today's footwear give no support. SOLE insoles have been giving me years of support. After trying numerous other insoles I found SOLE and have never purchased anything else since. A very good alternative to more expensive orthotics and good variety of products to suit. A true no hassle return policy is cherry. Thank you SOLE.

Neil Craig

Best insoles, best sandals!

I own three pairs of insoles and four pairs of sandals. The insoles with the met pads are so supportive in my golf shoes,running shoes and workboots. I had a total knee replacement and they been the very best footwear I could ever ask for. I have ordered all these products online through the SOLE website and the service has been fast efficient and well packaged. I couldn't be happier!


Best flip ever!

I've owned several SOLE flips and they are the best flips ever. I am a very active endurance athlete and these are my go to recovery footwear, after race or long training ride. I love how they feel on my feet and can be worn day in and day out without any issues.

Lonny Smith

I have a BUNCH of Sole and Love Them All

I started wearing and using SOLE products in 2011. My first purchases were insoles and a pair of Sport Flips, then every year or so I purchase some more insoles. I have also purchased a pair of Exhale shoes that I still wear to this date. I turned my wife on to SOLE a few years back and she wore out a pair of the Cork Flips, she also wears the insoles. So here's the deal. I have extreme over pronation of one foot. SOLE products allowed me to survive 4 years without surgery. I had corrective surgery, terrible, terrible surgery for PTTD. It was brutal. My foot is somewhat better but still painful. SOLE products continue to provide the support that I need to continue living an active life. I would not be without my SOLE footwear or insoles. As I write this I have a pair of Sport Slips from 2013 (that are just about wore out) that I am wearing, and in a bit when I put my hiking boots on my feet will sit on some SOLES. Really, if you want great support and comfort, buy some SOLE products. I am a believer, my wife is a believer, and anyone that asks us gets a strong testimonial from us.


Extremely comfortable

I've been wearing these sandals regularly since I bought them and I'm really impressed by how cozy they are. I am definitely pleased with my purchase and will undoubtedly get more footwear from SOLE. :)


Post boot from my plantar fasciitis issue, these inserts allowed me to resume my outdoor activities with no pain. I now use SOLE inserts in all my footwear.

Tony Trzeciak

Favorite Footwear

SOLE flips are my primary, daily footwear. In my mid 60's, I've been wearing the Laguna recork flips for the past 8-10 years. They are the most comfortable footwear I own and offer phenomenal support. About the only time you won't see them on my feet is when I'm wearing a suit ( weddings, funerals, etc.) or when serving on jury duty. I also wear them while exercising and enjoying the great outdoors. One of my favorite memories involves hiking up to a waterfall along the Columbia River. As we were returning to the trail head, we passed a group of young hikers headed up the trail. I heard one of them exclaim, "Now that's hardcore! That guy is wearing flips." Bottom line, I love my SOLE flips. Whether at home in the Florida Keys, hiking most trails or after taking off my ski boots and socks; nothing feels better on my feet!


Love this footwear!

I love being barefoot, but a recent case of plantar faciitis has prevented me from doing so. These flip flops are so comfortable and the closest thing to barefoot while still wearing supportive footwear! These along with using the footbeds in my closed toe footwear have been pinnacle in healing my plantar faciitis and keeping me pain-free.

Tim McCord

A Godsend

I'm a lifetime flipflop wearer, having grown up on the beaches of South Florida and now going on 60 years old. I've seen every style and support methodology come and go. I can honestly say SOLEs are the best I've ever owned. I have over a dozen pairs in my closet now, from Rainbows, to Chacos, to Reefs, but the SOLEs are the only ones I'll ever wear again. What really sealed the deal was when I fractured my back in a freak accident a year and a half ago. My shoe choice became a real issue after recovery, there were some shoes I just couldn't wear anymore, and no flipflop had enough support to make them even a consideration. Then I found SOLE. I have no idea how you can engineer so much support and comfort in such a lightweight flip. I can wear flipflops again! Thank you! Now I'm working on adding SOLE insoles to all my other footwear.

As expected

For more than a decade, I have been using SOLE footbeds in all my footwear. My aged feet were suffering from insufficient arch support. I had tried various other footbeds, including expensive custom orthotics, with minimal improvement. I read an article where a university compared the results of custom orthotics versus off-the-shelf SOLE brand inserts. I found my size (men 11) at Mark's (when it was WorkWearHouse). Eventually, I bought SOLE inserts for all my shoes and boots. I had been buying 'Thick' but they weren't suitable for my dress shoes, so I ordered and tried a 'Thin.' It was a good solution. I've just recently ordered and received a two pair of 'Active Thin,' for a couple of other shoe pairs. I prefer to assign a set of SOLEs to each pair of shoes, believing that moulding goes both ways - top and bottom; and I prefer not to be swapping footbeds when I change shoes. In time, like everything, they will breakdown, though it is sometimes difficult to feel a change. I have also recently ordered some 'Medium' footbeds to replace those that I retire.

Rick Smith

Great Sandals

This my third pair of Sole cork flips and they are pretty much my go to footwear for the summer. Previously i had purchased them at MEC, but this time went to the source. Delivery was fast and the transaction was painless. I love these sandals because of the fit. I have size 12 feet, and find that a lot of flip flop type sandals just don't stay on my feet. These ones always do, and the foot bed is incredibly comfortable, molding to your foot shape and providing support. 10/10 Would purchase again.

Sue Rumi

Can't take them off!

These Del Mar Sport flips are super comfy. I have been wearing SOLE flip flops for 4 years now and they are my "go to" footwear. I use them as slippers inside the house and wear them most days outside. I have walked around sightseeing all day in them and had no issues with sore feet or blisters. This is my 7th pair of SOLES and I will continue to buy them as my foot problems have disappeared since I began wearing them. Thanks for saving my feet SOLE!

love Sole products

I have multiple SOLE products. Flips to foot beds. They are best the most comfortable footwear out there. I've had a knee replaced and they helped me recover!!! Love

Excellent Insoles

I have been using SOLE for many years. Whenever I buy a pair of shoes or boots the cheap/junk insoles supplied by the company come out and a pair of SOLE insoles go in. No matter the cost of the footwear the insoles are practically useless in my opinion and experience. I do a lot of hiking and backpacking and a good pair of insoles are just as important as the boots themselves. Even my casual shoes are sporting insoles by SOLE. Thank you for a fine product.

Great foot beds / insoles

It's been almost 3 years since I initially bought SOLE footwear and footbeds. I had painful plantar fasciitis and was referred to this company by a relative. Although I did not experience immediate results, over time between SOLE and good footwear, my foot pain has gone away. I definitely recommend SOLE and especially the footbeds. Thanks SOLE!!!

Natalie Jamieson

Just like custom orthotics

I have been using custom orthotics for twenty years and own several pairs of Sole footbeds. I do not notice a difference between my custom orthotics and SOLE footbeds (cost being the exception). This allows me to have a pair of footbeds in different footwear rather than having to put my custom orthotics in the footwear I am wearing that day.

Great insole

These insoles are great. I frequently get leg cramps with footwear that doesn't have good arch support. These relieve all of that discomfort and feel like walking on air.

Great insole

These insoles are great. I frequently get leg cramps with footwear that doesn't have good arch support. These relieve all of that discomfort and feel like walking on air.

James LaCroix

Lasted FOREVER! Awesome value!

Purchased through my foot doctor because of plantar fasciitis, I questioned spending so much for "flip flops." After wearing them for a few days, I knew they would help my feet. But after EIGHT YEARS of almost daily wear, my Sole cork slides finally suffered a broken thong, clearly illustrating the value of Sole footwear! Totally getting way more than your money's worth!

All Star

Great addition to my active footwear! I transfer these insoles between my hiking and biking shoes. They provide a solid platform to stand on in rugged and uneven terrain. Just an all around great footbed to move from shoe to shoe.


order up

I have been buying SOLE shoes since 2008. They are the ONLY flip flops I can wear! I have planter Fash. I just got these NAVIGATE..LOVE THEM! You must order 1 FULL SIZE UP. The navigate, being the same as the sport flips, order 1 full size up. LOVE THESE SHOES, LOVE ALL MY SOLE FLIP FLOPS! IF YOU are a ladies 11, gotta go to the mens 10 or 11. They seem to be a bit short. I ordered the mens 9 as I am a ladies 10, but the sport flips 11, and I feel they are just a bit too short for me. So, I am waiting on the mens 10 to arrive.

Carmen Sanders

Foot pain

I have been wearing SOLE insoles, blister socks, and flips for years. Navigate sandals are lightweight and super comfortable I can stay on my feet all day. The best products for my feet and awesome customer service! Thank you SOLE


Best for plantar issues

I found these by accident a year ago and they are fantastic. If you have plantar issues and like wearing flip flops, these are for you. Worth the price. When I received my first pair and walked around the house I was laughing out loud because they felt so good. My wife thought I had finally cracked and went crazy. That is how good they feel. Thank you SOLE for making these flip flops so I can continue to wear flip flops pain free.



I have planters, heel spurs, aquinis ankles, arthritis and arch problems. I have tried lots of different brands some help for a while but eventually the pain returns. However I discovered the Sole Sport Slides in 2011 and have been buying and wearing them ever since. I can wear for an entire day and have no pain. I cannot recommend them highly enough. They are fantastic!

Stephanie Thiess

Best arch support ever

I found these from a review on Amazon about my normal Orthaheel shoes. The reviewer felt these were much better, which sounded hard to believe to me. So I was shocked when I tried these on to learn that they ARE better than any shoe I've ever tried. (A lot!) these are better than orthaheel because not only do they have perfect arch support but they allow for that natural place under the toes that also needs support, the heel bed is deep enough to support proper ankle position also. An old ankle injury and severe plantar fasciitis is getting amazing relief since wearing these shoes. I love them and I bought 4 (don't judge me ;) foot pain relief is no joke!) I have 1 pair for outside shoes, 1 pair for inside shoes (we don't wear outside shoes in the house) and an extra backup for each in case these get discontinued like happens sometimes. Brilliant design!

William Hau


Best Slides Ever! Always in my gym bag for after a workout and for lounging at home. Take advantage of the clearance deals and free shipping when offered. I have 5 pairs and my wife has started her SOLE addiction.

John Russell

A Lifesaver

I love summer, except for one thing - I'd miss my SOLE footbeds because I was basically living in flip flops...and suffering from lower back pain because of it. Not anymore! Everything I love about the footbeds but in a flip flop. They need a short break-in period but once they did, I love them. Great product.

John Russell

Just the best

I have extremely flat feet and pronation, which causes foot pain, knee pain and especially lower back pain. I found SOLE about 5 years ago and have remained a loyal customer because I DON'T LIVE IN PAIN ANYMORE! I simply will not put shoes on my feet without a pair of these footbeds in them. Everything I own - dressy wingtips, casual boat shoes, sneakers, golf shoes, hiking boots, winter boots - all have a pair of SOLEs in them! I even bought their flip flops, which have been a summer time Godsend.


The Best

All I want to wear in the winter are these shoes. Wait, are they shoes? They are as supportive as shoes, as warm as boots, as cozy as slippers and slip on and off like flip flops. The arch support is excellent and they have just the right amount of cushioning. I have had the same pair now for 4 years. I am not easy on them, wear them daily and throw them in the washing machine weekly. I don't even know if that is how they should be cleaned, but that is what I do and they come out as good as new. They are still holding up great. I will buy more, even if they were twice the price. Really, they are that good. Slip them on after a day of skiing and you'll the happiest camper around. This is the first review I have ever written for a product. I just felt compelled to do so.


Great FlipFlop

I love these sandals. I have four pairs in different colors. They are a little tight at first but because the sole molds to your foot, they soon fit just right. I can wear them all day comfortably and go for walks in them.

Tom Cooper


These boots are fantastic. I bought them not really knowing what to expect but they are so comfortable and warm. I was also surprised by how light they were. The cork insole helps to keep my feet dry. Don't stop making them!

Betty Rickey


The Sport Flips are excellent....very comfy right from the beginning!! I love the icicle color!!


Great flip flops

Fantastic flip flops. Incredibly comfortable and durable. On my second pair in 4 years. First ones only died from beach tar :( not Sole's fault! I will continue to buy these until they stop making them! (Hopefully never)


The best flip flop - ever.

I have tried so many flip flops. These are the only ones that are perfectly cushioned, but also have great arch and metatarsal support (taking the pressure off my big toe joint). They wrap around my slightly narrow foot like they were custom made. I wear a 9-9.5, and a 9 in these is perfect. I bought pairs for my mom and sister, too (neither have the big toe problems I do) and the smile and response was identical the second they put they them on... "Aaahh, that's nice." Please expand the SOLE footwear line - this footbed is incredible!!!

Cheryl Phillips

Hello my favorite SOLE people!

I was SO EXCITED to see that you made these, have been waiting and watching for something new exactly like this! I didn’t know you were making these in color so I purchases a “raven” pair a month ago and WOW.....are they ever fantastic, I never got one blister at all, which is amazing to me! I want to commend you on the quality and feel of these sandals, I do not get any plantar faschia pain when I wear my sandals and orthotic lifts, yours are the only design that help my feet, I’ve tried other orthotics and they are not as good as your brand. My plantar fashia pain is so bad that I need to wear your orthotics all the time, even at home in my slippers. THANK YOU from the bottom of my feet, I appreciate your products so very much!


Great Buy!

Love these flip flops! I wish they had half sizes but I'm still in love! I'm a size 8 1/2 and bought a size 9. It is a little large but I think thats better then being too tight. These sandals have helped so much with my heel spurs/plantar faciitis. Would definitely recommend!

Chris Vann

extremely durable

I personally can say, I had my cork flip flops for 2 years. I've been through so many but SOLE is serious quality. Mine still being worn and I plan on another set soon. SOLE is excellent for those who really wear them hard.

Zackary Andriuk

Built to the same high standard

I have a pair of the sole flip flops and two pairs of footbeds. I looked everywhere for some arch support in a pair of sandals and the flip flops were the best I could get at the time. I noticed these on the website and bought a pair in the early spring. I have managed to wear them almost everyday this summer when I wasn't required to be in boots. They incorporate the support and comfort I like in the SOLE footbeds and they are much better to wear for summer activities than shoes or flip flops. I might even get a pair for my mom for her birthday.


I found my Sole

I bought cork soled flips about 10 years ago and wore them out. They were my first adventure into cork soled sandals and I tried for several years to find them again. Then I found Sole! I don't know where I've been! As soon as I found Sole I ordered a pair and I love them! As a previous poster mentioned, it took a couple of weeks to stretch out the straps (I have a very high arch) but it didn't take long. I now wear them every chance I get. I found my Sole!

Lisa Charles


I hurt my back about 4 1/2 years ago. Since then I have spent more $$ than I care to share trying to find comfortable shoes. Alas, I tried these at the referral of a friend. OMG, I LOVE THESE SHOES. I put these on the minute I arrive from the office and they feel great! Purchasing my second pair now. Thanks Sole!


Best footwear & best service

I spend a lot of time in sandals & have tried almost every top brand available as I found walking long distances in them uncomfortable. I've suffered everything from bruised soles to shin splints over the years. Then I was bought a pair of Sole flips, the difference is amazing, shock absorption and foot support is second to none. The service is outstanding, replacing my initial pair with smaller without quibble. Never again will I be suffering from wearing those overpriced Brazilian and German equivalents which just do not compare in quality or service. My feet thank you.


Great footwear

I love these slides. I have bought several pairs over the past years. I wear them all day, some for indoors, others for day to day use, various colors for outfit coordinating, and a real tatty pair I now use for the gardening..

Jennifer Muranyi

Thank you

Thank you Sole. This spring I dislocated my ankle and broke my leg. When the cast finally came off I found that I had developed severe pain in the bottom of my heal. The only shoes that I could wear were my Sole sign and my sport flip flops. I can't say thank you enough. Thank you Sole

Lena Odie

None Other

Since a knee injury several years back, I looked into orthotics but came across a store where they sold these sandals. Since than, I'm on my 4th or 5th pair of women's sandals and wear them day in day out! I wish they were more affordable, though are worth every penny!! They are truly the best, there is none other!


Healthy Shoes

I am a connoisseur of healthy shoes. I have owned just about every brand out there in every price point. The SOLE sandals are the best flip flop style shoe I have ever worn. Don't let the casual style fool you - these are more comfortable, more supportive, and better fitting than many strap-on styles. They fit snug to the foot, so you don't have to crunch your toes while you walk. The sole is so supportive in every spot, it's hard to go barefoot anymore. But if it seems too snug at first, or the sole seems too firm, do give it time because as you get used to the shoe you'll notice something amazing happen. The sole seems to mold to your own foot, and it gets more and more comfy as it does. I have the cork footbed model and the slides, and both are hard to take off. Lucky for me I live in a climate where sandals are the shoe of choice eight months of the year.

Diane Steele


I love, love, love these flip-flops! They just mold to my feet and provide the support I need. I have to say I was skeptical at first, but am so happy I tried them. Can't wait to try more colors and styles!


My savior

These shoes are the only shoes that keep me sane. I stand over 10 hours a day at work. I was suffering from posterior tibial tendonitis (from running) and they were the only shoe (along with the sole flip flop) that got me through. I have recently suffered another injury to my other foot (strains and inflammation) and they have been the only shoe I could wear since being out of the cam boot. Thank you SOLE!


The Best

After about five plus years of use I am looking forward to getting a new pair. The old ones, which have many more years of use in them, will be relegated to the outdoors.. They are the best indoors and out.

Louise Bentley


We got a package from SOLE early winter with Repel Ravens for my husband and Loft Obsidian for me. They were a life saver this winter. We can attest to their comfort and durability. Thank you

Geoff Liddy

freedom of wearing flops

Ever since I tried on a friends pair of SOLE Flips few years ago, I've thrown out every other flop I owned. From a car accident, I suffer the remnants of a right-ankle injury and your flops arch and support are wonderful. They literally gave me back the freedom of wearing flops comfortably. And I can assure you , as a South Florida outdoor enthusiast I live in flops J.


No Back Pain!

I cook for church ladies monthly. The church kitchen floor is hard tile. If I wear regular shoes my back starts hurting about an hour into cooking. If I wear my cork flips my back doesn't hurt at all even after 3 or more hours of cooking. I love these flips!


nice pair

I have been suffering from Plantar fasciitis and my physiotherapist recommended using sole products, being expensive i didnt order for long time, but it came to extent that I couldnt tolerate pain, so I thought i should give a try and ordered them. now I wear everyday to even work and feel so comfortable that somebody is protecting my feet. I dont feel any more pain wearing them. I think these are worth each penny than paying hundreds of dollars for physiotherapy. the only downside which I see is little broader around toes


Fabulous Shoe

I am a size 8.5, but the size 9 was too big for me. Sole just sent me a size 8 and it is a perfect fit. The comfort level cannot be described in words, and fabulous is an understatement. My podiatrist carries Sole insoles, so I ordered these online. He knows foot care, and Sole only sells the best. My love and thanks to Sole for happy feet.


GREAT boots

I bought these boots because my UGGS were killing my plantar fasciitis. I had already bought a pair of SOLE flip flops and loved them. These boots were great. I wore them hunting and my feet did not hurt much at all hiking through the woods. I would highly recommend them if you suffer from plantar fasciitis.


I love em

I live in these flips.....I have wide feet, bunions and like a lot of support for my arches...I can walk the city in these flips and not complain about my feet at night!!

Robyn Aggers

Best Ever

I am in the process of ordering my 6th pair of Women's Sport Flips. I don't buy any other brand. They are the best ever!

James Brooke

Fantastic comfort.

I read about Sole footbeds in MBR magazine and then found these flips on the website. I spend all summer in Flips and these are by far the most comfortable I have ever owned. I found the strap a little tight when I first got them, but they have stretched and the support is perfect for my feet. I would highly recommend this product!

F Filipchuk

Excellent quality

Purchased these flips as I love flip flops and this brand has the support I need. I have rheumatoid arthritis and effects my feet. These flips are so comfortable and support the whole foot bed! Excellent product! Can wear them pretty much all day, and foot not sore or tired! Thank you, hugely recommend this product.

S Mo

Doctor Perscribed

I got these because I live in flip flops 50% of the time and after an accident I have to wear arch support so my doctor gave me these. Two years and loving ever step with them

T Hartwig

Great flips!

These are well-designed flips. I have wide feet and did at first find the straps too tight, but used the manual stretching method as recommended in the fitting instructions. The footbeds themselves feel fantastic. I am optimistic that the straps will adjust to my feet with a reasonable break-in period. Nice to find flips that offer support and comfort!

Kara Swanson

Perfect for those with orthodics

I was walking with my sister up and down the rows of one of the expos and we came upon this store, and myself, having orthodics from a fallen arch, just stood to the side as my sister shopped. Used to the fact that I would have to buy custom made sandals to address my need of orthodics, I figured I'd never be able to wear these. But the gentleman that served us started talking to me and answering my concerns... I ended up buying a pair of she slip on flip flops as I'm one that can't stand something between my toes. These were fanTAStic!!! My feet don't get sore when I'm in them wearing them around all day.. I was estatic. I normally have to wear full on shoes all summer, and everyone else gets to wear flip flops.. which sucks when you go on a picnic near water and you have to take off your shoes/socks then dry them and put them back on every time you want to dip your feet in the water. I can't thank you enough for making these with such quality that people like me can wear them. I wore them most of last summer, and so far (other than when we were flooding here) all this summer, and they are STILL looking fantastic!! I recommend them to all!!

Korey Konga

Best work shoes I've ever owned

I am a waiter and I also run ultra marathons for fun. Sole flip slops have been the only product I've found to help relieve my foot pain (most often, Plantar Fasciitis). The only time I spend good money on a shoe is for my running, but I have never found a comfortable work shoe. I took a gamble on these and they were totally worth it! I wear a size 9 normally (size 9 1/2 in my trail shoes) but I took the sole reps recommendation and went with a size 10. They're a little loose, but I feel the 9 probably would've been too tight. Anyways, These are awesome. They feel like I'm wearing flip flops at work and they look professional too! My feet have never been happier, I wish I would've looked into these a long time ago. Thanks Sole!

Tammy Brooks


I wear these flip flops all day every day. Even when its cold, because they make my back and legs feel so much better. I keep them by the bed, and they go right on when I stand up. I keep them by the shower, so I can put them on immediately after I get out. I wear them out to feed the horses. I've never worn any flip flops because they just have no support. Maybe out in the boat when I was a kid, and that was it. I sold all my Minnetonka sandles and got these in all the colors. The cork footbed is the key in my opinion. With this new design, I have to order a size up from the older casual flips from last years as I think the position of the design, is set further in, causing the shoe to be shorter.

Tammy Brooks

Best ever

I bought this shoe because I love the cork inner sole better then the sherpa. The Sherpa just doesnt give me the same support as the cork does, and the sherpa gets my feet too warm after walking around in them all day. I am a ladies size 10, so I got the mens 8, and they are great. This cork inner sole is not made in the womens shoes, only the flip flops. So these Repel just look like I'm wearing tennis shoes. I can wear them with socks, or without, due to the cork sole. LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM.

Leeanne Shannon

Dream Shoes!

I have been wearing the Sigh for a month now; almost continuously, I might add. They are the answer to my prayers. I have finally found comfort for my aging feet. They address my bunions, loss of fat on the bottoms of my feet and the widening of my feet as I age. The wide toe box is wonderful. The shoes are light as a feather, easy to keep clean and feel fantastic! I had to return my first order to get a smaller size and the customer service was excellent! Thank you, Sole, for a wonderful product!

Comfortable dress boots

This is the first pair of "dress" boots I have been able to wear in years because of foot issues (I generally wear shock absorbing shoes with SOLE footbeds and SOLE slides.) They are low heeled, comfortable and easy to get on and off thanks to the zipper and gusset. There is enough room in the calf area for most to wear with skinny jeans. I wear a size 8 1/2 and ordered up as recommended. The foot is a bit large, but fits fine with heavy socks.

Helen Read


Both my hubby and I bought a pair of Exhales while enjoying the Banff Mountain Film Festival. Wish I'd bought two pair for myself-one for indoors and one for outdoors. I will wear them primarily back and forth to Canmore, to choir, to X-C skiing. LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!!!

Will Pfeiffer

Great Flips!

These flips are awesome.. they are the only flips I have that I can wear an entire day walking without foot pain, particularly in my arches. Yes.. the web over the top of the foot is a little tight to begin with, but over time as you break them in they offer a perfectly snug fit that I can wear with confidence in a variety of terrains without losing a flip.

Tony Hung

Break em in

It took a few days to break em in if you have wide feet. Once that's done, they're great and my go-to sandal.

Marti B

Addicted to these!!!

I found these shoes after I had surgery to correct my ingrown toenails. I needed something that would not compress the wound so these were a perfect choice. I am a hairdresser and stand in the same place for long periods of time and sometimes after work, my feet would hurt all the way up my legs. Since I bought these sandals, my feet nor my legs hurt anymore. From the very first day, they felt amazing on my feet. You can feel the sturdyness of the arch, and they give such good support. The heel area is cupped and they just cradle my heel. They feel so wonderful on that I have not worn another shoe since I bought these. Now it is getting cold here in Michigan, so I need a good pair of winter shoes. I have tried several different pairs of shoes, even tried buying insoles to put into other shoes to try to get them to feel like these do. I keep comparing everything to these and nothing else will do so, I guess I am addicted to these shoes. That is why I am ordering a pair of women's "Steady" today. I will write a review as soon as I get to wear them, but I have high hopes for them based on these.

anne wilson

Best flip flops ever

For comfort and looks, these are the BEST!! I'd had them 1 week, and my dog chewed them up. I panicked till I found another pair in my size and color. They are awesome. And the customer service couldn't be better!

Rita Corblies

great fit

I purchased these at another site at a very good price and I am very pleased with the fit, color and how comfortable they are.They certainly don't "flop" and I have "flipped" over them!!!!! I will tell every woman I know how great they are and I will buy more in other colors. Fantastic product.

Muriel Alexander

First Time I Could Ever Wear FlipFlops

I love my Sport Flips. I've never been able to keep a pair of flip flops on my feet let alone find a pair that is comfortable. These are great and keep my feet from feeling sore and they actually don't go flying when I walk in them. I wear them when I'm not wearing my Orthotics which is when I'm not at work. Not allowed to wear flip flops at work. Looking forward to the release of some office style shoes.

Dania Howard

Fabulous Flip flops

Actually they really don't "Flop" like most flips but they are the most comfortable sandal I have ever owned. I bought a pair on sale through a different company for my trip to Cancun and now I won't wear anything else. I just got back from my trip and bought another pair in brown so I can wear them with everything. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them. They have just enough support and look so nice I even wear them with my sun dresses. GREAT PRODUCT! Great price when you can find them on sale as I have. More colors Please!!!!!!

janet hobson

My favorite sandals

I have been searching for an orthopedic sandal for a long time. I googled ortho sandals in the uk and came upon these. They are fabulous. I have worn them almost constantly since I received them and they are soooo comfortable. I have ordered another pair in a different colour and am sure I'll be back for more. I would love to have these in a clog with a cork insole. The company are very helpful and delivery was very quick too. A pleasure to do buisness with. Thank you

Helen James


The best sandals I have ever bought, the most comfortable, and the only ones I shall ever buy again, I even wear them during the winter months as slippers around the house, you will never ever wear any shoe as comfortable guaranteed!! The recent purchase 5 pairs assorted colours, making full advantage of the sale items too 10/10 A* total satisfaction, cannot recommend them enough!

ibai Demirdache

Can't live without them!

I love my Sole Exhales. I wear them around the house with the back flipped down and they're so comfortable! I even use them to exercise - I have a cross country ski machine and my feet will slide out of the foot straps when I wear my runners on the machine. Can't do it bare foot because I have flat feet and it hurts too much. One day I got on with my Exhales and it was amazing. They don't slip and provide great support!

Ben G

Florida Ben

I have a bad lower back and wear orthopedic inserts. Unfortunately, I can't wear the inserts with flip flops on the beach. The sole sport flips are a perfect sandal for someone who needs great arch support and still wants to look stylish for the sunny weather. They may seem a little pricey but my first pair lasted me 2 years and I wear sandals almost daily. Best flips ever!

Kate Loutsch


I love them because they are so comfortable, the only problem is that my kids call them my moon shoes. Wish you could come up with another style, otherwise I will have to put up with their jokes. Seriously they are comfortable and great to wear around the house. Thanks for your wonderful products, they have saved my feet!

Wendy Kerr

Can't Survive without my Soles

My husband and I moved to a small surf town in Mexico 9 months ago and we wear our SOLEs 24/7. Don't know what we would do without them. We go from cobblestone roads to jungle trails then to the beach and so we've been hard on them, but they are still in great shape and provide excellent support. Thank you for making such a great product!

Hugh Thomas

Love 'em!

Perfect fit in my shoe size (11) Most comfortable flip flops ever. First that ever supported my fallen arches. Love them and will buy more when these wear out.

Gary & Sheryl

Exhales are GREAT!

My wife and I both love our Exhales.They beat even the most expensive slippers hands down. Great support, long wearing, comfy and oh so cool looking!

Andrew Maxwell


Sole flips are just fantastic. Have two pairs and I can't imagine wearing any other flip flop, ever.

Ron Ewer

I'm Hooked

After 5 different footbeds, Both off the shelf and custom fitted and two different boot manufacturers, I thought I would never find a pair of boots the would not hurt my feet while hunting in the mountains of Alaska and Colorado. But then I received a pair of Softec Response with a pair of Kenetrek boots and I was hooked. I inserted the Sole footbed into my hiking boot and realized I finally had the right match. I have now put over 30 miles packing 40 to 80 pound packs and my feet never once got blisters and my legs and back handled the heavier load much better. I am hooked I bought a pair of Flips and they are the best feeling flips I have ever had. I just ordered 3 more sets of different foot beds for all my shoes. The customer service is fantastic! I over heated on set of footbeds, melting just the right one. I called to order a new pair and when I mentioned this, the Sole rep. just said " No problem" I'll send you a new pair. That is great service and is the reason I am buying more inserts and letting everyone I know how great Sole inserts are. Keep up the great job. Ski season is coming soon and I will be trying out my new Sole inserts this season! Ron Ewer


Best flips EVER!

I walked miles and miles and miles in these during my Hawai'i trip, they are so incredibly comfortable! Can't recommend them enough, the support, styling and comfort is just perfection. Thank you, Sole!

Ronald Epstein

I could hardly feel the floor beneath my feet

Okay, so after 3 years wearing the Softec Ultra footbed I thought perhaps I should offer some comments. I spend quite a bit of money on my footwear. Reason being, I work in a warehouse type setting with hard, concrete floors. It's amazing how fatigue your feet become when subjected to walking on floors like these. I can spend upwards of $150 on boots that claim to be well cushioned, and I end up still suffering from fatigue at the end of the day. 3 years ago I happened to find some reviews on the Internet concerning YOURSOLE footbeds. Thought the testimonials seemed to be very positive, I wasn't thrilled about spending upwards of $50 to buy sole inserts for my shoes. Call it a gamble, but I ended up purchasing a pair nonetheless. I must admit, the first day I wore these soles in my footwear, I could hardly feel the floor beneath my feet. What a difference! This week I bought a $125 pair of Merrell Gore-Tex boots which are rated very high for comfort. Unfortunately, my new order of YOURSOLE footbeds did not arrive at the same time. As expensive and high quality boots the Merrells were, the inserts could not cushion my feet against the concrete floor. It wasn't until I received my new footbeds today that I started reliving the joy of fatigue-free walking. I am not an employee of this company. I am probably someone like you who is on their feet for most of the day and is looking for something to cushion their walk. I highly recommend these footbeds, though I wish they were a bit less expensive.

Ivy Tan

Overall excellent, but...

These are great and really helped my plantar fasciitis, but the cut is too wide for most ladies' shoes except athletic shoes and unisex sneakers. A narrower cut for ladies would be really appreciated!

Curtis Rosing

go to

I bought a pair of these from a running store a couple of years ago. I put them in a pair of my post office aproved shoes. I have four different shoes I wear for work all with factory insoles or after market insoles. My favorite pair of shoes hands down is the pair with these Sole Ultra Inserts. Take it from a mail man that walks twelve miles a day and was a foot soldier for seven years, I have tried almost everything when it come to footwear. This is the best insole I have tried so far...


Go for it - great for hols, cuts down on packing

As promised, I bought more. I got the 2011 spearmint first, so much softer than 2010 (which I would still thoroughly recommend). Now I've got the 2011 in black. Wore them on cruise ship, they and another pair of ordinary sandals for excursions were all I needed. The black are SO versatile and smart for daytime, and dressing up for evening dinner. Waiting to see what colours come out next year. EXCELLENT Customer Service.

Eve Donnelly

more colors in big sizes!

These are the most comfortable, supportive flip flops ever and even have sufficient support for a full day of walking on concrete sidewalks in NYC. That said, please have more colors other than black and dark brown in size 11! Tall/big feet people should not be restricted to mortician colors in the summer!

Richard Ravin

Just give them time

I have pairs of the sport sandals and the causal sandals. After 6 months with the causal sandals the footbed has molded to my foot and the strap has stretched out and the fit great. I can walk for days in these sandals even after a long run. Just give them time and they will be the best sandal you have ever worn.

claire therrien


these are the best shoes i have ever used they are so nice to wear and have great support. I recomend these to every one.

Luanne M

Need the Black!

I guess everyone loves these flips as much as me. I've been wearing them pretty much nonstop since I got my first pair in March, I wish I could wear to bed sometimes, as that is mostly the only time my feet hurt now. I was told I have plantar fascitis, and the orthotics just hurt my feet worse. But these flips are heaven for sore feet, sore legs, sore back.... Only one thing would make the perfection complete, Black in size 7?

Wendy Fitzpatrick

fantastic improvement

You need to try the 2011 version of the slide! I agree that the 2010 slide was a bit stiff and rubbed the feet, however the revision Sole has made to the 2011 model is fabulous! They are so soft and comfortable, with more flexibility in the material. A HUGE improvement and now I have ordered slides for the rest of my family. A seriously great product. Thanks Sole!

Sarah Ralph


I've never got on with toe-posts but can easily wear these. The cork footbed is lovely and they look good on. The napa tan wasn't as tan as I expected (more biscuit, but computer screens aren't the most reliable colour source) but is a good neutral that will go with my wardrobe. Also excellent customer service. Thank you.


comfortable sport slides

Bought my normal size 10. They fit slightly snug at first, but broke in quickly. After a couple of days they fit great. Very comfortable. Love them after running.

Juliane Peck

Out of the box comfy!

I've worn all major brands of flips over many years and I've never had any of them come out of the box and fit so well. No break-in time! They are super comfy.

Angela Harper


I just bought a pair of the 2010 Sport Slides. I really love them, my feet are so much better in them. I wear a 5 1/2 (UK) usually, and originally purchased a 6. Phoned the customer support up because I was not sure on the fit. They sent the 5, which is just righ. Very helpful. Will definatley purchase again.

Nathan Freeburg

Best sandals of all time.

I bought the sport flips last summer, and they have been the best, most comfortable footwear I own. I can walk long distance in them without pain (and this from someone who has has plantar fascitis). Very comfortable after a run, around the house, or everyday use.

Rick Dutton

Almost great

I have been a Sole footbed customer for years. When the original sandals came out, I tried them but could never accept the thong. When the slide became available, I ordered a pair immediately. I have worn them constantly since they arrived. The support from the footbed makes the slide the most comfortable sandal I have ever owned. In warm weather, they are all I wear. In cold weather, my shoes hit the closet and are replaced with the slide as soon as I enter the house. Changes? - The front edge of the strap should be scalloped up the instep as it sits too near the toes. When you bend your foot it can rub or poke into the top of your toes. I would love to see a leather upper, and more color choices.



Sixty-two years ago I was born with flat feet so I've always needed arch support. All the products that I tried, over the years offered varying degrees of service life with a max of say... 3-months! I bought my 1st pair of SOLE's over a year ago. Within hours of using this product, sciatica and low back pain disapeared! Whats-more? I get 3-times more service life out of my footwear AND the original pair of SOLE's are still in service! I love these things...they have saved me $$$ too.

i D

Love love these!

They are soooo comfortable! I prefer to wear mine without socks otherwise my feet get too hot. I used to wear Birks at home as slippers and now I wear these. Once you've stepped in them, there's no going back!

Dash P


I have finally found sandals that are good for my feet! I like the color scheme Sole once had. I have the white/blue sandals, and they are a hit. My podiatrist was truly impressed when I found sandals that gave me as much support as my orthotic insoles. Well done Sole.

Paul Roebuck

Just do it

These are superb. Received mine today, quality product. Snug but secure feel to them, sheepskin sole lining, look really smart and I guess will be hardwearing. Just do it, buy 'em!

Jimmy McGillicuddy

The good and not so good of it...

If you're already a Sole footbed wearer,the arch support in these will be similarly perfect. The physical beauty of the Exhales comes from its ugliness in a chic sort of way--it's a puffy jacket on your feet looks-wise and warmth-wise. The drawbacks of the Exhales (FOR ME) are 1) way too wide in the forefoot, and, 2) while I love the Sole footbed, there is no cushioning in this shoe.

T.Bruce MacKinnon

Mens Sports slides

Yes they are tight but they stretch. Very comfortable.

Teri Roy


I work 12 hour shifts on a busy nursing floor. There are days I do not get to sit down! I'm also a runner. My feet take a beating. Coming home to my Exhales is something I look forward to every day. Confession: I even wear the suckers to work occasionally when I'm on nights or weekends (yeeees, I disinfect before bringing them home). My Exhales are, without a doubt, the comfiest, cosiest thing my feet have ever encountered. I have orthotics in every pair of footwear that I own but there is something particularrily comforting about the combination of the support, sheepskin foot pad lining and soft sides. My back, hips, knees, bunions and feet THANK YOU.

Brandon Wood

Warm style

This weekend brought the first brrrr-worthy temperatures to my corner of the world. It also brought more opportunity for me to slip the wonderfully plush SOLE Exhale’s on my feet. The Exhale hearkens back to the childhood days of moon boots. Their upper actually looks like a cross between a low-top moon boot and a super puffy jacket and is water resistant, rip-stop fabric. The footbed is wear moldable which means that, like SOLE’s other shoes, the footbed will become customized to your foot over time, increasing comfort and feel. On top of that, the footbed is Sherpa lined and super soft. Since such a warm shoe could be sweat inducing at times, the Exhale uses Polygiene® as an antimicrobial to fight odor. I think part of the brilliance in SOLE’s production is that all of their shoes and sandals use the same wear moldable footbed. Whether it’s their Platinum Sandals of the Exhale, you can be sure that the shoe is going to feel consistently right on your foot. The Exhale is incredibly roomy inside but it never feels to me like it’s insecure. As for warmth, these are right at the top of the list. Between the fabric and the stuffing, no wind is getting through to make your feet feel the least bit chilly. I actually find myself wearing them at home as much as outside. The heel of the shoe easily folds down (it’s meant to) to give a slip-on feel and I can foresee many days this winter being spent entirely in these shoes. If you don’t already have a pair of über warm casual shoes to keep your feet toasty this winter, the Exhale (for men and women) is a great choice. Also, it’s a perfect way to transition either to or from SOLE’s Platinum Sandals once Summer comes back to town!

Dee Alspach

Input on output

About 10 days ago I unpacked my new Exhale hybrid shoes. They have seldom been off my feet since. They are so comfortable and appropriate for this time of year as we transition quickly into autumn. As someone who is long past the high-heel stage, I know comfort. The exhale works for me all day long with no need to change I like the edgy styling. Nice work, Sole People. It's a winner!!

David Harmon

Love these slips!

This is the perfect, and I mean perfect slip shoe for me. I run high milage each week, and this is the perfect post run shoe. Comfortable, great support, and the metatarsal padding is more than I had hoped for. You'll have a repeat customer in me, and I will more than likely try other SOLE products.


Love these SOLE flip flops

Well, when you get into the "old lady" age and have been directed to shop at the old lady shoe has a few challenges. Finding a great pair of shoes that LOOK good are key. Love these SOLE flip flops. They truly mold to your feet. When I first got them, the toe strap was digging in and I was inclined to return them. CS was a definite plus, reassuring me that I had 90 days for return but I should break them in if I had the time. Thankyou for that guidance. The flip flops fit fabulously now and have molded to my feet. These shoes were certainly worth the money.

Roslyn Wetzel

Life Savers!!!!!

Last year, I broke my foot and had to wear these for a while. But even after my healing stage, I continued to where these amazing shoes. They actually give my foot support unlike other shoes. And get this: they are fashion friendly!

MJ Thomas


Most orthopedists will tell you that they will get rich as the flip-flop craze is ruining young peoples feet and backs; wearing something with zero support 24/7 that were designed for wearing at the beach. I’m so glad my Orthopedist turned me onto Sole flips. For someone with pretty flat, pronated feet, your flips actually support the foot; give you an arch, etc. It’s like a flip that’s an orthotic – but the great part is they look like regular flip-flops – not like ortho-flips! I think Sole could do a little better with the color combos, they seem to either be a big bore, or they are “too out there”. I don’t know a lot of guys who will wear bright green and white, the blacks are just too black. I think you are on the right track with the more recent different grays. Keep up the great work! They are pretty expensive for a totally synthetic shoe. How about some leather straps? Even some leather foot beds would be great too.

Elizabeth Frederick

Best Flip Flops Ever

After buying the insoles and wearing them in my sneakers I was hooked on your products. I purchased the flip flops, and they are by far, the most comfortable I have ever worn. I have problems with a hammer toe and plantar faciitis and found it difficult wearing any type of sandals. I am so thrilled to find these! They are supportive, comfortable and I want them in every color!

Scott Mizufuka

the best...

I've had two pairs of sole sandals and love them. I first saw them in runner's world and wanted to give them a try. They're amazingly comfortable and supportive never losing their shape especially in the midfoot arch area. I have flat pronated feet and they provide great support. I've referred others to buy them and have bought them for bday/xmas gifts. I've heard nothing but positive things about sole sandals!

Robyn Aggers

Love my Soles

I am in the process of ordering my 3rd pr.of women's Platnum sandals. Words cannot express how much I love them!

Shannon Murphy

PT approved

Rarely write testamonials, but these are a personal and professional favorite! They are among the ONLY 'flips' that I condone for patients and are an essential part of my own summer wardrobe. Viva la SOLE! :) -- Shannon, physical therapist

Wendy Cordia

LOVE these flip flops

I've been looking for flip flops that offer support but is still stylish to help with my PF problems. I am thrilled to have found these shoes! They make my feet feel great and I can wear them without any pain! Thank you for making something so cute and comfortable!!

Karen Lister

Worth every penny

Had a pair of these last year and lived in them constantly throughout the summer. I used to get arch pain in ordinary flip flops but this totally took that pain away. As soon as they have my size in stock in the colour that I want I will be purchasing another pair for this year.

Steve adams

Urban streets, high altitude mountains or desert terrain, you can't go wrong!

I've owned 4 pair of your insoles and have used them in every conceivable environment to include the craziness you find in combat zones. They really do breathe new life into new and old footwear. Why pay big money for new shoes or boots when you can spend one quarter to one half the amount and renew your footwear to practically brand new status? SOLE insoles had me at hello....

David Loo

classy rich look and the comfort

I bought a white and blue pair from A-Z Indoor Market Place @ Scottsdale, AZ. This product sold by itself. Once you slip it on you know the differences. I loved the classy rich look and the comfort.



I am a Naval Flight Officer, and bought these inserts to put in my flight boots. By far one of the betrter footwear decisions I've ever made. The inserts got me through a deployment to Afghanistan and are about to go for a second. The inserts made my boots infinitely more comfortable and have virtually eliminated my foot and knee pain from walking on unfinished surfaces. I just got another pair of flight boots and plan on getting another pair of inserts to go in them.

David Wagner

The Best!

Bought a pair. Loved them. Bought my wife a pair. She loves them (has plantar fasciitis). Just bought a second pair for myself (1 indoor, 1 outdoor). That should say enough! The most quality, comfortable flip flop I have ever worn.

angelina musto


These are by far the best pair of flips or shoes i've ever owned. I tore my plantar, and walking has been painful ever since. However wearing these shoes, i can walk without pain! Love them Love them Love them. Can't wait to buy another pair in a different color!

Scott Davies

Sandal Heaven

I have been looking for a product like these for a while. I have seen another sport sandal with orthotic benefits but it looked like a crashed 4 x 4, wrong, wrong, wrong. These are the perfect blend of sporty looks and support. I have also had to deal with Chrissy here in the UK and what can I say other than excellent customer service with a professional cheery manner. Brilliant! Don't hesitate they are worth the price and the service is top notch.


I can wear sandals again!

I have flat feet, so would be in pain for days if I wore any type of sandals or flipflops. Always use the Your Sole inserts in my shoes. Now I can wear them all the time - PAIN FREE! Worth every cent! I have two pairs now....more to follow too!

Anna Kirkpatrick

Great, but want more!

I just bought a pair of these sandals based on a NYT article rating after-exercise sandals. I love them. I usually hate flip-flops, but thought I'd try these and they feel great! I went to buy another pair, and they are all out of size 8 (not to mention most other sizes), so I hope they get more in stock, because I will buy another pair of two when they do!

Paulette Best

Saved My Vacation!

I had used the sport soles for a couple of years and was already a firm convert to Sole. With a vacation in the Mediterranean looming, I saw that Sole was coming out with their first sandals! I was really excited, as I wasn't looking forward to having to wear tennis shoes all the time on holiday. I had given up the thought of ever having sandals (much less flip-flops) that could give me the support I need to alleviate the plantar faciatis and painful neuromas I have in both feet. The Flips weren't even shipping yet, but I paid for my pair. As the vacation got closer I was really worried that I wouldn't get them in time, so I sent an email. Imagine my surprise when I received a call saying that they would overnite them to me right away! I'm really happy to say that my vacation was amazing, and I know it wouldn't have been as carefree had it not been for my Sole Flips. LOVE THEM! (Ordering my 2nd pair!)

Layne T. Oliver

SOLE Slim Casual is my number one choice

I first want to thank you for once again allowing me to test your fine products! Footbeds are such an important aspect of footwear that I can't help wanting to be part of the improvement process in some way! I can honestly tell you that I have tested virtually all of the major and minor brands Out there and have settled on several that really help me with comfort and support. I have had better than average performance with SOLE, Shock Doctor, Down Under (used in my backpacking boots) and Super feet (this brand did great in my ice climbing boots). Presently, the SOLE Slim Casual is my number one choice in my back packing boot and day to day foot wear (even over my Ed Viesters), the Ed's would be next For backpacking then Shock doctors then Down Unders. I chose to fit the Casual into my Cabela's 8" hunting boot, which by the luck of the draw allows them to fit my HI-Tech casual trail shoes. There is a internal volume difference however, but usually different thicknesses of socks are also employed, so this presented no problem! In fact, I found a comfort increase with 8" inch boot out on the trail Snow shoeing (no kidding)! I have been testing snow shoes and socks all this winter so I added the casual's into the mix and was surprised with a greater level of comfort and support than I have had in the past (nice)! I believe there is an achievable synergy between sock footwear and footbeds and the foot, and when that is found the user is a very happy camper. With the Casual, I found the fitting and molding process simple and straight forward- just follow the instructions! Durability is without question as snowshoeing puts a great strain on footwear etc and the "Casual" is still looking new even after many hours and miles of pounding and sweat. There are no signs of abrasion, wear, tears or break down. Odor and heat control is awesome as is friction control which must have something to do with fit and support as my foot maintains its position inside the boot etc . Bottom line I have no blisters or hot spots and my socks are not exhibiting unusual wear. I think one major benefit I the custom fit along with carefully chosen materials as the user's foot is properly supported and placed which aid in eliminating foot related injuries from improper support etc. Metatarsal support could be a bit thicker but, I have had none of the usual burning from neuromas etc, which was initially brought on by the lightning strike that exited my foot. Out on the town the Casual adds comfort and support as well As my feet don't get tired and wore out when I'm shopping with my wife (who has an endless desire to go to every store in sight and this always kills my feet! I wonder if you guy's actually did me any favors here!). The Casual will add the necessities to foot wear that may be missing support and cushion (this is some thing that a sock can only in a limited way help with). I recommend that everyone should experience the SOLE footbeds and see for them selves if they don't receive a higher level of performance from their foot wear. For me , it means I can get out to those distant backcountry lakes quicker, safer and feel like fishing instead of nursing my feet and I like that!!!

John W. Norris

I am now pain free once again

I am a 52 year young runner here in the desert of Arizona. I have been running since high school and still enjoy the competition of road, track and trail running. I win or place in my age group most of the time. Yes, I have had my down times. Some due to over training and some due to "I'll just sleep a little longer." Recently I developed a Metatarsal injury on my left foot. I went through the routine of resting, icing and stretching without success. I thought for sure that I would have to take an extended time off from running. I tried various inserts to provide more protection for the foot. I even had a custom insert made by an orthopedic doctor. None of these attempts provided the protection I needed. On a visit to my local Performance Footwear running store, I noticed the "Your SOLE" display. I thought I had to give them a try. Not only did SOLE Custom Footbeds allow me to resume my normal training routine, it also allowed my metatarsal to recover and I am now pain free once again. Thank you "Your SOLE" for helping me to continue doing the sport I have loved for so long."

Ted McGreer

I've sold a pile of sandals

As a Specialty Footwear Retailer, I have access to virtually every shoe on the market. When Sole decided to launch the Platinum Sandal, I was very sceptical of an $80 sandal. In fact, I decided not to order any for my store because I felt the price was just too high. When my sales rep at Sole asked me to simply try one pair for myself, I thought, fair enough I'll test them out. Two months later, I've sold a pile of these sandals, and I've not taken my pair off my feet. Keep in mind I personally own over 300 pairs of shoes. This sandal is biomechanically perfect, great for people with or without foot pain, and is bar none the most comfortable shoe I've ever worn. Another great product from Sole!


I recommend your products to friends

Great footbeds, great service, and appreicate the follow up. Your footbeds were recommended to me by my doctor to alleviate my lingering plantar fasciatis. He said I could take the time and spend the money to go to a podaiatrist and get orthotics or try your footbeds. They worked. I haven't had problems with plantar fasciatis since I've been wearing them and have been able to begin a good running schedule again. The footbeds are in most of my work and recreational footwear now. I have got some for my family members and have recommended your product to friends.

Rick Chew

They have been the single best purchase I have made concerning footwear

Howdy, thanks for the follow up service. That says a lot for the way that you run your business. As soon as I received the insoles they were heated up and installed into a brand new pair of unbroken in boots. I have been using these boots for training during the past 2 weeks with out a single problem or even a hotspot. Numerous 10K ruck runs, 20K ruck marches, and off road expeditions have failed to challenge these insoles. They have been the single best purchase I have made concerning footwear. I have recommended them to my entire company at one time or another. I had problems in the past with the issue boots and their subpar insoles, but those are no more. I would gladly purchase another pair of insoles and plan on doin' so shortly.


I recommend SOLE to everyone that has asked me about boots and foot comfort

I recommend SOLE to everyone that has asked me about boots and foot comfort. This is why: I completed the Special Forces selection, class 007-03, on 26 June 2003. We walked/ran/crawled over 300 miles in 26 days. 320 people started and about 100 were selected. Of those people I finished 6th overall. Though I am proud of this, I am not bragging - it is partially a testament to your product. They were not the key to me finishing - a lot of mental/physical training and toughness went into that - but when other men were quitting or barely hanging on because of foot problems, I was walking like a champ. No hotspots, no blisters, absolutely no foot issues at all. The insoles were priceless. I would have paid $80 a piece. As a an Airborne Ranger, future SF officer, and absolute fanatic about boots, socks, insoles, and foot comfort in general, I can say that your product is a key ingredient to superior comfort and performance. What more testing can you ask for? Many of my friends and I have put them through SFAS with spectacular results. If every soldier were issued 2 pairs of your orthotics the Army would save 10 times as much in medical costs and increased soldier motivation/performance as it cost to issue them. (Product highlights) Most comfortable insole ever used in any shoe/boot. All my footwear will have them soon. Very durable. Even after sand, mud, water, hear, cold, kept their form did not get torn up when properly maintained (kept fairly clean, dried when wet). Did not slip or "ride up" heel of boot as many insoles do after hours of constant movement. You can't fight if you can't get to the battle. INVEST IN YOUR FEET. RANGERS LEAD THE WAY!!

Jeff Wilkinson

I have used a lot of boot inserts both military and civilian. These are the best.

Last year at the age of 50 I rejoined the active military reserves. Prior to that time my left heel had occasionally been painful. Once I increased my exercise program it became much worse. The diagnosis was plantar fasciitis. Orthotics were suggested at a cost of $400 plus. Before purchasing the orthotics I happened to be in an AAFES (military) store. They had a display of SOLE inserts. The size nines were sold out indicating to me that they must work reasonably well. The manager said they could not keep them in stock. I don't live near a military post so I looked on line to learn more and then contacted the company directly. Everyone I have interacted with has been fantastic. I ordered a couple pair of the Ultra SOFTEC and put them in my combat boots and running shoes. Typically this kind of injury can take up to a year to correct. Since going barefoot was no longer an option I also found some foam footwear with arch support to use indoors during the summer. It has been about a year and I am now pain free. Winter is here again and I am purchasing more to outfit all my winter boots and indoor shoes. The slim version works great in dress shoes. I have used a lot of boot inserts both military and civilian. These are the best.


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