Got me running again

I developed a nasty case of Plantar Fasciitis. I was hobbling around until a friend recommended SOLE insoles to me. I found a store nearby and was walking pain free in a few days and running in a couple of weeks. I have a pair for every shoe. I tried Custom made insoles and they were clumsy and painful. SOLE insoles felt natural and got me running again.


These are perfect insoles. Comfy, squishy, arch support: everything you want.

Best Friend

Besides my four legged best friend basenji Lucy, my insoles are my second best friends! Taking walks is no longer painful, I can keep up with her for her daily two long walks! Thank you SOLE both Lucy and me!

My Only Flip

I have been wearing Balboa since fall of 2021 when I was searching for relief for my painful feet. I have multiple things going on - hallux rigidus, Morton's foot, high arch, hyperflexible foot and nerve entrapment. These flips allow me to walk around when I first get up without pain.....without excruciating pain. I don't wear them for hours as I need more support, but these have just the right contour and cushion for the first segment of my day. Sooo grateful to SOLE for this product as well as the insoles.

Can't beat SOLE's products!

I would never buy another kind of insoles. These are the best and are a real comfort to my sensitive feet.

My feet feel much better!

My feet feel much better walking around with these insoles in my shoes. I am very happy with my SOLE insoles, and I've now recommended them to each of my family members!

Love these insoles!

My podiatrist recommended these insoles and I am so glad she did! I've got these Active ones in my sneakers and hiking shoes, and so far- so great!

Excellent Product

I've worn my SOLE insoles for about two weeks. After a few days, I noticed no foot pain or aching. I have no specific injury or pain, just aching. My feet feel good at all times. Very good product, and very comfortable.

SOLE insoles

Excellent value . Bought for my husband who constantly complained foot knee and hip pains. He says his feet no longer hurt at days end and he is able to walk again in evenings. Very comfortable and excellent fit

Absolutely love these footbeds

I have been wearing SOLE insoles for 8 years since my foot surgery & they have been my saving grace. I can’t imagine not having them.

Life changing

These insoles have been life changing. From walking on concrete all day to pushing the limits of what the human body can endure during GORUCK events they remain comfortable and supportive. They are a real reason for comfort and support mile after mile. I have them in all of my shoes and boots and will continue to as long as they make them.

Great product!

I have been using these insoles for several years and they have made such a difference to my ability to walk with comfort. My only disappointment is that SOLE does not make a shoe with the met pad included. I am an active senior who loves to walk, and this product enables me to do that. Thank you!

Plantar fasciitis

I had plantar fasciitis for 2 years and I love to hike. A friend gave me a pair of SOLE insoles to try. They are very nearly just as good as the custom insoles that I had made by my podiatrist.. I have two pair of custom insoles and three pair of Soles so that all my shoes have good insoles in them. I have long narrow feet with a high arch. I am very happy with Soles. They are pretty rigid, well shaped. yet shock absorbing. I recommend them.

SOLE Medium

I have been wearing the medium performance insoles for several years now. I am on my feet about 14 hours a day at work and walk about 12 to 18,000 steps on an average work day carrying tons of weight. These are the best insoles I have ever owned I now have them in my tennis shoes too. They last a long time and don't seem to get worn out very quickly like other shoe insoles. But I do rotate them daily. I cannot work without them. I have a high arch and plantar fasciitis and have zero foot pain with these inserts. I love them.

The best insoles ever!

This insole with met pad has saved my feet when wearing my Rykas. They are in my exercise shoes, and while I no longer jump as high or run, my feet are supported and without pain. The met pad has been the key. All my shoes, whether for exercising, walking or just everyday wear have Soles. Soooo much better than what I got from the foot doctor!

Very comfortable, supportive flip flop

I ordered the Malibu flip flops in navy and have been wearing them since mid-July. This is my first pair of SOLE flip flops with the cork footbed. I find them to be very comfortable, like all the other SOLE products I have. The cork has worn away a little bit around the ball of my foot, but that hasn't made them any less comfortable. I do put a lot of pressure on the ball of my foot, so I expected this type of wear. I have 3 pair of flip flops, a pair of shoes and numerous insoles from SOLE and I'm happy with all of them. I would definitely recommend SOLE to anyone who needs good, supportive footwear.

Practically Perfect

My physical therapist convinced me that I should try insoles, but the ones they had samples for in the office weren't a good match for me. My mother used this brand and recommended them. I haven't tried the heat molding yet (POTS issues), but I am 100% pleased with the support they give. Absolutely worth every penny. I've been using them daily for more than a month. It's surprising how much energy I save when my arches are supported and I don't have to consciously think about my ankle position.

Necessary Flip

I bought these last fall as I was working my way out of a bad nerve entrapment issue causing pain in my heel that stopped me from walking, SOLE insoles have been very important and time on these Balboa Flips is essential, especially first thing in the morning. I have a high arch. These fit perfectly and give just the right amount of support and cushion to get my foot used to the transition into the day, I hope that this sandal will still be represented in the new line up! Thank you SOLE for getting me back on my feet!

great insole

I had foot surgery and didn't need my custom orthotics anymore. My physical therapist helping me with foot rehab recommended these insoles for cushioning and some support. They have served my feet well. They have helped get me back out on the trails. My feet are happy.


Very surprised and pleased with this product! Working 12 hour shifts walking constantly was taking it's toll on my feet. Out of desperation I searched for cork insoles like Aetrex used to be and am very happy now! Thank you!

Worked Great

These insoles worked as advertised, my foot pain diminished after about a week.

Happie Tootsies

My order was shipped promptly and as soon as I fitted the SOLE insoles to my shoes, my feet are much less painful and I am much happier: I could not recommend any product higher. If you need support I hope you find the fit and comfort that I have with SOLE insoles: I now have 3 pair distributed between my riding/walking shoes and hiking boots. Cheers and I hope each of you reading this can achieve more miles with more smiles from such quality foot support .

Perfect addition to hiking boots

These insoles are the perfect addition to my hiking boots. I wear them on long, demanding hikes and multi-day backpacking trips. My feet are less fatigued than with stock insoles. I prefer SOLE over other insole brands because they feel the most comfortable. They give great arch support without added weight. I notice that they do tend to crack underneath after about a year of use, but that could be due to excess moisture in the boot (after trekking in snow) or the fact that I switch them in and out of different pairs.

Work Great in Runners

I had tried the medium version of these in my runners but found that my foot was just too packed in for it to be comfortable. (This will depend on your particular foot in your particular shoe - someone else's experience may be quite different). I have been using the thin version now for a few weeks and my feet are happy. The insole is of typical high quality for SOLE products and the fit is true to the information on the SOLE website for my Asics runners.

Great all day comfort

I haven't tried another insole I'd rather have in my shoes. These just fit my feet perfect and give me the ability to be on my feet all day without discomfort.

Bob Gerwer

2nd pair

I'm so flat-footed that I could step on a dime while barefoot and burn my insole. But, I do like to wear sandals, and these fill the bill for arch support. My 1st pair lasted almost 5 years (wow!). The re-purposed cork is an environmental plus.

I have happy feet again!

My foot pain is gone. I purchased this product for my low profile sneakers and casual shoes. I already own SOLE insoles for my sport runners for jogging. They just didn't fit my other shoes for work (retail). I gave these insoles a chance and they didn't disappoint. I have been wearing them everyday for approx a month now. I am impressed with the cushion from the cork.

Great product

I have had multiple surgeries on my knees and walking proved painful most days. Since I have started using SOLE insoles the pain is minimal, which is wonderful. I buy quality shoes and quality insoles and they are worth every penny spent. I switch the insoles out every 4-5 months and keep on truckin. Thanks SOLE

Great insoles

Great fit. Feel fantastic. One of the only insoles I will use in my work boots. On my feet 12 hours plus a day and my feet, knees, and back feel great. Break in period about a week if you’ve never used them before because the support they give your feet is very different then other insoles. Highly recommend


The product arrived as advertised, well packaged and in a timely manner. The insoles are great quality. Very satisified

Great Foot Support!

This insole is a great foot support! Have them in my workshoes and feet feel really good! Will definitely buy another pair!

Glad I got the thin size

I’m exclusively a barefoot shoe wearer but was getting a lot of knee pain from walking so ordered insoles for my barefoot shoes before a trip to New York. So glad I ordered ‘thin’ as these were tight getting into my barefoot sneakers. I also didn’t think the ‘wide’ size was really wide enough for my monster feet but once they were in the shoes it was fine. I can’t really say whether these helped with my knee pain as it was still very much present during our trip but I think they helped a bit, and we did a lot of walking!

The Best Insole ever

I have worn this medium product before and it wears great especially if you follow the instructions of putting in the oven a short time and then having it mold to your foot . I buy new insoles every time i buy need sneakers .I have yet to find an insole that fits my fancy shoes a low pump . I recommend this insole to all people who are on their feet most of the work day

Works great

I have Morton's Neuroma and these insoles work just as well as Birkenstocks with no pain at all! I had hoped it would be a little narrow to fit in some of my flats. They do say you can cut it to size but I was nervous about doing that and I usually have to switch the insoles between shoes I'm wearing so that isn't ideal. But still, they do the job of getting rid of the pain, so I am happy!

Love them

Got them earlier this year & using them in my running shoes. I walk quite a bit & they are very comfortable. I need the met pad and the pain in my foot has subsided because of these insoles. I have a wide foot size 6 1/2 & ordered a size 7. They fit perfectly. I will buy them again.

Happy Feet

My husband has flat feet, and his heels really bother him. He uses these insoles in his work boots and he tells me that they work every bit as good as his $500 custom made orthotics! Very happy that we tried them!

So good..

I have had SOLE insoles for many years now. The SOLE insole features that works for me are: 1) Rigid - I hate soft insoles. They are hard to put in and have no support. SOLE insoles is just perfect going in. 2) Support - It took awhile but once the insole got molded to my feet, it feels so good. No more feet pains.

Happy Feet

My husband has flat feet, and his heels really bother him. He uses these insoles in his work boots and he tells me that they work every bit as good as his $500 custom made orthotics! Very happy that we tried them!

Happy Feet

My husband has flat feet, and his heels really bother him. He uses these insoles in his work boots and he tells me that they work every bit as good as his $500 custom made orthotics! Very happy that we tried them!

A vast improvement

I have an old pair of closed sandals that I love. These provide no support to speak of but are well ventilated and extremely comfortable for short-term wear. I replaced the thin insole that had no arch and little padding with these insoles. The result was transformative. Even with the outstanding support they provide, these insoles take up almost no additional room in the shoe. These shoes are now among those that I rotate for regular all-day wear.

The best insoles ever!

I have so many great and expensive shoes, and I have made them all better with the addition of these insoles from SOLE. They add support, make them much more comfortable and correct my stance. I have been using SOLE for years, with thousands of miles hiked, and now I have them in all of my shoes. So much better!!!

save my sole!

I have 5 or 6 pairs of SOLE insoles now and they have given my feet what they need to continue with my 10-16,000 step days. I got a prescription for orthopedics a few years ago and thought I would try these first. I started with the cork ones, which I still love, but had an issue when one of them got wet. Now I use the cork when I know I will stay dry, and the "active" for wet or sweaty conditions. They've been great. My feet thank you.

Need another pair for Golf!

First off I ordered sandals which happened to have a minor defect. I made the call and was immediately sent another pair. Great customer service. Now on the insole. Fit perfectly in my runners and have great support. Well made and I think they will last quite some time. Looks like I'll be ordering another for golf shoes


Have been using these insoles in different thicknesses for several years. Am a reasonably higher mileage cyclist , just over 15K last year. The moldability of these provide excellent fit and comfort. Highly recommend! 👍🤓

as expected

I have wide "duck" feet. These insoles works better than anything I ever tried. Will buy more when need more

Go to insoles

I've been using SOLE footbeds for many years and have several pairs in various thicknesses for different applications. For my running shoes and slippers, I use the thin ones and for hiking, working and winter boots, the medium or full volume type work well. Most of the time, I just pop them in and go but I have also used the heat-molding method and that can help to adjust them perfectly. I have wide feet and they are spreading a bit more as I get older, so the wide option works well for me. They are also very durable and I have a couple of sets that have outlasted more than one pair of shoes. Highly recommended!

Great product Two thumbs up

I have purchased all 3 thicknesses of SOLE insoles and I love them all. I bought the thicker version because I have some shoes that are a bit big for me to accommodate a permanent bump on my heel. They are comfortable and provide excellent arch support. Customer service is also excellent and they arrived quickly. Highly recommend.

Absolutely best ones out there.

I wear these insoles in my shoes at work. Usually around 12 plus hours a day. Most other insoles that I've tried have "flattened" and lost all support within the first 2 hrs but not these - with these I can go all day and my body doesn't feel like I've been on my feet for the whole day. Simply the best!!

Very effective ! Say good bye to heel pain!

These insoles work great! I have them in every pair of my shoes. The heel pain from plantar fasciitis has not reoccurred since using them, which is huge because I am on my feet all day.

Good replacement or upgrade for current hiking shoes

I have struggles with plantar fasciitis and have to be very careful when buying shoes. I have a pair of excellent hiking shoes that I used before my injury and wanted to find a supportive insert so I could keep using my otherwise perfect, expensive hikers. The SOLE insoles were as described. They were thin but I still needed to take out the hiker insole because it felt cramped with the insole on top of the inner shoe liner. One thing I didn't like was that the insoles do not come in half sizes so it requires a lot of shoving and pushing to get them down into the toe. I know the directions say to size up and cut them to size, BUT I didn't like the thoughts of chopping up such an expense insole in case I made a mistake. They initially hurt my feet and felt really hard, but as I walked around in them, I got used to them and they seemed better. I have yet to go on a hike longer than a kilometer so I can't say how comfortable they are when wearing them for long periods of time.

Just Amazing

For years I've had massive pain in my feet due to fallen arches. Working 10 hour shifts became a nightmare. Honestly I'm not even sure how I came across SOLE insoles..but I thank the Lord above that I did! They are true to size. The Thick has firm padding which I love. And sturdy arch support that does not hurt my arches (flat feet). If you ave pronation problems you really should try these.

Very satisfied with Active Thick insole

I've now tried 3 insoles and my preferred is Active Thick without Met pad. Better to order the larger size and it's easy to trim it down to fit perfectly. Relieves foot pain for outdoor work boots.

Love these

I’ve had these insoles for a few months and there amazing. I had an Achilles tendon sprain and always had stiffness. After wearing these insoles for a few weeks I no longer had any stiffness. I can walk as far as I want with total comfort.

Thin, cool, comfortable, barefoot ergonomics

As advertised, they are are slim enough for the most low profile dress shoe or soccer cleat. The met pad may aid with plantar issues. While new the cork gives me confidence they won't restrain odour. Perhaps my imagination but the light colours offer a cooling feel. The insole topper is even comfortable enough to do some sickles training!

Best insole I've found

I'm on my 3rd pair of SOLE Active Wides & they're definitely the best insoles I've come across. I run 30 miles a week, mostly on the road, at paces from 5:30-8:30/mile. I wear Altras for both road & trail, and I use one pair of these insoles for every 2 pairs of shoes. The Good: A problem I've always had with running footwear is compression in the ball of the foot leading to weirdness in my stride or lots of discomfort over time. These insoles are so dense that the above compression isn't an issue. I'm putting 400-500 miles on each pair of shoes (800-1000 miles per pair of insoles) now without any stride-altering compression in either the shoe midsole or the insole itself. I'm considering using them for a 3rd pair of shoes actually, because after 1000 miles the biggest sign of wear is discoloration where my foot contacts the insole, rather than deterioration of the insole itself. The Bad: They're really hard. If you like a cushy running shoe experience this is NOT that. But if you're looking for a great springboard to push off of mile after mile after mile, these are your insoles. 10/10 would recommend.

One word- Amazing!

I love running and working out but have flat feet. For months my hip and knee have been hurting. I decided to give these insoles a try and can’t believe how amazing they are. They provide the perfect arch support to align my body. No more pain! I bought three pairs!

Best insoles out there!

I love everything about these insoles. As someone who is almost 100lbs overweight, my arches started falling and extra pressure on my knees and ankles was causing gait issues and pressure on my joints. These insoles have been instrumental in providing support to my arches, feet and keep my gait aligned without the coddling of medical orthoses. I still want my muscles to work and be strong while I work on slowly losing the weight. These insoles are thin enough to fit into my runners easily and they also provide better support than most other insoles out there!


This support helps with my limp since my Achillies tendon surgery. Very comfortable. Highly recommend if you have a limp. I have used this for 6 months now for the left shoe only.

Perfect insert

I have been using SOLE inserts for many years. They really help with my plantar fasciitis. I used to use the fully cushioned ones, but switched to using the thin (Active Thin) version in conjunction with foam cushioned insoles from the store. I actually put the store insoles over the Active Thins on the opposite foot. Putting them opposite places the high arch of the cushioned insoles to the outside of my foot giving support across the whole front of my heel, not just the inside. Took a day or two to get used to, but it works great in preventing the fasciitis.

Adam Sherlock

Flippy Floppies

I have been searching for a while for a flip flop with good arch support. For years I’ve dealt with foot and knee pain from having flat flip flops. I was excited to come across these when I bought insoles. These are comfortable to wear, my feet don’t slip around when wet and they have good traction on wet ground. The only setback would be the hard plastic piece that goes between your toes, that might be more comfortable if it was fabric. But it was only the start of the season and my callous hadn’t formed yet. I would definitely buy these again. Thanks

New to Sole products

Have been wearing sandals for many years. Tried these SOLE sandals for the first time. Really like the look and very comfortable. Will definitely be getting SOLE again Have since also bought a pair of insoles for my running shoes. Also top notch !


These are THE BEST insoles I have ever tried. I am a chef and slid them into my Birkis and no more sore feet. I will continue to buy these and recommend them to my fellow chefs!

These are great

These are by far the best plantar fasciitis insoles I have ever used/ordered. I've dealt with plantar fasciitis for about 10 yrs and I've had surgery on both my feet for it. I will continue to order these to help my condition.

Awesome insoles

My husband is on his feet a lot and these insoles really do really do the trick. His feet no longer ache and don't feel tired.

Virginia Abraham

Orthopedic comfort & support

I found these after two purchases of insoles. Love the eco-materials but needed help with sore feet! Dealing with multiple foot issues- Morton's Neuroma, Ingrown big toenail, Spring gardening rush after being on my feet in home healthcare a long time. These allow no-pressure on the sore foot forefront, and cushion for working without having to deal with water in shoes! I even brought them to work. Now looking for a sandal with a back so I never slip out of it!

Great Product

This is a great product. I use them in my hiking boots and they are very comfortable. I struggled with foot problems before using SOLE insoles. They have allowed me to return to normal activity and I am enjoying hiking again. Thanks for a great product.

Great insoles

These insole products have corrected a problem with my daughters walking and alleviated pain. I am delighted. This was why we ordered a second pair and will order more for each of her pairs of shoes. When ordered, they arrived two days later. Great work. Thank you!

pain no more

These insoles eliminated the foot pain I experience while cycling from Morton's Neuroma. I highly recommend these for anyone else suffering from foot pain.

What a difference

My doctor recommended this product to me and I'm so glad he did. This insole makes my shoes so comfortable. Now when I wear shoes without them, it doesn't feel quite right. I've been wearing the Active Medium version in my athletic shoes for several months now and I love them!

Rebecca Bailey


These are by far the most comfy flips I have ever owned and they don't hurt my feet. Was suffering from planter fasciitis, that is now a thing of the past with these shoes and several of their insoles in every other shoe I own. Its comfort for my feet from now on. My foot is wide as well and the flexible bands on these are perfect. Tried the Balboa but sadly don't fit my wideness.

Not for wide feet

I purchased a pair of Costa flips and LOVED them so much. The straps are flexible so they move with you. I then purchased the Balboa and the straps are not flexible and unfortunately don't fit my wide foot. Better to go with the Costa if you have wider feet like me. Too bad cause I love these products. Also love the insoles. I have purchased several sets for all of my family. Great products for comfort and the environment.

Great online service

I have had these insoles before and was so very happy to be able to order them online. Ordering online was easy and they arrived within 24 hours. Well done

Thank You SOLE for giving me my life back

I have numerous issues with my feet. Ball of the foot pain, heel pain and bad arches. I had tried many different products in the past with very limited results. Then I discovered the SOLE products. Instantly after inserting these into my shoes I got some relief. As the insole wore in some more, they got more and more comfortable. I was never able to spend many hours on my feet before getting the SOLE product. This product allows me to function again! I was so pleased with the results that I ordered some more for spares, as I now know that I can't survive without them!

Dance shoes that feel good!

I'd already owned a number of pairs of SOLE insoles and since I'm a fella that has way too many shoes it was time to expand the number of shoes I could wear while keeping my feet and back happy at the same time. This pair got trimmed down to fit a number of pairs of dance shoes I have. The shoes don't have insoles normally and while the thin ones have changed the heel cup feel a bit by adding the extra height, the small loss on heel lock is by far made up for in standing and movement comfort. Comparing them to the non-cork SOLE insoles I don't know if I notice a difference however I also haven't tried each in shoes of similar construction to see if the cork ones gives any extra cushioning. Either way I'm still very happy with the purchase.

Super comfy!

I'd made it until my late 30's until I found myself in a knee doctors office and apparently over all these years I should have been wearing orthotics... who knew? Prior to this I had gotten a few pairs of SOLE insoles just because I thought they were comfy so in the desire for sandals I knew exactly where they should come from. I'd always hated flip flops as they never stayed put on my feet and I'd have to use my toes to try and desperately hold onto them. These ones are fantastic! They became my indoor 'house slippers' over the winter and felt really nice climbing stairs and standing around in. I expected to only wear them occasionally for water activities / pools but now I feel I may want to just keep my indoor pair clean and have another pair to wander around the outside world in.

Adds warmth

I am a kayaker. I have added these insoles to my rubber boots. I can now spend hours in the ocean or glacier feed streams without my feet freezing.

Can hike all day long

I placed these insoles into my hiking and cross country ski boots. I can go for hours without any discomfort.

Sore feet relief

I play pickle ball and badminton. Both can be very hard on your feet. The SOLE insoles are extending my play time.

Debbie H Powers

2nd Time Purchasing

Before my orthopaedic Dr recommended SOLE products to me, you can bet that I would get a cortisone injections once a year. I have not experienced any problems with my Morton's Neuroma since I have been wearing the insoles in my walking shoes and using the flip flops all summer long. I have not had an injection in about 4 years. I would call that a very successful and reliable product. The only reason I ordered the Baja flip is that my old ones broke after 4 years of consistent wear.

Little things in life make a big difference

I have been wearing these for quite a while and love them. I recently purchased a pair for my 72 year old mother. Mom was experiencing heal pain. The pain was at its worst first thing getting out of bed, or after sitting for prolonged periods of time. Once she was up walking the pain would get better, but never completely go away. The pain in her heels caused her to walk with a wobble. I bought these insoles for my mom, and had them shipped directly to her house. Mom called me a few minutes after receiving them. Within a few minutes of wearing them she felt some pain relief and more stable walking. After a few days of wearing them all day the heal pain has completely gone away. I will be ordering a second pair, so that she has a pair for her house shoes, and outside shoes. Thank you to the people who designed these insoles.

Why I recommend Sole

I walk on concrete floor all day and my feet were so sore at the end of the day. Since finding SOLE insoles, my feet feel fabulous. The way they mold around my feet, I can spend the entire 8 hrs walking and my feet, knees and hips are not in pain. There is cushion, comfort and end of day relief. They last longer than my shoes do, I have used them consistently for over 3 yrs and would (and do) recommend them to anyone who needs comfort on their feet!

Great insole

I have two very different feet, one is especially problematic due to an old injury. My SOLE insoles help tremendously due to the form fitting and high quality construction. Great insoles.

Awesome insoles

These things are great. I've had these insoles in for about 45 days. I'm walking on concrete floors for 12 hr+ a day and my feet don't hurt one bit. Use to have heel pain about 2/3 through my work day and now none.

Always Impressed

I have used SOLE products for the last 5 years and have always been impressed with the product. I used to wear orthotics, my Physio recommended SOLE and I've never gone back. I have recommended this product to friends and family who also have enjoyed ending foot pain. Every pair of shoes I wear has SOLE insoles

Best insole

This is a great product! My plantar fasciitis went away within 1 week after I started using these in my shoes.

Still Happy!

I started using SOLE insoles when I started having foot problems from lack of arch support at least 10 years ago. They have been 5 star the whole time, relieved all my pain. I have worn SOLE sandals as well and they worked great for me. I highly recommend SOLE products and have been in my shoe repair shop as well as sharing them with friends and family. Thank you SOLE!


I use these insoles in all my shoes: runners, boots, dress shoes because since I've been using them for at least 4 years, my Nortons neuroma has not bothered me. Metatarsal pads in your shoe inserts and removable metatarsal pads can also offload the ball of your foot where you are having pain. They are comfortable & I use a variety of thicknesses depending on the shoe and activity.

These really helped my ankle.

These insoles have helped my ankle, which is why I bought them originally. As a side benefit, I noticed my knees and hips also improved greatly.

Obsessed - theme park tested!

I stumbled across these by accident while reordering insoles and I'm so glad I did. Had to order the mens (big feet problems). They did not disappoint. First pair I bought were initially a little tight but broke in perfectly after 2-3 wears. These babies are next level. I did a full park open to park close day at Disney in these bad boys and I had zero issues. FULL. DAY. AT. DISNEY. They held up walking around St Augustine for a whole day. They've held up to fishing. Honestly the perfect Florida flip flop to me. The best part is they provide support but don't look like those clunky orthopedic disasters that have been the standard for years. Freaking life changing, I've bought 3 pairs already and plan to buy more.

What a difference!

I tore my arches over a year ago, and they've caused near constant pain since. I figured I'd try the met pad souls. At first they didn't feel right, and I figured I was just gonna have to suck it up. I kept wearing them in hopes that they'd do something eventually. (Kind of like a painful massage) Within a couple weeks, the pain that has been haunting my arches had subsided. I am in awe! Truly didn't think insoles could make this kind of difference! I am beyond grateful! Truly appreciated!

Perfect in winter hikers

Thank goodness for these insoles. I live in an area that doesn't have sidewalks everywhere. With my plantar fasciitis, I need to feel secure when I am out in the elements. Once I realized how reliable this footbed was, I knew I could purchase footwear without worrying about comfort and pain management.

Comfortable insoles

This review is on the "Performance Wide Thick" I also bought the Active ones, but I haven't used them yet. I suffer from lower back pain (sciatica). This pain hit me pretty hard. I see doctors about my lower back. That's all they are focused on: my lower back. I started to think about my childhood and how I needed arch support in my shoes. Knowing general construction and basic biology, a improper foundation leads to a poor construction relying on that foundation. I started looking at arch support inserts. Most are just a heel cup with a partial sole. The ones that were a full footbed were gel or memory foam as padding. Gel leave your foot in it's own sweat. That creates foot rot. Foam collects the sweat and grows bacteria. I came across a "SOLE" ad online. It caught my interest. I started to read these reviews on most of the different styles to order from. I did the fitting questionnaire to find what I might be looking for. I ordered both that came up being that they have the return policy also they are both different materials. When I received them I looked at both and felt the cork ones would be more cushion. I work on my feet 6-8 hours straight per shift. I heated the cork ones in the over per instructions and I haven't looked back. It's been a couple months now and from day one of wearing them my back pain has subsided. I still need surgery on my back, but I believe with these "SOLE" inserts I'll have a better foundation to help strengthen my frame during healing. Yes I would recommend these inserts to those looking for comfort and support. Also those looking for lower back pain relief. I wear a whole size in shoes so I just order that size of inserts. They fit my shoe like it belongs. Nice bed for my foot to sit on. The cork is very comfortable they seem to form to your foot and hold it in your shoe.

Work awesome

I have trouble with metatarsalgia and pain on the top of my feet along the my toes. I have a pair of custom orthotics for my work shoes but needed something for all my other shoes to keep my feet in check all day long. These give my feet relief now. I also ordered flip flops because these insoles work so well

Excellent insoles

I have been using SOLE inserts for about the last 10 years. I started out using them to get rid of plantar fasciitis- and I’ve never had it since. They offer great support and they last a long time. Every shoe I have has SOLE inserts.

Best Insoles!

Recommended by a podiatrist, these are the best insoles I've found, for relieving my plantar fasciitis. Love them - they are super comfortable, and make a huge difference in pain level of my feet.

Fantastic support, Fantastic Customer Service!

I have been using SOLE insoles for many years now. They are the most supportive and customizable insole products on the market. I love the Active line and the Performance line as well. With multiple sets, I can customize my footwear depending on the activity. I have had custom orthotics and definitely prefer SOLE insoles. In fact, I haven't worn my orthotics in years and have about $1000 worth just sitting in a box. SOLE's customer service and commitment to being environmentally friendly is outstanding. I'll be a loyal customer for life :)

Great Product

These insoles work wonderful with tennis shoes as long as your shoe is structured high enough when you can't pull out the original insole. That would be my only advice is make sure you look at your shoe to see which insole will fit best. They are very comfortable and hold their shape. I have feet that are leaning inward due to always wearing slippers as I work from home due to Covid-19. This insole is helping me correct the problem and is comfortable to wear.

Great Product

From working from home as a result of covid-19, I was in slippers all the time and my feet were not getting the support they needed. As I walked with my husband he noticed how bad my foot leaned to the inside and I realized that my right knee especially was sore all the time. I realized I needed to get an insole that could help me correct the problem. That's when I ran across SOLE. I really like the thin insole as it fits into any shoe. It offers amazing support and is comfortable to wear. I have been wearing them them for several months and they are still are holding their shape beautifully!

Trail kings for sure

On the Appalachian Trail folks like me are referred to as a LASH. Long A++ Section Hiker. In my late 50's knocking out a long day on the trail would be a chore without my SOLE Active Thick. I've worn these insoles for years. In the last few years I've completed over 1800 miles of the AT using these gifts to humanity. Mostly in week long trips of up to 101 miles. Not to mention the 200 or more other miles of trail I knock out backpacking and day hiking each year. I always have a new pair waiting in the wings ready to slip in when the old pair give out. I've recently added the met pad feature to aid my worn out old feet. Works great.

In My Soles

This product was recommended to me by my chiropractor. I must say, I was a skeptic however after wearing my insoles I found instant relief. My insoles fit perfectly, are extremely comfortable and have given me so much relief. I'm very pleased with this product and highly recommend these insoles.

So cozy!

I love these! They’re definitely the thickest of my SOLE insoles. I typically wear the Active Thick with met pad and these are ever so slightly thicker. They’re not quite as warm as I had hoped but they definitely add coziness to my boots. I love the added cushioning the wool offers. I have a plaguing case of tendinitis in one of my feet, so the more cushioning the better! Definitely my new favourite insoles for the colder Canadian months!

All about the forefoot

From a tiny functional foot clinic serving Yukon Territory and northern BC, SOLE Active Medium is the only insole recommended. Recently purchased 5 pairs to have on hand for clients. Bonus dollars will directly benefit remote harder to reach clients. :) I no longer wear the product - which is a good thing b/c my foot, with the assistance of SOLE, is now barefoot. I like SOLE b/c it helps people's feet, lower limb, pelvis and lower back regain function after years of foot binding. SOLE provides the heal cup, active arch support and the vital forefoot needed for people to regain mobility while comfortably supported. Specific injuries and pain I recommend SOLE treat are the forefoot - which is stabilized when the heel, in the heel cup of the SOLE anchors the foot allowing the forefoot (metatarsals) to regain their beautiful full function - all the way to the tips of each straight toe - which is why I often recommend the wide.

Great product

These insoles are as good as my custom orthotics. I use them daily running or walking! Great arch support and nice padded heel cushion. Definitely helps my plantar fasciitis pain.

I love my insoles

This is my second set of SOLE Active Medium Wide insoles and I have been using them for the past year. I walk and hike a lot and have ongoing issues with soreness in my feet and my knees. These insoles have reduced the pain in my feet and I can walk even farther these days and not take so many rest days. The insoles are comfortable and the fit is true to size so they slip into my shoes like they are made for them.

Ball of Foot pain

Bought these insoles to see if they would help with pain in toes and ball of foot. They have helped a great deal and have now purchased three pairs to keep in different shoes. They are comfortable and fit perfect in my shoes.

Performance Thin Soles

I purchased two pairs of these insoles for use in ski boots. I purchased one for myself, and one for my wife. My wife and I have put about 20 days and a few short tours on these insoles since buying them in the middle of February and we both love them. My arches have a tendency to hurt after a day of staying on my feet, these insoles have alleviated a lot of that arch pain. My wife broke her ankle a few years back and sometimes complains about pain and the feeling of instability in that ankle especially when we are doing tours. Since using this insole she feels much more supported and a lot of that pain has gone away. As far as performance goes these insoles are a giant leap over the stock insoles we were using in our current boots and not nearly as expensive as custom insoles. They were also easy to install and form, and as you can imagine the more days you put on these the more comfortable they become! Since using these in my ski boots I have plans to buy a pair for my work-boots. Due to the nature of my job I often times end up walking several miles in my work-boots inspecting job sites, which often leads to very sore feet at the end of the day.

Relieves foot pain

My podiatrist recommended these insoles and they help with foot pain . I need to get more for the rest of my shoes as currently I am just using them in my hiking boots. I wore deck shoes today without the insole and my feet really hurt!

Foot pain is gone

I purchased these insoles several weeks ago after having significant foot pain for many months. The discomfort when walking was gone after one week of wearing these insoles. I have purchased two more pairs for my other shoes as well.

Love these soles!

I am a physical therapist and scrutinize products I buy and recommend. I have been a fan of SOLE insoles for several years now. I previously had custom orthotics, but find that the SOLE insoles work better for me in all shoes. I was pleased to find the Performance Thins, as I am a runner and value their lightness and low profile. I have also purchased them for all three of my sons who are soccer players. Soccer players are particular about their feet and shoes; most insoles have been too heavy and too thick for them. The Performance Thins are perfect.

Nice and eco friendly

Tried these a few times in my cycling shoes. Nice and thin. Metatarsal pad is good, if it’s in the correct spot for you. Not as rigid it seems as regular SOLE insoles so may not be as supportive for some folks. I like the idea of cork from an environmental point of view. I’m not sure though that it will offer the incredible durability and longevity that SOLE's regular insoles do. Even if they only last half as long they’re good value.

Work Boot Perfection

I bought these for my work boots. I have to wear rubber boots that have no support for my job. These basically made my feet feel like I was wearing a pair of sneakers. I can easily make it through my long work days with no pain. Great insoles.

Love cork

I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time. I’m a believer in quality insoles, so have been wearing them for many years. I have a high arch and the cork molds to my footprint better than other materials. I own four different sets of SOLE footbeds, but the cork is my favorite.

Life-changing insoles

I've always had a problem with foot pain wearing shoes, ever since I was young; I just thought it was normal to have aching feet after spending a day in shoes. Sneakers, flip-flops, dress shoes, boots, it didn't matter; everything hurt. When a shoe sales person at The Right Shoe in Vancouver suggested in 2016 that I try SOLE footbeds, I was skeptical because I didn't really believe they could help. She told me to trust her, that they had a return policy if I wasn't satisfied, and that she thought the "aggressive arch support" design would really help my tired, aching feet. So I listened to her and got a pair of Active Thicks for my Bluntstones and I was converted overnight. Those Bluntstones went from being those cool boots that I really liked but always avoided because of fatigue and pain, to becoming my daily shoes. No pain or fatigue, even after hours and hours of walking in them, day after day! Transformative and life-changing. I went back and got a pair Active Thins for my Cons too, and when I started spending more time in dress shoes, I got some for those as well. Now, every single pair of shoes and boots that I own has a pair of SOLE footbeds in them—Thursdays, AEs, Clarks, Vessis, chukkas—and I wouldn't have it any other way. I love that SOLE is designed locally (I'm in Vancouver, BC); I love their company philosophy of reduced environmental impact, carbon negativity, wine cork recycling (I make and bottle my own wine too, so it's a real plus for me), planting trees, giving to charities, donating to the needy, and social and ecological responsibility in general; I love the fit and the design; I love love love the comfort. They literally transform any pair of shoes from being totally insane torture devices into comfortable, meaningful footwear that reasonable people can actually wear, walk around, and stand in. Amazing! I mean, what's the point of even wearing footwear if it makes your feet worse and causes pain? And why did it take so long for me to discover SOLE? Seriously. Just get them. Thank you, SOLE, for making my foot life pain-free! I will always be grateful, and I will always have your footbeds in my shoes!

Plantar Fasciitis Gone!

Somewhere 30 years ago I developed plantar fasciitis when walking 10 miles a day as a meter reader. Over the years I've had many steroid injections, custom orthotic insoles and countless bottles of NSAIDs. None of these have helped more than SOLE insoles. With every knew pair of shoes I buy the first thing I do is rip out the insoles and put in SOLE insoles. My wife developed plantar fasciitis two years ago while walking on cement floors all day at work. She started using SOLE insoles too. She saw a podiatrist for an injection. He told her custom insoles are no better than SOLE. Our household is sold on SOLE!

Amazing !!!

I have had two different SOLW products. Both have been amazing and have helped me tremendously. The first was before foot surgery and without it I would not have been able to work the way that I did. After surgery I did not need as much support and they had something for that as well. The met pad is a life changer and it fits perfectly to my foot even without heating in the oven to form it. I will have to have insoles for the rest of my life and this will definitely be the place I will get all future insoles for myself and family!

Great for backpacking

Been using these insoles for years. They fit great. I’ve hiked over 1800 miles of the Appalachian trail over the last few years along with around 200 miles of local backpacking each year. I always order in advance so I have a pair waiting for when I grab a new pair of boots.

Just buy them!!!!

My son has plantar fascitis and could hardly walk after practice. We have tried many different insoles and finally tried these. I can honestly say that these were the only ones that worked. With in a week he could go to practice without foot pain afterwards. We are getting ready to order him more for his other shoes!!!! He wears a size 8 basketball shor and the size 8 insoles fit perfectly with out trimming. They do not slide around and he has zero complaints!!!! Trust me.....we have tried them all and these are the only ones to help him.

Great FIt!

Really love these insoles. The Met Pad is a nice addition and adds a nice "bump" in the middle of the pad that supports the padding of my foot. Super durable and super form fitting. Great value!

So far so good

I bought these for my walking/hiking insoles. They feel great and I have the support I need in my arches and heels.

Best yet

The bottom of this insole is much more comfortable than the regular insole. I’ve been using the other versions for years and when they wear out you can “feel” the hard plastic on the bottom. This insole I’m not sure what or why but is much better.

Love it

My entire family (husband, son, daughter, and myself) LOVE this one! The fact that it is thin helps it fit well in some shoes where other insoles would be too high and the metatarsal "bump" does wonders. My husband has neuropathy in his feet and the met pad helps.

I use them in every boot and shoe

I found out about these insoles 7 years ago and have used them in every boot/shoe I purchased. I own them in every thickness, some cork, some regular. They are absolutely amazing once you wear them long enough for the custom fit. My only issue is sometimes it’s difficult to decide which thickness because of heel lift. This normally goes away after I wear them a couple weeks. I highly recommend them.






Great Product!!

I have flat feet and wide feet, so I need comfortable and supportive insoles for work shoes. I’ve been wearing them for a month now and I am very impressed how comfortable they are and I don’t have to break them in. Hard to find all you need in a insole! Very happy!

Best insole love the thinness.

The Active Thin and the Performance Thin are the best inner soles on the market. I need the met pad too. Most insoles are too thick. They make your shoe tight or a toe rubs. I have many. I like to keep in all my sport shoes. I have been using for several years. Ever since a bout with planter fasciitis.

Great Insole

These Active Mediums are perfect for me. Just the right support and also comfortable. I can get them in my Hoka's with ease and they are not too thick and the arch is not too high. I don't feel that I am on an insole like you usually do with a custom orthotic. They work for me. Worth a try for someone who has slight pronation. Take advantage of SOLE's return policy. You have nothing to lose.

I can run!

Every time I'd try to run, I'd end up with terrible knee pain after about 1/4 of a mile that would last for several days. I was trying knee and hip exercises with no relief. I finally looked towards my feet and found an over-pronation. With these insoles, I can run pain free! They also make my everyday shoes more comfortable. Thanks SOLE!


Able to be on my feet all day without pain. Love these insoles.

Great insoles. Super customer service.

My Podiatrist recommended SOLE orthotic inserts. He said they were as good as the custom ones his office could order. He knew the price and told me which model to order. He also told me to not go barefoot. He said SOLE had a flip flop with the orthotic built in if the inserts worked. I ordered just the inserts at first. They came within 3 days They were easy to adjust to. I have been wearing them for 2 months. It seems to be correcting my foot issues. So I ordered another pair of inserts and the flip flops. They took longer to arrive. I emailed the company about the order. They responded right away. I am very satisfied.

Quick and Easy

I was impressed how quick and easy the insoles were to customize to my feet. Literally minutes. My feet have felt so much better now that I wear them everyday in my work boots.

Awesome insoles!

This was my first purchase of SOLE insoles. I heard about this company by doing a Google search for ski boot insoles for metatarsal foot pain. I've been suffering from foot pain in the balls of my feet for a number of years and my ski boots exacerbate the pain. I've tried other insoles in my boots which has helped a bit, but I still experience some pain after a day of skiing. I purchased these insoles prior to this year's ski season and so far, they have helped tremendously! I just returned from a 4-day ski vacation, which normally would cause a lot of foot pain, and I was so impressed with how comfortable these insoles are in my ski boots and that I was able to ski for multiple days in a row with hardly any discomfort. I plan on purchasing another pair of insoles for my street shoes as even regular shoes cause discomfort when walking.

A decent insole

I started using the Active Medium right away, and used my own weight to break it in. I find it very good, it fits in all my shoes. I may try the Thick at some point as well, as I walk a lot and may need the extra cushion. All in all, a great insole!

Great insoles. Super customer service.

My Podiatrist recommended SOLE orthotic inserts. He said they were as good as the custom ones his office could order. He knew the price and told me which model to order. He also told me to not go barefoot. He said SOLE had a flip flop with the orthotic built in if the inserts worked. I ordered just the inserts at first. They came within 3 days They were easy to adjust to. I have been wearing them for 2 months. It seems to be correcting my foot issues. So I ordered another pair of inserts and the flip flops. They took longer to arrive. I emailed the company about the order. They responded right away. I am very satisfied.

Great Insoles!

I'm always looking for insoles for my boots. I have high arches, narrow heels, and am prone to plantar fasciitis. I have spent a lot of money on custom insoles throughout the years for my boots, with mixed results. I have been very pleased with these insoles. These fit the boots well, size wise. I have purchased them in thick, medium and thin thicknesses to accommodate different sock thicknesses for warm to cold seasons. I use these in my mil spec boots, my hunting boots, and my hiking boots. I haven't had much luck with heating them to form to my foot faster, but I just break them in with a few miles walking, and they seem to form to my feet pretty quick. These are new for me, so I can't speak for durability yet. Very pleased with them so far. Get some!

Best Inserts Ever!!!!

Title says it all. Best insoles I've ever had, and I've probably tried over 20 different brands to help with plantar fasciitis and metatarsalgia. Within just a few days, almost all the pain was gone. Will never buy another brand of insoles, a customer for life!

Great insoles

I have used these insoles in my winter boots for about 6 weeks. The are super comfortable and supportive. Previous pain I had wearing these boots is gone. The insulation on the bottom of the insole is a nice touch. These are quality insoles.

Better than expected

Love these Insoles So much that I ordered a second pair to go into my ski boots and my every day snow boots. Before these insoles, my feet were constantly cold and it’s unbelievable the huge improvement I feel. I suffer from advanced plantar fasciitis and this is a huge relief. I would highly recommend all of soles insoles as I have a significant improvement in my condition. I especially recommend these wool insoles for winter. I will be ordering more soon.


I really like these. This thick insole was just what I needed to take up a little extra room in some boots that were slightly too big. These make wearing winter hiking boots much more comfortable for longer periods of time. I am on my feet all day and have had plantar fasciitis a number of times so I have Soles in many of my shoes to prevent a reoccurance.

SOLE is the best product for your feet

Starting from the beginning, about five years ago I got plantar faciitis on both my feet. Having to deal with the pain while working on feet for 8 hours a day was rough. Almost a year later I found SOLE products through a foot specialist. My life changed and I was cured of this issue within 6 months of using your insoles and sandals every time I was on my feet. Now with these clog style shoes I use for work everyday I feel confident my feet will never have any issues ever again. I highly recommend SOLE to anyone who works on their feet for any length of time. These shoes are made with high quality materials, the pair of sandals I wear only when I'm home I've wearing for 6 years and it's still in great shape. Extremely comfortable and fit very well.


I am a big fan of the insoles and these boots were just as good. I wear them in the snow regularly.

Cycling Insoles

If you’re looking for an insole for cycling shoes the Performance Thin with met pad is your answer. These fit great in several different pairs of shoes without taking up a lot of volume. I have noticed a significant reduction in ankle/ foot soreness during long rides over the winter. The lightweight cork is great to keep the weight down as race season approaches. Every level of cyclist should own a pair of these!

Works great for Mortons Neuroma and tendonitis

The Active Wide Medium insoles have helped me with Morton's Neuroma and foot tendonitis a lot. Even before I did physical therapy, which cemented my recovery and as soon as I put these in my sneakers or shoes my foot felt much better. With the therapy and Soles my foot issues are practically gone. I use these insoles for everyday walking, running, and extremely challenging hiking in Drakensberg.

Good product

Bought these to use in my bike shoes. While the met pad isn't as pronounced as others, its thinness and support overall makes this a great insole. I've ridden for over an hour with them in the shoes without any pain with them and couldn't say that about the shoes before these insoles.

Great Soles!

Very comfortable shoes! Despite what seems like a lack of padding in the foot bed it’s shape and contour maximizes the natural padding of your feet.. I have one fallen arch and one that’s not so bad, but they’re comfortable and both of my feet with no additional insole. The fit is a little snug, but I prefer that, you may go a 1/2 size up if you like your shoes a little loose.

Amazing footbeds!

I'm blown away how great these footbeds are and they have exceeded my expectations. Way better then any you will find in the shoe stores. I'm using a pair of Active Thin insoles in my Wolverine 1000 mile boots and my 8 year old boots are now oh so dreamy to walk around in and feel brand new again! I have a fairly narrow foot and medium high arches. I lean towards going barefoot a lot ( I do a lot of yoga) and actually love the arch support which has become more subtle after the break in period. these soles get better the more I wear them so do give a bit to break them in properly.

Great insoles.

SOLE has been a big part of keeping my plantars fasciitis from becoming an issue again. Started with SOLE in my running shoes and they hold up for many kms. Liked them so much I now use them in all my main footwear.

Insoles are lifesaving for activities

I’ve used product for over 10 years walking 5-10 miles daily. My insoles have kept me in comfort as I’m doing my daily activities. Have recommended family members to use for extreme hiking. Everyone is very happy with them.

Recovering from metatarsalgia

These insoles are helping my recovery from metatarsalgia. Dr suggested these in August, I took a month off from running and then slowly eased back into the miles. It took about 3.5-4 months to return to my pre injury mileage and the pain is now gone. I also have occasional post tibial flare ups due to flat arches and none of them has occurred since I started using these insoles. Forever a fan and will stick with these insoles.

Great insole

Short of custom-made insoles, this is the best insole I've ever worn. Comfort-wise they are equal perhaps SOLE insoles are more comfortable. Custom insoles provide more arch support. I wear it in tennis and running shoes. 5 stars for comfort, 5 stars for support. Heating and molding is a great way to shape it to your feet. Since started wearing met-pad insoles the pain I used to experience in balls of my feet after playing tennis is pretty much non-existent. I don't have anything negative to say. Great product all around.

Don't wear anything else

I really love the thin insoles with met pad. They fit perfectly. They make my feet very comfortable in any shoes or boots. They keep my feet warm because the material used don't permit the cold to reach them. And they are thin enough to wear thick wool socks without make my toes too tight.

First Time Buyer

I was recommended this brand by my podiatrist. Bought these (my first insole purchase from any company) for the first time, put them in my hikers, and instantly foot pain receded. Every day there was less and less foot pain. until I have not had any problems now for months. I will be a lifetime user for sure!

Great for my tennis life

I play and teach tennis so I spend a lot of time jarring my joints on a hard surface. I’ve been replacing my tennis shoe manufacturer’s insoles with SOLE inserts for 4 years now. I immediately felt the difference and I’ll never go back. Softec Ultra works great for me.


I have high arches. Years ago one of the “big manufacturers” made shoes with high arches so those were the shoes I bought. Shoe makers don’t make shoes like that now and they haven’t for a long time. All shoes are flat inside. I walked on concrete for many years, my feet would hurt so much. I bought every type of insole I could find. One brand came close to giving me relief. I eventually found “SOLE”. Instantly SOLE insoles helped my feet feel better. My favorite thing about them is I don’t worry about my feet hurting now (about 20 years). I love the fact that I don’t have to take them from one shoe to put them in another shoe. I have these insoles in every shoe I own. Keep making these great insoles. Thank you!

Plantar Fasciitis Sufferers

Do yourself a favor and try these out. I love the SOLE insoles and I am so happy I found them. Not only is it a great product but there customer service is top notch!

Active hunter.

I have been using SOLE insoles for about 5 years now. I used to spend hundreds on orthotics. I liked them so much that when I purchased a pair of winter hikers I wanted a pair for them. I purchased the medium thickness as the thicker ones fit a bit tight. They are a perfect fit and give me the familiar support I need for my high arches. I would recommend them to any one with foot problems.

Highly recommended

Really helped for pronation & knee misalignment. It’s all connected, so great for my low back pain as well. I have wide foot & high arch, the Thin insoles are ideal for most of my shoes & run true to size. I love that the heel is NOT elevated which can be common in other brands. It’s wonderfully comfy & I really appreciate SOLE getting on board with Eco friendly materials.

Great product

I purchased my first SOLE insole about 6 months ago. Upon inspection they looked like a first class insole. Sliding them into my running shoes was an easy task and my first steps were comfortable. I have a Dr. made expensive custom insole that was my go-to but have since changed to the SOLE insoles. Running in these has been an easy and comfortable. Since my my first pair of insoles, I have bought another 6 pairs for all my other go-to pairs of shoes! Great product. Keep it up

Great Insoles

I had a foot issue and was awaiting an appointment to get an orthotic made. Since the pain was increasing and I had an upcoming backpack trip, I needed something for the interim period that might alleviate this pain when hiking. I took a chance on some SOLE Active Medium inserts and couldn't be more pleased. When I showed them to my Podiatrist, she was very impressed and told me to continue using them until the orthotics were made. Well, eventually the orthotics arrived, felt extremely uncomfortable, had to be modified several times, and eventually were abandoned. I have since bought 5 pairs of SOLE insoles over the past year and couldn't be happier. They have eliminated my foot pain, are super comfortable, and are very affordable when compared to custom orthotics.


Purchased these insoles (size 11 U.S. fit is exact), because my $200 pair of Asics AWL size 11 US, were causing extreme pain to my Achilles tendon. I needed a winter shoe and although the shoe fit great at the store when I purchased them, they certainly didn't after the first 10km. I was forced to go up a half size with my shoes because my right toe was feeling cramped. Decided to purchase both the Active Medium and Thick, because I wasn't sure which would be enough to fill in the extra room in my shoe and possibly elevate my foot to keep the back of the shoe from touching the upper rear portion of my foot. Ran 100 km in the Active Medium and my feet started to feel great after the first 20km, almost instantly (I didn't heat fit them to my feet). After 100km, I decide to try the Active Thick and they filled the extra space in the shoe that was needed and elevated my foot ever so slightly. First impression was a full shoe and feeling like I was 1 inch taller. At first, when I put in either insole, they felt lumpy. After about 20km, they tend to mold to your feet and feel very natural. You can, of course, heat treat them to fit, but I wasn't sure I was going to keep them, so I decided to try them, out of the package. I do get Achilles pain once in a while, but this is probably due to my running technique and not the insoles. I use my Active Medium Soles in my summer runners (Mizuno Wave Sky Waveknit 3 in size 10.5 U.S.), which fit me perfect before inserting the Soles and fit snug after installing. 450km now and still great. I'm sure my shoes will wear out before these Soles will; they will be going in my next pair of Asics AWLs. Overall I'm very satisfied with my purchase. Initially I found them to be expensive, now not so much because they work.

Goalie Skates

Returning to the ice after COVID, I was suddenly dealing with constant foot pain every time I put my skates on and I tried different things. I’ve been using Medium SOLE inserts in my field hockey turf boots for about 10 years and started wearing a pair in my everyday shoes about two years ago. I decided to try out the Thin, hoping they would fit comfortably in my goalie skates. With the added foot pain in the sole and forefoot, I also tried the met pad for the first time which only took a little getting used to. The Thin soles fit just fine in my skates and have definitely helped the foot pain. I do remove them after every ice time so the skates dry properly and the rivets don’t rust, which is the only issue as it’s a tight fit around the heel and arch, so it can be a little hard to remove them. I worry a bit that the friction will speed up the wear on the skate liner and/or the insole. I’m trying to figure out an easier way to pull it out with a tab or something, but the pros definitely out way that one con.

Love them x5-6!!!

I have flat feet and the insoles gave me the support that I needed. I initially purchased one pair and now I have purchased approximately 5-6 pairs in 2 years. Once I wear a pair out (3-4 months) I slide in a new pair. They fit great with minimal cutting. I also love that my foot does not slide around in my shoe.

Aging Arches

My husband and I have used custom or semi-custom insoles in our athletic footwear for years. Ski boots, hiking boots, running and cycling shoes and tennis-specific shoes that are replaced multiple times each year. After 30+ years of using insoles designed to support extended recreational outings, we both have arches that are falling as we age. Luckily we discovered SOLE insoles some years ago and had converted all of our footbeds to their products. The collapsing arches may affect street shoes, but our SOLE inserts have kept our feet comfortably supported with no signs of faster fatigue. Will always wear SOLE aim as many footwear options as we can


I have been diagnosed with Mortons neuroma on my right foot. My chiropractor has the same issue and recommended your insoles with the met pad. It has kept me from having the surgery to sever the nerve on my fourth toe. I wear them 24/7 and it has been miraculous. They are holding up well and are easy to slip in and out.

Good insoles

I have worn these insoles a couple of months now. They fit perfect and instantly made my shoes feel more comfortable.

I even use these in my clog slippers

I had developed uncomfortable nerve tingling in the side of one foot beneath the ankle. My podiatrist said I needed to use insoles with support for high arches virtually all the time. I started using SOLE Softec Response insoles not only in my sneakers and boots when I'm outdoors but also in my clog slippers (which fit snugly at the arch with room in the toe box) when I'm at home. The Softec Response insole cover material is comfortable and durable, and the insoles support my feet/arches well and comfortably. They appear to be very well made and look like they will last a long time. After about a month of wearing these insoles, the nerve discomfort went away. I have now been wearing them for three months, and the relief has held up. The SOLE Softec Response insole sizes match my footwear sizes. They have the roomy toe boxes I need for my broad forefeet yet hold my narrow heels in place. I'm going to keep buying the Softec Response soles and wearing them pretty much all the time. What a relief!

New Favourite

My brother has been a big SOLE fan for a number of years. I was a little more hesitant. However, after having tried one of their insoles I decided to purchase another one of their products and went with the Men's Exhale. The timing of receiving these light weight comfortable shoes couldn't have been better as we've just recently acquired a new puppy that needs 'out' quite frequently. These shoes are so easy to slip on and are a joy to wear. Arch support is great. The bed lining is extremely comfortable. I'm looking to order a second pair but will likely go 1/2 size smaller as I found they fit just a little big on me. Great purchase.

Just about perfect

I have FAR too many SOLE insoles because I love them, so when I saw the new wool-topped winter versions I jumped at them. I’ve been wearing a set in each of 2 pairs of winter boots. Very happy with them. If I could nitpick one improvement, it would be for a thicker wool layer for that extra warmth factor.

Active Medium Insole with Met Pad

Provides great support and fits well. The Met pad helps reduce discomfort in the ball of the feet. Very comfortable - highly recommend.

Softec Casual

Looking for an insole with arch support. Surface area is very comfortable and moulds to the shape of my foot. Very light materials so they don't add appreciable weight. Highly recommend and will purchase again.

Incredible Insoles

Absolutely love these! Have one pair in my cycling & another in my running shoes. Vastly improves the comfort & fit. My physiotherapist recommended them so hard to get a better expert opinion.


Ive been wearing these insoles for about a month now in my sneakers and Blundstones and they are great! My feet feel supported and I can walk much farther without pain than when I've used Superfeet in the past. Already ordered another pair (Thick) for my hiking boots!

Good value

These insoles are the only brand that I purchase and recommend to my athletes and family. I am an athletic trainer and I believe they hold up better and give better support than others I've tried. For the money they are a very good value. They have a good forefoot support which most others do not unless they are custom made.

Awesome product

Have been using this product for awhile now. First time using this one. Used SOLE products for a long time. It fit well with a little trimming. It is very comfortable. I work at a warehouse on forklifts all night. Works well on the concrete floors. Feet don’t hurt as much as before these insoles.

Great for Golf!

I have been struggling with plantar fasciitis so thought I would give the SOLE Active Medium insoles a shot. Game changer! Great support, comfort and full relief of any pain! The fit is perfect and the quality exceptional. Certainly could feel the difference right away and they just get more comfortable every time I wear them!!

Great Purchase

My feet feel so much better with these insoles in my hiking boots. I regularly walk 5-6 miles about four times a week, year round, and longer hikes when possible. The arch support and metatarsal pad have really made a difference. I definitely recommend these high-quality insoles. They're worth the money!

Great Purchase

I have high quality tennis shoes but my feet hurt after my long walks. These insoles have really made a difference. At first I didn't know if I would like the "bump" in the footbed but my feet quickly got used to it and feel much better now with the insole.

Ski boots

These insoles have made my ski boots so much more comfortable. Also in my hikers. Have been using for 1 month and totally impressed. Sizing is accurate and placement easy


Very comfortable, excellent to replace old insoles with these. It is like you have a new pair of shoes

The best insoles for HSP

The Active Thin insole is the best option that I have found to support my feet. I have Hereditary Spastic Parapeligia and require high arch support to maintain what balance I have left. Since the insoles are very thin yet extremely supportive, they will work in any type of shoe. I have them running shoes and day to day casual shoes. They are also flexible enough that they do not interfere with the flex of the shoe that you are wearing, keeping the design of the shoe as it was intended. I use these insoles everyday and they have been durable, long lasting and comfortable. The insoles did take a few days to break in, I have not done a custom mold on them since they felt pretty close to begin with.

Excellent arch support

These insoles are great, they provide firm arch support and minimal thickness/cushioning so they will fit in most shoes quite well. The material is thin but seems to last for a long time without losing shape.

Very comfortable

These insoles are very comfortable and really help with my Plantar Fasciitis. Also very good stability for my knees too. I've been using these insoles for many years, and they really hold up to the use.

Game changer

I've been using SOLE insoles for over a decade. Love them and highly recommend. I use them for plantar fasciitis, and back pain

No More Plantar Fasciitis Pain

I have had plantar fasciitis over 30 years. Treatment has involved many pairs of custom orthotics, numerous steroid injections, and years of debilitating pain. I started wearing SOLE insoles a couple years ago. They are now in every pair of shoes I own. I wear them ALL the time and I'm pain free. To paraphrase James Brown, "I'm a SOLE man!" My wife recently visited a podiatrist for, guess what? Plantar fasciitis! He examined her footwear. She wears Hoka One One shoes which he said were great. She had a new pair of SOLE insoles I had insisted she try. He told her custom orthotics would be no better than the SOLE insoles. After one injection and daily exercises, she is now back on her feet.

SOLE footbeds

Suffering from plantar fasciitis, dealing with huge pain in my heel, until I discovered SOLE footbeds. Got a new pair of boots, the insoles lifted my arch, felt so much better and continues to do so. Incredible incentives on the website and I have recommended them to four of my friends who have purchased them. I have also gotten a second pair for myself. Everyone raves about them. My feet feel better everyday, thank you so much

SOLE with warmth..

I wear the Scandinavian wool boot called Lobbens which are extremely warm & lightweight but don't have much support (the wool liners they come with are just sheepskin & quite thin) the wool covered SOLE insole liners give great support in a quite soft boot. I live in the Canadian north ( Yukon) & warm feet are very important. Just a suggestion that a bit more wool on top layer would be great, sheepskin would be an absolute dream!! I've been wearing them for about 3 months outdoors in up to -minus 30 so warmth is important! Thanks! (have to have SOLE in ALL my footwear)

Great insoles!

I bought these insoles to help with my knees and lower back as I do a lot of standing and walking at work. This is my second pair and I love them! Super comfortable.

Better than orthotics

SOLE shoes and insoles accomplished what my "official orthotics" could not do - cure plantar fasciitis and metatarsalgia. Now, I've a got a great insole for my winter activities!

Excellent Product

As someone who occasionally suffered from foot pain, I needed a more sustainable solution than prescription orthotics that need routine replacement at a very high price. While perhaps not as precise in foot correction as a customized orthotic, the SOLE Active Medium was a perfect solution for me. A very reasonable price for an excellent product by an outstanding, thoughtful company. I can highly recommend these insoles for anyone needing greater support or an alternative to overpriced orthotics. They resolved my foot pain issues and I'm a happy customer for life.

Kickass Insoles

I was originally diagnosed with a fallen arch three weeks before a planned 5 day hike on the Camino in northern Spain. I was new to SOLE insoles but I completed the 120km hike with no knee pain at all. Recently I developed a metatarsal issue and my pedorthist added a little egg shaped bump to reduce the impact in the affected area. Then I ordered these new Met Pad insoles and they are a joy to walk and hike in. Cannot live without them!! Great company and customer service too!! Thanks SOLE!

Would buy again

Love the support the Active Medium with Met Pad provides. I was having supination stability problems causing Achilles Tendinitis that I fought for over a year with a sleep boot, braces, less activity and more rest. Nothing helped. These took a few weeks to allow my alignment to correct and the tenderness to go away, but it is GONE! If I wear shoes for a few days without the insoles I notice a difference. I am hooked!


I was concerned that the Performance Thin insole would not provide me with the comfort that the thicker SOLE products had provided me over the past few months. The dilemma is that I have to wear dress shoes for work and frankly, some of the thicker SOLE insoles were just too thick and made my shoes feel tight. I bought a pair of the Performance Thins and they have been wonderful. Fits in my shoes and even in some of my shoes that don't have removable insoles and have worked great. I am ordering more.

Fixed my feet

I was a little skeptical for the price, but I was pleasantly surprised. My arches were collapsed from years of flat insoles, so my feet were pretty sore the first couple times I used these. But after a week or so, the pain went away and my feet straightened out. I now can walk and stand for hours without foot pain.


The Thermal Thick Wool insoles are wonderful! I put them in the running shoes I use for walking and have worn them on several 20° days here in Michigan. My feet have stayed warm, even with the mesh toe box the shoes have for ventilation. And they have the same great support as my other SOLE inserts. Hopefully a wide version will be offered in the future for shoes with a wider toe box. I’d recommend the wool inserts to anyone.

Absolutely worth it

I had an old pair of SOLE from high school (10+ years ago) that I forgot about. More recently, I'd been experiencing sinus tarsi pain from running/overuse that persisted despite PT, cortisone, and other non-surgical treatments. I decided to dig up the old insoles, and after wearing them for about two weeks, couldn't believe the difference. I decided to buy a second pair so that I could rotate them between runnings shoes and regular street-shoes. Overall, wearing them consistently has probably cut my pain down to 10% of what it was originally. They are true to size and fit into my shoes no problem. I wish I had started wearing them sooner (or never stopped wearing the pair I got in high school)!

Comfy support

I love SOLE insoles. All of my shoes nest them.

Great for golf

Great insole for my golf shoes. I walk the course and these help support my high arches for a pain free round. Great product and value.

Got rid of Metatarsal Pain

Have off and on metatarsal pain and had gotten away from wearing insoles for a bit. Then I started in on a hiking challenge and soon my metatarsal pain returned. Ordered a new set of these and instantly it felt better and after a couple days I was basically pain free. These fit shoes perfectly, have great arch support and you can trim them if needed. Highly recommend!

Great Insole!!!

This insole has been a big part of me getting back to normal after some bad heel pain. Sometimes what seems like plantar fasciitis is nerve irritation. That was the case for me and the inserts I had been using since 2009 were irritating the nerve, I started working these inserts into my rotation in mid October. It wasn't long before I relied mostly on these. I have high arches and the Dr. tells me that can give me heel and forefoot pain. These inserts cover all the bases. Now I am on my feet again most of the day and enjoying walks around my village. Next season, I will be hiking again!

Great Insole

I have been using inserts for decades. I have low arches. I have tried MANY different products including $500 custom orthotics. I am also a runner. 20-25 miles per week. Expensive customs wear out. Not unlike any other. It can become a money drain. Off the shelf insoles from various suppliers are very generic. Too spongy, not light weight, not enough arch support and wear out quickly. A friend passed along to me a recommendation from his podiatrist. "SOLE" insoles. I looked over a lot of info from the SOLE website as well as from other sources and decided to try the SOLE Active Medium. SOLE provides a wide variety of insoles, as well as other products, to suit MANY different needs and foot and body designs. This alone separates SOLE from other offerings. It is also very obvious that they have done their due diligence on R&D and have included some very smart and experienced people into the works to develop products for a wide dynamic of people and purposes. I have low arches and a knee that has had cartilage repair and a torn stretched to useless ACL. (Skiing injuries from my youth). The soles obviously won't repair these things but provide support and alignment that allow me to run comfortably and vigorously without pain. I bought my first pair, used them for about 2 months and then bought another pair. All total I have been on them for about 5 months now. I also played Hockey for decades. Skate providers went away from traditional leather outer shells quite a few years ago and adopted moldable outer shells. You warm up the skate in an oven, quickly put them on, lace them up tight and the skate adopts the shape of your foot. Providing a very custom fit. It took a minute but once I got used to them I fell in love with the technology. The EVA base in the Active Mediums is very much similar. I did not put them in the oven I just put them in my shoe and wore them to shape. It took running on them about 10 times until they formed to fit. This wear in period was a bit uncomfortable in the beginning but since then they have been awesome... Now they fit great and are beyond comfortable. They are super supportive, lightweight, and I can trust them to be perfectly in place with every stride. I love the product, I love the price point. Customer service has been excellent. I am absolutely a SOLE customer for life. You might think that I am just a shill for SOLE who is being somehow compensated. I assure you that I am NOT. I'm a very satisfied customer who is simply illustrating my experience with their product. This is a product that I truly need and very much appreciate. I am 61 years old. A life long athlete. This product allows me to continue to enjoy training and competitive athletics... Priceless.... Thank you SOLE

Great support

I have very high arches, narrow feet and plantar fasciitis. I gave been told I am high risk for collapsed arches, told that's very painful, and have been going to physiotherapy for foot and related knee pain. Custom orthotics were quoted at $300 with Insurance only covering maximum 50%. I thought I'd give these a try first! I did not heat fit them as I was worried about getting it right, instead choosing to fit them by wearing. First few days were an eye opener, my toes clenched and I was uncomfortable wearing them for long periods if time. 2-3 hours at once was enough. I am on my feet, running after kids all day at work so I needed more support than drugstore insoles. After wearing them for a week my feet felt so much better at the end of the day! I really needed the extra arch support and my feet have relaxed, no more toe clenching! I will be getting another set for my ski boots and anticipate a much more comfortable downhill ski season this year. 100% would recommend trying these before getting expensive orthotics if you have high arches.

Favorite insole on the market!

11/10 company, takes care of you and the environment at the same time. Been using these guys for years, I own a pair of SOLE for every shoe I wear! I cant walk the same with out them. I have narrow feet and pretty high arches, these are the best form fitting insoles i have ever used..and I've used more than half a dozen before I came to these, and haven't looked back since! Just now buying the "active" type, I always just went the cork "performance" option to save the world! ha. so time will tell how these do.. PS I own Kenetreks hardscrabble hikers size 10.5 (used SOLE 11's). and they fit like a glove, no need to reshape. Like whipping with velvet, amazing product! thx guys!!!

I can feel my toes again!

I got injured wearing new hiking boots during a 35+km backcountry camping hike in the Spring 2020. Could no longer feel one of my toes! I changed footwear, and the situation improved - but for the next 18 months, the issue and feet aches kept coming back! I found myself trying different shoes, insoles, socks… even posture! Alas! It kept curbing my adventures and fitness goals :( Then finally, I discovered SOLE with Met Pad… and a REAL, lasting relief at last!!! 😃 Started with one pair… I now own 4x sets and am considering fitting all my favorite shoes with them - from boots to sneakers and even those toe-numbing cycling shoes !!!. I Love that the cork insoles are carbon negative (amazing!) and that I can pick different thicknesses! Plus, the customer service is great - with prompt shipping and a meaningful rewards program! I am SOLE’d for Life!

Game changer

I have genetic flat feet. I'm 44, and have lived the "strenuous life." Very active - hiker, power lifter, stone mason, former Marine. Over the last 4 years I've developed pttd, and over the last 5 months it's gotten very painful. As someone who can usually physically do whatever I want, having to avoid simple things like stairs has been very difficult physically and mentally. I have tried lace up ankle wrap braces, custom rigid orthotics that cost 1000.00 dollars, special shoes, and been religious about foot strengthening- they all sort of work, but there's always some pain. I have routinely been told "otc" orthotics aren't effective. Regardless on a whim I bought a pair of SOLE insoles, and after I put them in my gym shoes -INSTANTLY - the pain went away almost completely. I bought a second pair for my Danner hiking/work boots, with the same result. I can't wrap my brain around how there can be such an immediate dramatic change, but running up and down my stairs without a second thought or wincing in pain is absolutely amazing. I haven't worn them long, but they seem durable. I hope they hold up, though for this level of regained mobility, I'd buy a new pair every month if I had to. My hope is, as they are clearly relieving the strain on my tibial tendon and over pronation, over time with continued wear and foot strengthening I can reverse some of the damage done.

I think it's working!

I believe these insoles are helping with my metatarsal pain. I have a nerve that is bothering me and impeding my ability to walk. With these soles, I can still enjoy walking because of the excellent support they give my feet. I have been using them for at least a month now and need to put them in every pair of shoes I own.

Relieving pain

My podiatrist recommended this for metatarsalgia. It's relieving the pain and discomfort. I also rested for a month and cut back on the running mileage. The situation is definitely improving, and I know this process will take awhile. The arch support also seems better than my previous insoles. Will be buying more of these.

Good insole

Bought these for my winter hiking boots. Product is comfortable and seems to be wearing well. Wasn’t sure if they might be too thick, but this was not a problem. Good product at a good price.

Long distance backpacking godsend

Been wearing SOLE Active Thick insoles for hiking and backpacking for years now. They work great with Moab 2 boots. I've been section hiking the Appalachian trail on my time off for several years. I usually knock out 70 to 100 miles in seven days. My insoles are one of the important pieces of gear that help make it happen.

Great insoles

I’ve worn these for a little over a month now. I suffer from flat feet and really can’t walk or stand for long periods without orthotics. These ones have been great for comfort and they’re priced better than the brand I used to wear. Hoping to try out some of the thin ones next

Met pad

I have used SOLE insoles for years. The met pad is a awesome, a well needed touch to relive pain in the ball of your feet

Great product

I ordered these at the recommendation of my chiropractor about 2 months ago to see how I might benefit from insoles. These are wonderful! If anything, I wish I had formed them with my small arch supports under them so there was more height there, but in general they are super comfortable (after a week or two adjustment period) and fit snug in all my shoes and boots without any issues. My biggest issue is that I don't have more to just have in all my shoes. May be ordering more soon!

Really improves my day in work boots

I was referred to try non-Rx insoles for plantar fasciitis. Started with the less aggressive ‘Work’ soles. After a while felt I could go with the higher arch of the ‘Active’. Heat-molded them this time. Even less heal pain with these. Can go all day with my feet in work boots. Ordering another pair.

Finally found insoles that work for me.

Very happy with my insoles. Provide firm cushion and the deep heel cup provides good stability. The arch is perfect for me. They have neutral heel to toe drop. They are well made and I think they will hold up well. I have a stack of insoles that i tried but did not work for me. I will be purchasing more for my other shoes.


A co worker told me to try the SOLE insoles in my work boots, so I did. I work construction everyday. I've been using them for one whole summer of work, they fit great, very comfortable, they last longer and are very durable, more durable than other brands I've tried. Honestly I can't think of anything I don't like about them other than maybe the price, but you also get what you pay for. I plan to replace the insoles in every pair of boots I have with these insoles, including my hunting boots. Absolutely the best insole I've ever tried. I would recommend them.

The best insoles available

These are the best insoles available anywhere. I started out using the SOLE DK Signature insoles and switched to these when they were discontinued. All of my SOLE insoles have been great, but these are my favorites. I have them in all of my shoes, boots and running shoes. Since I switched to SOLE from Superfeet I’ve had no more issues with plantar fasciitis, and no foot pain or fatigue. They aren’t cheap but they are worth every penny. Try them. You’ll be glad you did.

Saved my feet!

I bought these insoles on a coworker's recommendation. I've had them in my work boots for about a month now, I want sure about the met pad at first but it's very comfortable. My feet feel way less sore after a 12 hour shift walking on cement and grating. The arch support is great and I like how you can mold them in the oven. Shipping was very fast!

Great insole for cycling

I bought this product on the recommendation of my physiotherapist, to help with the “hot foot” syndrome I was experiencing during long bike rides. For this purpose the insole has been very effective, as I no longer experience the problem. The fit in a road cycling shoe is tight and requires some trimming of the insole. So far I’ve been very happy with this product. I’ve been using it for a month now on my bike trainer and outdoor rides. I liked it so much I bought matching insoles for my running shoes as well.

Great for golf

I now have three pairs of these thin insoles. I use them in my golf shoes, hiking shoes, and walking shoes. My first pair was a size 8 (my normal shoe size) but then a salesperson at REI suggested I place my foot on larger sizes to get a better fit on the arch placement. Size ten actually fit my higher arch perfectly. So now I buy size ten and trim the toe end to fit into my shoes. This also fits my wider toe box shoes well. I used to buy the “Super” brand, but only buy this brand now. I naturally pronate and have a neuroma and my feet feel great. The material lasts a long time and the thin version fits in most of my shoes.

Hilda Angeles

Supportive Sandals

I had foot surgery 3 years ago and have been wearing SOLE insoles ever since. This is not your regular flip flop. The sandals have excellent support and look good too. I can wear them all day and have no pain on my feet.

Support unequalled.

I got these for use in my cross trainers because my Active Thick ones we're too thick for them. SOLE in general are unmatched in quality and durability. I wore them near 10 years as a Marine Infantryman in Iraq and a lot of other hot, cold, wet places. I've never once gotten a blister wearing these insoles. Something I can't say about most other brands.

Sole with met pad

I am very happy with my insoles. They are ever bit as good as the pricey prescription ones I have

Worth the purchase

I have collapsed arches from pregnancy and these insoles help a lot to support my arches and relieve pain and discomfort while I get back into shape. Glad I brought these and going to purchase more.

smiling feet

I needed quality XL size insoles to stop my foot pain. SOLE was a home run for me. Easy to buy and exactly what I needed. Life is good when you find a company that helps supply what you need without a hassle. My feet thank me everyday.

Foot Pain

Occasional foot pain was bothering me. I puchased the insole and it has helped tremendously. I can now enjoy golf and long walks with no discomfort

Seems to work

I was told I needed a metatarsal support insole but because I have a large size this was not easy to find. SOLE had the correct size and after several weeks of wear their product seems to relieve the issue

Metatarsal Pad insoles

I bought this product because I had pain on the ball of my foot and the Dr. Suggested a metatarsal pad insole. I have been able to hike again without pain. I am so thankful I bought these! My runner is size 7 and the insole is a size 6 and fits perfectly into my runners and even into my Toms.


This was my first purchase of a SOLE insole, and I must say I am happy that I did. Admittedly, I was hesitant to spend so much on something I'd never actually seen or touched. In 2020, I've spent hundreds of dollars on trying to find a product that actually did what it said it would do. These insoles DO! Worth every penny. Im a bigger guy and have a habit of quickly wearing out the arch support that exists in my shoes. Over the past year, I have been doing a lot of regular walking (7-10km daily) and hiking. I purchased the SOLE insoles to help support my feet in the Altera Lone Peak 5s that I bought earlier this season. After nearly 1000km of use, I am a hard-core believer in how well they work and how durable they are. My feet feel GREAT- no more planar fasciitis, no more foot cramps. What's more, the insoles still feel and function like they did when I first pulled them out of the oven to custom-fit them to my feet. They perfectly fit the wide toe box of my Lone Peak 5's, too! These will easily outlast my shoes and I'll be using them in their replacement. Thank you, SOLE!


I was recently in a lot of foot pain at the ball of my foot and was informed by doctor that it was matatarsal and to see a foot specialist. Without medical coverage this can cost a min of 500$ for appointment and orthotics… I found this company and decided to try them… I get a lot of relief from my Active Medium with met pad insoles and would highly recommend them!!

Perfect fit and support

I have many of the SOLE Met Pad insoles - all of which are awesome. These Active Thin Met Pad SOLEs fit perfectly in my tighter fitting sneakers and boots. Can't wear any shoes without SOLE insoles anymore!

Nicole Gallant

Solved my knee pain.

The SOLE products were recommended by my physiotherapist for pain in the knee and the ankle. Not only do I have the insoles, I have 2 pairs of slides and I find them most comfortable and so convenient to wear both in the summer and in the winter inside.

Totally works!

After years of tortured feet I went to see a real podiatrist. She recommended these insoles, and I got a pair. They make the shoes fit my whole foot in 3D, not just the outline of the footbed (length & width). I spend whole days in those shoes, without thinking about my feet at all. Truly a personal breakthrough. Highly recommended,

Awesome product

The Active Thin insoles are incredibly useful for me. I started to use them 7 years ago after a piece of advice from a podiatrist as I am having a mild flat-foot and I was getting sole pain after walking or running. Since I used them, my problem disappeared completely. I am using them in all my shoes, whether classic ones or sports ones. I usually remove the original footbed and replace them with my SOLE insoles and once they are in place, I am comfortable with no walking issue. I did not have to mould them as I believe they should maintain their original curve to support the foot arch. At least this worked for me. I have bought 8 pairs up till now to cover all my shoes. Highly recommended product.

Just What I Needed

This is the second SOLE product I have purchased. The first pair were for my regular running shoes to provide more cushioning and arch support. This pair are specifically for my trail runners. They were much too neutral a shoe but with these insoles I have been able to do long trail runs and hikes. After chemo therapy affected the muscles in my feet I developed plantar fasciitis. I've followed all the protocols, doing all the exercises and stretches prescribed. These insoles provide the support and comfort I need to keep active and progressing in my journey back to fitness. After using them for a month I can feel such a difference! I won't be without them in any runners from now on!

Helps My Plantar Fasciitis

I recently bought my second pair of SOLE Active Thick insoles. Plantar fasciitis causes me a lot of pain in my right heel. Along with proper stretching and ice, supportive and well-cushioned insoles help keep discomfort at bay. The thinner SOLE insoles support my foot in the proper position to avoid trouble, but these are even better because they cushion that tender area that gets battered with every step. I just wish I had a pair for every pair of shoes I own!

Good for dress shoes

I’ve been wearing these insoles for a month or so now. Works very well in dress shoes or shoes that fit tight. Good arch support. Most definitely no comparison to other brands that are flimsy and provide little support. They are comfortable. I’d buy again

Great product!

I'm a senior with flat feet and have been wearing custom orthotics for most of my adult life so was a bit skeptical about buying these. Based on the price of these compared to custom units I felt it would be worth trying. I must say that these SOLE insoles are fantastic, very comfortable, perhaps as good as my custom product. I've only been wearing them for a month or so, therefor can't speak on the durability of the insoles or whether they are providing the same support as the custom made orthotics. However I do feel the support is there and they are well made.

Great insoles!

I got my SOLE insoles recently and love them! They help reduce the leg and knee pain I was getting from walking and hiking, and now I don’t go out without them.

Great for athletic shoes

I bought performance insoles recently to add to my other insoles . They provide excellent support helping to keep planter fasciitis and Achilles pain at bay. I have these insoles in my crossfit, tennis and running shoes. My athletic shoes always fit great with the insoles inserted. I go up a half size in shoes for a better fit.

Great for athletic shoes

I bought Performance insoles recently to add to my other insoles . They provide excellent support helping to keep planter fasciitis and Achilles pain at bay. I have these insoles in my crossfit, tennis and running shoes. My athletic shoes always fit great with the insoles inserted. I go up a half size in shoes for a better fit.

Effective replacement for custom orthotics

After several ankle sprains, I consulted a doctor who prescribed custom insoles. As an active tennis player, foot stability, particularly ankle stability, is very important. Recently, I had worn out those custom orthotics and looked for replacement options. The SOLE deep heel cup, and excellent arch support (I have high arches) provide what I need. And at a fraction of the cost of going the custom route again, I’m very pleased. These insoles are excellent for tennis, and the cork provided some nice natural cushioning.

Balboa flips

I have been using SOLE insoles for a better part of 10 years, so when it was time to find a new sandal I decided to try sole flips. Like my daily shoes which I have about 5 pairs I wear regularly all have SOLE insoles, these flips are just as amazing!! Being that I am in Florida there is a certain acceptability to wearing sandals even slightly on the dressier side. Very comfortable and supportive.

Great so far!

I recently purchased a pair of Altra Lone Peaks and wanted to upgrade the insole with arch support. I ordered the wide insole. Fits perfect with the wide toe box of the Altras. Support was great! I have backpacked around 80 miles so far in them. The only draw back was that the combination of the cork insole and the material in the Altra made an annoying sweak. I had to take some duct tape mid hike and place it on the bottom of the insole to stop the noise. I have since lined the entire insole with duct tape and have solved the problem. Besides that, I think they are great.

Customer - on my feet 12- hours a day!!

Had horrible pain in my heel-(tried everything) went to Physical Therapy and he recommended these. The best insole ever- have had about a month and from day one- so comfy-awesome insoles- will be ordering more really soon.


I’ve been rehabbing low to moderate plantar fasciitis on my slender low arched pronated foot. These insoles along with a dorsiflexion sleeping splint are doing the job. Progress accelerated after adding insoles. Planning to try same brand flips. YAY! Note, I’m a PT, had same condition 20yrs. ago - I know of what I speak.

Great Support

I bought these for my wife to go in her high end running shoes (that include a generic insole). She previously had forefoot issues, but found the met-pad very supportive and has not had any issues. She prefers them to her custom made orthotics and will get another pair of SOLEs for her ski boots.

Expect break in period

I am a runner/athlete. Have been for decades. I'm 60 years old and very fit. I run about 25-30 miles per week. I do not have flat feet but my arches are NOT pronounced. Without support under my arches my feet get sore quickly. I have used MANY different types of insoles to support my arches. I have had relatively good luck over the years with top line athletic Dr. Scholl's and also expensive custom orthodics. Dr. Scholl's are a bit heavy and a bit squishy, due to the Gel component and lack of a hardened bottom, but have been okay. Customs have all been a crap shoot and have all been costly. $500 range. A friend made me aware of the SOLE product. I did a lot of reading and photo gazing and concluded that this is a product certainly worth trying. I am a shoe size 10.5 so had to trim the front of the insole to fit. No problem. They cut relatively easily with a good scissor and because I've had to trim about a hundred of the Dr. Scholl's I did not mess it up. I have put approx 50 miles on the SOLE's. They are light weight and have not caused any chaffing or callousing. Although the first few runs there was a bit of instep and toe rub. At first they did not fit my foot shape and seemed VERY ridged. But they have done what SOLE claims and have molded to the shape of my foot. I played hockey for years. I understand how this material works as Hockey Skates also need to be oven baked a couple of times and then worn to adapt to your foot and ankle. At this point everything is great. They're light weight, provide great arch support, there is no squishiness due to them not having a gel component, no heel bruising or tenderness, no foot odor. All good... I've ordered a second pair as well for my daily walking around shoes. Thank you SOLE for a great product.... 5 stars...

Life saving insole

Love this insole. I’ve got a bad case of metatarsalagia and have been on the hunt for non-surgical relief without having to completely replace my sneakers, dress shoes, casual shoes, boots, running shoes and cycling shoes. This insole solved that problem. Easy to swap between shoes but always providing the net relief I need. I love the higher heel cup, the moment you put it in the shoe and lace it up you can feel your heel supported and hugged without being too tight. I cannot recommend the Active Medium with met pad enough!! If you have foot pain, pick a set up and watch the pain become more manageable and hopefully go away!

Really great pair of shoes

I have a very bad case of metatarsalagia in my right foot. I’m a runner and cyclist and have been desperate to find non-surgical relief. I had bought 2 pairs of SOLE Inserts (which I love) but wanted a solution for work where I didn’t have to constantly be trading insoles with other shoes. I came across these Districts and have them a shot. Wow! Very stiff at first but as they began to break in there become my go-to shoe for work and beyond. Comfortable as can be, super stylish, my boss even commented on how great they look. Great look while adding the net relief I needed so badly. It also made me happy to find vegan friendly, eco conscious shoes. I can’t recommend these shoes enough if you’re looking for all the foot support you need packed in a classy casual/dress shoe. I’m absolutely certain that I’ll be buying more products like the District shoe from SOLE. You should too!

Love my insoles !

I was experiencing a lot of pain in the balls of my feet after months of long hours on my feet in steel toe work boots. Due to covid 19 I have been unable to see my doctor so I took it upon myself to do some research which in which it was apparent I needed insoles with met pads so I order the active thick with met pads and they have made all the difference in the world. I would highly recommend these insoles :)

Best insole I have ever worn

This is the best insole I have ever had. I threw my doctor made ones away a long time ago. I have been wearing SOLE for about 20 years and have a local foot doctor that sends patients in to get these. I highly recommend them!


I spent my summer training for a six day backpacking trip. When I started hiking with backpack weight the insoles that came with my boots did not provide enough cushion or support. I have six pieces of metal in my right ankle and three in my left knee. When I put these SOLE insoles in my boots my world changed. They were comfortable, supportive and custom molded to fit my damaged feet.. They had over a hundred miles on them when I started the trip. I hiked forty miles on rugged terrain with a heavy pack and my feet never complained. I wear KEEN boots because they have a wide toe box, These insoles fit great with minor trimming. Highly recommended if you have wide feet and are looking for a quality comfortable insole.

Great support for flat feet

I bought these to use in my 'barefoot' style hiking boots, as I tend to overpronate in these. I kept my foot in a proper arch (gripping the floor) while fitting the soles out of the oven to ensure a larger support through the medial arch. This worked great - feet didn't overpronate in the boots any more. The arch support could've been a touch more, and the midfoot support could've been a touch less to be perfect, but overall I'm happy with the insoles. Time will tell how long the insoles will last, but the materials are good and are flexible enough to not interfere with foot movement when walking, so they should be good for a while.


SOLE insoles are the only thing that have helped my plantar fasciitis. I have been using them—mainly the Active Thick—in all of my shoes for over a year now. I highly recommend them to anyone with foot pain.

Active Thick Testimonial

I found SOLE from a list of top insoles to buy for flat feet. I bought the Active Thick because I am on my feet for 8plus hours a day. Before getting the insoles I would get home and my feet and knees felt terrible. A few days after having the Active Thick insoles in my shoes I felt ridiculously better

Better than custom insoles

Due to an old injury I supinate on my left foot. I've tried all kinds of insole products from custom to store bought. With out a doubt, SOLE has been the best insole for the money, hands down. My first purchase was for my walking shoes but I'm going to purchase a pair of the thinner insoles for my athletic shoes, which have a tighter fit. Give them a couple of days to mold to your feet - you won't be disappointed!

Happy feet

Both my husband and I wear the insoles. We are both on our feet all day and needed extra arch support which we find these insoles have. They are very comfortable and true to size and they form to your feet in a short time. My husband wears the Active Thick in his work boots and never has sore or tired feet at the end of the day nor do I wearing the Active Thins. I highly recommend these insoles.

Great option

My experience of getting and trying these insoles was exemplary. They do not work for me. I have flat feet and am having trouble with metatarsal pain. The purchase through refund was completely painless - you can't go wrong to give them a try. The insoles appear to be very well made and they fit surprisingly well into my wide toe box zero drop footwear.


These insoles were recommended by a colleague. The insoles have certainly he made going for a walk more comfortable. I also have a set for my 'house' shoes.

Living Pain Free

I suffer with plantars fasciitis and as long as I wear these insoles with met pad support, my foot pain is gone. I have been using SOLE insoles for 4-5 years. They are great in any of my shoes. They fit perfectly and are so comfortable. I don't even notice them in my shoes. You have nothing to lose except for the pain! I highly recommend buying these insoles for anyone with foot pain or even if you don't - an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Helps a lot

Been using my insole now for a few weeks and it has helped a lot with my planter fasciitis. I do a lot of walking and it has been quite painful lately and I needed to try something to help with the pain. These have been amazing and I have now ordered a pair for all my hikers and work boots.

Best insoles!!

I have been using SOLEs for the past six years and they are the best insole! I have them just about every pair of shoes I have. They helped with my knee pain and extend out the time until I needed knee surgery again. The cork makes the insole very comfortable.

Great product

Purchased these for my husband. He is very happy with the product and fit and has been wearing them daily. The arch is perfect and comfortable. Will definitely purchase these insoles again.

Great product!

These are my favorite insoles ever. The only product that relieves my plantar fasciitis pain. Thanks SOLE!

Purchased for Son w/ Severs

I purchased these for my son who has been dealing with Severs for a long time now. He said they seem to help lesson the pain and he does not complain about his feet hurting after participating in various activities as often as he did before wearing the insoles.

Good quality, thick and supportive sole

I have been wearing these Active Thick insoles for about 5 years now. They're my go to. I work on concrete floors in a retail setting so it's extremely hard on shoes. But these are amazing. I used to pay upwards of 400 dolllars for custom fit orthotics but tried these at a fraction of the cost and honestly, they last longer than my orthotics did. They offer amazing support and if you suffer from foot pain, or plantar faciitis, trust me and try these. You will not regret it. I recommend the Active Thick insoles as I have tried 3 other types of thinner ones. These ones just feel better. I tried the met pad ones this time as I usually get the ones without and I love them honestly. Will definitely buy again!

Can hike forever!

I bought the Active Thick with Met Pad insoles to use in my hiking boots. We do lots of hiking around where we live and also in the mountains and I always suffer from sore feet and can never do two days in a row. After putting these insoles in my hiking boots, I can hike for several hours and getting out the next day is no problem - I have no pain from the day before. I have bunions and mortons neuroma and these insoles have taken away the pain I used to have!

I Live In These Things

My wife bought me my first pair in 2014 for Mexico and I wore them almost every day until they wore out in 2021. As soon as I got home from work they went on and my back started feeling better right away. I stopped working in 2016 so they got constant use after that. I swear by them! They really help my back pain, sometimes completely, and are so comfortable. They improve circulation in my feet and eliminated leg cramps after exercise. I even walk my dog 2-3km each day in these unless it’s raining (I have SOLE insoles in my walking shoes too) but then they go back on as soon as I get home. My new pair are almost exactly the same and are molding to my feet nicely. I hope they last as long and work as well as the first pair!

SOLE arch support insoles

One foot has a fallen arch as the result of an ankle injury a few months back. It was suggested to me by an athletic trainer to try the SOLE product before going the route of seeing a foot doctor. This might mitigate the pain in my ankle and across the top of my foot, and on the inside of my foot. There was also considerable swelling on the ball of the foot causing some minor numbness. I have been wearing this product for a month or so and can attest to the fact that the pain is negligible and most days the swelling is much decreased, which also lessens the numbness. It is by far the best insole I have ever used...very comfortable. In fact, I am going to order two more pairs for other shoes. Once you warm the insole, slide it into a pair of shoes, and step into the shoe, the insole is definitely shaped to your foot but also then seems to be shoe specific. Thank you for making such a good and affordable product.

Great product, Narrow

I really love these insoles, however, even though I ordered the right size they aren"t wide enough in the toe portion of my shoe and I often find my toe slipping off the side of the insole which causes some discomfort. The insole itself however has greatly balance out other pain that I was previously experiencing. I recommend ordering a larger size and trimming down if you have wider shoes or feet. otherwise great product. I've been wearing for a few months now with improved walking distance every day.

james c wood

SOLE to the rescue

I found out about SOLE from the physical therapist I am working with at a local university hospital. For my everyday and walking shoes, I now wear custom orthopedic insoles. I asked my therapist about a water-friendly sandal source for times in the water or kayaking. The recommendation was SOLE. I have had them for about a month now. My SOLE slides are comfortable and supremely water friendly in salt water and along the ocean. They hose clean nicely and dry out quickly. My feet feel good and I walk with assurance of support. My only reservation is the lack of a back strap to keep sandals securely in place in a kayak or in rough water. But this is a pitch for another SOLE model!

Perfect for my work shoes!

I’m a paramedic on a busy 911 service so I’m on my feet a lot. I purchased these for my work shoes because I was having horrible left foot pain to the point I was wondering if I had a stress fracture and needed to see a doctor. I placed these in my shoes as soon as they arrived and the difference has been phenomenal! I no longer have pain. I believe a lot of my issue was coming from a lack of support for my arches and these insoles provide the missing link. I wouldn’t be mad if it was slightly more “cushy,” but it’s great support and I love that I’m not in pain anymore. Thank you for helping me take care of my feet!


I've been wearing the Performance Wide Thin insoles for a month and I'm in love. These insoles are so incredibly comfortable. it truly isn't exaggerating to say they've changed how I thought about all my shoes. I used to have no insoles in any of my shoes despite being someone who walks everywhere, and I don't think I'll ever be able to go back. The insole molds to my foot perfectly hugs it without making it hot.

Secret weapon against sore feet

My job requires me to be on my feet for hours on end. I have used SOLE insoles in all of my work boots for many years now. I almost never experience sore tired feet as long as my footwear are equipped with these insoles. They are the best!

Incredible Flips

My first SOLE flips were recommended by a local orthopedic store to help with my insole and heel pain. I wore those steady each summer for 6 years. I’ve had these for the summer of 2021 and they are as awesome as the last ones. Raised arches, comfortable fit and long life is why I bought more. Well worth the investment.

Cycling Insole

I was having issues with numb toes when on a long ride - cycling shoes were approx 4 years old and rather than purchase new shoes i bought insoles - solved my issues immediately and have had zero issues with numb toes since - would highly recommend.

Fits in cycling shoes

Fits in my cycling shoes and does exactly what it is supposed to do. Works better than my Body Geometry with med pad and for high arches insole. Would purchase again.

Good so far

I bought the insoles about two months ago for Morton’s neuroma. The previous ones that I had lasted around three years. Not sure how long these ones are going to last but so far they have been very comfortable. I am going to buy another two pair for other shoes. Very happy with the product.

Great support throughout the whole shift

I replaced the stock insoles in my work boots with the Active Thick with Met Pad and am so very happy with the dramatic improvement in support and comfort. I walk around 5-6 miles during my 8hr property management shift and my feet, knees, and hips are no longer sore at the end of the day. The SOLE insoles cradle my feet with firm (but not harsh) support and help me to be productive at work. Putting them in my boots three months ago has truly been a game-changer for me!

SOLE eases my soul

I have had several SOLE insoles for my cycling shoes over the past 3-4 years. I have had a history of having 'hot spots' in the past, but never since I started using the SOLE brand. They provide the support and comfort that makes a 100 mile bike ride less of a chore and more of a lark. Thanks for saving me from toasty toes, making my summer escapades far more pleasant. Oh, the cherry on top, is great customer service. I'm sold on SOLE insoles.

Great replacement for the spongy factory insole.

Great product, needed more arch support than what came with my work boots. I did go with the met pad, which took some getting used to. Basically the met pad is a small bump on the insole between the arch and just short of the ball of your foot. If I order again, I will not order the met pad. It does not show up on any pictures on the website, it would be nice if the website offered some side profiles of the insole, showing the detail of the met pad option.

Long time SOLE customer

Using the moldable insoles for many years. Consistent product and comfortable

Game changer

These custom heat-molded insoles are by far the best product that I'm aware of for my collapsing arches and uneven pronation. In fact, a shoe expert in North Carolina recommended them when I was attempting to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail in 2016 (but was having a lot of ankle and hip pain and didn't know if I could continue). After I got SOLE insoles, I was able to backpack another 1,500 miles with none of the same pain I'd had. Now, after a few years of wear (and many more miles of use), that pair wore down and I ordered these for everyday urban use, and they're just as amazing. I feel so much relief, all the way up to my neck, when I wear these. It's well worth the few extra dollars for these. I wish more podiatrists and sports retailers knew about just how much of a game changer SOLE heat-molded insoles can be. Thank you SOLE! - Ben (Pittsburgh, PA)

orthotic flipflops

I love them I have been buying these flipflops for years. I wear orthotic insoles in my shoes for very high arch. My pedorthist who makes my insoles also removes the bottom pads of these flipflops and adds shims and glues the pads back in place. He has done this to at least 10 pairs of these flipflops. Fantastic I wear these all day everyday when not at work(steeltoed boots) Love my Catalina Sport Flip

Great value, great product.

Always had issues with flat feet, requiring some form of support. These insoles were perfect for my run racing flats and immediately remedied the pain and blisters I was getting. I will be coming back for more pairs!


This is a great product and well worth the money. I definitely recommend this.

Perfect soles

I discovered these footbeds several years ago and loved them. I have high arches and these insoles are perfect for support. They shape to my foot. I have these in all of winter boots and the lifestyle model are in my shoes.

SOLE is number one

SOLE has delivered where others have failed. I have had foot issues for most of my life. One of my major problems is supination. Most insoles address overpronation. SOLE takes care of both. I have been using Performance Medium with Met pad (cork) for about 6 weeks. The medium works great in a pair of shoes I have that are very roomy. I then ordered 2 more pair in the Thin Performance for shoes where I needed a little more toe wiggle. My balance has improved and the achilles heel pain in my right foot is gone. I only wish I had discovered SOLE insoles years ago.

Husbands feet are happy now

I purchased these for my husband who was having pain in ball of foot. He has not had any pain in that area or his entire foot since the first day of use. He loves these insoles!

Amazing insoles!

I am on my feet all day and these insoles have been a life saver! Super comfortable and has given me relief from a neuroma I have been suffering from for years! These insoles are literally the only product I've found that helps! Highly recommend!

Year after year

I hiked 2000+ miles in these insoles. They are worth it in the long run. They have definitely outlasted all the boots I've put them in over the years. Thanks again folks! first

I have always worked while on my feet and they would hurt after long shifts. I have tried over the counter orthopedic insoles, different types of orthotic shoes and I have been disappointed in everything I have ever tried. Until now! I am so happy that I didn't give up on my search. I am absolutely loving my SOLE orthotic inserts! My feet do not hurt after long days of standing or walking. Very comfortable material and they don't make my feet hot. My feet are finally Happy! Thank you SOLE! You have changed my step!

liliana balasi

easy to select

These insoles replace my casual medium or performance medium insoles in the winter. They have the same support, same cushioning and same volume inside the shoe. there is no fuss, if the other medium insoles work, these will do the same job in cold weather. My wife thought i was nuts for buying 20 pairs of SOLE insoles. That way each shoe has one, no need to switch them or keep track which shoe they are in. Plus i have 6 insulated ones for dress boots, hiking boots, etc put away for the winter.

liliana balasi

cold weather alternative

i got these insoles specifically to replace my ed viesturs ultra and performance thick insoles in the winter in my hiking boots. Same support and cushioning with the added thinsulate to deal with the cold. in my experience having the insole insulated is enough, no need for the really heavy winter boots unless going to the arctic circle.

a winter alternative.

i usually use the Casual Thin or Performance Thin insoles with my allen edmond boots in the spring and fall. i got these as a winter alternative to maintain the familiar comfortable support, but with the insulation for the colder weather. Fits the same thickness. i used some thinsulate boots before in the winter, but now i can just enjoy my favorite boots with the same insulation as the cold weather specialized boots.

lots of cushioning.

i got these for my sorell and ugg boots. I needed more arch support and there was room for a thicker insole. Love these. Worked to perfection. i also got the Insulated Ultra insoles for them for when the weather gets colder.

great for hiking boots.

There wasn't too much room in my salomon hiking boots, so i gave these a try. I used to only use superfeet insoles, but since October I switched to SOLE. I have bought 20 pairs in total. These were a perfect fit for my hiking boots, the right amount of arch support and still very responsive.

liliana balasi

as good as it gets

i bought these to replace a superfeet carbon insole, and i couldn't be happier. I now have them in all my allen edmond boots and dress shoes. Can't take out the original insoles, so there is not too much room and these thin ones are perfect. I have them in the higgins mill, the ranger, the alpine, and also the thursday boots captains, as well as in several pairs of cap toe oxfords.

liliana balasi

the best insoles I have tried so far.

i absolutely love these insoles, i replace all the silly thin foam insoles in my minimalist leather sneakers with these. They are comfortable, supportive and really goes with the leather sneaker theme.

Happy Feet

These insoles are the very best I have ever had . I used to buy them from my chiropractor 's office but now order on line. I was a nurse for fifty years and have had many products and at a much greater cost than SOLE. Thanks for happy feet

Wayne J. Karl


I had been looking for these for a while, as my size wasn't readily available, so when I saw they were in stock, I didn't hesitate. I have morton's neuroma, particular in my left foot, and have to think about proper footwear constantly. I already use several pairs of SOLE customized insoles, so I knew the quality and effectiveness. I've been wearing the Mateo Sport Slides for about a month now, and they're excellent. Fit is perfect, support is exactly what I need, and the quality is great, so they should last a long time. The look is nice also. Very happy with my purchase.


I was having issues with my plantar fasciitis especially after spending hours on my bicycle. I decided to try the SOLE Active Thin with Met Pad. It was very easy to cut to size and mild the insoles to my feet. They seemed to be well made. I placed them in my cycling shoes. It was odd at first but I became accustomed to them. Within a few rides, I no longer experience any pain on long rides. Truly recommend.


I put these in some work boots that had zero support and they were much improved. I have high arches and a weak right ankle from an old injury. I got the insoles with the hope of improving support for my bad ankle as the more I exercise the more discomfort I feel on it. So far it has helped. They fit the boots well. The size ten insole required minor trimming to fit. I think the cork is a great material. I am happy to use anything that is recycled or helps the environment in any way.


I put these in some cycling shoes that had minor support and they were much improved. I have high arches and a weak right ankle from an old injury. I got the insoles with the hope of improving support for my bad ankle as the more I exercise the more discomfort I feel on it. So far it has helped. I am able to ride further and my feet don't go numb. I think the met pad is a great addition. I was not sure if it would help or fit in the small shoe but the people at sole are right. It just helps your foot conform naturally. It doesn't just take up space, it fills the space and helps your foot feel natural. They fit the small shoes well. The size ten insole required minor trimming to fit a 9.5 shoe. I think the cork is a great material. I am happy to use anything that is recycled or helps the environment in any way.

Great Improvement

I put these in some new balance trainers that had zero support and they were much improved. I have high arches and a weak right ankle from an old injury. I got the insoles with the hope of improving support for my bad ankle as the more I exercise the more discomfort I feel on it. So far it has helped.

Foot problem corrector!

I had been having bad foot pain in my big toes when I went to bed after running. I have a high arch, and the podiatrist recommended a metatarsal pad, which helped a little. After adding these insoles to my shoes, toe pain and hip pain went away. I deleted the extra metatarsal pad since these had them built in (a plus for me). Pretty great, and a surprise as I had just accepted that the pains were to be expected with my advancing age (55). I've been using the Performance Thin with Metatarsal pad for about a month now, and it took about a week for me to normalize with them. They didn't have any break in period per se, they just worked fine out of the box. Had to do a little trimming to fit my shoe exactly, but no big deal with a pair of scissors. The cork base is good, and appears to be very durable (I have plenty of cork shoes that last well). The rigid nature seemed like it would be an issue for shoe flex, but I haven't noticed anything different. Glad to be back in the happy zone and out of the pain zone!

Great Insoles

I have week arches and require insoles in all of my shoes. Especially my hiking boots. After trying a few different insoles, I discovered SOLE Softec Ultra’s. These are by far my favorites. So much so that I recently purchased another 2 pairs of them.

Happy feet

I bought the SOLE inserts as I needed a full support insole following foot surgery two years ago. My feet have gone through a lot. I have a high arch and most shoes do not. I bought two pairs and have them in my most used footwear. The support is ideal and the materials used feel great. The SOLE inserts are continuing to prove a great purchase for me and as winter arrives I will be on them every day.

Foot comfort

Been using SOLE insoles for a long time, only insoles that I have. All my athletic shoes, hunting boots and casual shoes have them. They have prevented many potential foot problems.

My Sole

I bought this product because I'm having issues with my heels. I'm still breaking the insoles in but they do seem to be very comfortable at this present time. Thanks SOLE

Great product

I really like the metatarsal button that helps with a morton's neuroma. The insole is thin enough to fit in a cycling shoe. I have been wearing it for 2 months now. It fits great and is true to size.

The definitive answer to foot pain

After spending over $600 on custom orthotics that were horribly uncomfortable and frankly, brutal for athletics. Hundreds at the physio to sort out a neuroma and tendinitis- THESE INSOLES have me my sport life back! My job requires serious fitness and on my feet for hours- I have little to no pain thanks to these insoles. I am gobsmacked at the quality. if you are on the fence- GO FOR IT

The definitive answer to foot pain

After spending over $600 on custom orthotics that were horribly uncomfortable and frankly brutal for athletics, hundreds at the physio to sort out a neuroma and tendinitis- THESE INSOLES have me my sport life back! My job requires serious fitness and on my feet for hours- I have little to no pain thanks to these insoles. I am gobsmacked at the quality. if you are on the fence- GO FOR IT

great product

I have been wearing orthotic inserts for 20 years. I have tried every other product out there, SOLE inserts the best by far. I have been wearing the Active Medium with Met Pad for 3 months and they perform VERY WELL. I have also worn the Work Medium insoles for 2 years, they are great! I have a collapsed arch in one foot. these insoles are made of very resilient materials. I highly recommend the product.

Fits in any shoe

I am very happy with this insole because it has support and even fits into my very tight hiking boots. It has made my 20km days much more fun.

Long time user

Retired firefighter and former long distance triathlete. I have been using these since 2013 for my running shoes and then started put them in all my shoes, including my structural and station boots. The cork beds seem a bit firmer and I’m sure will work as well or better than the older style. I started buying the insoles to help with arch support as I increased my mileage but found them helpful biking ( the thin gray inserts) and also hiking ( the thicker black and also blue inserts). Great product 👍👍

Good for planar faciitis

I ordered these for my running shoes after dealing with PF for a few weeks. I first got shoes with more cushioning/support with marginal benefit. The insoles fit perfectly inside my shoes right out of the box. For reference, they’re in a pair of NB Fresh Foam 1080v11. No need to cut them down. I wore them for a few days without running to allow them to mold. I was able to increase running distance by double (5k to 10k) with considerably less pain the next day.

Saves my feet and ankles

The insoles work great. I have little cartilage in my ankles and my arches have fallen made walking sore. This the the 5 pair of these I have bought because they are so effective in mediating and managing my foot problems. I walk pain free after every meal 6 to 8 miles a day.

Definitely recommend

I’ve been wearing SOLE insoles for about a month now. They are super comfy and have helped with my Planter Fasciitis. I wear a size 7.5 shoe but purchased a size 8 insole. The size chart was super helpful in determining the correct size for me. I took the insoles out of the shoes and measured them, and went according to that, as each brand of shoe can fit slightly differently.

Great product

I have had these insoles for about two months. At first they felt awkward, especially in a well loved pair of shoes. But they broke in nicely in only a few days (I chose not to heat mold them). I was struggling with pain in my ankles and feet. These insoles greatly helped relieve the strain and made it so I could actually walk and not just hobble. I have since gotten a few more to put in different shoes. I can't recommend them enough.

Perfect fit

I bought the insole because it can be heated and make a custom fitting insole. The process worked great. I feel the support without a bulky insole. I will be buying more in the near future for other pairs of shoes I have. Great product.

Great insole!

I have been suffering from pain and numbness in my middle toes and pad of my foot for a while now. I recently read that it may be Morton's Neuroma. I started looking around for a foot bed that would help and found the SOLE with met pad. I cannot believe what a huge relief they have brought me. I ended up ordering three pairs. for everyday walking shoes, golf shoes and hiking shoes. Since I go them, my right foot has gotten progressively worse so I have started the process of going to a specialists but it is confirmed as Morton's Neuroma. It is worse without shoes and, honestly, my only real relief is when my feet are up with no weight on them or in my shoe with the SOLE foot bed. I've now had them for about 4 months and they are holding up amazingly well. Besides helping with my toes they are comfortable in every other way. They make you really laugh at what comes with your shoes or what they sell in a pharmacy.

Good SOLEs

Comfortable insoles with good support - will definitely recommend.

Immediate relief

I find the SOLE insole with Met Pad provided relief for my foot issues. The insole sneakers with no trimming and seem to be of a high quality Shipping was reasonable and the company provided transactional feedback in a timely manner


Was having some issues with shin splints. And a fellow runner suggested I check out SOLE. So glad I did. The new insoles are comfortable and give me the support I was needing. My shin splints had subsided after a few runs with the new insoles.

Gilles G Beauchemin

Not for sweaty feet!

Very proud to have purchased these due to their low environmental footprint. Have worn Berkies in the past. I found these as comfortable and they fit great! I wish that they made a slide sandal with a footbed that absorbs sweat as these don’t seem to breathe as well as Birks. Because of this issue I can’t really wear them for a prolonged period. I have been using their insoles and they are fantastic! 7/10

Best sandals for plantar fasciitis

I have been purchasing these sandals for many years. I suffered with plantar fasciitis in both feet for years prior to wearing both the insoles and these sandals. They have given me my life back. I can walk or stand now for hours where before could barely stand in the morning.

Happy Feet

These insoles have been exactly what I have needed. I have battled several years of foot cramps while skiing and hiking. I learned from a foot specialist my metatarsal pad needed more support. He told me about SOLE company. I purchased the cork and non cork versions of the met pad-medium-and loved the cork. I liked the non cork but have purchased -a total of 4 of these. They fit perfectly in my ski boots and skates as well as, my hiking boots and tennis shoes. I swap them between lots of my footwear and will not go out without them. LOVE THEM!! Buy these!! GREAT company-they TOTALLY stand behind their product. I have told so many of my friends about them. Be active, be comfortable, be in SOLE products! The sizing is right on!!

Christopher Bisignano

great winter boot insole

Still a favourite; recommend annually for patients that use a flat winter boot like Sorels; always impactful results for plantar fasciitis

Its not the shoe!

I've had a pair of work boots that were the most comfortable boots I've ever had in my 20 year work boot wearing career. All day in the 115 degree summer heat and my feet were great. So good in fact that when I wasn't wearing my boots on the weekend I found my feet were aching by Sunday afternoon. This just furthered my obsession with my comfy boots. Fast forward one year later and its time for them to get them resoled so I sent them off and purchased a different brand of boot. I replaced the stock insoles of the new boots with the ones i purchased with my original boots. I was amazed that these boots were also fantastic and kept me going all day. I'm embarrassed to admit how long it took me realize the insoles were the key. Turns out back in the day Red Wing sold rebranded Sole insoles and after a quick call to customer service they recommended which one i should use and now all my shoes are amazing. I just need to figure a way to get these in my sandals.

Heel Spurs relief!

I ordered the insoles and received them within a week and put them in my runners! A huge relief in heel pain within a week! They fit in so easy and stand up! I’ve been wearing mine over a month and the are like new.

Great insoles

I appreciate these insoles because I am allergic to synthetics that most shoes are made of. I can wear cork and this saves me from having to throw shoes away that I cannot wear. Now I can wear runners, as well as many more dress shoes.

Great product

These insoles feel like they would be great for someone with metatarsal pain. They're firm and very supportive. Sizing was accurate. This is a quality product. I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis shortly after receiving these so I can't give a proper review on comfort. The firmness actually makes the pain worse but these insoles are not meant for rheumatoid arthritis pain. My mother has metatarsalgia and she swears by SOLE products. She has multiple pairs of sandals and insoles and she says they have helped with her foot pain immensely.

Great insoles

I appreciate these insoles because I am allergic to synthetics that most shoes are made of. I can wear cork and this saves me from having to throw shoes away that I cannot wear. Now I can wear runners, as well as many more dress shoes.

SOLE is my insole

I have never changed insoles once I found SOLE insoles. I had heel problems growing up playing football, basketball and any other sport I could play. People told me to try some insoles in my shoes and I did but none were helping, until I tried SOLE. I had instant relief with support of my high arches, the back cupped my heel to distribute the weight into the whole heel, it wasn’t breaking my bank account, and they last a long time. I have been wearing them since 2011 and have bought 2 separate times since then. I will never switch to another insole ever again!!


SOLE insoles are the best I've found for my particular feet: I've had a bunion since my twenties, 50 years. It was painful off and on but not now for several years. Since then I've developed a hammer toe and the start of overlapping toes. I recently declined a surgical option when it was revealed I would be off my feet for 10 months postop!! The foot surgeon referred me to a local store that carries supportive and orthopedic insoles. I DISCOVERED SOLE! and the rest is history. They make my feet comfortable in my shoes again. The ongoing changes in my feet have stopped. The bunion and hammer toe are easily managed with SOLE insoles. I'm ready to buy SOLE sandals next!

Part of the recovery process

A recommended product. I have been using this insole for a couple of weeks. Took some getting used to. I would recommend using it to walk around in a bit before trying it in a run. The SOLE is not an answer in of itself but has been part of an answer to help me get over a metatarsal injury. Soft trails, soft shoes, and the SOLE inserts, along with ice , anti inflammatory cream , and massage have me on the road to recovery.

Great Thin Insoles

I put these in my dress shoes and I really like them.

Bye bye foot pain

I’ve never used a met pad insole and was a little worried I wouldn’t like it. I thought I’d feel it and it would be uncomfortable. Boy was I wrong. Not only did I not really notice it but after a long day on my feet instead of being sore and tired my feet felt great. I can’t believe what a difference it made. Buy with confidence that you’re getting a great product 🤙🏽

So far so good!

I just used my insole for the first time playing tennis and it felt really good. It fit perfectly in my tennis shoe and was comfortable.

Great Insole for Altras

These are great insoles for wide shoes like Altras. I'm currently using them in a pair of Altra Lone Peaks. They fit perfectly and add protection against rocky trails.

Active Medium - perfect for hikers

Great insole for my hiking boots! They provide the support I need. They don't fit well in my runners which are NB 1080's however the Active Thins were perfect for that.


SOLE insoles are the best I've found for my particular feet: I've had a bunion since my twenties, 50 years. It was painful off and on but not now for several years. Since then I've developed a hammer toe and the start of overlapping toes. I recently declined a surgical option when it was revealed I would be off my feet for 10 months postop!! The foot surgeon referred me to a local store that carries supportive and orthopedic insoles. I DISCOVERED SOLE! and the rest is history! They make my feet comfortable in my shoes again. The ongoing changes in my feet have stopped. The bunion and hammer toe are easily managed with SOLE insoles. I'm ready to buy SOLE sandals next!

Pain free with SOLE

I love SOLE! I have Plantar Fasciitis and these insoles work wonderfully,

Love Love LOOOVE

I work in a hospital and i spend up to 12 hrs a day walking on nasty cement floors , I have Plantar Fasciitis in my right foot, and these insoles have SAVED ME!! After only a couple of weeks of having them in my work shoes my pain level is DRASTICALLY REDUCED! If you suffer ANY foot pain you can't go wrong with SOLE, just give their products a chance. You WONT REGRET IT!

Great insole

I have very flat feet and have struggled with foot injuries because of it. This insole with the met pad feels a bit different at first but ultimately relives my foot pain I have had for years. These insoles offers such great support. I have been fitted for very expensive custom inserts from my foot doctor but I hate wearing them. My custom made inserts are hard as a rock no padding and squeak like crazy. I have worn my SOLE inserts for a few weeks now and I'm sold on these. I love them. I have since bought two more pairs and sandals from SOLE. I hope they are all just as great. I'm so glad I found this company. Life changing.

They're great!

My right foot has problems; a pronounced bunion and no arch at all. When I walk, it's like walking on my ankle, and is painful. At the end of the day, there's a huge swelling on the outside side of that foot. I have been through so many insoles I've lost count. None provide support where it's needed; they concentrate on being squishy, and what I need is firm support. I bought your insoles on a chance, fully expecting that they'd be the same as all the others. WOW! They weren't! They were firm at the arch and helped counteract the flatness. They're comfortable! The only thing missing is a wedge on the inside side of my heel, to tilt the whole foot outwards. Thanks people! I love them.

They’re great!

My right foot has problems; a pronounced bunion and no arch at all. When I walk, it's like walking on my ankle, and is painful. At the end of the day, there's a huge swelling on the outside side of that foot. I have been through so many insoles, I've lost count. None provide support where it's needed; they concentrate on being squishy, and what I need is firm support. I bought your insoles on a chance, fully expecting that they would be the same as all the others. WOW! They weren't! They were firm at the arch and helped counteract the flatness. They're comfortable! The only thing missing is a wedge on the inside side of my heel, to tilt the whole foot outwards. Thanks people! I love them.

Great product

I have been a purchaser of the Softec Ultra insole for many years. It is a highly durable product that is made of quality material and lives up to its intended use. I have had issues with Plantar Fasciitis while having a very high arch and using these through the years has helped tremendously in curbing my issue. I have them in my work boots, station boots, and yard boots to help keep my arch supported in any activity. The extra cushioning that the Softec Ultra offers is highly noticed if your on your feet all day while using them in your shoes or boots. I highly recommend this product for high arch support and issues.


I have had my insoles for just over a month now, and love them! Can't wait to get more for all my shoes.

Ultra thick, a true heavyweight.

We've been using SOLE Ultra insoles for over 15 years. These offer the most support and comfort of any brand that we have tried. With high arches and 60 year old plus feet, these keep us going. We can swap them from one boot to another if needed. The materials wear like iron and conform well to our feet. We don't heat them, but let our feet form them over time. Worth every penny.

Best support for older feet

We think the SOLE Softec Response is the best thing going for our aging feet. Both my wife and I have high arches and as we're in our 60s, we start to feel it in our feet after an active day. We feel the inserts have kept our feet injury free. They enable us to continue to use our running shoes and work boots after the original insoles wear out. Most times we replace the original insoles with the Sole Softec Response in a new purchase. The more we wear them, the more they conform to our feet .

No More Foot Pain

I am very thankful to my co-worker that suggested SOLE insole. I was having terrible foot pain in my toe area. I tried wider toe boxes which helped a small amount but after wearing the Softec Response insoles for a week or so I no longer have any foot pain! I highly recommend them to everyone I know!

return customer

no complaints here, this is my second pair [1st pair is still going strong, I just got sick of switching insoles every time I switch my shoes, and these have a little more cushion which is appreciated]. I have very high arches that lead to a foot injury last summer and stopped me in my tracks. My podiatrist recommended insoles all the time, not only while running. I'm able to walk/hike/backpack/run/race comfortably now, and I appreciate that SOLE is sustainably minded.

Versatile Insole for a Great Price

I've been buying SOLE foot beds for years now and have used them in a variety of applications : hunting, cross country skiing, mountain biking, trial running and hiking. I love the heat moldable feature as well. I am grateful for the quality of SOLE!

I am a believer!

I've been trying several different companies who make footbeds/insoles. I bought my first pair of SOLE from a Facebook add, about 5 weeks ago I went on the cheaper side and bought the work insole under $40. Since then I have ordered two additional pair (differing models) and plan to order several more. I have added these to my work shoes, my running shoes and my hockey skates. It's not very often that I find a product that truly lives up to the promises, but this one does. Great value, worth the investment in your feet. I am truly a believer!

Great for running

I have high arches and was having pain under the ball of my foot. These insole fixed that immediately. Highly recommended.

works great

I had purchased the red SOLE insoles on the advice of a foot Dr. (I needed met pads but not found on the red ones) I found them so thick that my shoes were tight. I had no clue that there were grey ones that were thinner so tried them and they work great! I would advise anyone that needs thinner and especially with met pads to try these out. They are comfortable and thin!

Custom Feel

Best insole I've ever used. I've been using SOLE for over 10 years now and they turn any footwear into custom fitting comfiness.

Great Insoles

I have had foot and ankle pain for years. I was using expensive orthodics untill I found these insoles. When I first received them I compared them to my expensive insoles they were almost the same. The arch height was the same - the only difference I could see was the heel cup was not quite as deep. The thickness was a little softer. In my opinion these are better then the expensive ones. I have them in all my shoes and work boots.

Great product!

I have been having trouble with my Achilles for a couple of months. Usually insoles or orthotics are more uncomfortable than the reason you bought them in the first place. These insoles we great! Comfortable and molded to my feet during the first wearing. I ran 10 miles in them the first time I wore them! They alleviated my Achilles issue too! I'm buying a pair for every pair of shoes I have!

The best!

The Softec Ultra has been my "go to" insole for many years. I have numerous pairs and jumped at the chance to get a few new pairs from this discontinued gem at such a great price. In my experience, the Ultra has made any shoe wearable. I no longer worry about comfort when I'm buying shoes because I know that they will feel great as soon as I put my Ultras in them. I have realtively high arches which always feel fully supported. Sometimes I'll even take a pair along when I go shoe shopping just to be sure. I also have several pairs of the lighter insoles you make for shoes that are tighter, but the Ultra has been the overall hero. My hope is that your company is successful and continues to make these wonderful products for many years.

Fallen Arch Saver!

Could not survive without these insoles. Showed them to my foot doctor years ago and he was even impressed. Keep up the good work!


I have had my insoles for just over a month now, and love them! Can't wait to get more for all my shoes.

Everyday comfort!

I bought these as a third pair during a sale SOLE was having. I absolutely love these insoles, they provide great support and have helped my Plantar Fasciitis more than anything else I have done, yes pain relief!! I use these daily in my athletic shoes, also love there flip flops for summer time, the same great support.

Great insoles!

I bought this insole to use in my hiking boots and has been great, all the support my other SOLE inserts have worked in all my other shoes! Truly SOLE has been life changing for my Plantar Fasciitis that I have been dealing with for a few years. Highly recommend SOLE.

Best insoles around

These are great for walking on concrete, my back and knees thank you! I've been wearing these for almost 5 years now and even got a few friends hooked on wearing them!

Running shoe insole

I run 20-30 miles per week. Provides great support and comfort

Great insole

Have arthritis in big toe joint. Has alleviated pain and provide great support

Everyday wear

I have had several pairs and wear every day. I have fallen arches and can prevent the re-occurrence of plantar fasciitis by wearing these insoles and other SOLE footwear daily.

Love these!

I started buying the Active Thin insoles about a year ago and love them. I can use them in most of my shoes, including dress shoes because they are so thin. They hold up well. I recommend them.


Love, Love, Love these insoles! Was recommended to them initially by a sports doctor for my son's bout with Sever's 2 years ago. They truly helped him get through that time, until he grew out of the illness. It didn't stop there for us, however. They are in every sneaker I own as well as my son's. I walk 5 miles or more a day, at least 3 times per week and my son is a very active teenager with baseball and other sports. They are well made and insure incredible comfort in our footwear but for us, also help with foot and leg fatigue due to our athletic lifestyles. I cannot recommend them enough. At this point, they are so crucial in our footwear, I stock up on them to insure they're here waiting in our home for any new sneaker purchases that come in, a MUST HAVE!

Offers Stability

I have paralysis in both of my lower legs and feet. The insole provides arch support and stability. Otherwise I would stand and walk on a hard, flat carbon fiber footplate. The insole provides support arch support and decreases nerve pain. Also prevents my foot from moving side to side within my shoe.

Will be buying again

I bought this insole to become my new go-to insole for any custom-made boots I have made. I have been wearing it in a pair of boots for over a month now and it's pretty much the only thing I want beneath my feet everyday

Amazing impact

I had no idea how big of an impact a good insole could have. I used it in my ski boots. Before, I thought my ski boots were not big enough, but that's because my insoles were very old and my arches would collapse and my feet would take up all the space. With these insoles, now it turns out my ski boots are actually too big!

Worth every penny

I feel Softec Ultra insoles have saved me from a lot of foot problems as I have gotten older. We have high arches and am on our feet a lot. We are in our 60's. I first bought them in a military clothing store. Many military members were using them during overseas deployments. I used them during my deployment. I have tried some of the other types, but come back to the SOLE Softec Ultra. It's been over 15 years and I have some of the original soles in boots that don't receive lot of use. Now my wife is sold on them. She had a pair of hiking boots ready to be thrown out. I replaced the factory insole with a Softec Ultra thick and she said they felt like a new pair of boots! We don't heat them, but let them form to our feet over time. They are expensive, but save money over the long run.

Great support!

I am happy with the SOLE insoles and have them in all my shoes including running shoes. I have suffered from plantar fasciitis in the past and wearing these insoles give me the support I need. I have been using them for at least 12 years.

just the right product :)

I needed some new insoles. My friend told me how her new pair of SOLE Active inserts way fixed her foot pain and showed me her pair. They looked exactly like what an active shoe insert should look like so I bought a pair. Wow! What a difference! New life to my old shoes. Better life to my hiking boots and way happy feet to my work boots, all from one new pair of SOLE Active inserts. I've had 'em for about 2 months. They're durability seems to be great (looking forward). The fit is good for 4 out of 5 pairs of my footwear. And yes, they are comfortable! My fifth pair is just a bit small for the insert so I have to stay with my old pair of inserts. Exceeded my expectations for comfort. In my opinion, BUY 'EM!! They work!

Great results

These insoles have been a key part of my eliminating achilles and arch pain. It keeps me running without pain. They are in all my everyday and running shoes now. It does take a little time to feel comfortable while running if you haven't had this good type of support in the past but they allow me to run injury free for the problems caused by lack of arch support in the past. I have been using them for the last 1-1.5 years and love the results.

Works very well for my metatarsal pain

After an increase in snow shoeing and cross country skiing frequency, I began to feel acute pain in my metatarsal head when walking, especially barefoot on hard surface, but then it progressed to walking at all times unless I taped my foot to lift the metatarsal heads. It's tough to tape your skin daily so it was time to finally get orthotics. I bought a thin pair with met pad for my every day shoes and the thick ones with met pad for running. With the insoles I was able to KEEP running in spite of the injury (although I taped at the same time at first) but soon stopped the tape and the orthotics alone were enough to give me relief. After about 6-8 weeks it had healed enough that I could walk barefoot indoors occasionally without pain. I still prefer to wear the insoles on a daily basis as my transverse arch has chronically dropped and it is more comfortable to walk/run with them supported by the insoles. I am also a physiotherapist and I recommend these SOLE moldable arches as a first resort before spending hundreds of dollars on custom orthotics. Great service also!


Love the insoles. I'm back to running and feeling great.

Great Insoles

I have been using this type of insole for approx. 2 years. After I purchased a pair I compared them to my $500 orthotics. They were almost identical. The instep was the same height and the heel cup was just a little shallower. My feet are pronated really bad. Had ankle fusion 8 months ago and have since bought a few more pairs and have them all my shoes. IMO these are just as good as the expensive ones if not better. I find them very comfortable for my situation. They my not have cured my condition but they have made it very bearable. GREAT INSOLES

Working great

I bought these to help me fit a tight pair of ski touring boots. Having ussed them 10 times or so now I find they have solved the fit issue and give great support and function to the boots. They are nice and thin and still offer support, may use them as well in some other boots where a low profile insole will solve the problem of a boot that otherwise might be a bit too tight in volume. It is quite comfortable has a good feel to it. I will look to SOLE for other insoles.

The Only Insole For Me

I have been a long time user of these insoles and they are absolutely great! The day after I purchased these I took them on a 12 mile military training ruck with a 50lb pack. It felt like I was ruck marching on clouds compared to the factory insole in military boots. Two years later I decided they have seen their share of service to my feet and bought 3 more pairs for my work and recreation boots. The soles in my recreational boots have since lasted 6 years and hundreds of miles with very little noticeable difference in cushion. I highly recommend this product to individuals who want a strong product that will last years and will keep them comfortable on their feet the whole time.


Very pleased with the SOLE products I have purchased. What I like the most is that you can buy your specific shoe size, all other insoles I've bought peel at the end that is "cut to fit". I wear them in steel toe boots.

Worth it

These insoles for plantar fasciitis work great. I've had PF for over 5 years and have tried everything. Rested, stretched, iced, and even bought $300 professional insoles from the podiatrist office after they scanned my foot for perfect shape. These insoles worked just as good as the $300 pair for much less money. Buy them. Follow the instructions and heat them in oven before stepping in them for a perfect fit.

Would buy again

I now have several pairs of these insoles so I don't have to keep switching one pair between multiple shoes. I use these at work and I'm on my feet all day. It's been about a month of continuous use and my feet feel pretty good at the end of the day. I heat molded one pair and it went flatter than I would liked so for my other pairs I'm letting them mold naturally and I prefer the slightly more arch support this provides thus far.

VERY Happy with new insoles

SOLE was recommended to me by my chiropractor. My current orthotics were 23 years old! I was excited when I received the first pair and used them in my "walking" sneakers. It was wonderful to not even think about my feet as I walked. So comfortable - - so I ordered a second pair. I may have cut this pair a bit too short, but they work just as well. I'm actually thinking about ordering a third pair for my flats/sandals, since I'm hoping to get out much more this summer than last! So glad I found this company . . .

No more foot pain

I have for many years used support insoles. I was using the Barefoot Science product and really liked it. The reason for the change was price. I decided to look around for an alternative support. I was looking for a Canadian product and the bonus was SOLE used recyclable material. I decided to try a couple or pairs and I am very satisfied. I walk to and from work with a backpack for about 2 Km each way. I've been doing this for about ten years. I started to suffer from foot pain (plantar F) because I was carrying more in the backpack. I'm happy to say that since using SOLE my the foot pain is almost totally resolved. The Performance Mediums I purchased for my golf shoes. I also purchased Thins for my dress shoes and about six pairs of Thick for walking shoes and snow boots. I also bought slip on shoes that I use for slippers, they are great. I recommend the product to all the sore feet. Thank you SOLE!

Unreal insoles, made the mistake of running in them.

Great insoles, they help with my low arches, big time.. awesome in casual shoes.. I made the mistake of wearing these for a 12 km run though. The suede fabric, which looks dope in my casual shoes, didn't work so good once my feet started sweating... had 2 savage blisters by the end of it caused by the wet suede fabric chafing, I think. I've gone back to my SOLE Active insoles for running but still love these bad boys for my casual kicks!

Great insoles!

I've been wearing SOLE insoles for about 4 years. They helped me heal my plantar fasciitis, and now I have them in every pair of shoes I wear. My sandals are from SOLE too.

Great insoles!

I've been wearing SOLE insoles for about 4 years. They helped me heal my plantar fasciitis, and now I have them in every pair of shoes I wear. My sandals are from SOLE, too.

Best solution for my plantar fasciitis

I was looking for a solution to persistent plantar fasciitis from playing tennis and running. Tried stretching, taping, ice, rest with mediocre results at best. Using the selection tool on the SOLE site, I purchased a set of medium cork insoles over a month ago. The PF went away within the first week of using the insoles and I haven't had a hint of it returning since. Very pleased with the product and the use of a renewable resource (cork) in a meaningful way.

Bunion Suffering, Foot Care Nurse Recommended

I have had bunions since the age of 13 and am now 36 likely related to flat foot arches. I first purchased one of these insoles to place inside my K-Swiss shoes (which I purchase in men's sizes despite being a women due to the larger toe box) a few years ago. I absolutely love these insoles. LOVE. LOVE THEM! I have had virtually no bunion-related pain since using these in my work shoes when previously I was on the surgical wait list for bunion removal surgery. For more context, I am a nurse who works acute care; 12 hour shifts most of which is spent speed walking through the unit. I can't say enough good things about these insoles. My feet are no longer in excruciating pain by the end of my shifts -- and this has remained true through the 2-3 years that I have used them. I am still happily using my first purchased SOLE insole in my work shoes and ended up buying another pair for a video review and to use in a new pair of work shoes that I am currently breaking in. I tell EVERYONE about these insoles because I love them so much.

Quality Product

I bought a bunch of Active Thick insoles to go in our rental touring boots to offset sizes. They work great and last a long time.

Frequent Buyer

This is a good one. I usually buy the cork model and decided to try this one as a change. It seems more durable. It was an easy fit inside my hiking boots. I'm 66 and love to hike. I have several chronic leg problems but these insoles allow me to hike for 12+ miles.

Danny Ceacon


A couple of years ago my brother started telling me about how much he enjoyed both the SOLE insoles and some of their footwear that he had started wearing. Since that time he has made repeated purchases and continued to rave about how much better his legs felt when using/wearing their products. I have suffered with serious back issues for half of my life and finally decided to give your insoles a try placing them in a good sturdy pair of Salomon hiking shoes. While my back issues continue I have to say I find I'm able to walk further and with less discomfort than was previously the case. I did purchase 3 pairs of insoles and will be using them in my other footwear. I like that I am able to heat the insole making it more pliable and better able to conform to my particular foot dynamics.

Never leave home without them

I've been wearing SOLE products for about 5 years. This was my first time buying direct from them and will continue to buy direct. I always wear mold mine as opposed to heat mold, and after a few days they fit perfectly. I'm a delivery driver and walk approximately 15km/day, and can't imagine not wearing these insoles every day. I usually buy a new set with every new pair of steel toes and recycle the older ones into other footwear. Worth every penny.

A sole that works for me

This insole works hard while I do the same. I'm hitting the pavement everyday with steel toe boots and they've held up very well. I'd buy them again for sure!

Joe Byrnes

I am a cyclist and I have been having knee and metatarsal joint pain for over a year. When walking my left foot tends to land on outside edge first and then collapses towards inside. This puts a lot of stress on my left knee and met joint especially when I am on the bike. I read about cycling shoe insoles and SOLE was highly recommended. I decided to try and ordered a pair of Active Thins with Met Pad. What a difference they made in a week. I wear them in my cycling shoes and metatarsal pain has decreased a great deal. My knee also tracks straight as opposed to making an elliptic travel during up and down strokes. Met Pad in my case helped a lot. Despite my left leg being the stronger one I was only able to push 32% on the bike. It's almost at 50% right now. I guess my foot was all over the place. I ordered a medium ones for my walking shoes and they work great also. It has been only 10 days but the difference is big. Custom molding them is very easy, great soles at very affordable price. I highly recommend this product.

Foot pain no more

I have purchased 2 SOLE cork foot beds now and I will never buy another brand. Last year when I was experiencing foot pain in my functional fitness shoes I decided to give them a try. I was sold nearly immediately. They confirmed to my foot and soon after all of my pains and aches had disappeared. There was no question in my mind when the insoles of my beloved boots folded up that I replace them with the Thin footbed. Nothing short of amazing. I could stand all day without issue. I only wish I could have these in every pair of shoes I own. On the fence? Don't be. You'll be glad you tried these.

Perfect for tighter footwear

I ordered these for my casual boots and shoes. I have really high arches and these insoles increase the comfort of my Iron Rangers, Thursday Boots and Vans. If I had a pair of Chuck Taylors I might be able to wear them now. I may need a couple more pairs of these so I don't have to switch them out all the time.

Can't live without them

I have really high arches and having to wear steel toe work boots for 10 hours a day is excruciating. I've been using SOLE insoles for years now and I can't imagine wearing my boots without them. I recently tried the Met Pad version and it helps with the pain I would occasionally get in the outside area of my foot right below the toes. These insoles are thick so make sure there is plenty of room in the toe box if you plan on using them.

These Boots Were Made for Walking!

I have a pair of beautiful boots I love to wear, but my back hurts after a while when I have to walk much in them. I ordered the Thin insoles with a met pad to support my high arches and presto! My boots are now perfect for walking in comfort and style. Thank you!

Happy feet

I work 8 hours a day on my feet on concrete floors and at the end of the day my feet and legs are tired! The SOLE Work insoles fit easily into my shoes and molded to me foot shape perfectly (I used the warm oven method they recommend). They definitely support my arches and help my feet and legs to feel a little springier at the end of the day! Great value for insoles that work just as well as my orthotics.

These insoles saved my running career

These insoles saved my running career. I started having alot of trouble with my feet last summer- was recommended these insoles by someone at the Running Room. This is the second time I've ordered them in 6 months and all I can say is wow!!! Will be ordering these twice a year. Thank you for creating such an amazing product!

Comfortable Ski Boots

I bought a pair of the SOLE Performance Thin insoles to go in my ski boots. I had a pair of Superfeet insoles, but my feet would be sore/tired after an hour of skiing. I have used these insoles for several days and they are very comfortable and my feet don't feel tired or cramped after a full day in my ski boots.

Foot pain no more

I have purchased 2 SOLE cork foot beds now and I will never buy another brand. Last year when I was experiencing foot pain in my functional fitness shoes I decided to give them a try. I was sold nearly immediately. They conformed to my foot and soon after, all of my pains and aches had disappeared. There was no question in my mind when the insoles of my beloved boots folded up that I replace them with the Thin footbed. Nothing short of amazing. I could stand all day without issue. I only wish I could have these in every pair of shoes I own. On the fence? Don't be. You'll be glad you tried these.

Cross Country Ski Boot Companion

These met pad insoles were the secret weapon for a full day of cross country skiing with a Morton's Neuroma. I've been enjoying them for the past 2 months in my ski boots and am able to enjoy pain free fun while using them for both classic and skate ski adventures. They are very comfortable and are easily switched between ski boots. I also enjoy the environmental footprint of these reusable materials. The ordering process and shipment and delivery was easy and fast. Super impressed!

Lorna Conner


I have had 3 surgeries to my I am in constant pain in my neck...back and feet. I purchased these and they are by far the only thing that keeps my neck and back aligned feet are the most comfortable they have been in years. I wear them all day long...I wish you would make running shoes out of this material...I would buy them. I have just purchased the cork insoles and fingers crossed they are going to help....I unfortunately can't wear sandals outside in the winter time. I highly recommend these....I just ordered another pair lol

Tammy L Huggins

Love them

I love my insoles , game changer . I work almost 75 hours a week . These go from shoe to shoe can't go a day without them.


I've had 3 or 4 other brand of insoles over the years looking to make my shoes more comfortable and relieve plantar fasciitis pain. A friend was ordering some insoles for her husband work boots and I thought what the heck I'll check them out so wrote the SOLE name down and then googled and found you. When I saw the met pad versions I decided to "gamble" on yet another insole. It was a good gamble because now I have 6 pair of met insoles, thick for hunting boots and medium for tennis shoes and dress shoes all with the met pad. Guess what? No more plantar fasciitis. The SOLE insoles were easy to mold, fit my shoes perfectly, are comfortable and the met pad seals the deal for me. I honestly will get more of these in the future. Love'em!!

Great for hiking boots

I purchased the wide width insoles for my hiking boots. They fit the boots great - can't wait to head out to the mountains with them in the spring. If they work half as well as the thin insoles in my ski boots, they will be well worth it.

Wow - my feet feel great!

I have flat feet, which cramp and ache when doing things like skating and skiing. I used these inside my xcski boots and cannot believe the difference. My feet no longer hurt / ache across the bottom, and when I take off my boots my feet are just ... there. Gone is the intense throbbing followed by deep aching that would continue sometimes an hour or more. These insoles have removed sore feet from my excuse pile!

Greet insole for cycling

I use these for cycling and they've turned a once so-so pair of shoes into very comfortable shoes that i can use on 3+ hour rides. I used to get pain on the outside side of my foot after a few hours but this insole has helped get rid of it. Plus my higher archer know feel nice and supported.

I love these insoles

I have been a loyal user of SOLE insoles for years now and I buy them for my elderly father, who too swears by them. The sizing always fits, it takes the pressure off my feet, my ankles and enables me to take some great back-country hiking trips. A must-have for anyone who spends their time on trails, work, I never leave the house without wearing SOLE insoles.

Best insoles ever

These insoles are excellent. I had to give up my daily 8 Km walks for 8 days and ride the stationary bike because of extreme pain from metatarsalgia in my right foot. This condition had been undiagnosed but getting worse over the last few years and I googled the symptoms, which brought me to your website. I followed the oven instructions and fitted the insoles in place of the factory insoles and began using them that day. The met pad made a 100 percent difference and I am now pain free when I walk or hike. I have a pair in my hiking boots and my trail shoes. My only regret was that I had not found your company 5 years ago when the metatarsalgia started.

Great product

Amazing product I don't get back pain like I had before and no cramp foot and legs i highly recommend this product I got 3 insole and 2 sandals and can not be happier . Thank you SOLE!

Thank Heavens for these insoles!

Oh I'm so happy to have found these insoles! I've struggled with plantar fasciitis pain for the last year or so. I've tried wearing a walking boot 24/7, wearing a variety of different night splints, and have tried a couple of different insoles, and these have made the most difference! I love that the SOLE Active Thin w/Met Pad fit into more of my shoes than the other insoles (the size 8 pad fits perfectly in all my size 8 and 8.5 shoes), and after wearing them for a little more than a week, my foot pain is GREATLY REDUCED! While I can't speak to the longevity/long term use of these insoles, I'm optimistic and I've planned on order a couple more sets so I don't have to take them in and out of different pairs of shoes.

Love it!

I have plantar fasciitis and it was bad enough that even my running shoes didn't feel good after a few hours. I got these insoles about a month ago and my foot pain is gone! Unbelievable, been fighting this for two years and wish I'd pulled the trigger and bought them sooner. Totally worth every penny.

Great for Hiking Boots

I've used SOLE products for years and have been satisfied with them all, but these are the best yet. The thickness is good for high volume boots and the met pad adds little welcome cushioning. I have a variety of knee issues, and these insoles eliminate a lot of the problems. Highly recommend them!

Morton’s Neuroma Reflief

I've been trying different insoles from different companies for over a year trying to find one that worked. This one does! It fits in my runners perfectly without filing them up with too much padding on the bottom. The metatarsal pad and arch support really improve the discomfort of the neuroma. I've been exercising in them for 2-3 weeks and I've noticed a huge improvement in my foot pain lessening. Easy to break in.

Best insole...

SOLE was the best insole I had ever used, and that was before I knew they offered insoles with met pads. They've taken the best, and made it even better!


These insoles are very comfortable in runners and in walking shoes. I would definitely buy these again.


Absolutely love them. I have had problems with my feet for a few years now, and found it a pain to switch my orthodics which are very expensive from show to shoe. I have SOLE insoles in all my footwear now and have no issues with foot pain any longer.

Best insoles

I work long hours and stand on concrete floors. I have tried multiple insoles over the last 10 years for plantar relief, these are the best insoles that provide relief. I have bought multiple units and will be a regular user.

As good as Orthopedic insoles

In my opinion these insoles work just as good as a pair of custom orthotics did, but about $300.00 cheaper!!!


I can immediately tell the difference when putting these insoles in. My feet tell me they are happy and that makes me happy :D


Best insole over the counter. Was able to walk again having planters in only one day. Thank you

Why pay 500.00 dollars when you can wear SOLES

I have had plantar fasciitis and achilles problems. After trying many things the doctor decided that I needed to see a foot doctor. I then purchased insoles at 500.00 dollars which in a bit of time worked. The sad part is before my 500.00 expense I had purchased your product but did give your SOLEs enough time to work. The foot doctor asked me what I had tried and I told him SOLEs and he asked how long had I used them for. I then knew I could have saved me money and pain I have recommended them to my sister and friends. I recently bought a pair for my son as a Christmas gift, (he wears the 500.00 ones! and I told him SOLEs where as good) I have purchased them from a couple of stores in Winnipeg (Canadian footwear and Legacy) before buying direct from you. I like the thin SOLEs because they fit nicely in my shoes with great support as I wear them in all my shoes every day. Great product


I have been using SOLE insoles for a few years now. I bought some new sneakers and found that the insoles that I had didn't work in these. This one fit perfectly and made it possible for me to break in my shoes and now I walk in comfort. I like that snappy color too. And I was so happy to get the promotion. Any support like that is much appreciated in these times.

Amazing Insoles

I suffered from plantar fasciitis for almost a year. I would limp in pain when I got out of bed in the morning. I would hobble when I walked. I had tried other insoles but they only gave me temporary relief. Then I tried these insoles. They saved my feet! Within 2 weeks the pain was gone. I could walk and move without pain. The insoles fit like a glove. I can now walk 18 holes of golf and suffer no pain that day or the next. I have them in all my shoes and now I can say goodbye to foot pain. For over a year now. They work!

Raphael Berube

Well made

Been wearing those for over a month now. Only formed by wearing which I regret, took longer than I wanted/expected so I'd suggest the preheat method. They are well made, solid product and comfortable. They are not overheating/sweaty as some other felt insulated insoles sometimes do. Gave more support and definitely more rigidity to my winter boots which have a somewhat supple sole. Definitely recommend!

Love for the feet

These insoles are the best. I wear them in all my walking shoes and find my feet tire far less.

Pain relief!

After some research and the purchase of many other brands of insoles, I have finally found the perfect one for my feet. I had significant relief from my planter fasciitis within a couple of days. I purchased my second pair just 2 weeks later. SOLE will be my go to brand of insoles.

Russel Torres

Great Insole

Great insole.. I've been wearing it everyday for 8 hrs for the past few months now.. and it felt really good.. no more sore feet after work. I love it.. I actually bought 3 more pairs.. so all my shoes have a pair of SOLE insoles in them..

Life changing

After living with pain in my tendons and Morton's Neuroma, I have finally been able to get back to normal walking and activity! These met pad insoles have given me my life back!

SOLE insoles

I have high arches & am always on my feet. SOLE insoles are in all my shoes now & it makes such a difference in comfort. Now I can wear a shoe that doesn't have the necessary arch & just pop my insole into it for a perfect fit. As my finances allow, I'd like to try more than just the insoles. Great customer service also!

Very satisfied !

I was do for a new pair of $400 orthopedic insoles and I just couldn't justify spending the money so I did some research and and chose these which I'm glad I did. I ordered 2 pair ... 1 for work shoes and 1 for good shoes . I molded the right away . The material seems to be very durable and after wearing for more than a month they still look new (no wear what so ever) I have a history of a bad ankle and once in a while it flares up and bothers me . Once I started wearing these my ankle felt so much better. I'm also a technician and I stand on a concrete floor ALL DAY . Definitely recommend these and I will be buying again in the future.

Saved my feet!

I have been a SOLE wearer for about 15 years. During my first pregnancy, I had the worst Plantar Fasciitis and could barely walk. A local store recommended that I put a pair of sole insoles inside every pair of shoes...and it worked. Completely cured my foot pain. Thanks SOLE!


One of the best insoles. Very comfortable

The road to recovery

I have been using SOLE insoles for almost 2 years now, and I never leave home without them. I have been recovering from multiple injuries to my feet, including plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis. These insoles have helped to relieve the pressure on my plantar fascia, and have provided me with the arch support that I needed to reduce the strain on my Achilles. They were amazingly comfortable right from day 1, and I would strongly recommend this product to anyone who needs a good, supportive insole. I would not have made as much of a recovery as I have it weren't for SOLE.


Love them! They have really helped my planter fasciitis! I will probably order more, never thought an insole would help. Honestly order them!


I normally wear Altra wide toe zero drop shoes. I'd worn SOLE's in the past and after visiting the web site I found the wide toe option. I purchased both thin and medium. The insoles are well made and fit my shoes perfectly. With over 500 miles of backpacking and normal everyday wear they are holding up very well. I wear a combination of lite to mid weight socks depending on the season and both insoles get the job done. I've been fighting a slight Achilles Tendon issue and these insoles provide some support along with my padded ankle brace.

Excellent product

Those insoles come very close to the custom ones I got from the podiatrist at a fraction of the cost. I picked up several pairs to cover for all my shoes.


I was recently diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my left knee. I bought these and the first time I wore them I felt the difference immediately! I bought two pairs so I wouldn't have to switch out as often. I had to trim them a bit to fit just right & I did warm them in the oven before first use as suggested. I never work without these in my footwear. A few years ago I bought insoles at The Good Feet Store for plantar fasciitis and those did nothing to help my knee. These, were far less expensive & helped my knee immediately. I had back surgery a few months prior to getting these and this allowed me to keep up active to help me heal! It's a no brainier! GET THESE!!!

Made such a difference!

I am a daily walker and have significant lower back pain or leg aches if I am not wearing support on my feet. I have high arched and found that the SOLE insole helped to support my arch from collapsing. The met pad is a must for metatarsal pain. Its subtle enough that it almost feels like it isn't there but has all the benefits of a met pad. Highly recommend these insoles!


I was recently diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my left knee. I bought these and the first time I wore them I felt the difference immediately! I bought two pairs so I wouldn’t have to switch out as often. I had to trim them a bit to fit just right & I did warm them in the oven before first use as suggested. I never work without these in my footwear. A few years ago I bought insoles at The Good Feet Store for plantar fasciitis and those did nothing to help my knee. These, were far less expensive & helped my knee immediately. I had back surgery a few months prior to getting these and this allowed me to keep up active to help me heal! It’s a no brainer! GET THESE!!!

Worth it

I have custom orthotics and three different pairs of SOLE insoles. I prefer the SOLE insoles by far! Wasted money buying custom orthotics, these feel the same if not better and are more cushioning.

Knees feel better.

As a pain-free runner for about 30 years I was mortified when my right knee began really hurting in April. Despite icing and taking it easy things weren't getting better so I went to the physical therapist in early May. John gave me two "prescriptions"" 1. a series of exercises which I haven't been good at doing, and 2. to buy SOLE active insoles -- which I ordered that day. The insoles made a world of difference -- as John said they would -- my knee soreness greatly decreased within weeks so I could briskly walk the dogs five to ten miles per day. Recently I've started running again -- with my SOLE inserts -- and so far, so good.

Been using for couple months now.

I have planter faciutus and require custom insoles which are over 300 dollars. These are a great alternative.

Custom orthotic hiller

After a diagnosis of low arches by a podiatrist I was putting $350.00 orthotics into my shoes. This meant romoving the original insole and buying larger shoes to get my foot and orthotic into the shoe. I compared the arch height and support of the orthotic to the SOLE product. They were the same! So my first purchase were in my work boots for one year. The same support as the ororthotics but with a more comfortable fit. These things are great. Easy to trim to match the "footprint" of the original insole. Super comfortable. Super supportive. Great price.

Sara Christon

These are the best insoles

These are the best insoles I've ever had and, having planter fasciitis, I've tried multiple brands.

Great Insole

I have bad knees and these insoles really helped relieve the pain I was experiencing everyday. I have been using them for over a year now and I won't wear my sneakers without them. The fit was perfect. They felt comfortable right out of the package.

great insoles

For just a little more padding, these are great. Good support and comfy! Very worth the price

great insoles

I love SOLE insoles. I'm a nurse and comfortable well supported feet are important These hit the mark

Insole review

I had went to my foot doctor for a yearly checkup and had talked about the fatigue and pain of being on my feet all day and climbing ladders at work. My doctor recommended I check out the SOLE site and recommended the insole I should look at. I went on the site and ordered a couple of pair of insoles. Since wearing them for a couple of months my feet and legs are feeling much better. I could not believe the difference! I am very happy with the product and the difference it has made in my life.

Best insoles out there

I used to use a competitors insoles...after trying one pair of SOLE insoles, I was hooked. Now I have SOLE insoles in all my feet have never been happier.

best for running shoes

The Active This is a great upgrade to your running shoes. Should you need just a little more support this moldable insole is a great add on. Swap you stock insole for this and get on your merry way. A twinge of Plantar Fasciitis then this is the band aid with mercurochrome. No trimming necessary and you will know it's there but in a good way.

Great quality

I have used the work boot then tried the medium for casual shoes and now these in dress shoes. They work period. Only thing you need to be aware of is that your current shoes or shoes you consider purchasing need to have a removable insole in them. I just bring them with me when I try on the shoes. Would recommend if you have low to no arches and knee issues which can be caused by flat feet.

They do work

These really do work. I started with the work boot insoles. I noticed a difference from walking all day with and without them. If you have low arches this will help. I notice my balance was better my knees hurt less and I could walk longer periods without feeling pain. I liked them so much I decided to try them in my casual shoes. They are costly compared to others but they do work. One thing to remember when buying shoes is that the shoes need to have removable insoles already or these will never fit. Your shoe choices might be limited but the trade off is well worth it. I can spend way more time on my feet with them than without them.

Great solution to a painful foot problem

I've been using SOLE insoles for years and they have been great. I now walk over 30 miles per week and over the past 18 months, I've started to have foot pain. I do have Morton's toe and suffered with a neuroma. I tried several different approaches to support and cushion my metatarsal area but all were problematic - slipping pads, pads that didn't conform to my foot, etc. I discovered the SOLE with built in met support about two months ago. They have been a lifesaver. I have them for my walking shoes and also for my everyday shoes and they have completely erased the foot pain. I also bought a pair for my husband's walking shoes and they have worked for him as well. I highly recommend these SOLE footbeds to alleviate ball of the foot and toe pain.