Rosemary S Hinkle

Love these shoes!

I use these for bedroom shoes as I can't walk barefoot due to neuropathy in my feet. These are great! Depending on the sock thickness I'm wearing, I can adjust it with the velcro. That helps a lot. These are good shoes, bought some while on sale.

nora livingstone

Very cozy

These socks are the coziest! They are a little bit funny to put on after washing because, as the name suggests there are two layers of socks. But that is the very thing that makes them so comfy. Extra soft and nice on runs and long walks. I recommend them!

Emily E Volkert

Overweight/Post Hip Surgery Win!!

This product helps my flat feet! It decreased my pain after my hip replacement. I've been wearing this for a few months and I ONLY hurt when I DON'T wear them. As an overweight person I was concerned they wouldn't be for me, but I love them, they are great construction, support me well. I have wide feet, but these fit great. They fit good in my tennis shoes. They feel good on my feet, the top is a felt like material and very soft when I wear flats without socks. So comfortable, I plan on purchasing an active footbed and a pair of sandals for this summer!! Can't wait!!

Mark Picus

Incredibly comfortable shoes!

I have a long narrow foot, and it doesn't make sense to spend $300-$500 for every pair of work and dress shoes so that they fit my 11.5 AA foot. I used to just wear two pairs of socks (not always comfortable during a Gulf Coast summer, but SOLE has been a godsend! The inserts help my normal width shoes fit, but the District by ReCORK shoes I bought fit tightly, comfortably, and look fantastic. I feel fashionable and young, and I bound around my campus at work or through airports without wincing or losing my shoes. And they look great for casual or dress-up occasions.

Brian E.

Dual Layer Socks

I have been purchasing SOLE Dual Layer socks for well over 5 years. They are my everyday, every workout go to socks. They literally silky soft and they last forever. The material is just incredible. I have socks over 5 years old that are still in perfect shape and comfort. Fit is perfect. I purchase for both my wife in a smaller size for her size 6 and my size 9 feet. I highly recommend these socks because you literally get what you pay for.

Stephen D Feher

Great shoe!

I have not worn these shoes very much but really like them. They are light, and I love that they are wool, so can be worn in cool or warm weather. The sizing is a bit small for me as I usually wear a wide shoe, but with thin socks they work. I don't think these would be great for long walks, but they look really good, in my opinion, and are great for casual wear. I may get more in a bit larger size and wish there was an option for a wide size. The shoes are very well made and I like that there are recycled corks being used in the shoes. I make art from recycled products so appreciate that aspect of these shoes.

Dean Grove

Helped with plantar fasciitis

I bought these specifically for an older relative who suffers from plantar fasciitis. They reported that the shoes eased the pain of walking. In general, they said the shoes are light, comfortable and sufficiently neutral in style to not attract attention (an important consideration). They found them wide for their size (8), which was remedied by wearing thicker socks. They had some difficulty at first using the tabs to pull the shoes on but eventually got used to it. Overall, they are pleased with the shoes and are considering adding SOLE insoles to some other shoes.

Mia Staysko

Pretty Awesome Boots

I love these boots. The style is awesome and they are really comfortable. I'm glad I bought a half size larger as they are just a tiny bit roomy, meaning that I can wear a thicker sock if I want to. My only disappointment is that I had hoped that the insole was removable so I could change it out for a different SOLE one, or use my own orthotics in these boots.

Halley Hixson

Great support!

Great support. My only fault is that you can't wear them with socks, they are WAY too tight with socks. They fit great without socks, but my feet get so sweaty. I'm hoping I can stretch them a bit and then wear them with socks later. Another shoe knocked outta the park!


Great shoes

They are well made, look great and are very comfortable. It can definitely be worn with no socks. I am tempted to get them in black too, only regret that despite having measured my foot and always being a size 7.5, I should have ordered them in a size 7.


Comfortable and light

The shoes are some of the most comfortable I've worn. The first few dozen steps felt different as a result of the lack of cushioning. The sole is also quite stiff. However, I don't even notice the absence of cushioning now. The anatomical knowledge of the SOLE crew is evident here: perfect shape, low environmental impact, and the wool needs no breaking in. I was already a SOLE insole and sock customer. Now I'm a shoe customer too!

Alan Morhun

Adjustable slip on

SOLE was recommended by my foot doctor and they are great for my plantar fasciitis. The new adjustable slide is fantastic, as I can now adjust it for bare feet, or if I need to wear socks. I would highly recommend this product.


Finally, a shoe insert that works!

Tried numerous shoe inserts to resolve my foot pain. Found Sole shoe inserts during a Google search. Researched the product and ordered one pair. Sole insert worked for me and helped rid my foot pain. I ordered 3 more pairs for my different shoes. When my daughters had foot pain issues from soccer I ordered both girls Sole inserts. Both girls are pain free. I ended up ordering the Sole slip on sandals and strap on sandals for days I don't want to wear socks but still have my arch and ankle support. No issues with the Sole inserts to date. Have been using them for many years. I don't heat my inserts I just put them into my shoe and over a short period of time they form to my foot.

Tony Trzeciak

Favorite Footwear

SOLE flips are my primary, daily footwear. In my mid 60's, I've been wearing the Laguna recork flips for the past 8-10 years. They are the most comfortable footwear I own and offer phenomenal support. About the only time you won't see them on my feet is when I'm wearing a suit ( weddings, funerals, etc.) or when serving on jury duty. I also wear them while exercising and enjoying the great outdoors. One of my favorite memories involves hiking up to a waterfall along the Columbia River. As we were returning to the trail head, we passed a group of young hikers headed up the trail. I heard one of them exclaim, "Now that's hardcore! That guy is wearing flips." Bottom line, I love my SOLE flips. Whether at home in the Florida Keys, hiking most trails or after taking off my ski boots and socks; nothing feels better on my feet!

Andrew Chong

Love Adjustability

I hadn't thought of it before I got them, but the adjustability feature is great. I can adjust the fit between barefoot and with socks, so I can wear them to places that are over air conditioned.

Carmen Sanders

Foot pain

I have been wearing SOLE insoles, blister socks, and flips for years. Navigate sandals are lightweight and super comfortable I can stay on my feet all day. The best products for my feet and awesome customer service! Thank you SOLE

Glenda Martin

Great holiday no Blisters

I have been on vacation which has included lots of biking and hiking. I never fear getting blisters anymore since I found SOLE Dual Layer socks. They are my favorite socks and I wear with confidence that there will be no blisters at the end of the day. I also have a pair of EVU Signature footbeds in my hiking shoes. The best thing with SOLE is the customer service. Great product and great service, what more could you ask for!


Great product and people!

I have the lightweight sport and dual layer socks - GREAT product! They fit so well, never budge in my shoe. Love them both! I bought the Cork Flips also but haven't had a chance to wear them, so I can't review the product just yet. However, I had to exchange a size for them and it was the easiest, seamless process I've ever dealt with in terms of exchange policy with a company. The person I spoke to was amazing, efficient and friendly. LOVE SOLE!!


Best running sock

These are hands-down the best running socks I have ever worn! I have trained for 3 marathons in hot, humid weather and have never gotten a blister, hot spots, or calluses with these socks. I love how they fit my feet and don't bunch up. If you like a thinner sock, but find them to be too flimsy for longer, sweatier runs, then give these a shot. They are thicker, but they stay cool - I don't notice the thickness, especially because my feet stay so happy!


The best socks ever

These are the only socks I wear. I'm waiting on another sale and then I'm gonna buy 20 pairs!



I bought these for work they really do hold up well they ended up being a little firm for me when I wore thick socks they felt much better. I decided to purchase the thicker more cousin type this time. I am pleased with how well the product held up. The more I wore the first pair the more comfortable they got.


Love my DualLayer

I used both the ankle single layer and a pair of crew dual layer for a 24 hr bike race. This is the first time I had no blister issues. Still waiting for dual ankle socks to be in stock so I can order some. My only issue with the dual crew is that all the dead leaves and brush like them too. Having a hard time getting everything off of them. I still really really like the socks so it is something I can live with.


bomb proof

I bought a pair of sole socks probably 6 or 7 years ago. They have out lasted all the socks my husband and I have bought ever since. They still fit well and have NO holes. I love them. I am buying some for my husband this year as he has a bad case of sock envy. Hahaha


LOVE these socks

These have been my favorite socks since I was introduced to them just over 6 years ago. I LOVE them. They have no seals and a great snug fit around my foot arch. These are the only socks I run in!

Kimberly Kraan

100 + Miles, No Blisters = Happy Feet!

After putting SOLE to the test, I instantly became a sock snob. 100 miles of inline skate trail skating over a 3 day weekend I was SOLEd. These socks kept my feet happy: light arch support is great, no fabric movement, seamless toe box is perfect for snug tight fitting speedskate boots, and best of all no blisters. I find I use these socks for all my skates, and with running shoes. Thanks SOLE!


Happy feet

These socks are so lightweight and breathable, and the arch support ring makes my feet feel steady as I move. I have used them for running, kickboxing, and Zumba, and they hug my feet firmly without being uncomfortable. Just make sure you have them on the right feet!!

Jennifer Pack

best socks ever

I wear these socks for work and they are fantastic. I work as a pharmacy technician and am on my feet all day running around. When wearing these socks I don't slide in my shoes, me feet don't feel as tired at the end of the work day, and no sores or blisters. Some one had given me these socks as a present and I had been trying to find them ever since. Now that I have I will buying more socks.

Barbara Schumacher

Scuba Diver Loves These!

These are great socks! The dual-layers really help reduce friction. I am a scuba diver and after my week long dive trips with 3 dives a day I would head home with major sores on my toes from friction in my dive boots. I decided to try these socks in my boots and sores! They fit snug and when you first look at them you might think "are these really going to fit my foot?" They do! I'm buying more!

Tammy Brooks

Best ever

I bought this shoe because I love the cork inner sole better then the sherpa. The Sherpa just doesnt give me the same support as the cork does, and the sherpa gets my feet too warm after walking around in them all day. I am a ladies size 10, so I got the mens 8, and they are great. This cork inner sole is not made in the womens shoes, only the flip flops. So these Repel just look like I'm wearing tennis shoes. I can wear them with socks, or without, due to the cork sole. LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM.

Margaret Herbert

Comfortable dress boots

This is the first pair of "dress" boots I have been able to wear in years because of foot issues (I generally wear shock absorbing shoes with SOLE footbeds and SOLE slides.) They are low heeled, comfortable and easy to get on and off thanks to the zipper and gusset. There is enough room in the calf area for most to wear with skinny jeans. I wear a size 8 1/2 and ordered up as recommended. The foot is a bit large, but fits fine with heavy socks.

Cheryl Blaquiere

Sole socks

Wow, wow and wow! These are the most comfortable socks I've EVER owned. I've removed almost all of my other brands of sport socks from my drawer because I reach for the Sole socks first. My 3 year old grandson loves the Left and Right. He helps Grandma with her socks and he's learning at the same time.

Bradley Wright


Fits well and offers some extra cushioning. Prefer it over the Lightweight sport socks.

Keith Ashmore

Colavita Cycling Loves these socks!

We (the team) have been using the Lightweight Sport Socks for two years now. We love the fit, and the feel of these in our cycling shoes. They are thin and comfortable for those long rides, and intense workouts. Breath and evaporate sweat easily, very streachy fabric, and the left and right logo designation helps keep things "on the right foot". Try em, you'll be stoked! Keifer Colavita SW Cycling Team

Kimberly Kraan

Good for you SOLE and FEET!

I was introduced to SOLE socks after having inserts made during a speed skate competition... WOW! For any type of skating we like nothing better for performance, support, breathability, and best of all no blistering! Now we stock both ankle and crew height socks in our shop for skaters. Seriously, something about these magic socks will make you empty your old sock drawer.

Slater Fletcher

Comfy Technology

The technology that makes these socks fit so perfectly and protect against heat and blisters is like nothing I have ever used before. It all goes into a comfortable fit that goes the distance! No doubt, these are the best socks I have ever used!

Matt Lesnewski

Sock Thief

Best socks I've ever owned, wife liked them so much she stole two of the three pairs I ordered so I ordered eleven more. Each of us will have a weeks worth of comfort!

Monica Mullins

My Obsession!

I'm obsessed w/ these socks! They are the most comfortable socks I have owned! They are perfect for running, cycling, and work! I truly don't need any other socks!

Kent Jones

Great! But one further improvement

I've got four pairs of these and they work great for my flat feet. I've got $300+ custom foot beds and they are just as good. But like others have reviewed it would be nice if they could make a narrower pair. The thins are great and works in more of my shoes & sneakers, but not all due to the width of them. Come on Sole get them in the design and production stages, pretty sure you'll sell them. BTW their socks are great too!!! thanks again

Richard Cronin


In everything from wet and boggy off road ultra marathons to hot and dry road marathons I have never had a blister wearing these socks. And they last a very long time as well - which is a bonus.

Melinda Barker

Love these socks!

The dual layer socks are my favorite socks to run in. I run marathons and never blister or have sock issues with these. Highly recommend!

Layne Oliver

These socks don’t stink or retain odor at all

Odor control - Great!!! Both models of socks does not get any better! I tend to really test this part to the hilt. I will not wash my socks for many outings to prove odor one way or the other. These socks don’t stink or retain odor at all even after ten straight uses.

Layne Oliver

Your Dual Layer Sock handles this element very well!

Grime. Trail grime by my definition, is grit sticks, pine needles etc. and these things can tear up socks and feet. Your Dual Layer Sock handles this element very well! Little micro sticks etc will get stuck in the sock and you ought to remove these vermin ASAP just for your own good. In fact due to your construction of this sock I think less trail stuff gets stuck in your sock than in other similar brands!

Gina Kraft

Go-to race socks

These are my favorite socks. I race bicycles with Exfuze Womens' Racing. These are the socks I reach for for every race. They are SO comfortable and smooth feeling. I do not have to think about my feet in my cycling shoes when wearing these socks. They are my go-to race socks! Gina


Hands down the best socks I've ever used

Hands down the best socks I've ever used. I've finished over 75 marathons and ultras and have yet to get a blister in these socks. A couple years back I ordered a couple pair of black socks to use for a 50-mile trail run. Got them on Friday, did the 50 on Saturday and didn't have a single foot issue the entire way. Keep up the great work!

Jim Baudhuin

Incredible socks

Hands down the best socks I've ever used. I've finished over 75 marathons and ultras and have yet to get a blister in these socks. A couple years back I ordered a couple pair of black socks to use for a 50-mile trail run. Got them on Friday, did the 50 on Saturday and didn't have a single foot issue the entire way. Keep up the great work!

Mark Loydall

Good Stuff

I have been using Your Sole products for about 2 years now. The insoles are at least as good as the ones I had custom made when I was first diagnosed with plantar fasciatus and gait issues. The ultra softec footbeds are great to run in and when you have finished the flip flops are great to relax in. In fact it is great that I can now wear flip flops and not end up crippled by pain as ordinary ones seem to do to me after only short period of wear. I have now bought my first pair of sports socks to see if they are as good as the other products.

Heather D

Favorite running socks

I run a lot. I have tried many socks in my day and these are by far my favorite. They were a gift from my brother in-law. I never run a race without these socks! A wise investment.

Shawn Emery

Thin, yes. Casual, yes. Dress, no

Have tried several treatments for my recent development plantar fasciitis and decided to go the orthotic route and SOLE in particular when a friend said the SOLE socks really helped him. Decided to try the Thin Casual so I could wear them in both my dress and running shoes. While the feel great in running and Keen-type casual shoes and have helped tremendously, they are not for dress shoes. A bit disappointed in that respect but overall my foot feels tons better so I can overlook the fact that I cannot wear them during the day at work. Highly recommend and considering purchasing some socks.

Chukwuma Agba

I love SOLE footbeds

I love Sole footbeds! I probably have the flattest feet known to man, and Sole footbeds make every single step a pleasure to take. I spend about 10 hours a day 6 days a week on my feet treating lawns. If I couldn't get Sole footbeds anymore I would quit. OOOhhhh and their socks are great too. The perfect combination for anyone who walks

Jennifer Smith


I got these socks in a goodie bag at a race and loved them!!! Best sock for running!

Eric Morrow

Really didn't like them

I got one of each type of sock from Sole when I bought my footbeds. The insoles are fantastic! But this review is about the socks. I wear these socks mostly for going running and playing basketball or soccer. I found the non-dual layer sock to be perfect - no blisters, very comfortable, I love it and will order more. I found the dual-layer to be more annoying than anything. I couldn't ever get the two layers to match up nicely after the first time (before washing) and it was always a pain to put the socks on. And if you want to adjust your shoes, you need to start the whole process over. They aren't too pricey, so I'd recommend doing what I did: First order one of each type of sock and see what you like. I threw this pair away and now I just wear the traditional single layer one.

i D

Love love these!

They are soooo comfortable! I prefer to wear mine without socks otherwise my feet get too hot. I used to wear Birks at home as slippers and now I wear these. Once you've stepped in them, there's no going back!


Lots of miles and no blisters at all!

The SOLE Lightweight Sports were great as sock liners on my recent trek to Everest Base Camp, in Nepal. Lots of miles and no blisters at all!


These are by far the most amazing socks I have ever worn!

I am very picky when it comes to socks, then I find a pair and I wear them out. These are by far the most amazing socks I have ever worn! I wore the black ones on a hilly trail run and they were great! Highly impressed, have my new fave.

Cynthia Wilcox

Best Socks EVER!!!

My feet are notorious for blistering very badly. People have been throwing socks at me for years. For my last marathon, a buddy gave me a pair of these SOLE Dual-Layer Anti-Blister socks. They're amazing. SOLEs are comfortable, smooth, efficiently-wicking, and radically reduce blistering. I've tried other dual-layer socks that claim to be blister proof, but only the SOLE deliver. Without these, I'd have to give up distance running. Get yourself a few pairs, hit the road, and wave blisters goodbye.



I run several miles per week and used to have athletes foot flare up all the time. These socks (a) have built-in arch support, (b) have a cooling mesh by the toes, and (c) survive wash after wash (even with clorox bleach)!! The end result is happy, comfortable feet with no fungus. My whole family (include the guys) buy only this sock brand now. Worth every penny!!! Also - these are thin enough to wear every day even in snug shoes. They are so comfortable you don't even notice them.

Ben thompson


These are the best socks I have ever worn. They have a great fit, feel great, low odor and have been very durable.

David Box

My only sock!

I have tried many different socks, but have settled "sole-ly" on these! In the past three years I have had about 25 pair of these and can't find a reason to try anything else. They carried me all the way through Ironman Florida with no blisters, so they are definitely for real!

Layne T. Oliver

SOLE Slim Casual is my number one choice

I first want to thank you for once again allowing me to test your fine products! Footbeds are such an important aspect of footwear that I can't help wanting to be part of the improvement process in some way! I can honestly tell you that I have tested virtually all of the major and minor brands Out there and have settled on several that really help me with comfort and support. I have had better than average performance with SOLE, Shock Doctor, Down Under (used in my backpacking boots) and Super feet (this brand did great in my ice climbing boots). Presently, the SOLE Slim Casual is my number one choice in my back packing boot and day to day foot wear (even over my Ed Viesters), the Ed's would be next For backpacking then Shock doctors then Down Unders. I chose to fit the Casual into my Cabela's 8" hunting boot, which by the luck of the draw allows them to fit my HI-Tech casual trail shoes. There is a internal volume difference however, but usually different thicknesses of socks are also employed, so this presented no problem! In fact, I found a comfort increase with 8" inch boot out on the trail Snow shoeing (no kidding)! I have been testing snow shoes and socks all this winter so I added the casual's into the mix and was surprised with a greater level of comfort and support than I have had in the past (nice)! I believe there is an achievable synergy between sock footwear and footbeds and the foot, and when that is found the user is a very happy camper. With the Casual, I found the fitting and molding process simple and straight forward- just follow the instructions! Durability is without question as snowshoeing puts a great strain on footwear etc and the "Casual" is still looking new even after many hours and miles of pounding and sweat. There are no signs of abrasion, wear, tears or break down. Odor and heat control is awesome as is friction control which must have something to do with fit and support as my foot maintains its position inside the boot etc . Bottom line I have no blisters or hot spots and my socks are not exhibiting unusual wear. I think one major benefit I the custom fit along with carefully chosen materials as the user's foot is properly supported and placed which aid in eliminating foot related injuries from improper support etc. Metatarsal support could be a bit thicker but, I have had none of the usual burning from neuromas etc, which was initially brought on by the lightning strike that exited my foot. Out on the town the Casual adds comfort and support as well As my feet don't get tired and wore out when I'm shopping with my wife (who has an endless desire to go to every store in sight and this always kills my feet! I wonder if you guy's actually did me any favors here!). The Casual will add the necessities to foot wear that may be missing support and cushion (this is some thing that a sock can only in a limited way help with). I recommend that everyone should experience the SOLE footbeds and see for them selves if they don't receive a higher level of performance from their foot wear. For me , it means I can get out to those distant backcountry lakes quicker, safer and feel like fishing instead of nursing my feet and I like that!!!

David Goggins

Your socks are awesome

I just wanted to let you know that your socks are awesome. I have ran in them a few times and they are one of the best socks for running that I have ever tried.

Albert Lyman

I love the socks

I love the socks. These are the best quality and most comfortable and durable I have worn in my 25 yrs as an endurance athlete.

Josh Irvan

Thanks Sole Performance Socks for saving my feet

I first received a pair of Sole Performance Socks free from the Dean Karnazes Endurance 50 run at the Philadelphia Marathon course. I started using them on very long training runs. I have been running ultra for about three years and these socks were perfect. I've run 50 miles on a treadmill, multiple long training runs, JFK 50 milers and the Umstead 100 Mile Endurance run since I've received these socks. The socks are awesome!!! They support my feet especially under my arch and I can run longer with no blisters. JFK last fall I had no blisters and at Umstead 100 I ran the last 50 miles with them after changing socks and shoes only once. The socks I used for the first 50 gave me only 1 large blister. After changing into my Sole Socks my feet were much better off. Thanks Sole Performance Socks for saving my feet.


I recommend SOLE to everyone that has asked me about boots and foot comfort

I recommend SOLE to everyone that has asked me about boots and foot comfort. This is why: I completed the Special Forces selection, class 007-03, on 26 June 2003. We walked/ran/crawled over 300 miles in 26 days. 320 people started and about 100 were selected. Of those people I finished 6th overall. Though I am proud of this, I am not bragging - it is partially a testament to your product. They were not the key to me finishing - a lot of mental/physical training and toughness went into that - but when other men were quitting or barely hanging on because of foot problems, I was walking like a champ. No hotspots, no blisters, absolutely no foot issues at all. The insoles were priceless. I would have paid $80 a piece. As a an Airborne Ranger, future SF officer, and absolute fanatic about boots, socks, insoles, and foot comfort in general, I can say that your product is a key ingredient to superior comfort and performance. What more testing can you ask for? Many of my friends and I have put them through SFAS with spectacular results. If every soldier were issued 2 pairs of your orthotics the Army would save 10 times as much in medical costs and increased soldier motivation/performance as it cost to issue them. (Product highlights) Most comfortable insole ever used in any shoe/boot. All my footwear will have them soon. Very durable. Even after sand, mud, water, hear, cold, kept their form did not get torn up when properly maintained (kept fairly clean, dried when wet). Did not slip or "ride up" heel of boot as many insoles do after hours of constant movement. You can't fight if you can't get to the battle. INVEST IN YOUR FEET. RANGERS LEAD THE WAY!!

Maurice Heisig

You guys totally rock!

You guys totally rock! Not only do you have one of my absolute favorite products on the planet, but you also have terrific customer service. Can't ask for more. Just got out of Special Forces Assessment and Selection course. In one 5 day period we humped approximately 200 kilometers, cross country and under heavy loads. Thanks to my SOLE footbeds, Wellco Jungle boots, and InGenius socks, my feet felt great and no blisters. I am prone to shin splints and developed none during this course. To clue you in on the intensity of SF Selection, I lost 20 pounds of muscle while there even though we had plenty to eat. Honestly, I'm 37 years old and have less than 10 products of any kind that I swear by, will stick with and recommend whole heartedly to anyone caring to listen. Sole footbeds made my list this year. I now bring my Sole footbeds and Ingenius socks with me when I buy new footgear. If it doesn't fit with my footbeds in, I don't want it! The other Sole guys in the course with me agreed and we tried not to look too comfy when everyone else without them were suffering from blisters, bruises, etc. Thanks!

Jessica Raab

A year ago my feet looked like a war zone.

A year ago my feet looked like a war zone. The week between long runs wasn't enough to remedy the huge blisters I was getting on the sides of my feet and under many of my toes. The toes on the right foot suffered and the side of my left foot never could callus! My friend Jane kept talking about her magic socks - I'd tried everything - body glide, alcohol soaks - you name it. So I went to my local running store, Colorado Running Company and told Alicia I wanted some magic socks because Jane swore by them. She knew exactly what I was talking about. And the magic socks were good - but the really amazing thing is that magic Sole socks combined with the magic Sole insert mean that I am blister free - well except for the pinky toe on the left foot that I step on for 26.2 miles! Seriously, I had a massage today, just two weeks after running the Boston Marathon and my massage therapist, having seen the horror of my feet after previous marathons, marveled at them. She said that few marathoners feet looks this good. I'm running in the same shoes - training shoes and race day shoes - that I was a year ago. The difference - my Sole socks and my Sole inserts. I had enough other aches and pains to worry about during the marathon - it's nice to know that I don't have to worry about my feet anymore. I'm a believer - magic does work, especially when it's called Sole.


I've developed a crunchy knee

I've developed a "crunchy" knee and was favoring it, causing altered gait. I saw a physical therapist who strengthened legs and sold me Sole footbeds to counter pronation. Just returned from a 2-week walking tour (~ 62 miles total) in Scandinavia where all moving parts held up great! I had footbeds (unaltered by heat treatment) in both walking shoes and hiking boots. The double socks were great too.

Sarah Knudsen

They are just like a second skin

I've been using SOLE footbeds and socks while training on a variety of surfaces (e.g. sidewalks, roads, mulch trails) in mild as well as cold weather. The footbeds are supportive without feeling rigid, and with them I have not had the blister problems I sometimes developed when running with my shoes' original footbeds. Since they are so lightweight I can wear them for long training runs and not feel as much fatigue as I have with other footbeds I've tried. I've worn the Air-Flow Cooling socks for a couple of road races and like their "breathability." They are just like a second skin. The Dual-Layer socks are my favourites for winter running--I've been comfortable in temperatures down to -15C with them.


I can't say enough about my socks

I can't say enough about my socks. I received a free pair from an adventure race and was so happy with them, I ordered 4 pair on line later that week. Hoping to find the funds to purchase another 4 pair in the coming weeks. They aren't cheap.


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