Meet Shannon Hofer, SOLE's Senior Art Director.

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Shannon's dream job would be working in The Simpsons. No no, not on the team that makes The Simpsons, we mean actually in The Simpsons. She's a quirky small town kinda gal, and we love her for it. But what would a bright yellow Shannon with a weirdly oversized upper lip actually do day-to-day in Springfield? She'd probably be playing her part in making sure bright yellow feet everywhere were properly supported and pain free. 

Name and Role at SOLE 

I'm Shannon (Hi!) and I am the Senior Art Director at SOLE. I'm based in beautiful (when it's not raining) Vancouver.

What year did you start working at SOLE?

September 2015

What does your job involve?

As SOLE's art director, I ensure that our brand-story is being told in interesting and dynamic ways. I work with our digital designers to oversee email marketing and website design and work with our photographers to develop the look and feel of a photoshoot. I even take the camera myself sometimes to do photoshoots for our campaigns, lookbooks, and website. I also do the graphic design for our packaging, footbed topsheets, seasonal lookbooks, and some of the social media and website assets. Basically, if you see a SOLE logo on it, I probably had a hand in creating it!

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I grew up in a small town and still maintain that "small town" mindset and sense of community in my daily life. I also have a Ukrainian and German background. As such, I love to feed people. If you come over, it's pretty much guaranteed I will cook for you! I love to make things by hand, and if I don't know how to do it, I will teach myself. I love to laugh and I try not to take myself too seriously. I'm as stoked on life now as I was when I was 5.

Give us a random fact/story about yourself. 

I have two (obscure) Simpsons tattoos that serve as a reminder to not take our loved-ones for granted (plus, they make me chuckle every time I look at them).

What do you love to do outside of work?

I love to make things with my hands, there is something about the tedious process that gives me a sense of calm and relaxation if I am feeling stressed out or overwhelmed. I always have a new project on the go, whether it be sewing, learning to do hand-lettering/calligraphy, or hand-making my own holiday decorations. You name it, I've probably found a way to craft it by hand.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, I also thrive when I am exploring the outdoors. Over the last year, I have developed a serious love of hiking, and I am so fortunate to live in a place where the mountains are at my doorstep. There is something about being amongst the trees in the fresh open air that re-invigorates my spirit! You can also find me road-tripping down the Oregon Coast on camping trips with my better half, and touring around the city by foot or bike.

What’s your favorite thing about working for SOLE/ReCORK?

This is a company that actually cares. I mean, really, really cares. About its people. About the planet. About its customers. I feel so fortunate every day that the work I do is truly meaningful. We are making products that have a direct benefit to people's wellbeing and health, and we are doing everything we can to make those products as environmentally responsible as possible. We never settle for "good enough", we strive to be the pioneers that shake up an industry.

What about the SOLE company culture?

Even though we have several different "home bases" for the company, we are still all so connected and close. We all work hard, yet I love that we always make time to laugh at a silly video on Youtube, play pranks on each other, or have serious and heartfelt moments. I know that I personally have developed a lot of bonds with my colleagues and as cliche as it might sound, we truly do feel like a family. Not many people can say that they could sleep elbow-to-elbow with their boss in a tiny two-person tent while backpacking in the backcountry for a week.

Do you have a favorite SOLE story?

Four words: Ramada hotel on Colfax. If you ever get to hang out with any of the "Colfax Crew" you're sure to hear some gems of stories that get funnier every time we tell them (and they definitely don't need ANY exaggeration!). But the best part was our across-the-street-retreat to an unassuming Polish Pub called Kinga's where we found the best perogy and schnitzel I've ever had (and coming from a Ukrainian and German background, that's saying something!). If you're in Denver, hit them up!

Three loves and three hates. 


1. Being out in nature, from dense forest to wide open beaches

2. Laughing, smiling, giggling

3. The Simpsons


1. People who don't like The Simpsons (kidding. Kind of...)

2. When you're heating up your lunch and your bowl feels like it came out of the kiln but your food is still cold.

3. Bugs. Though I've learned to live with them outdoors, they just better steer clear of my tent and bag!

What’s your favorite way to wear SOLE, or your favorite SOLE product?

The Thin and Medium footbeds are my jam. They go into every pair of shoes I own from casual flats to hiking boots. I'm also lucky enough to be our sample size and scored a couple of pairs of our yet-to-be-released closed-toe merino wool sneakers and chukkas. I live in these shoes, and the Medium footbeds add bonus support!

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