The Lightest Tread Podcast Episode 3: Jediah Porter

Why mountains make people better, with professional year-round mountain guide Jed Porter.

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Paul speaks to professional mountain guide and new father Jediah Porter about all things mountains. They discuss why it is that Jed believes 'mountains make people better', how one goes about becoming a mountain guide in the first place, and what it's like balancing an adventurous outdoor life with the responsibilities of being a father. 

Jed is passionate about mountains. That mostly manifests in a full-time, year-round career as a mountain guide. He also chases mountain experiences “for fun”. Whether on skis, mountaineering boots, or rock climbing shoes, passion for the steep guides his life and has for 25 years. He lives in Driggs, Idaho with his wife and their daughter, Charlie Rebecka. Jed wears SOLE Active Thin with Met Pad footbeds which he rotates between multiple pairs of footwear.

Find more about Jed: on his website, his instagram and on his own 'scrappy' podcast he recently started.


00:00 Intro. 

01:00 Welcome and chit chat. 

04:20 The Tetons have the best all-round skiing in the United States. 

06:00 Why 'mountains make people better'. 

12:00 Mountain guiding is all about managing expectations. 

15:30 The range of guiding experiences from basic to extreme. 

17:50 What is it about first ascents that turns people on? 

21:00 How much of mountain guiding is preparation? 

28:30 How do you get into mountain guiding? 

36:00 Does mountain guiding feel like 'work'? 

40:45 Social dynamics and assessing clients. 

46:27 Life as a new father and balancing work and fatherhood.