The best insoles for cleats.

What are the best supportive insoles to add to soccer, football, baseball, lacrosse, rugby or any other cleats?

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What should you look for in insoles for cleats?

When searching for insoles for your cleats there are a few key things to look for. First of all, insoles for your cleats should be thin and durable. 

All great insoles will also have good arch support and a deep heel cup. This applies to inserts for cleats as much as any other insoles. 

Thirdly, the best insoles for cleats are custom moldable. 

Lastly, if you suffer from specific foot ailments then you might opt for an insole with a built-in metatarsal pad for your cleats. 

This post will discuss all of these points and explain why the SOLE Active Thin footbed is the best insole for your cleats for any sport.

Can you put insoles in soccer cleats? 

Yes! Whether you’re looking to put insoles in soccer cleats, football cleats, lacrosse cleats, rugby cleats, baseball cleats, or any type of cleat (even cycling cleats!) you should have one key priority. 

You want an insole that won’t affect the way your cleats fit your feet. The fit of your cleats will affect how connected you feel to the surface you’re playing on. You don’t want to change that.

Most cleats are designed to fit the feet snugly. Most cleats also come with a thin, flimsy foam factory insole. This means you need a thin insole to avoid changing the fit of your cleat, but one that also offers the benefits of a supportive structure.

The SOLE Active Thin footbed is just 1.6mm (0.06 inches) thick. It’s made from super durable EVA plastic that will stand up to the heavy use of sports that require cleats.

“My daughter pronates in her shoes. These have changed her life! I put them in her cleats for soccer and her knee pain has completely stopped. Love these!!” - Melissa H

Arch support insoles for cleats.

The best insoles in cleats offer arch support. Good arch support reduces strain in your feet while wearing your cleats. 

Less strain means less fatigue. Less fatigue means you can play at a higher level of performance for longer. It also means that arch support insoles in cleats can help prevent injuries.

SOLE footbeds all feature the SOLE Signature Supportive Shape. This includes industry-leading arch support that’s clinically proven to reduce strain in the feet by an average of 34%. This makes the SOLE Active Thin an excellent choice for any one who suffers from plantar fasciitis and other foot ailments.

The SOLE Signature Supportive Shape also includes a deep heel cup. The deep heel cup contains your heel’s fatty tissue underneath the heel bone. This helps make the most of your body’s natural cushioning to absorb impact as you run in your cleats.

Our most popular arch support insoles for cleats.

Active Thin
Unisex Footbeds
$65 CAD
$65 CAD

The combination of arch support and the deep heel cup in SOLE footbeds also helps promote neutral alignment when wearing your cleats. 

Neutral alignment helps protect your major joints from injury. It also helps increase efficiency of movement and energy transfer throughout your body’s chain of motion. This increase in efficiency can help improve your athletic performance.

Custom insoles for cleats.

Once you're sure that your insoles will add arch support to your cleats, the next level of comfort and performance will come from a more custom fit for your unique feet. Prescription orthotics from a doctor cost hundreds of dollars, but you can enjoy similar levels of support from a custom moldable SOLE footbed.

SOLE footbeds provide custom support by molding to your unique feet and arch height. You can slip them straight into your cleats and they’ll mold over a few days of wear. You can also heat mold the footbeds using your oven at home. 

Once molded, SOLE footbeds offer customized orthotic support for your cleats. 

The custom molded footbed acts like a dynamic second skin, distributing pressure evenly across the bottom of your foot. This is especially valuable in sports that require sudden stops and changes of direction, when high forces are exerted on your feet.

Metatarsal pad insoles for cleats.

If you ever suffer from numbness or tingling in your forefoot or toes while wearing cleats you should consider a pair of insoles with a built-in metatarsal pad

If you experience pain in the balls of your feet, or it sometimes feels like there’s a phantom pebble in your cleat, you should also opt for an insole with a built-in metatarsal pad.

The metatarsal pad is a small bump that helps support your foot’s bones in their natural spread. This helps offer relief from the pain associated with conditions like Morton’s neuroma and metatarsalgia. You can buy metatarsal pads that you stick into your shoes, but these can be tricky to place correctly, and can end up shifting around in your cleats. 

The SOLE Active Thin with Met Pad footbed has a metatarsal pad built right into the insole. This means you can simply slip the insole into your cleats and enjoy all the benefits of a metatarsal pad, as well as all the other benefits of wearing supportive insoles in your cleats.

All in all, the SOLE Active Thin footbed offers the very best in comfort and performance for adding arch support to your cleats. When it comes to the sport you love playing, it’s worth investing in high quality supportive insoles for your cleats.