Insoles for bunions: find relief with custom moldable footbeds

Discover the Unmatched Comfort and Support of SOLE Custom Moldable Insoles for Bunions.

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 What are bunions and how are they caused?

A bunion is a hard bony lump at the base of the big toe. Bunions are caused by long-term pressure on the big toe joint, usually from the big toe pointing inward toward the rest of your toes. This could be due to your particular foot mechanics, or due to wearing narrow shoes that cramp your toes together. Possible causes include flat feet and overpronation, which cause excess pressure on the inside edge of your feet and your big toe.

Can insoles help bunions?

The right insole can help people with bunions in a variety of ways. It can help equalize pressure distribution, to reduce painful pressure on the bunion itself. A good supportive insole can also promote neutral foot alignment to address issues like pronation which lead to bunions. This can prevent the formation or worsening of bunions, as well as helping to relieve pain. 

"Since I've been wearing my footbeds for the past couple of months, I have not had any discomfort or soreness due to my bunion." - Judy, verified purchaser.

Supportive insoles correct pronation to offer relief from bunions.

Pronation occurs when your foot and ankle rolls inward on each step, placing excess pressure on the inner edge of your foot. As you move through your stride, that pressure shifts forward onto the edge of your big toe. This pressure can make bunions more painful, but pronation can also be at the root of bunions forming in the first place. Pronation can force the first metatarsal bone upward, interfering with the natural flex of the big toe's 'big knuckle' joint. It can also result in the big toe being pulled inward toward the other toes.

An insole with adequate arch support and a deep heel cup will work to prevent excessive pronation. The supportive arch will prevent the foot from rolling inward, helping to ease pressure on existing bunions and prevent the development or worsening of bunions.

Custom insoles for bunion pain.

SOLE footbeds easily custom mold to the shape of your feet. They can be heat molded in a few minutes using your oven at home, or you can put them straight in your shoes and they'll mold to your feet over a few days of regular wear. Once molded to your feet, our insoles act as a dynamic second skin, helping to distribute pressure evenly across your feet and preventing excess pressure on any one point. This will help to alleviate the pain of bunions by reducing pressure on the bunion. 

In addition to helping distribute pressure evenly, custom molding SOLE footbeds helps ensure you have a comfortable fit from the get-go. If you are new to using supportive insoles the added arch support can cause some mild discomfort initially. By heat molding your insoles, you allow the arch of the footbed to conform more quickly to the height of your foot's arch. This will not mean that the arch loses its supportive benefits, but the support will feel more comfortable more quickly, helping you enjoy the benefits of the insoles.

SOLE footbeds come in three thicknesses, to fit any footwear.

Active Medium
Unisex Footbeds
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Best insoles for flat feet and bunions.

People with flat feet are prone to suffering from bunions as their feet lack the structural support of an arch that prevents excessive pronation. An insole with arch support compensates for the lack of a natural arch in the foot by supporting the foot from beneath. 

Many insoles with supportive arches can be uncomfortable to people with flat feet. By heat molding SOLE supportive footbeds, people with flat feet can find comfort quickly, with a product that will help prevent the development of bunions and relieve the pain of existing ones.