Treating Morton's Neuroma with Metatarsal Pad Insoles.

Supporting the metatarsals in their natural position helps prevent the compression of nerves that leads to Morton's Neuroma.

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What is Morton's neuroma?

Morton's neuroma is a painful affliction in the forefoot, caused by the thickening of tissue around nerves that travel between your metatarsal heads. Metatarsal heads are the first big 'knuckles' of your toe bones in the ball of your foot. Morton's neuroma could be caused by a variety of irritations, but it's often associated with wearing cramped footwear, especially high heels.

Do I have Morton's neuroma?

Morton's neuroma causes tingling, burning, toe cramping or shooting pains in the ball of the foot. This pain gets worse when you apply pressure to the affected area. A tell-tale sign of Morton's neuroma is feeling like there's something stuck in your shoe, or like your sock is bunched up under the ball of your foot. 

Not all forefoot pain is caused by Morton's neuroma, as there could be other causes for generalized Metatarsalgia. Whatever the cause of your forefoot pain, wearing an insole with a built-in metatarsal pad can help offer relief!

insoles help provide relief from mortons neuroma
insoles help provide relief from mortons neuroma

A solution for Morton's neuroma.

A metatarsal pad supports the metatarsals in their natural position and spacing, preventing them from becoming cramped, especially in the metatarsal heads (try our footbeds with built-in metatarsal pads for 15% off!). This prevents the pinching of nerves between the bones. 

A metatarsal pad also helps to promote the natural positioning of the padding under the ball of your foot to prevent your feet from absorbing excess stress. Lastly, a metatarsal pad helps ensure that pressure is efficiently distributed so no part of your foot is carrying more than it can handle.

SOLE met pad footbeds give you metatarsal support exactly where you need it.

Our Met Pad footbeds include a built-in metatarsal pad to combine metatarsal support with all of the other benefits of SOLE’s industry-leading supportive insoles. Other metatarsal pad products can be cumbersome or difficult to accurately place in your shoe. The SOLE footbed slides straight in, positioning the met pad perfectly to support your metatarsals and help relieve the discomfort and pain of Morton's neuroma. 

Our industry-leading supportive shape is also clinically proven to reduce plantar fascia strain by up to 34% while promoting neutral alignment and distributing pressure evenly. The combined effect is to provide relief and prevent further aggravation or injury by protecting all of your feet’s intricate mechanisms.

Our Met Pad footbeds come in three thicknesses, to fit every shoe.

$65 CAD
$65 CAD
$65 CAD
$25 CAD

SOLE met pad footbeds for Morton's neuroma reviewed:

"Dear SOLE, I want to thank you for your inserts. I've been to 4 podiatrists over the course of the last 6-7 years, and have had orthotics made by all. None have helped my feet the way yours do. After years of pain ranging from neuromas, metatarsal issues, tendonitis, and various other lovely feet issues, I can say I've been pain free in the walking department for the last 6 weeks due to your inserts. I cannot thank you enough." - Lisa, verified customer.

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The best insoles for Morton's Neuroma or your money back!

We stand by our product and our customers, that's why we give a 90 day guarantee on all our footbeds. Buy 'em, try 'em, and if you're not satisfied for any reason send them back within 90 days of purchase for an exchange or refund. Shop for footbeds today and discover how good your feet can feel, risk-free.

Customize your fit.

One the most important aspects of custom orthotics is to match the shape of the insole to your foot. SOLE’s heat/wear moldable orthopedic bases adapt to the exact contours of your feet without compromising the orthopedic shape, providing you custom comfort at an affordable cost. Getting custom-fit footwear has never been easier. 

how to customize sole footbeds
how to customize sole footbeds