ReCORK Partner Spotlight: Oliver's Market, Sonoma County, California.

How this community-focused grocer works with ReCORK to maximize their sustainability.

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Making a difference takes teamwork, and at ReCORK we're thrilled to have thousands of amazing Collections Partners working with us around North America. While we appreciate every contribution of cork, some of the people and businesses we work with stand out from the crowd, and deserve to be celebrated. One such business is Oliver's Market in Sonoma County, CA.

Oliver's Market is the kind of business we love at ReCORK. They're a community-focused grocer selling locally-sourced produce in four locations around the county, providing their customers with a place to shop where they know their money is going back into the local economy. We love their commitment to the community that surrounds and supports them, and we're even more impressed by their determination to reduce their environmental footprint as far as possible. From powering their corporate offices with a massive solar system, to eliminating 27 miles worth of single-use plastic a year, they're constantly taking steps to care for the environment.

In 2011 Oliver's Market became the first Sonoma County grocer to be certified as a Green Business through the California Green Business Network. While searching for ways to go above and beyond the requirements for certification, they identified recycling natural cork with ReCORK as an easy, convenient way to reduce waste going to landfill, and signed up as a Public Collections Partner. Since then they've helped us recycle thousands of pounds of natural cork, extending the lifecycle of a versatile, sustainable natural material.

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