The Lightest Tread Podcast Episode 8: Healing Hikers on the PCT with Dr. Morgan Brosnihan

Dr. Brosnihan spends her summers working from her van, helping hikers who need attention along the Pacific Crest Trail.

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Starting in early spring, Dr. Morgan Brosnihan spends her summers living and working out of her big red van. Along with her golden retriever Honey, she travels the Pacific Crest Trail offering specialized support and treatment for hikers hiking the PCT, which Morgan herself completed in 2019. 

By combining her passion for thru-hiking and her love for the PCT in particular with her professional and personal prerogative to help people overcome injury, she offers hikers a unique and invaluable service as they take on the incredible challenge of walking from Mexico to Canada across 2600 miles of the United States. 

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We talk about all things PCT preparation, her personal experience with the trail community, and her unique and fascinating insight on injury trends along the trail. 

You can find Morgan on instagram where she has loads of useful resources for thruhikers.


00:00 Intro 

01:40 Trail names and 'be better' 

05:45 The satisfaction of working with hikers 

11:00 How Blaze came to be a PCT specific physio 

15:00 The amazing community of the PCT 

23:15 Living and working from a van 

25:50 Injury trends that develop on the Pacific Crest Trail 

34:30 How to prepare for the Pacific Crest Trail 

40:00 The balance between gear choices and preparation for the PCT 

54:00 What advice do you give first time hikers? 

59:30 What footwear to wear on the pacific crest trail

Cover and thumbnail images courtesy of Morgan, shot by Tommy Corey