The best supportive insoles for golf in 2023

How wearing custom moldable insoles can improve your swing, improve comfort and prevent injury on the golf course.

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What are the best insoles for golf shoes?

The best golf insoles are those that offer the perfect combination of personalized support, the right fit in your golf shoes, and overall comfort. In this post we’ll look at how the right golf insoles can help to improve your swing, why a custom moldable golf insole is the best option for any golfer, and how supportive insoles can help prevent fatigue and injury on the golf course.

How supportive insoles can improve your golf swing.

An effective, smooth, powerful golf swing needs stability, balance and alignment. The best supportive insole will help promote all of these factors through the combination of a supportive arch and a deep heel cup.

A supportive arch and a deep heel cup combine to offer structural support beneath your feet to distribute pressure evenly as you transfer your weight through your swing motion. This even distribution of pressure helps to stabilize your feet and provide a solid foundation for your swing, helping you maintain a consistent swing plane.

Insoles with a deep heel cup and supportive arch will also help promote neutral alignment in your body throughout your swing. This includes helping correct biomechanical imbalances like overpronation or underpronation (supination) which create inefficiencies in your chain of movement. 

Whether you have a specific imbalance or not, the right supportive insole helps maximize efficiency in the transfer of energy through your body’s chain of movement from your feet, all the way to the tip of your club. 

"Drive distance increased by an average of 11.25 yards when the subject was wearing SOLE Custom Footbeds." - Stude & Gullickson (2000)

Custom moldable footbeds maximize the benefits of supportive insoles for golf.

SOLE footbeds offer all the benefits of a deep heel cup and a supportive arch, with the added gain of custom molding to your unique feet. Our footbeds will custom mold to your feet over a few days of regular wear, or you can heat mold them using your oven at home.

When SOLE footbeds are molded to your feet they act as a dynamic second skin, staying in constant even contact with the bottom of your feet. This allows the footbeds to more effectively distribute pressure evenly across the foot. 

A study conducted in 2000 showed that drive distance increased by an average of 11.25 yards, and Club Head Velocity increased by 1.8 mph with SOLE Custom Footbeds.

Custom molding SOLE footbeds also allows them to conform to your specific arch height, increasing their efficiency at reducing strain in your arches. This becomes crucial in preventing fatigue and painful ailments like plantar fasciitis.

These footbeds are favorites among golfers.

Active Medium
Unisex Footbeds
$65 CAD
Active Thin
Unisex Footbeds
$65 CAD
Performance Thin
Unisex Footbeds
$65 CAD
$48.75 CAD

Custom moldable insoles prevent fatigue and injury in golfers.

It takes more than 10,000 steps to play 18 holes of golf. As you play through your round, your feet begin to fatigue. Insoles with good arch support reduce the strain placed on your feet through each step.

Once heat molded, SOLE footbeds are clinically proven to reduce arch strain by an average of 34%. This dramatic reduction in strain not only prevents pain and discomfort, it also helps your body to continue to function at its best, avoiding inconsistencies in your golf swing.

Reducing fatigue and promoting neutral alignment also helps to prevent common injuries experienced by golfers like shin splints, achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis.

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Why SOLE footbeds are the most comfortable golf insoles.

Maybe the most important element of a good golf insole is that you should love wearing it. Many insoles that offer a high level of arch support will feel uncomfortably rigid or inflexible underfoot. 

SOLE footbeds are made with a density-mapped base that flexes with your foot’s natural motion as you take each step. The result is that you enjoy all the benefits of strain reduction without the discomfort of an arch that interferes with your foot’s natural movement.

Our footbeds also come in different thicknesses, so you can choose a footbed based on the volume of your golf shoe. If you have a ‘regular-fitting’ golf shoe, that fits something like a running shoe or sneaker, then the Medium thickness footbed will be your best bet. 

But if your golf shoes fit on the snug side, you might prefer the bulk-free support of our Thin footbed. Finally, if you prefer our most luxuriously cushioned footbed, and your golf shoes have a little wiggle room to accommodate them, you could try our Thick footbeds.

Whether you’re buying an insole to improve your golf game, recover from an injury like plantar fasciitis, or simply increase the comfort of your golf shoes, you can’t go wrong with custom moldable insoles from SOLE.