Watch: the SOLE essentials.

The essential elements of any SOLE footbed.

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All SOLE footbeds have some essential characteristics in common. In this video we break down what those characteristics are, and how they contribute to the best non-prescription orthotic insole that money can buy.

SOLE footbeds have the highest supportive arch.

The first thing to point out is the high arch support of our supportive insoles.

SOLE footbeds come with the highest supportive arch on the market. But what’s even more special about our arch support is its dynamic nature. 

The supportive arch in our insoles offers just the right amount of ‘give’ to flex with your foot as you take each stride. This dynamic support achieves our central aim of reducing strain without interfering with your foot’s natural movement. It’s all about supporting the foot through the movement without controlling the movement itself.

This arch support is clinically proven to reduce strain in the foot by 34%.

SOLE footbeds come in three thicknesses, all featuring our essential characteristics.

Active Medium
Unisex Footbeds
$65 CAD
Active Thick
Unisex Footbeds
$65 CAD
Active Thin
Unisex Footbeds
$65 CAD

Insoles with a deep heel cup.

Our footbeds all feature the same deep heel cup, which contains and cradles the heel’s fatty tissue beneath the bone to make the most of your body’s natural shock absorbing cushioning. It also helps keep the feet aligned, preventing excess movement side-to-side.

It’s important to note that the arch support and deep heel cup don’t change the height of where the heel sits. The bottom of the heel cup is at the exact same height as the ball of the foot, meaning there’s zero drop from heel to toe just as nature intended. 

This is especially important for runners who might be wary of changing the heel-to-toe drop of their running shoe.

Custom moldable insoles.

Lastly, all SOLE footbeds are custom moldable, either by heat molding in your oven at home, or simply allowing them to mold to your feet over a few days of regular wear. 

We've discussed that SOLE footbeds feature the highest arch on the market. This is obviously great for people with high arches, but what if you have lower arches or flat feet?

Heat molding the footbeds allows the arch to conform to the shape of the wearer’s feet, without compromising the support offered. This process can be repeated up to five times until the optimal comfort is found. 

We recommend customers with low arches or flat feet heat mold your footbeds to increase their initial comfort, but you can also simply wear your footbeds and they’ll mold to your feet over the first few wears.