Helped me stand all day in comfort

I have very flat feet that made standing all day extremely painful. I got a job where I walk all day and I always went home in pain. I decided to get some SOLE insoles to see if they could help even the slightest bit and they did. I saw the return policy and figured there was no harm giving them a shot. Paired with a supportive pair of socks the pain is almost negligible. There's still some pain on long days but it's manageable and goes away after some rest! They helped me make my job manageable and made my time after work fun.

My Sole

I try to walk 4-5 miles. The performance cork insole is perfection for my running/walking shoe. Comfortable fit, durable, light weight. The metatarsal feature important for injury prevention. My other pair of SOLEs can used for work shoes. SOLE insoles offer great value compared to specialty insoles ordered by podiatrists or chiropractors.

Great Sole

Great footbed for jogging if you have had plantar fasciitis. Works for me!

Great product, comfortable as hell

I bought these for my running shoes, they make a huge different, cork is awesome.

Works great

These Work great. They fit in all my average volume shoes.


I recently replaced some custom inserts with these insoles and have been very pleased with their performance. I have more space in my shoes and have been able to keep my foot pain from my neuroma at bay. I purchased a pair of these at a ski shop as well and use them in my boots and continue to have plenty of room and increased comfort on the slopes. I appreciate the environmental concern of the company as well, which makes me happy to support them.

"Form" over "foam"

I've had my SOLE orthotic shoe inserts for about a month, and they are by far the best I have ever owned (I've tried sooo many). The typical insoles with cushion, memory foam, gel, etc. never relieved my pain (kinda like putting foam on a hammer, but still continuing to hit your foot with the foam-covered hammer). The SOLE inserts are different. They are not soft (I have the cork version). They are firm, but their shape restores my arches and puts my feet back into the form and shape they are supposed to be in. After just an hour of adjusting to them, I had significant relief of my plantar fasciitis, which no other insole was able to provide me. This brand is a bit pricey, but well worth it. I wish I hadn't wasted so much money on all the other insoles that didn't work before discovering SOLE.

Happy Feet

I've been wearing SOLE sport flops for many years and love them. No more sore feet for me. (I've had plantar fasciitis before SOLE) I decided to try the Performance Medium with Met Pads when I started my new job at a seniors residence. I'm on my feet for up to 11 hours at a time and again no sore feet. I would absolutely recommend these products.


I had a Norton's neuroma in my left foot & was in pain. I got these for my running shoes . I also wear the sole flip-flops indoors & these together have helped to the point I feel like it's gone.

Less fatigue and foot pain

I have been replacing my factory insoles with SOLE products for a couple years now. More recently I am using the versions with metatarsal support. These insoles allow me to work longer with less fatigue and foot pain. My oldest pair are just now cracking and showing their age, pretty good considering they are at least 3 years old.

Feet feel great

These work and feel great in my everyday cross trainers. The met pad is a great addition and is my new favorite SOLE insert. I've worn them for several weeks now and they've helped reduce my neuroma pain. I will be buying a couple more sets.

Works for cycling

Bought these to use with my cycling shoes on long rides. They seem to keep my feet in a stabile position and are comfortable, too.


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