The most comfortable flip flops!

I was told from a doctor I had to wear orthotics. I have customized orthotics. The problem is I don't have a lot of shoes I can wear them with. A shoe store pointed me to SOLE. I have been wearing them ever since, going on eight years. They are so comfortable and durable. I love these! Helps my posture and feet just like the insoles. I highly recommend these.


I have extreme planterfacitis. .. I find it very difficult to find a pair of flip flops to wear in the summer months. My orthotics specialists recommended me your website and what would work best with my feet. I purchased.. a pair for indoors only.. the slip on sports womens and another pair for outdoors although I can't recall which ones. They are both amazing! I was pleasantly surprised that SOLE sent me a credit for a future purchase! I have since used that to purchase a pair of ladies walking shoes.. the shipping was super quick.. and their products are amazing! I can't wait to see their spring/summer line up. I don't step out of bed without slipping on SOLE sandals! Thanks!!!

Please bring these back!

Best flip flop ever made! Why why why did you discontinue these? Please please make these again.

Pain relief

I have Plantar Fasciitis on my left heel/ foot recently, I experienced sharp heel pain & unbearable foot pain during the day. Recently, I chanced upon the SOLE Catalina Sport Flips & I bought them. Wearing these really made me feel the difference ever since.


Love Love these I live in these ....


Awesome arch support and comfort!

Awesome sandals

Purchased some sandals for my wife and she's very happy with them. I'd like to buy one pair for me too!

life saver

These sandals are awesome! I struggle off and on with plantar fasciitis and a Morton's neuroma. These are the only flip flops I can wear. I wear them all winter long in Arizona not only because the weather is warm but because I have tile floors and these flip flops offer me the footbed my feet require to be happy. I also have SOLE insoles in all my shoes and wouldn't walk anywhere without them.

Adorable sport flip

I ordered two Catalina Sport Flip, one for indoor and another for outdoor. They look so cute and fit so comfortable. I can be on my feet the whole day. They are truly Anti-Odor which it was very important to me since my feet sweat a lot, the footbed is perfect because it absorbs moisture. The Met Pad Support is so soft and gentle, it reduced plantar fasciitis symptoms. I am very satisfied with this flips because walking around is no longer painful or tiring for my feet and I get compliments for the look.

So comfortable

For weak arches like mine, I've come to really love Sole sandals for the support and width. They are really the only ones I will wear.

Love Love my Flips

I love my sport flips. I require the metatarsal support and I am so happy that Sole has flip flops that are so comfortable to wear. I always look forward to the Spring arrivals and the new funky colors. And ... they are environmentally friendly. Win, Win, Win.

Love them!

I've had foot surgery on both my feet and these are the only flip flops I can wear. I wear them year round :-)


I absolutely love my SOLE Sport Flips. My arch has never felt so comfortable and supported in any shoe.

So Comfortable

Super comfy and supportive! Love my SOLE flips!

I Live in these

I have about 12 pairs of sport flops and 1 pair of cork. I live in these. They last forever, you can take walks in them, I've even jogged in them. I could never wear another flip flop. If my feet hurt in shoes, I know I can put these on and feel like new. Thank you Sole! I have your stickers on my car.

Beyond Awesome

I am getting ready to order my fourth pair of the Sport Flips. I am still wearing a pair of these I purchased in 2011 and they are still extremely comfortable. I wore them and walked twelve miles in Las Vegas recently. Ordering another pair for vacation in Florida soon. I have never had sore feet or legs ever since I started wearing these marvelous flip flops. I also am happy they come in a size 5 for people with small feet. Will not wear anything else!

Amazing footbed, but they broke...

These are hands down the most comfortable flipflops you can find, the footbed is clearly very ergonomic and built to last. However my flipflops only lasted 2yrs of light use before the middle strap pulled out of the footbed, rendering the shoes useless. I wish the warranty covered the entire shoe.

HAPPY FEET - Best Sandals for Foot/Back

BEST SANDALS EVER! SERIOUSLY! I have had two foot surgeries which caused me back pain due to posture instabilities so wearing supportive shoes/sandals is VERY important to me. These sandals were recommended and now these sandals go everywhere with me! They offer the perfect amount of support and help to ensure proper alignment of your foot and back. You can wear them comfortably for hours and hours of walking. Will tell anyone who has back or foot issues who will listen to me how great they are! The customer care team is lovely, super responsive and stand behind their products. Can't recommend enough how great these sandals are. So happy I was able to find them. You won't regret one bit purchasing them.

Perfect for everyday

These sandals are so comfortable. I take a size 2 and they fit perfectly . I love the support for the arches. It would be good to have more colours in my size as I wear them everyday outside in the summer and around the house all year .

Best. Flipflop. Ever!

I suffer from debilitating plantar fascia pain, can't go for a walk or ever walk barefoot around the house. No other flip flop ever fit. Not only are these comfortable, they have reduced my pain to near zero! I can go for walks and I wear them all day and my feet don't hurt. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!! (please don't ever stop making these!)

Like walking on clouds

I have been dealing with plantar fasciitis for years and after a week of wearing these I am in love and can walk pain free.. will definitely invest in more. Would love to have more colors in the size 11...

Great FlipFlop

I love these sandals. I have four pairs in different colors. They are a little tight at first but because the sole molds to your foot, they soon fit just right. I can wear them all day comfortably and go for walks in them.


The Sport Flips are excellent....very comfy right from the beginning!! I love the icicle color!!

The best flip flop - ever.

I have tried so many flip flops. These are the only ones that are perfectly cushioned, but also have great arch and metatarsal support (taking the pressure off my big toe joint). They wrap around my slightly narrow foot like they were custom made. I wear a 9-9.5, and a 9 in these is perfect. I bought pairs for my mom and sister, too (neither have the big toe problems I do) and the smile and response was identical the second they put they them on... "Aaahh, that's nice." Please expand the SOLE footwear line - this footbed is incredible!!!


I suffer from arthritis in my toes and was limping terribly. Orthotics helped for full shoes but was too warm for summer. Tied these on advice of shoe store. RELIEF was almost instantaneous. I can't emphasize too much how these have helped my feet. Thank you!


I hurt my back about 4 1/2 years ago. Since then I have spent more $$ than I care to share trying to find comfortable shoes. Alas, I tried these at the referral of a friend. OMG, I LOVE THESE SHOES. I put these on the minute I arrive from the office and they feel great! Purchasing my second pair now. Thanks Sole!

None Other

Since a knee injury several years back, I looked into orthotics but came across a store where they sold these sandals. Since than, I'm on my 4th or 5th pair of women's sandals and wear them day in day out! I wish they were more affordable, though are worth every penny!! They are truly the best, there is none other!

Best Ever

I am in the process of ordering my 6th pair of Women's Sport Flips. I don't buy any other brand. They are the best ever!

Sole sport flips

These are the best slide on sport sandal I've ever worn and worth every penny. With a bad back and have always worn an orthodic,I am very pleased with the results.

Addicted to these!!!

I found these shoes after I had surgery to correct my ingrown toenails. I needed something that would not compress the wound so these were a perfect choice. I am a hairdresser and stand in the same place for long periods of time and sometimes after work, my feet would hurt all the way up my legs. Since I bought these sandals, my feet nor my legs hurt anymore. From the very first day, they felt amazing on my feet. You can feel the sturdyness of the arch, and they give such good support. The heel area is cupped and they just cradle my heel. They feel so wonderful on that I have not worn another shoe since I bought these. Now it is getting cold here in Michigan, so I need a good pair of winter shoes. I have tried several different pairs of shoes, even tried buying insoles to put into other shoes to try to get them to feel like these do. I keep comparing everything to these and nothing else will do so, I guess I am addicted to these shoes. That is why I am ordering a pair of women's "Steady" today. I will write a review as soon as I get to wear them, but I have high hopes for them based on these.

Live in these, litterally

I found this shoe about 2 years ago when they went on sale at a local Walk/Run Store....ooooh and they are the best ever! I have rheumatoid arthritis as well as plantar fasciitis; needing a metatarsal support pad....I think they cover it. I wear them around house in winter as slippers, actually have hard time walking without them as they support my feet correctly, and wear them pretty much 24/7 in the summer as the tan lines on my feet


The best sandals I have ever bought, the most comfortable, and the only ones I shall ever buy again, I even wear them during the winter months as slippers around the house, you will never ever wear any shoe as comfortable guaranteed!! The recent purchase 5 pairs assorted colours, making full advantage of the sale items too 10/10 A* total satisfaction, cannot recommend them enough!

the best

I work at an Orthopedic clinic and love my sandals and inserts. I tell all of my patients how great they are. I have wide feet and they support me well. I have a total of 5 pairs of sandals and all of my family have the inserts.

Can't Survive without my Soles

My husband and I moved to a small surf town in Mexico 9 months ago and we wear our SOLEs 24/7. Don't know what we would do without them. We go from cobblestone roads to jungle trails then to the beach and so we've been hard on them, but they are still in great shape and provide excellent support. Thank you for making such a great product!


Having PF for over 8 years, this is the only sandal I have been able to wear. I first got them in a steel blue/gray. But now the only colors available in size 11 are black or brown. Please, Please make more colors for size 11's!! I know I will buy them!

Amazing, Comfortable, Supportive Flips!

I have had 3 back surgeries in the past 5 years, the 3rd this past January being a fusion. I thought I would never be able to wear flip flops again since my arch would fall and they provided absolutely NO support! My physical therapist recommended SOLE's footbeds and all of SOLE's products, so upon buying the footbeds, I thought I would try a pair of sport flips! I LOVE THEM!!!! I am super excited to know that I can wear flip flops again and that, as a matter of fact, my arch and foot would even be supported and super comfortable. The trial of my footbeds and the 2 pair of flips (one casual, one sport) I ordered in the spring is over...I am an official forever fan of SOLE products! I just placed my second SOLE order of 3 new pair of sport flips and another set of footbeds. Thank you, SOLE!!!!!!!!

more colors in big sizes!

These are the most comfortable, supportive flip flops ever and even have sufficient support for a full day of walking on concrete sidewalks in NYC. That said, please have more colors other than black and dark brown in size 11! Tall/big feet people should not be restricted to mortician colors in the summer!

Need the Black!

I guess everyone loves these flips as much as me. I've been wearing them pretty much nonstop since I got my first pair in March, I wish I could wear to bed sometimes, as that is mostly the only time my feet hurt now. I was told I have plantar fascitis, and the orthotics just hurt my feet worse. But these flips are heaven for sore feet, sore legs, sore back.... Only one thing would make the perfection complete, Black in size 7?

Absolutely Fantastic!!!

I was hobbling with plantar fasciitis. When diagnosed, my doctor told me to go get running shoes with orthodics. At the shoe store I was shown these flips..... I was able to walk without pain immediately! Can't say that about the running shoes with the orthodics. I have purchased 3 pairs of these flips and wish I could find more. Why the shortage?

Out of the box comfy!

I've worn all major brands of flips over many years and I've never had any of them come out of the box and fit so well. No break-in time! They are super comfy.

Great comfort

Similar to Amanda from Phoenix, I had a stress fracture of my ankle and was looking for comfortable summer shoes. When the Groupon offer came in, I decided to try Sole. I have not been disappointed. Though it isn't even close to summer in PA, I have been wearing the Casual Flips in the house as sandals because they feel so good. Thanks for making such a terrific flip flop!

Wish I knew about the before!

I was told to get these shoes by my foot doctor after a stress fracture. My $2.00 flip flops were not the cause of my stress fracture, but did not help either. Thanks to a good doctor, and great groupon in December I got a pair. Now I am back to order another color for summer. Best flip flops/sandals ever. Your feet deserve it and they are worth it!

Life Savers!!!!!

Last year, I broke my foot and had to wear these for a while. But even after my healing stage, I continued to where these amazing shoes. They actually give my foot support unlike other shoes. And get this: they are fashion friendly!

Best Flip Flops Ever

After buying the insoles and wearing them in my sneakers I was hooked on your products. I purchased the flip flops, and they are by far, the most comfortable I have ever worn. I have problems with a hammer toe and plantar faciitis and found it difficult wearing any type of sandals. I am so thrilled to find these! They are supportive, comfortable and I want them in every color!

Another PT review

I saw these at a professional conference and bought some for myself. I have just walkerd all over New Zealand in them with NO FOOT PAIN!! I highly recommend and am sending some to my Aunt!

The ONLY Flip-Flip if You've had Plantar Faschitis!

Like many runners out there, I developed plantar fasciitis and was stuck wearing only my sneakers with insoles for months. After finally "recovering" (although I believe this is a chronic condition and once you get PF, you are prone for reoccurence), these flip-flops were an AMAZING new option for me that provided support, structure, and comfort. If you've ever had arch problems, you will know how terrible ballet flats and normal flip-flops are for your feet. Seriously try these flip-flops and your arches will thank you!

Love my Soles

I am in the process of ordering my 3rd pr.of women's Platnum sandals. Words cannot express how much I love them!

PT approved

Rarely write testamonials, but these are a personal and professional favorite! They are among the ONLY 'flips' that I condone for patients and are an essential part of my own summer wardrobe. Viva la SOLE! :) -- Shannon, physical therapist

LOVE these flip flops

I've been looking for flip flops that offer support but is still stylish to help with my PF problems. I am thrilled to have found these shoes! They make my feet feel great and I can wear them without any pain! Thank you for making something so cute and comfortable!!

Worth every penny

Had a pair of these last year and lived in them constantly throughout the summer. I used to get arch pain in ordinary flip flops but this totally took that pain away. As soon as they have my size in stock in the colour that I want I will be purchasing another pair for this year.


These are by far the best pair of flips or shoes i've ever owned. I tore my plantar, and walking has been painful ever since. However wearing these shoes, i can walk without pain! Love them Love them Love them. Can't wait to buy another pair in a different color!

Oh my word, lovely flips!

I ran the London Marathon a few weeks ago, and promptly placed my feet into a pair of cheap flip flops. That, was a huge mistake that caused me extreme anguish, and a flash back to the shin splits and PF I experienced during last summers running season. The only regret I have is that I didn't buy the Sole flips sooner, and have them to wear after the London Marathon. Thank you for making such a comfortable flip that I can wear all day, and not take away from my summer of running.

I can wear sandals again!

I have flat feet, so would be in pain for days if I wore any type of sandals or flipflops. Always use the Your Sole inserts in my shoes. Now I can wear them all the time - PAIN FREE! Worth every cent! I have two pairs now....more to follow too!

Great, but want more!

I just bought a pair of these sandals based on a NYT article rating after-exercise sandals. I love them. I usually hate flip-flops, but thought I'd try these and they feel great! I went to buy another pair, and they are all out of size 8 (not to mention most other sizes), so I hope they get more in stock, because I will buy another pair of two when they do!

Saved My Vacation!

I had used the sport soles for a couple of years and was already a firm convert to Sole. With a vacation in the Mediterranean looming, I saw that Sole was coming out with their first sandals! I was really excited, as I wasn't looking forward to having to wear tennis shoes all the time on holiday. I had given up the thought of ever having sandals (much less flip-flops) that could give me the support I need to alleviate the plantar faciatis and painful neuromas I have in both feet. The Flips weren't even shipping yet, but I paid for my pair. As the vacation got closer I was really worried that I wouldn't get them in time, so I sent an email. Imagine my surprise when I received a call saying that they would overnite them to me right away! I'm really happy to say that my vacation was amazing, and I know it wouldn't have been as carefree had it not been for my Sole Flips. LOVE THEM! (Ordering my 2nd pair!)

Miracle Cure!

I developed plantar fasciitis within days of moving into our new house that has a lot of tile flooring. The doctor told me I needed to be wearing shoes in the house, so I put my Sole sandals on, and within minutes, the pain went completely away! The pain had been quite severe, to the point of limping around the house, and it went away immediately, and has not returned! These sandals are a must-have for anyone with tile floors. They are worth every penny!! Thank-you!! I cannot say enough about how thrilled I am with them. They are my "miracle cure!"

You Can't be Without

You cannot be without these flip-flops. I have done extensive research into shoes and sandals, I know this company has done their research also. They got these sandals right on: everything from the contours of the footbed, to the lightweight, to the tightness of the strap. I am recommending these sandals to everyone I come across because its a shame these aren't readily available everywhere! More sandals company's need to take notes from this particular one!

Love them!

I have plantar fasciitis and I had the footbeds. I love flip flops and that was one of the things I missed most. I had such great luck with the footbeds I decided to try the flip flops, and let me tell you I was not disappointed. I can wear those and my foot doesn't hurt at all. My Mom and Aunt also have plantar fasciitis and they bought a pair and had the same results. I highly recommend these!


I started with the footbeds. I researched online to see what nurses and people who stood for along time at their job liked as far as support. This is how I found the footbeds. Amazing! I stand 8 hours at my job. My heels used to get so painful, I couldn't stand on them. These footbeds made the difference. I have worn the same pair for a year now and thought they would "flatten" out after time, but they haven't. I ordered myself and my husband the sandals to try. I usually don't like the piece between the toes. Surprisingly, I don't notice that piece with these sandals. Same wonderful support as the footbeds. My husband will no longer wear any other sandal, only the Sole sandals. He was reluctant about the price of them, but now that he's worn other sandal will do! Be prepared to be spoiled and not want anything else on your feet.


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