Watch: the SOLE 90 day footbed guarantee.

How we ensure your footbed purchase is risk free.

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You might be a bit on the fence when it comes to buying insoles, especially if you're new to wearing insoles. We get it. A purchase like this might seem slightly risky, especially if you're shopping online and you don't have a chance to feel the footbeds in your shoes.

That's why all footbed purchases come with a 90 day footbed guarantee!

We believe that given the time to properly test the footbeds in your day to day life, you’ll quickly come to love them. That’s why we’ve made every footbed purchase risk-free by guaranteeing your satisfaction, as long as you can make a final decision within 90 days. 

You can return your footbeds for a full refund, or exchange them for a different style or size any time within the first 90 days of purchase. 

Some favorite footbed choices for first-time purchasers.

Active Medium
Unisex Footbeds
$65 CAD
Performance Medium
Unisex Footbeds
$65 CAD
Performance Thin
Unisex Footbeds
$65 CAD
$48.75 CAD

If you are totally new to insoles, we suggest you introduce the footbeds gradually to your routine, wearing them for a couple of hours a day to begin with, until you’ve adjusted to the support. With this in mind, 90 days should be ample time to come to a final decision you feel truly happy with.

We believe in our product and we know that most people who give them a good try will come to love them. But if you don’t, that’s ok, just reach out to our customer service team within 90 days and they’ll help you with a refund or exchange.