The SOLE Sport Flip: the ultimate sandals for recovery and pain relief.

Where to find the classic support of SOLE's fan-favorite sandals.

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Few products gain a dedicated fan following quite like the SOLE Sport Flip. Since its launch in 2008 the Sport Flip has become the go-to supportive sandal for countless devoted wearers. In 2019 the Sport Flip got a dose of updated branding as well as additional strap options. While the new line looks more modern, one thing remains the same: the unbeatable supportive comfort offered by the SOLE Signature Supportive Shape.

The SOLE Sport Flip is now the SOLE Catalina Sport Flip.

We updated the branding of the Sport Flip to bring a more modern look to the same incredibly comfortable product. The exact same supportive platform is now the base for the Catalina Sport Flip, Del Mar Sport Flip, Mateo Sport Slide and Mendocino Sport Slide

Of the four new styles, one remains closest to the original. The Catalina Sport Flip boasts a synthetic nubuck strap that offers the same fit and feel as the original Sport Flip. If you’re looking for the exact same thing as your original Sport Flips, the Catalina Sport Flip is your best bet. 


The Del Mar Sport Flip has an engineered flex knit strap that’s a little more accommodative and flexes with your foot’s natural motion. For those who prefer a slide to a flip flop, the Mendocino and Mateo Sport Slides offer a choice between highly-adjustable velcro, and engineered knit. 

"The best thing I've ever had on my feet!" - Donna, M. on the Catalina Sport Flip

What makes the SOLE Sport Flip so comfortable?

When the Sport Flip launched it filled a gap in the shoe racks of many. Finally, flip flops that actually feel good on your feet! The Sport Flip combines the comfort of orthopedic grade support with the ease and convenience of flip flops. For people who suffer from foot pain, these flip flops feel like a miraculous find. The arch support in particular offers relief to those suffering from plantar fasciitis, often allowing people to once again enjoy wearing sandals in summer after previously being confined to stuffy supportive footwear. 

Another favorite feature of the Sport Flip is the built-in metatarsal pad that supports the foot’s bones in their natural raised position and spread. This small bump can have a big impact, adding to forefoot comfort for people who suffer from conditions like Morton’s neuroma and metatarsalgia.

Sore feet or no, the comfort offered by the supportive SOLE Sport Flip is second-to-none. Wearers quickly became fans when they realized they could spend all day in these supportive flip flops without the usual fatigue associated with wearing casual sandals. 

The SOLE Sport Flip for athletic recovery.

When your body is working hard your feet are almost always taking a lot of strain. When your workout is done the best relief for your feet is offered by removing some of that strain through targeted support. The SOLE Signature Supportive Shape gives your feet support exactly where they need it, to ‘take a load off’ while completing your day or evening, to help you recover in comfort. 

The Catalina Sport Flip and Del Mar Sport Flip offer all the supportive comfort you want from a recovery sandal, with easy flip flop style. The Mateo Sport Slide and Mendocino Sport Slide give a more classic slide style so you can go full recovery mode in socks and sandals. 

Whether you’re looking for pain relief, athletic recovery sandals or just a pair of really comfy flips to get you through the summer, you can’t go wrong with the SOLE Sport Flip!