This study proves that putting SOLE customizable footbeds, the best moldable insoles on the market, into your golf shoes improves your balance and weight transfer during your golf swing. This improvement leads to better club head velocity, which can add up to 15 yards to your golf shot over a 6-week period

Past research has shown that custom moldable insoles allow a golfer's body to establish a better point of contact with the ground when executing a golf swing. These insoles were also shown to help stabalize the foot, evenly redistribute weight and correct your entire body posture during the golf swing. In a study conducted by Stude & Gullickson (2000), 71% of participants felt their balance was improved while using custom insoles and playing golf. As well, 50% of the participants felt that they were hitting the ball harder and 38% of participants reported a lower golf score. This research suggests custom moldable insoles helped golfers hit the ball harder and faster. The golf study was conducted in order to delve further into the previous findings, and to explore the effects of wearing custom moldable insoles on club head velocity and yardage while playing simulated golf.


The study's participants were all employees at a golf store located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Six men and one woman participated. Participants were asked to answer a short questionnaire, which included questions pertaining to their experience in playing golf and if they had sustained any major injuries in the last 5 years. Participants had an average golf handicap of 14.4 and have been playing golf for an average of 10 years. It should be noted that none of the participants had sustained a major physical injury in the past 5 years.


The study was conducted at the store, which contained an advanced indoor golf simulator. This simulator was set up to record both numbers of yards driven and club head veloocity (swing speed in miles per hour). This study was conducted in two phases. In the first phase, participants were asked to hit a golf ball on a simulated course without custom insoles. In the second phase, participants were asked to hit a golf ball on a simulated course while wearing SOLE Custom Footbeds in their footwear. The participants took an an average of six swings in the first phase. In the second phase, the participants were properly fitted with SOLEs, and were instructed to hit the ball six more times. Club head velocity and yards hit were measured for all subjects with and without custom moldable insoles.


Figure 1. Drive distance increased by an average of 11.25 yards when the subject was wearing SOLE Custom Footbeds

Figure 2. Club Head Velocity increased by 1.8 mph with SOLE Custom Footbeds


This study shows how the use of SOLE Custom Footbeds can have a positive influence on Club Head Velocity and Yardage. While wearing SOLE Custom Footbeds, club head velocity increased by 1.8 mph, while drive distance increased by 11.25 yards.


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