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The plantar fascia is a flat band of tissue spanning from your heel to your toes, naturally supporting your arch. Lack of support and repetitive stress and strain on the tissue causes painful inflammation called plantar fasciitis. Custom moldable orthotic insoles are designed to improve alignment and provide the support you need to reduce pain and prevent further injury.



Pain is usually felt near your heel and is worse in the morning after it has had a chance to shorten overnight. Walking and running usually help to warm up the tissue so symptoms don’t usually occur when you’re active.

Plantar fasciitis, and the pain associated with it, can be caused by a biomechanical issue, improper running shoes, use of high heels, increasing activity levels or from tight or weak calf muscles.

shoes insole footbed for performance runner


The orthopedic shape and personalized mold of SOLE’s footbeds allow your feet to rest in an ideal neutral position, reducing arch strain and alleviating plantar fascia strain by 34%.

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I developed a nasty case of Plantar Fasciitis. I was hobbling around until a friend recommended SOLE footbeds to me. I found a store nearby and was walking pain-free in a few days and running in a couple of weeks. I have a pair for every shoe. I tried custom made insoles and they were clumsy and painful. SOLE insoles felt natural and got me running again.

SOLE footbeds have corrected my plantar fasciitis, therefore my knees and my back. I am a 46-year-old father of a two and one year old. I’ve just run a half marathon and can pick up my two young children and dance them to sleep. My children are happy because I am mobile and they have my full attention and I’m happy because I can run six days a week with no pain. SOLE footbeds might have saved my life.

I have been a runner since high school and, as my body aged, my feet hurt constantly with plantar fasciitis. Put SOLE footbeds in my shoes and now I can run six miles daily with no pain. Not bad for 42 years old! Thank you SOLE for taking the pain away so I can enjoy my daily runs again.

These last few months I’ve been experiencing the worst shin splints ever and plantar fasciitis every time I played basketball. I just played my first game last week with SOLE footbeds and the difference was night and day. I used to want to get off the court every two minutes but now I feel like I could play forever.


SOLE footbeds optimize the natural motion of feet and ankles by equalizing pressure distribution for better balance and alignment. Our deep heel cups encourage the heel’s natural cushioning and neutral alignment by preventing lateral movement.


Without proper support and alignment, feet can become quickly fatigued, causing overuse injuries and weakening of the arch, leading to painful orthopedic issues. SOLE’s award-winning footbeds protect your feet while providing the unique support you need.

shoes insole footbed for performance runner


SOLE’s orthopedic shape provides accommodative support for the entire foot. This support allows the foot to move naturally while preventing the weakening and collapse of the arch.

shoes insole footbed for performance runner


SOLE’s heat moldable orthopedic bases adapt to your feet affording you custom comfort that is tailored to your feet without compromising the orthopedic shape. Your feet aren’t flat, why should your insoles be?

shoes insole footbed for performance runner
shoes insole footbed for performance runner
shoes insole footbed for performance runner
shoes insole footbed for performance runner

Customers’ feet better after wearing SOLE.

shoes insole footbed for performance runner

Customers recommend SOLE to a friend.

shoes insole footbed for performance runner

Customers purchase SOLE again in the future.

SOLE Footbeds are the most effective over-the-counter insole available and are trusted by millions all over the world. Our products are long lasting, have high customer satisfaction and are easy on the environment.

shoes insole footbed for performance runner

We not only stand behind the quality and performance of every footbed but also the personal satisfaction of our customers.

shoes insole footbed for performance runner

SOLE footbeds are accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association.

shoes insole footbed for performance runner

Clinically proven to reduce plantar fascia strain by one third.

shoes insole footbed for performance runner

Select styles feature Polygiene® odor control technology.


All SOLE footbeds are backed by our 90 day footbed guarantee. If you don’t love them for any reason, contact our customer service team for a full refund.

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