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SOLE Sustainable Sandals SOLE Sustainable Sandals SOLE Sustainable Sandals

Supportive Sandals Made with Algae.

Algae Bloom Foam Sustainable Materials

A lighter impact, using less fossil fuels.

Bloom Algae Foam partially replaces fossil fuels with a bio material that's literally green: algae harvested from harmful blooms to restore balance to natural ecosystems.

Footwear can be a dirty business.

The footwear industry is one of the biggest polluters on the planet, producing 700 million metric tons of greenhouse gases a year and accounting for 1.5% of global climate impact. Fossil fuel foam insoles and midsoles are responsible for large portions of that impact. Using Bloom Foam reduces the environmental impact of each foam component by 40%.

It starts with water.

Bloom Foam Algae Sustainable Material Process

Algae grows in water, needing just sunlight, CO2 and nutrients to thrive. Human-induced changes to environments can lead to algae growing in rampant 'harmful blooms' that stifle and damage natural ecosystems. Bloom harvests harmful algae, dries it and turns it into a biomass that's perfect for creating eco-friendly, high performance foams for footwear.

For every pair of Bloom Foam flips:

sustainability stat
sustainability stat

Balloons worth of CO2 are kept from entering the atmosphere.

sustainability stat
sustainability stat

Bottles of algae-free water are returned to natural environments.

sustainable algae footwear

Supportive comfort comes standard.

SOLE Sustainable Sandal Anatomy
Support Pad

A humble bump that supports the foot’s bones for extra forefoot comfort.

Arch Support

Offers all-day comfort by helping the feet carry their load to reduce strain and prevent fatigue.

Supportive Base

Customizes to the shape of your foot without compromising anatomical support.

Heel Cup

Cradles natural padding under the heel bone and helps prevent lateral movement.

Unmatched comfort, sustainably.

Sustainable Footwear Benefit

Sustainable Materials

Made with Bloom Algae foam for supportive comfort that's easy on the earth.

Sustainable Footwear Benefit

Supporting the body from its base

Sturdy yet flexible support prevents excessive arch strain while allowing the foot to move naturally.

Sustainable Footwear Benefit

Custom Molding Support

All SOLE sandals custom mold over a few wears to give your unique feet support exactly where they need it.

We're developing new styles of flips.

Be the first to know when they launch.

New SOLE Sandal Styles Coming New SOLE Sandal Styles Coming