No more foot pain

I have for many years used support insoles. I was using the Barefoot Science product and really liked it. The reason for the change was price. I decided to look around for an alternative support. I was looking for a Canadian product and the bonus was SOLE used recyclable material. I decided to try a couple or pairs and I am very satisfied. I walk to and from work with a backpack for about 2 Km each way. I've been doing this for about ten years. I started to suffer from foot pain (plantar F) because I was carrying more in the backpack. I'm happy to say that since using SOLE my the foot pain is almost totally resolved. The Performance Mediums I purchased for my golf shoes. I also purchased Thins for my dress shoes and about six pairs of Thick for walking shoes and snow boots. I also bought slip on shoes that I use for slippers, they are great. I recommend the product to all the sore feet. Thank you SOLE!

I love these insoles

I have been a loyal user of SOLE insoles for years now and I buy them for my elderly father, who too swears by them. The sizing always fits, it takes the pressure off my feet, my ankles and enables me to take some great back-country hiking trips. A must-have for anyone who spends their time on trails, work, I never leave the house without wearing SOLE insoles.


I have an arch problem and subsequent foot pain. This cork based support provides good cushioning and has reduced any pain I formerly had. I would buy again

great insoles

For just a little more padding, these are great. Good support and comfy! Very worth the price


My favourite SOLE footbed. Thick, sturdy and stable. I put these boots, athletic shoes and in house slippers too. Wearing SOLE footbeds consistently allowed me to get rid of my plantar fasciitis.

Very Comfy

These insoles instantly transformed my walking shoes, which being Merrill's, already had pretty good arch support. But now the shoes are seemingly therapeutic for my feet! Definitely worth the price.

Great insrets

I recently had a flare up of my plantar fasciitis after spending about 6 hours walking around in the woods. After about 3 weeks of foot pain I finally made a appointment with my Podiatrist. Even though it was via video conference she highly recommended getting new insoles and suggested that I get the SOLE inserts. She said they are some of the best ones on the market. I did my research on them and was surprised that they were made from recycled corks. I went online and ordered a pair of the blue ones and upon ordering them realized I submitted the order twice contacted customer service the next day and he credited my account the shipping charges as the amount of 2 pair should of been free. I was so impressed with them once i put them in my work boots the pain was almost gone within 2 days. I keep up with my daily stretching and have not had any issues in my feet ever since I inserted my SOLE inserts. I will be spreading the word about great these inserts are and have actually taken them out of my shoes and shown people them. I'm sold on SOLE.

Great Support

Adding these into my running sneakers was like a breath of fresh air.

Work amazing

As a carpenter being on my feet all day, these insoles were the answer. No heal pain now and the insoles are very comfortable. Will be purchasing more for other foot ware.

Work amazing

As a carpenter being on my feet all day, these insoles were the answer. No heel pain now and the insoles are very comfortable. Will be purchasing more for other footwear.

Nothing but...

SOLE has always been my go to foot insoles, for health and comfort.

Extremely comfortable

I first purchased these insoles for hiking shoes. I couldn't believe how amazing they were. I have suffered from plantar fasciitis for many years and am on my feet all day for work. These worked so well that I have ordered more soles for my running shoes which I use for work in the hospital. So far, they are the best I've tried.

Top Notch

This SOLE product is my favourite, I spend a lot of time in boots and the thicker insert really helps support my arches and gives me additional mobility. These also will fit into tennis shoes, as long as they are not too tight fitting. The price is reasonable and I don't have to replace them too often. Would I buy them again? YES! I actually bought a pair for my father who has knee pain and these have helped greatly in stabilizing his foot and thus reducing knee pain. SOLE has a great products. Rich Hamm

Awesome in hiking boots

These are a great addition to any boot. Just put a new set in my new hiking boots and they are super comfortable.

Sole is the only brand I get

Contour and flexibility are perfect. Easily slid in and out of shoes. I love SOLE products!

Can't live without these!

This is about my 10th (and counting) pair of SOLE insoles and to tell the truth, I can't wear anything without one of these. I started using the Performance Thick in my hiking boots. From there, I thought I'd try the Performance Medium in my trail runners, and the Active Medium in my everyday workout and walking shoes. I have a pair of ski boots that were getting a little too much play, so this winter I purchased a pair of the Sport Medium for my ski boots. Perfect! I thought I had to buy new boots, but not now. SOLE insoles have not failed me yet. I was so impressed, I went back and added some cork flips for the beach. So happy with SOLE!!

Very Comfortable

These inserts are very comfortable compared to the plastic and foam versions. The cork inserts cost more but if they last longer then they are worth it.

Heaven Sent!

I am a busy ICU nurse with a devilish combination of very high arches and supination. Add a tailor bunion into the mix and now I need to wear wide shoes. Finding wide shoes for work isn't difficult, but finding them with high arches, a deep heel cup and plenty of padding is. The Performance Thick Inserts have been a godsend. No more aching feet at the end of an on-my-feet-all-night crazy shift. I just received my second pair in the mail. I can't wait to heat mold them! Ahhhhhhh....

Best Ed Viesturs yet! Love the cork!

New cork Ed Viesturs insole is my favorite and a welcome upgrade! The last version was awesome too but this is my best insole and I wear SOLE insoles in almost every shoe I wear. Great product SOLE!

SOLE is # 1 in insole busines

One of the doctors in Scottsdale Arizona introduced me to SOLE about 8 years ago. Since then I've been buying SOLE. I usually buy SOLE products in one of the stores in Scottsdale Arizona. I live in Apache Junction and it is too far for me to drive to Scottsdale Arizona so I started to ordering from SOLE website. I have just about all SOLE insoles in my shoes and work boots. If you are looking for insole this is the best in insole business.

Great fit, Durable insole

I almost gave up on performance insoles until I bought the SOLE Performance Thick footbeds for my hiking boots. I've tried several other brands over the years, but some were too hard or too soft, some didn't fit well, and some just didn't last. The SOLE's molded to my feet nicely and offer enough compliance to make all day hikes comfortable. I've had them in my Asolo Fugitive hiking boots for a year and they are still in great shape. I just bought another pair of hiking boots and putting new Performance Thick footbeds in them was a must.

Best insole i ever tried

I have been a runner all my life. i am now 60 years old. Due to long distance running and a job which requires standing all day my feet have become flat. Almost no arch at all. These insoles have changed my life. After trying various insoles that cost more than three times the price of these I finally have found the best insole on the market. Even better than the ones I had custom made from my doctor. I was told at the shoe store that my podiatrist recommended that she had never seen such feet as flat as mine. She couldn't believe I did not have an arch. It is a result from running on pavement and standing on hard cement floors. These insoles support my feet like i have an arch again. it has also helped my back and knees although I never thought i had a problem with either. Thank you for making such a superior product and please continue to do so. i don't know what I would do without your product.

Love these

I've been wearing custom medical orthotics for years and haven't found a successful off the shelf orthotic until now. Bought a pair at REI and *love* them. The performance thick soles are exactly what I need. Have been wearing them comfortably for days. I may not need to keep getting medical orthotics. Thank you SOLE for delivering a real orthotic with a real arch to it. You've just earned a customer for life.

Great all around footbed

I bought these 2 months ago and I should have bought these sooner. I like how they give your arches much more support than super feet. After walking 13 miles on gravel and carrying 30 lbs. My feet weren't tired and I didn't feel to much of the gravel on the bottom of my feet . I am using them in my shoes all the time now

Good padding for backpacking long miles

I have been using this brand of insole for 5 years and love them. I needed more padding than other commercially available insoles provided for backpacking. I carry a 25-30 pound pack for 15-20 miles a day for a month at a time in all kinds of terrain. I also ditched my orthotics because these insoles provide good arch support. They do not make my feet hot. I add a metatarsal pad to the insole for more support.

Just like my 400 dollar orthotics

I have PF bought so many orthodics and none helped. Went to foot surgeon and got custom orthodics. These sole insoles looked just like my 400 dollars ones so i tried them. They feel the same and my foot pain is under control.


I purchased these because they look and feel just like the 400.00 orthotics I got from my doctor. They work just like the 400.00 orthotics too.

Life Changing

I suffer from foot pain and these are the only orthotics or inserts that have ever helped. Without them I could not do my job which requires many hours hiking with a full back pack. It is a miracle to be mostly pain free! Worth every single penny.


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